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[Resolved]  Nokia N73 Music Edition — the mob is dead and wont switch on

Dear Sir my N73 music edition is absolutely in an immaculate condition and 1& half years old.I used to swear by Nokia quality unfortunately my phone just died on me without any reason and when I took the mob to Nokia repair center they informed me that the motherboard has to be replaced and would cost approx Rs5000.00.I saved enough to buy this mob and now I have to spend another 5000? I request your good office to help me.your phones last for years and such expensive phones cant be bought every year and a half hence I request you to help me get my mobile phone working again.I would really appreciate the same.I have always owned some or the other model of Nokia and I don't want this one to be the last.All my back up is for N73 Thanking you.

Nokia co reply
Dear Mr. Mukerjee,

Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care.

This e-mail is in reference to the functionality of Nokia N73. We regret the inconvenience caused. You may kindly note that Nokia mobile phones purchased from a Nokia Priority Dealer will come with a 12-month limited warranty for the transceiver (Handset without battery), a 6-month warranty for the enhancements and a 90 day warranty for the digital media. The warranty will be applicable from the original date of purchase. However, the limited warranty is applicable only in the intended country of sale. Further warranty information can be obtained from the user guide provided in each sales package.

As per your e-mail correspondence, we understand that the warranty of the handset has lapsed; hence we suggest you to contact the technicians at the Nokia Care Centre for information regarding the service charges related to your handset.

Before submitting your phone at the Nokia Care Centre, you may kindly take a backup of the phone contacts data to the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card. If the phone supports memory card, take a back up of contacts, messages, images, clips etc. on to the memory card or on to the PC. Back up can be taken, provided the phone is in “Power ON” condition. The technicians at the Nokia Care Centre and Nokia India would not be responsible for the loss of data during the repair process.

We recommend you to take along the proof of purchase/receipt while visiting the Nokia Care Centre. Your phone would be repaired under warranty if it meets all the warranty guidelines.

For location of a Nokia Care Centre nearest to you, kindly access the following web link:
My Reply
Dear Sir
First of all let me thank you for your prompt reply and also for pointing
out warranty terms and conditions.
However it seems that you did not read my mail with concern or interest. I
spent Rs.16000.00 to buy this phone and within one and a half year the phone
just died, I understand it is out of warranty like most other piece of
equipment that you can buy from the retail outlet including cars but I
haven't heard of any other equipment just dying after a year and a half and
costing one third the capital amount just to repair the equipment.

I would like to know are you manufacturing phones just to last a year and a
half, more like Chinese products ?Is that the only way a reputed company
like Nokia increase the numbers? I was advised by lot of people not to buy
the N series as there were many faults but I did not heed their advice and I
have to suffer your indifference.Your response was cold and indifferent and
I am sure I would be skeptical in buying any products from your company and
will try my level best to dissuade my friends and anyone else to atleast
think a hundred times before they buy your product.

Thanking you
Subroto Mukerjee

their reply
Dear Mr. Mukerjee,

Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care.

This e-mail is in reference to service provision of Nokia N73. We regret the inconvenience caused. Kindly be assured that Nokia manufactures mobile phones and accessories with focus on optimal performance, reliability and user friendliness. It is always our sincere and diligent effort to recommend our customers to take the requisite care in the usage and maintenance of your Nokia product to ensure the desired performance as that of an electronic product. Mobile phone being a high usage product, a high degree of wear and tear is associated with the usage.

Please be informed that if the handset does not meet the warranty guide lines then any service provided on the same will be charged.

We appreciate your patience and further solicit your cooperation.

For further enquiries, please feel free to contact our Technical Support Executives at 30303838 between the hours of 9:00am and 9:00pm, seven days a week. For online support, visit "Have a question? Ask Nokia" at

Do you know you can now update your phone software at your own convenience? Visit to check if your phone model is supported and download the "Nokia Software Updater". You can also go online to find user guides, troubleshooting support and other services to help you use your Nokia product.

To ensure proper handling, please continue to use the current subject line.

Kind regards,

Junasha Barman
Nokia Care
My final reply as of today
Dear Sir

All I can understand is you are trying to evade the main issue and I am
further disgusted with your arrogant attitude. Telivision, cars, Refrigerators
and washing machines are also high usage products but last for years without
giving any problem so it seems you have conceded that you manufacture
substanderd products and are hiding behind the veil of warranty.
Anyway as I am not getting any customer service from you can you please give
me e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of some high level manager with
your company.I would appreciate that. Warranty is not a licence to sell
substanderd products and you have now forced me to take legal redressal. I
will proceed if I am not provided satisfactory answers and without your
arrogent attitude.

Secondly the phone in question is maintained as per your guidelines and your
own service center vouches for that even the film on the screen is the one
provided by Nokia.

Thanking you
Subroto Mukerjee
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Aug 14, 2020
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Nokia N 73 — phone complaint

hai sir,
i have brought a new nokia N 73 for the last one and half mounth.but i could only use it for two weeks . it had a lot of problems like internet not working.front camera not working, .,
my phone is in
nokia care
smart care
tc2/2400(5), pulluvila towers
opp marikar motors, pattam
trivandrum, on 03/mar/2008
they said that they can delivery back at 11/mar/2008.but i could not get it .and they haven't give a call aboutb the phone .our hope in nokia customer is losting due to the response from these customer service .i have used sony ericson before it's servising is not like this type.
preasure is from my family also and i cant use my sim card .
IME no [protected]
job sheet no[protected]/080303/63 ;3/63 N 73
afsal s fazil
contact no; [protected]

Nokia — not an authorised priority dealer

i had purchased my cell from om mobiles communication located at bareilly {uttar pradesh) and wat they told me is that they are the nokia priority dealer and therefore i purchased my cell from that shop but the difference i found is that is they are not the priority dealer as they bhad shifted their shop at some another place and still they are running their shop by d name of priority dealer

Nokia - set N73 — Phone

Memory card does not work & it is not dectected by the phone
Phone is also hanged sometimes

Nokia — Nokia-N73-Music Edition

I purchased this mobile on[protected]. There was problem of battery back up. On[protected], I deposited the battery of this set to Nokia Care at New delhi-M/s NRI Communication under job sheet no.[protected]/080527/26. The care centre has assured me to give me a new battery with in 10 days. Till time, after continuous follow up with the care centre, I could not get any response from their side. Upon calling Nokia Care at bangalore[protected], they also do not give any response regarding replacement of battery. Due to this problem, I could not use this phone even for an hour. My time, money and energy are wasting on unnecessary follow ups. I requested many time to Nokia Support office through mail and telephones to replace the battery, but I could not receive any positive answer from their side. I request the Nokia to replace the battery as soon as possible.

Nokia N73 Music Edition — replaced the original parts with used ones

hello, , , i used to be a big admirer of nokia, , , but now the company sucks and its after sales service is very very poor, , , , , i have given my phone to NOKIA care in
davangere.karnatka, , (Sri siddivinayaka:s), , it was dead, , they told me to come and collect it after 10 days, , , after 10 days when i got my phone and checked it they have replaced my phone;s joystick with some old one, , my phone was just 2 months old and was just like new...they have changedmy phone;s firm from music to normal, , , , i again told them why, , they take it back and said to come after 4 days, , ,
and now i have gone there so many times but they don;t care, , , they just put some excuse and postpone it, , ,
please if anyone can help me..and try to complain about the this rude behaviour of them to the company headquarters.
I purchased Nokia mobile (Model No3110) on 27th april 2008. It has a warranty for one year.
invoice no WB/01404/00001/4614
the mobilestor kolar road, bhopal

Report. My jobsheet number is[protected]/080506/45(06th-may'08), then
2 job sheet no[protected]/080520/2(20st-may-'08)
3 job sheet no[protected]/080610/02 (10 jun 08) given by Nokia care.

Fist complaint no 2/31UAA7 22/05/08 at Bhopal
Second complant no 2/34 BRW9 20/06/08 AT BHOPAL

Now I am fully dissatisfy with the services and need to get my Phone Replaced, or my

amount with the suitable interest rate and compensation, else I will file a complaint with

the Consumer Court under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986.

I seek compensation for the mental agony caused due to his deficiency in services

and inconvenience faced due to no availability of my Phone for almost one month.

sandesh jain
C-728, shahpura Bhopal
Alt. Ph. +[protected] [protected]
Dt. 08/06/08

Nokia Care — Procrastination in delivery of handset for repair


The Manager

Customer Service

Nokia Care India

Sub: Procastination in delivery of handset for repair

Dear Sir/Mam

I am shocked to inform you that Nokia care's service centre has not given back my handset which was handed over for repair at Global communication, Janakpuri, New Delhi(Job Sheet No.[protected]/080607/59 IMEI No.[protected]).The same was given on 07th June 2008 and was to be delivered on 17th June 2008(As per the job sheet).

I waited for the delivery till the target time after that when I went there on 22 june 2008 to get it but I got the reply from executive of that store Mr Sunil "It would take two-three more days".and he gave me Nokia handset Model no 1650 for the temporary use.I again waited for the time given to me and when I called Sunil to confirm the status of my phone he din't pick up my call.After that I tried to contact him so many times but there was no response.Then I called up Store Manager out there Mr Suresh, He asked me to send an SMS with the details of the handset and IMEI No. I did the same but till that time I am waiting for the response from his side.

When I found that there was no one to help me out I called up on the Nokia careline No.30303838 I had a word with Mr Farooq out there he registered my complaint and gave the complaint no. 2_35EEA5.He assured me that within next 48 hours my problem would be resolved.Two days later I got a call from your bangalore office and got the reply that "You'd get the same in 10 days" because we are running short of the part which was required for the handset.

If company's aren't willing to serve their customer why customer care department and service centers are established?

This was very shameful to here from Mobile manufacturing global leader that required part was not available.

I am feeling helpless and willing to file a case in consumer redressal forum(Under Consumer Protection act 1986) for delay in the delivery of services and the mental harrassment.

In anticipation of your prompt reply.


Loveleen Kumar

nokia N-73 music edition — phone not dialing from contacts and call register folders

HAND SET NO-[protected]

Nokia N73 Music Edition — Phone given for repair, not delivering within stipulated time

I had given my Nokia N73 ME for repair.
There was a problem in the key near to the camera key. It was not working. And there was one problem with the FM. Whenever I played FM on my phone, the sound fluctuated between stereo and mono which was very frustrating. I had given my phone earlier also stating the same problem. They did something and then told that the problem has been solved although the problem was not solved. Then again after giving the phone on saturday 16th of Aug, 08, they told me that I will get my phone on Monday 18th. I went there on next saturday, i.e. 23rd Aug and then they said that I will get the phone "definitely" on Monday 25th. When I called them up, they said that I will be getting the phone "definitely" on Tuesday 26th and they are sorry for the delay. I called them back on Tuesday, then they told me that they have got the phone from the head-office and they will let me know in 15 minutes. I called them back after 15 minutes and then again they said that they have not got the phone from the head-office itself. And it may take another week to repair the phone. When I asked that what have you done till now then they told that they are very sorry for the delay. I didn't got any solid answer. They kept procrastinating and I don't have any other option to get my phone back. When I asked to return my phone they told that they will return it back without solving the problem. Then what have they done for all these days. Its on their part that they can't even have technologies to solve a little problem and they boast of this and that. Boasting of their brand without having the back to back support has led me into trouble. I am not able to receive calls/ make calls without my mobile. Because of this I missed many of my official calls which were even important.
My mobile no. is [protected].
Tell me what to do?
Is this the way you serve your customers?
Is this "Nokia Care" or "Who cares".

Nokia n73-1 Music block — Lost Mobile Please lock /Block the Handset from accessing


I lost my mobile phone . around 5.30a.m. at pune, Maharashtra.dated 3/09/08. My Mobile IMEI Number is [protected]. Please take immediate action, lock /Block the Handset from acessing in pune region.
My Address and contact

19 B Ballaleshwar
Behind St.Aloysius School
Mob No. Contact [protected]

nokia N-73 music edition — non complaince with servicing procedures

I am sorry to say that nokia care shop of M/S Mehta Watch Co., 1 Omkar road Behind GPO Dehradun Uttarakhand is not complying with the servicing procedure.
I have submitted my cell phone N-73 Music edition with problem of camera working improperly, virus scan, changing the front and back cabinets so that it gives a new look. I was told by the technician (who later refused to tell his name) that your camera needs replacement and it shall cost you INR 2000 aprox. While delivery the camera was still not working ok. The bill was INR 1500. I told him to give me the old camera which was defective and which he has replaced, he refused and told that instead of giving INR 1500 I can pay him INR 350 which is the maintenance charge and forget about the old cameras or he shall put back the same old camera in the cell phone and return back without repairing. The lady who was supervising this all named Ms Milan supported him fully and told me to come back after four hour to take back the old camera and phone without repair.
I failed to understand the modus operandi of dehradun nokia care centre where customer are harrassed and there is no value for their precious time and money?
Will the managers on top look into the matter and give a rational solution to my problem. In the era where quality means customer's delight at NOKIA it is customer's harrassment.My cell phone is still at the repair centre and I am waiting for reply from your end.
job sheet no[protected]/080908/39 dated 08 sept 2008 time 12:56

nokia phone N-73 music edition — regarding repair/replacement of phone

This is to bring in your kind notice that iam rehan khan i have purchased a nokia phone from JUMBO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION LIMITED NOIDA 201301 on 7/10/2007.Now from last 3 months my phone is having some problem with camera settings and there are some other problems also for which i have visited nokia care centre 3 times taking leave from my job as center is closed on sunday. But the care centre members are just not taking proper step or procedure and they are not repairing it properly.All the three times they said after doing something with phine that it is ok now and on very next date tha situation is same as it is.from last 10 days the phone is with them and still they have not repaired/replaced it. you also know that how impossoble it is to work and stay without phone.By profession i am an civil enginner i require camera to take photos of work going at site and to talk to the contractors.
hope you will take my problem very seriously and help me in this regard

Nokia N73 Music Edition — change the original parts of phone in head office

I Agam khare purchased nokia N 73 music edition in july 2008.
after one month of purchasing the phone was creating so many problems. then i showed the phone in nokia care hazratganj(PARK ROAD 5) . they tell me the software version of my phone is old that's why its processing was slow
down. they deposited the phone and give me the phone after 2 days. after one week the phone was creating problem again . The incall volume of phone was decreased(not sound) .they tell me that the problem was from the motherboard and solved in head office.they deposited the phone again give me the phone after 6 days.when i recieved the phone the body and keypad was changed and damaged .when i complaint to the care executive they said it was not their fault this was happened in head offfice . they suggests me to deposit it back and send back to HO. they make job sheet no.[protected]/081006/92) on 6 oct. till the date i had follow up for the same but i did't get any status of phone and memory card.If i not get any feedback in one
week then i will bound to go to consumer forum court for the settlement.

nokia N-73 music edition — Loss of Mobile Phone

I have lost my Nokia N-73 Mobile phone Music edition with Sim no [protected] and IMER no [protected]. The police complaint and the BSNL authorities are duly informed. It is requested that my mobile be blocked permanantly to avoid being used by other person. Please inform me if you do so at my e-mail address.
Digamber Singh Kharayat

Nokia N73 Music Edition — nokia care not giving warranty

hoello sir my self vishwanath i have perchased n73 music series hand set on 14 january 2008 there is aproblem in the bhead phone jack of cell once it hass benn repaired by nokia care in noida sec 2 but the bsame problem arising again the ur nokia care is saying the sevice center company is changed so the hcl sevice center willl repair ur cell n the manager of new nokia care mrs NEHA SINGH IS TALKING VERY ROUDLY N SAYS NOKIA IS A COMPANY THYEN WHY SHOUILD I CARE I WILL NOT GIVE U THE WARRENTY OF THE CELL TELL ME WHAT SHOULD I DO MY WARRENTY IS GOING TO EXPIRE VERY SOONN PLS TELL ME WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW

Nokia N73-1Music Block — Nokia Phone Missing -Nokia N73-1Music Block

My cell phone Nokia N73-1Music Block is missed during the month of October 2008. At that time I was using the mobile No.[protected]. My IMEI: [protected], MY ITEM No. 0037557. If it is traced kindly inform to me in this number[protected], cell[protected] KSMR Mahendran, Visuvasapuram, Bodinayakanur taluk, Theni District
2 weeks ago i've been given my N79 in nokia care, they haven't given me a single response, whenever i go there, everytime they say to me to come after

Nokia / Mobile N-73 Music Edition — Used mobile in place of New Mobile

Our complaint is that we are given a second hand used mobile set in place of our new brand set.

How it feel, if we purchase a branded good (say a vehicle) and in few days it develops some irreparable fault. And on its submission to work station, we are handed over some another used second hand item. Is this the practice being followed at Nokia and that is what you wish to convey us.

We expect your genuine efforts rather than standard replies being given to each and every aggrieved customer.

We again submit that the used second hand set is absolutely unacceptable to us. Either you give us the brand new set or refund our money along with expenses.
Rspected Sir.,
My name is Mahesh Kumar Jain, i had nokia N-73, yesterday night(around 2-3hours ago)..i hav lost my cell near about "India Gate"...
my IMEI no. is [protected] and model no. is 0037557..
The number of that phone is [protected]
Kindly take my request in order to get my Mobile phone back, , , ,
please, help me out by tracing my cell there ny processor to tracing the cell of N73..
i had purchased my cell around 1.5year back...there are some of my family picture in this cell phne i hope so...u will get the phone before that cell will get into misuses.

reply me .soon on[protected]
email id: [protected]

Nokia (N-73 Music Eddition) — Mobile Lost hence request you to please Block my Hand Set.

My Self Sagar. Yesterday I Lost my Mobile when I was travelling from Vashi To Mahape MBP (Navi Mumbai) This was my first day to Join at my new employer and I have relocate at Navi Mumbai from Pune. It happeend at MBP bus-stop at morning 9.45 to 10.00 when I was getting down from the Bus.
My Mobile's IMEI No.[protected] & SIM Card No. [protected]. Request to Nokia & Airtel Service provider please block my Handset ASAP.
Kindly provide me the confirmation regarding the mobile handset & SIM card has been Blocked.

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