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[Resolved]  Maruti Suzuki / Swift VDi — Problems with Vehicle/Services- Complaints!!!!

My name is Rafiqur Rashid, I have purchased a Maruri Swift VDI from the Maruti dealer at Jorhat, Anamika Motors, Rajabarie, Jorhat, Assam on[protected].
Details of the Vehicle :-
Model – Swift VDI,
Chassis No – 353485
Engine No – 1121978,
Key No – 6232

I took the delivery of the vehicle on 25/09/2008 at around 6.30 pm.I have not been given any test drive of the vehicle. When I asked about it they said that it was already checked and if anything happens they will take care of it.

From the 1st day itself I found the steering wheel pretty stiff, the back gear sometimes gets jammed and the wind screen was not clear. At night I found it difficult to see through. And the pass light doesn’t work properly, when the light is off, if the switch is placed at dipper mode the lights glow, no matter whether the engine is on/off. And If I have to use the pass light then I have to put the switch in dipper mode, and at that time all my lights becomes on.

On the 5th day ( 30/9/2008 ) I took the vehicle to Anamika Motors, Jorhat and told them about it. The supervisor took a test drive and told me that since the vehicle is new the steering is a bit stiff and it will become soften as I keep using it and also as the steering wheel is of cable type so it will not be like other power steering. On that day they rectified my wind screen problem and the back gear problem..

On 30/9/2008 I came to Guwahati. During my drive to Guwahati some new problems arose, the vehicle doesn’t hold proper grip on the road, rather it jumps a lot ( just as Maruti Gypsy does ), which at some times I found difficult to control and the steering wheel rod makes noise when I navigate through bad roads. The back gear problem again emerged and also the body started making noise ( sound ), all the doors, especially the driver door, which when I closes the glass panes making noise.

As I was at Guwahati and my 1st servicing was due so on 6/10/2008 I took my vehicle for the 1st Free inspection at 997 km to PODDAR CAR WORLD PVT LTD, Service Center, Hengrabari, Guwahati. I told them about the problems. The supervisor took a test drive and said it will be done but at that time he didn’t find the noise of the steering rod. After they delivered the vehicle and when I took the test drive the problems were still there. When I told them they said the same thing about the steering wheel, regarding the body noise they said it was rectified and about the driver door they said that as there is a provision of front speaker so the noise will be there. They made a bill of about Rs.900/-. In the bill there I saw a bill of Rs.450, saying full engine over wheeling ( or something, as I couldn’t remember the proper word ), when I enquired about it they said that they had cleaned the whole engine, but what I viewed from the lobby was that they only checked the oil, all the filters and only washed the vehicle. I never saw them doing anything more. In the coupon of my booklet they marked in many boxes ( details )
1} Water Pump/Alternator belt
2}Fuel filter
3}Clutch pedal
4} Tires
5}Struts/shock absorbers
6} steering wheel
7} Battery electrolyte
8} All Latches, Hinges
9} drive belt
10} Operation of brakes, clutch gear shifting.

But I never saw them even touching the steering Wheel, clutchs, latches & hinges or the Struts/shock absorbers. The thing they did was, cleaned the vehicle, checked the oil, brakes and water pump. When I refused to take the vehicle they said that they have really done it and if I am not satisfied they will do it on my 2nd servicing.

On 17 th October I got a call from Poddar Car World pvt ltd enquiring about the servicing of the vehicle. I told them about the problems.

On 1/12/2008 I took my vehicle for 2nd servicing at 5179 kms to Poddar Car world Pvt. Ltd. again. I clearly told them about the problems and asked them to rectify it properly. I also asked them to check the suspension and shock absorbers. This time I stayed with the vehicle inside the service center and was seeing with my own eyes what they were doing and also telling them the problems. But to my shock, a big dealer like Poddar Car World don’t have enough instruments to open the steering wheel, so they couldn’t rectify it. Neither did they checked my suspension or shock absorber. They only thing they did is the alignment check and wheel balancing. All my wheels were not balanced. They rectified it. It will be for your interest to know that my brand new spare tyre was not balanced, as it took 45gm weight for balance. And also they don’t have equipments to rectify the body sounds.

Terribly shocking!!!

This time when I took the test drive, I found some problems were rectified.
But just on the very next day of the servicing again all the problems popped up. Same complaints.

This time I took the vehicle to the dealer from where I bought the vehicle ( Anamika Motors ). They took my vehicle and rectified it. When I did the test drive all the problems were gone. But again on the 2nd day all the problems emerged back .When I told them they again asked me to bring the vehicle.

If a brand new vehicle needs repair every alternate day then what’s the use of buying a new vehicle paying 5.32 lakhs, I could have gone for a 2nd hand vehicle.

Requesting you to please look into my matter & provide me relief from this torture I am going through after buying this Vehicle.

Waiting for your early response.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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I fully agree with Mr. Rashid & I too had a similar experience when I bought my Maruti Alto LXI on 16th October 2007... They make a hell lot of promises while selling the car but as soon as you buy it they hardly bother about customer complaints... I will definitely never ever recommend anyone to go for a Maruti Vehicle.
Maruti dealers In Assam, are the worst dealers.I think they get the rejected vehicle from Maruti Suzuki and sell them to us. I also have a Swift VDI, my problem was that it hardly gives 12 km/Lt. My car didn;t gave me 22-25 km as promised by Maruti. Afer repeated complaints they have rectified it. But still I faced a lot of problem in rectifying it.

Now a days I hardly recommend for Maruti Vehicle to any of my known persons.

Maruri Suzuki are not like what it used to be some years back.

If any of Maruti people reads this then I have 1 small thing to say "PLEASE TRY TO REGAIN YOUR PAST REPUTATION AND ALSO KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR DEALERS "
Maruti company is not making their dealers accountable. in jammu a second hand and accedental vehicle was sold at new cost to me by shaurya motors and case is in court.
I have brought a maruti swift VDI on june 10, 2009, car was running fine till i reached 5000 km mark but all the problem have started after the second service. My car alignment was dont but it was out with one hour after i drove from the service center and that time it was running towards the left, i got the alignment done again next day but the same problem reoccures, now i am facing the problem that my car is drifting towards the right even if the road curve is on higher side on right side and i do fell the sterring is becoming hard, I have in touch with the maruti people but still they have not pin down the problem. The delear had changed the rear spindle left side. I have drive 2500 km after my second service and i have got my wheels alignment done around five time. I dont know what to fell like selling the car and buy hundai i20 even its on a very high price. Please anyone suggest me whats the exact problem ?

Swift LDI, 2007 Model — No Power & Engine Missing

Since my last service at 25000kms, we have observed VERY LESS power, especially in the 2nd and 3rd gears. During accelaration in 3rd, the engine go missing and the immobilser icon light up in the display during this missing.

I tried to rectify this problem with your approved dealers in Cochin, but of no positive results.
sir my name ashish mishra from panna swift vdi purcesed satna my city car bt sir my car service all car swift is very bad.. why sir i am not satisfy, this car purched my father name shri phool chand mishra from panna(m.p.) my cant no.. [protected]
and my email id

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