[Resolved]  Nokia 3110c Mobile Phone — Extremely poor customer support!


I Mr.Soumyajit Nath,permanently residing at 230,Subhas Nagar Bye-Lane,Dum Dum Cantonment,Kolkata-700065,West Bengal,India bought a 3110c from a local shop named Kumar Telecom of address 149,R.N Guha Road,Dum Dum Cantonment,Kolkata-700028,West Bengal,India on 29.11.2007 with original tax invoice.The phones IMEI No. is [protected],Battery No.[protected]E20826028 and
Charger No. 3943497362123057560675605.
Soon after purchasing the handset,I put one new 1 GB memory card to support my music files in the phone.I also opted GPRS from my service provider as I was using it with my previous Samsung phone.On the 7th day of my purchase i.e 6.12.2007,I noticed that my mobile set was automatically switching itself off and turning on again for a couple of times.I didn't understand why!At this point of time my 1GB memory card was only half filled.On the next day,i.e 7.12.2007,the same thing happened to my phone....switching off and on repeatedly untill it totally got closed!I had to switch it on again and then the same thing got repeated again and again!!I was not able to use my phone anymore because it was switching itself off with the same procedure.My friend suggested me to disconnect the memory card and see what happens!!After disconnecting I was amazed to see my phone heal!!It became normal.I could recieve and make calls,sms,surf,everything.At that instance we doubted that maybe the culprit is my Micro Sd Card,though it is of a reputed manufacturer(SANDISK original.)For experimentation we put my card in my friends LG to find out what was wrong!But was running very smoothly on my friends mobile for 1 whole day.This encouraged me to put it back in my 3110c on 8.12.2007.But very unfortunately the old problem returned!!After 2-3 hours,my phone started switching itself off and on untill it totally closed.I was totally drained of my spirit as I have coughed up around 6,000 INR (indian rupees) for the mobile set,just 9 days back to such a reputed and respected company as NOKIA,and it is giving me such disappointing returnsI cotacted your(NOKIA) 3rd party authorised service centre in Kolkata,i.e HCL Infosystems Ltd. address 37,Shakespeare Sarani,Kolkata-700017 immediately.They told me over the phone to visit them with my phone to fix the problem.They also added that re-installing the operating software in the phone will heal the problem.I was busy for one more day,and on 10.12.2007 took the set to them.I demonstrated them the problem,and they told me to hand over the phone to them for repairing work.WHAT!!ITS ONLY A 10 DAY OLD PHONE!!WHY WILL I GIVE IT FOR REPAIR?WHY WILL I NOT GET A REPLACEMENT??SMILINGLY,THEY TOLD ME THAT IT IS NOT THE COMPANY POLICY TO REPLACE A SET,UNTILL AND UNLESS IT COMES TO THEM REPEATEDLY 3 TIMES!BUT SHOULDN'T THERE BE ANY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SIX MONTH OLD SET AND A 6-7 DAYS OLD SET??IT IS VERY CLEAR THAT THE PHONE CAME WITH A MANUFACTURING DEFECT!WHY IN THE WORLD WILL THE CUSTOMER SUFFER??Instead,they took my phone leaving the battery,charger and other accessories with me!!They gave me a jobsheet with number [protected] and told me to come after 3 days,i.e 13.12.2007.
So???What will I do these 3 days??Will I buy another mobile???Is it not the resposibility of the company to provide a second mobile in the days of repair???Is this how NOKIA treats their valued (Indian) customer with a 10 day old good-for-nothing set????This is just the beginning Sir/Madam!!I got my mobile back on 14.12.2007 on producing and giving back the original jobsheet,and they gave me back the repaired set and verbally said that everything is alright now!!There was no case history document or detail of the repair given to me.Thanks to Jesus,that I photocopied the original Jobsheet somedays back!!Rest is history!!!

On 16.12.2007,again the same problem showed up!!Now,with or without Micro SD!I took it to HCL on 17.12.2007 one more time.They kept it for 4 days!This jobsheet no. was [protected].
I was once again not provided any mobile set for using in these 4 ever-waiting days.On 21.12.2007 just before Christmas I got back my dear "lost son" with same soothsaying......"your phone is alright now!"
All verbal,nothing official?!(Anyway,I have photocopied this jobsheet also!)
On 27.12.2007,just after christmas............will I stop???.....No,I can't!!......the set again showed up the same problem!!!!!!!Now just simply using the GPRS(and not memory card) was scaring the world renowned 'NOKIA' set to light up and smile!And I,Mr.Soumyajit Nath,on 28.12.2007,the 'proud' owner of a world famous brand,had to travel miles to the HCL hospital with a broken,frustrated heart for the 3rd time...hoping,that now I will get rid of this mini-satan!!Yes!the 'really helpful' people at HCL gave me another jobsheet no. [protected] with a new term they used in it called 'SWAP'!Somebody from the higher authority of HCL wrote,"Recommended for swap." and signed on it.The expected return date they wrote was 28.01.2008!!That is exactly 1 month time!!!......! month without mobile???
You see,I am the owner of the 3110c for 1 month,but I have hardly used it.Meanwhile ,I had to purchase a new mobile (obviously not again!!) and cough up another 5000 INR for nothing,because my profession demands it!DO YOU PEOPLE THINK THAT ALL THESE MONEY COMES FROM CHEATING PEOPLE LIKE YOU ALL DO AT NOKIA!???
Well, I got the 'swapped' set within the expected date,i.e 28th!I hoped to get a completely brand new set with proper company packing,sealed in a box!But,instead,what I got was a set in a nasty plastic pouch kept tight with the help of a rubber band.On further inspection,I (with one of my friend) saw that there are many scratch marks on the set,as if it had been used for a long time!!The 'new' handset carries IMEI no.[protected].When I showed one officer,Mr.Sanjay Agarwal of HCL,all the scratch marks,he told us that they can't do anything because,it all comes from the Nokia head office in India!!I doubt whether the set came from any head office or from their cunning head!!!On severe argument,he told me to come just after one week,so that they can change the facia of the phone,The facia of 3110c was unavailable right then!WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE THINK OF INDIAN CUSTOMERS??WE DON'T HAVE ANY WORK??I will have to go their again after 1 week,so that my NEW-REPLACED(SWAPPED) mobile may look BRAND NEW AGAIN??WHAT IRONY!!???But wait Sir/Madam,there is more,from 25.01.2008,just 3 days after I got back the 'new' mobile,the same old nasty problem showed up again!!!!!Does problems,malfunctions,customer harrasments go hand in hand with NOKIA???This is a big question!!WHAT WILL I DO NOW??WILL I GO TO THE CONSUMER COURT/FORUM?WILL I SPEAK TO THE MEDIA??I AM UNABLE TO DECIDE!!
Please let me know as soon as possible.

your 'faithful' customer,


MOBILE NO. +91-[protected],


HCL Infosystems Ltd.
37,Shakespeare Sarani,
West Bengal,
Ph. No:+[protected]
E-Mail: [protected]
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Aug 13, 2020
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Its all true. nokia sucks. they should be penalised. its their duty to mend it and fix the problem. Such a reputed company could bring out such a phone in market. its unimagineable. nokia go to hell.
The same problem happened to my mobile manufactures are cheaters .......they must be punished....if they are unable to repair my mobile i"ll move to consumer court.....
the same problem happend to my mobile sooo iam not getting wat to do. they should be penalised
i am not saving gprs & mms settings.
when i save settings on phone screen write these lines auto (s70 you do not save settings).
am am not making own settings in phone gallery solve my problem please ?
My Mobile is swtching auto ON & OFF. It`s 5th time I am going to Nokia care in 7 months. I am Fedup of this peice 3110c. It`s an 3rd class pice.
At least it should be replased with other piece. I not then Its a total loss of 6, 000 Rs..
I will never bye nokia phones hence.
the complaint is true to 101%
i also own the same phone
it has the very same problems
why this nokia company is not repairing this or giving anither phone instead
my phone is not repaired yet
what should i do ?
its a big problem
my 3110c nokia mobile are not suport pc suit.please gave me the solution.
i have purchased 3110c mobile in oct'07. but i have a problem of not showing tower antenna in BSNL sim. what is the problem. please solve this?
I to am facing the same on/off problem .
Nokia is a cheater. Better to buy chinese phone rather than this
for 6000 bucks.Has any one succeded for compensation or replacement by complaining in consumer court.
my nokia 3110c is not supported memory card what would i do now?
request to all if you follow the problem then directly walk to consumer court and fill the application form.
This will teach a lesson to nokia company

fill the form in consumer form and load your complain...
when inserting memoricard it will restart.i am using 1GB mem.kingstan compeny
I am also one of the ill fated nokia 3110c customers.Its total waste .i request, any body taking any action against this problem,
to please also inform me abt the same.The NOKIA PEOPLE MUST BE TAUGHT A LESSON.So lets unite and take a combined effort against this pathetic treatment.

Nokia 3110C — waste customer support

I have purchased Nokia 3110c mobile, from the starting onwards there was a problem with the sound I hardly hear any sound even in pin drop silence environment, so I started listening to it with loudspeaker which was also most disturbing with very low voice.
I approached Nokia care at Ameerpet, Hyd to get it serviced, they opened the instrument for the check of the defect and said it is required to change the ringer (device) in it and it costs around 700 rupees (I still had warranty then). I din't get service then, and when returned home even the weak loudspeaker stopped working. This is the servicing quality with the Nokia care people.
The above said is nothing when compared to the one Iam going to say now.

After that I went to Nokia care at Secunderabad, they said they will replace the ringer (device) without any cost (as there was warranty period), I dint backup my contacts or any data that was in phone's memory because only the ringer has to be replaced. The next day they called me up and told that the phone is repaired and is ready for the delivery.
When I reached there to pick my phone, in addition to the earlier problem, another problem was raised, my mobile was not even getting power on, that was disgusting, I argued with them for the poor service, INSTEAD OF REPAIRING THE PROBLEMS, THEY ARE CREATING NEW PROBLEMS.
Then they said the phone has to be sent to the Nokia company to get it repaired and it takes 15 days, and they dint give me any alternative phone.
I got my mobile repaired after 25 days with the software change and all my personal data lost, mainly the contacts and some imp info.
I only know the importance of the loss of information, mainly the contacts.
ITS BEEN VERY DISGUSTING AND AWKWARD with the successful mobile company in India like Nokia company for its very poor customer support and service.
I advice Nokia to recruit proper technical people atleast if not the best.
Security Keyguard Missing
really nokia phone is always restarting(3110)..atleast replace the handset..
it is relly dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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