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 Sreekumar Kurup

My Name is Sreekumar Kurup, employed in Dubai for an international
Media Network. Recently I bought a Xylo E8, from TVS Showroom
Alappuzha(Kerala) on 23rd May.

It was a very unforgetable experiance from the Alleppy showroom when I
went with my family to take delivery of the car, may be I am little
greedy in geting a complementary approach from your staff there,
instead of that I was forced to take the car with out even a tissue
box for my pleasure, I dont dig more "even after 15 days and 2000 km
of my ownership nobody called me from the dealer to check the status
of my car such calls usually boosts out confidence of customer care, I
enjoyed this care before when I owned more than 4 cars.(not Mahindra).

While having this wound in mind, I never talked to anyone fom the
Alappuzha Showroom, recently the monsoon has started in Kerala, and I
found water leaking through the dash bord and falling on my feet also
on the co drivers front place. I called to service and informed ths,
they told me its from the airconditioner, later i had the same problem
while the ac was off, the same time the symbol"check engine" appeared
glowing in the panel, I got a technician came to my house and serviced
the system through a laptop and felt OK, again at night I had the same
warning, it was Saturday so I have planned to send it to service on
monday, thats today I want to drive to TVS, but on the way car got sut
down in the middle of the road, again a service person came and did
the soft reset, , again the car start to function, after few km to
service centre, in the middle of a narrow bridge, the same problem
happend, made a severe traffic block, later people helped me to push
the car to road side and then took the car to service centre. Now I
heard the car have leak on the front sheild which is purely a
manufactoring error and a failure of the PDI, .

Let me have my humble doubts on my past experiance

1. Do I have to pay the listed price to buy a diffective car
2. How far the quality control of Mahindra and Mahindra can be reliable,
3. Why the PDI did not find out this error
4. Since I am dipressed from the show room people first and the
vehicle make me desperate later, what is the meaning of customer
5. How can I be confident on a new product on road from Maihndra.
6. Being the first xylo buyer from Alleppey showroom, is this normal
kind of customer relation which I received.
7. Being a consumer, It is my right to protect my interests even if I
have to use the help from authorities, at this early stage of Xylo,
dont you think it will affect the sales.

Being a buyer of Xylo E8 from Mahindra & Mahindra through TVS SONS, I belive
I have my rights to make sure that the quality of the product wich I
purchased is the best to its value. So please advice & guide me to conclude the matter in a very amicabily.

best regards

Sreekumar Kurup
Lakshmi Prabha
Pazhaveedu P.O
Alappuzha 688009

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We purchased a Mahindra Xylo E8 8STR vehicle in 2009. Our vehicle chassis number is 19403 and engine number is BV94J57720. It is a family car and is single person driven. The vehicle has done around 62, 000 Kms so far. We are having regular problems in our Mahindra Xylo vehicle. We have been regularly incurring lot of expenses for the repairs. Few recent examples are: Replacement of Clutch Plates in March’2012 which costed us around Rs. 9, 000/- Then in May’2013 we had to replace the High Pressure Fuel Pump which costed us around Rs. 34, 000/-. Recently there was some problem in AC which again costed us around Rs. 8, 000/- to get repaired. We had been accommodating these expenses believing we had selected this vehicle and if our choice was wrong we need to bear the costs. But recently we found that the vehicle has started getting badly rusted and the left door and body over the rear tyres is developing some holes due to this severe rusting. When we have shown the problem to the Mahindra Authorised dealer he says this is not covered under Warranty and has to be paid for repair. It is going to cost again over Rs.30, 000/- for the same. When we ask them why this sever rusting has taken place, they have no answer. Mahindra has used poor quality sheet material or compromised on the finishing. This may be causing the rusting. Why do we need to pay for Quality problems in Mahindra process.Parts failing and needing replacement is understandable to some extent. But the vehicle body getting rusted and developing holes is unbelievable and unacceptable. It is a clear sign of poor quality of materials / process used by Mahindra.
I have read the compalint of SreeKumar, I was Planning to buy a vehicle during my vaccation to Kerala on August. My preference was Xylo, but now after reading the experience of SreeKumar, i will rethink about buying XYLO. If anyone has such bad experience, we must have the courage the speak out which will make the manufactures or the dealers to change their attitude towards customers. The problem which i am seeing on Indian vehicles are finishing and design of vehicles. Especially people staying outside India, when they see Indian Vehciles we feel Indian vehicles as Soap Box. I am sure people will agree with me.
I have purchased Xylo E4 model from B.Mangatram & Co. At Gandhidham (Kutch).
The engine sound, performance & average is very good, we got average of 15 Kms without AC & 13 Kms with AC on Ahmedabad- Vadodara Highway. Looks & interiors are excellent.

We have some problems after 3000 Kms of running that the door fittings is not proper ot creates sounds when we open & close the doors & it sounds too in running.

My Contact No : (M) +91 [protected]
I was thinking about buying a Xylo top range automatic transmission but now seeing this genuine complaint I have to think again and I wish to know what solution had been done when anybody in this pathetic situation after investing around 7 lakh of rupees for a brand new car, apart from the mental torture the customer had been going through
From: Lalit Malhotra []
Sent: 16 August 2009 22:14
Subject: Xylo complaints

I bought a Xylo E4 two days back.its a third quality vehicle . Pl. Improve your vehicle : I am repenting after buying this vehicle.
Following are my complaints
1 Dealers are not offering even a glass of water ( tea is far away)
2 Side door opening knobs are third class ---- may break any time – spare ones to be provided as you can not change design
3 Scratches on vehicles – already paid money so customer has to take delivery.
4 No feed back forms available with dealers
5 Original invoice & other docs held even as payment was made
6 If a customer is paying more than 7 lacs to dealer, why can not a dealer offer a meal to customers as customer has to stay for more than 4 hours to take delivery for his vehicle.( due to laziness of employees)
7 You can check it yourself & add in your website that customer should bring eatables & water along with him for taking delivery of Mahindra vehicles. I have already taken delivery of Tata indica & innova earlier, but the gesture there should be learned by Mahindra dealers if they want to continue business.

8 PDI inspections at dealers should be strengthened as customer is not told about whether alignment has been done or balancing is required

9 atleast half of fuel tank should be filled before delivery as customer has to immediately rush to Fuel stations after taking delivery instead of paying a visit to any temple or other desired place. Payment can be charged in car ‘s price, but this will delight customer that half tank or full tank of diesel is provided with new vehicle.

10 Closing of doors of Xylo is bit jerky.You have to push hard to close it & push hard to open the knobs : You can check my vehicle in Chandigarh for this problem. Innova is much better in this feature.

Lalit Malhotra
House no.2515 sector 22-c Chandigarh


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YES, I agree there are plenty of such defective vehicles are coming out. Even i faced such pathetic issue with my XYLO E8 (ABS) at the time of delivery. the left side front door slignment ws not proper it was quite visible that the front and middle door was in bad shape, im sure it was a manufacturing defect only. The sales outlet in chennai (INDIA GARRAGE) one of the very old company in this field who were trying to push such a faulty vehicle to me. i decided to cancel my booking and later mahindra customer care dept called and sent a mail to me that they will replace the door and will satisfy me 100% befor delivery. I trusted them at last i took the vehicle. After 300 kms of drive the middle row's single seat got jammed due to the push back lever failure. i took it for service and literally claiming for warranty for a product without being used. they againg promised me to give new seat. so i removed the seat and gave it to them. Its now more than 40 days im driving XYLO without a seat. They called me one fine day and said the warranty claimed new seat has arrived from the manufacturer (Mahindra). When i saw the seat the seat condition was so bad, its state was full of dust and full of scratched in the side plastic caps and black stains in the seating area. Its so clear that they were trying to cheat me with a old seat removed from a accident vehicle. Now iam decided to sell the vehicle and goin to buy innova. Some times my mind says to burn the vehicle which is not serve my prupose.

From betrayed customer of mahindra&mahindra

D. Aravind Prabhu
Mobile: [protected]
i am yuvraj my dad was planing to buy mahindra xylo and after reading these compliments i dont think he should buy this car IF ANYBODY DISAGREE PLZ SUGEST SHOULD WE BUY IT OR NOT...
i having xylo E8 version already drive 3500 kms i dont think that its giving any problem to me only one thing is plastic qlty is very cheap overall this is very very very good vehicle in this price (mumbai 918000/-) and some one is comment that im going to sell xylo & buying innova i want to tell one thing that there is huge diffrence of price between innova & xylo so never compair xylo with innova and yes sometimes some vehicles comes out with manufacturing diffect but mahindra after sale responce in mumbai is very good so not to worry just go to work shop they will solve problem ...
i bought axylo e4 on 22may 2009. there is problem in gearshifting .a.c.cooling isvery slow.back doors make noise.breaks are not too good shashikala mobile no. [protected]
I saw that many people posted opinion n most of them r having problem with standard of dealer.
It may be thier local problem, in Maharashtra all automobile companie's dealer use to give best service, as per Maharashtra's tradition. also vehicles of Mahindra got good response from all people here. There may be any difficiency in vehicle interior but we must realise about its LEAST MAINTANANCE, GOOD MILAGE, EASY AVAILABLE SPHERE PARTS, ROUGH N TOUGH BODY. I know these things bcoz my dad having mahindra and Tata vehicles, now he is buying xylo. It is good, though it has few defect, bt we can clarify it. so dont think more if u want, u can buy, its maintanance plays vital role to keep vehicle good in condition.

MOB-[protected], [protected]
Thnak you guys for posting all your problems in this forum .This one helpmed me to saty away from Mahindra vehicles. I was going to buy one from this company. Thanks again.
i am sreeraj from opinion about xylo and tvs is very poor quality vehicle with very very poor service of tvs.if you are going to purchase a car never think about mahindra
Hi Selva here . I have confirmed in my mind to gp for Xylo only. since 7 persons could seat and have a comfortable ride . But that a week back I got an information that the last batch 10 xylo have electronic problems and could not start even after the mahindra engine came down, so i started to check for what are the complaints facing by the user in the internet. - the user reviews.
Now totally I removed Xylo, after reading the user complaints.
I have booked a fully loaded XyloE8 (with ABS & airbags)... I decided in favor of buying a Xylo after I heard about the favorable comments from some of my doctor friends who own Xylo. But, I'm getting confused after seeing the postings on this site. I suppose Mahindra would have eliminated all the problems and "teething troubles" which erupted after the launching of Xylo. I was told by the TVS staff at Kochi that my vehicle has already arrived. I propose to take a good automobile expert to assess the vehicle first even before I propose to pay up for the vehicle. Please advise.
Dr. Prasanth Pillai
i purchased mahindra xylo on 11th aug 2010, from kollam, kerala. I have fully agreed about the customer care issue in their office. NO TEA...NO COFFEE.. EVEN A GOOD SMILE.. The documentation process is very slow.. About the Xylo.. E8 ABS.. having the same issue of water leaking from FRONT.. I THINK IT IS REALLY A MANUFACTURING DEFECT..BUT THE SHOWROOM PEOPLE told it is from the Air condition.. Another issue is the wheel cup get toomuch dark(black) powder is expelling from the tyre.. Show room said it is because of Brake pad.. I totally disappointed with the Mahindra XYLO.. SO MY BEST ADVICE PLEASE DONT BUY MAHINDRA XYLO... STILL IT IS NOT READY TO SATISFY THE CUSTOMER... GO FOR TOYOTA INNOVA... MAY GOD HELP YOU.
Binoy John
Kollam >>> Kuwait
All you guys..I feel you are upset with your car because of the ill treatment you received from your Dealers..I dont think you do any justice to your car..when you blame the car instead of some of those dealers.. i am a proud owner of the Xylo 2nd year..And i just love this car.. From the mileage to the features...everything about it is awesome.. In the first year I did a trip across 4 states..
I really feel strange about the mentalities of our people..They are angry because they dont get meals in the showroom..!! My god.. you should be aware that it does take some time to finish up some formalities before you purchase a car...
The people who are spending about 9-10 lakhs over a car are crying over a cup of tea/coffee and meals..I cant believe it.. Personally I have been taken care of by my dealers..even if they miss it..I politely request them, and they have never said a no to anything..
I appreciate this car..and i believe with time more and more features will be added to it..As per some problems are concerned..I can tell you..there are minor/major problems with some of the units of each brand..
I am writing this blog..after my car met a serious accident..its completely crushed..but just thank god..that the destruction never reached the passengers..about the car..the insurance guys are taking care of it..Thanks for the strong body.. This is my first Mahindra car.. and I give it a thumps up..

And guys who read reviews before purchasing a car..please use ur mind..check out the vehicle for urself..and dont visit review pages where people just cry foul for silly reasons..No offenses please..Lets be practical..

Jimmi James
My name is unnikrishnan.Myself also had a bad experience from Mahindra& Mahindra TV Sundaram Iyankar& Sons showroom Pathanamthitta. I had booked a Bolero SLX one month before and they asked me to finish of the loan formalities as soon as possible and i did that in 2 days time, 4laks i took loan and 2.5laks by gold loan, still i did not received my vehicle and i paid 1st EMI to bank 7000rs and 3500 gold loan interest with owning a vehicle. Am pity on this company to doing such an irresponcible behaviour to customer. This all happens because of the monopoly of TVS showrooms. I advice the company to recruit employees who can behave in a proper manner.
Dear Mr.Sree Kumar,

Really regrettable to hear about your bad experience about water leakage through the windshield on your Mahindra Xylo.

All I can tell you is Mahindra has yet another super product called Mahindra M Seal. You may apply it all round the windshield beadings and it will never ever leak.


K.R.Rajeesh Kumar
In Mahindera Xylo low quality of plastic is used. due to this very bad smale is generate in the vehicle
I was planninng to buy Mahindra Xylo, After 1-3 months, From Kerala. But now that Mr Sreekumar from kerala itself has given such a bad experience with Mahindra xylo with these many people supporting him, I need to re-think about my decision. Surely I will go to the mahindra showroom for confirmation of my decision. Hope by that time these complaints will be resolved. Keep the Costomers satisfied, Because they are the main publicity to any product...

Dileep PM

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