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Airtel — block my sim card because I loss my mobile

 mahesh suluru on Sep 24, 2017
Dear service team,

Hi, this is Mr.venkatesh from spsr nellore having airtel prepaid connection no.8790969315-[protected]. I lost my mobile yesterday night, hence, I want to request the Airtel team to please BLOCK this Sim card ASAP.

Please guide me through the process of issuing a duplicate prepaid SIM card (if possible, with the balance amount from my previous SIM). I expect a quick solution to my problem with further knowledge of the procedure.

venkatesh -SPSR nellore-524413-AP State...
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Airtel — sim is not activated after porting

 bhuvispygal on Sep 24, 2017
I have ported my number [protected] from Vodafone to Airtel. But there is no signal in that sim and my old number has stopped already. I am loosing my business calls .
This is such a bad service for postpaid users like us. We wholly depend on our phone.

Your associates keep bugging us about your plans and finally when we try it we have to face this. I urge you to start my number immediately...
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Airtel — porting number from vodafone to airtel 9741688773

 Manjunatha Y S on Sep 24, 2017
I have given porting request and given E KYC and taken airtel Sim on 06 /09/2017 upc code VX 645656, but not ported.
Once again I have given porting request on 19/09/2017 and taken new airtel Sim Upc code VX 492629 till now u have not submitted the request to Vodafone
Kindly, if u are not interested in ready to port to bank

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Airtel — long delay in activation of sms servcies

 deepaknish2012 on Sep 24, 2017
I lost my phone ( my no is 9810608865) on 20th Sep.2017 and took new sim( old sim blocked) AND RECIEVED A EMAIL FROM Airtel at 11.00 Am on 21st Sept( that Sim would be activated by 03.00pm and SMS services would be activated after 24 hrs i.e 11.00 Am on 22nd Sept. Nothing happened 22nd went, 23rd went and now on 24th Sept also the SMS services are not activated. This is creating a huge problem as all my bank accounts are linked with this mobile no and iam not able to do any transactions due to SMS ( OTP). I wrote 04 emails to Airtel but no reply from there side and called...
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Airtel — airtel cheating postpaid customers. please help they are blackmailing

 Bhargava S on Sep 24, 2017
Dear all,

I was Airtel postpaid customer with a monthly bill plan of 500₹. Their services are worst so I ported to Jio. After 7 days of porting procedure Jio sim got activated. Now I m getting calls from Airtel billing department saying that I should pay Airtel bill of 2000₹ which is included with September bill. I told them I disconnected from their services completely on 27th August how can they generate bill for September which is not under their services anymore. I have all the proofs and recorded all the conversations I had with Airtel customer support.
Please help...
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Airtel — call details has been shared to 3rd party on Sep 23, 2017
I want to know whether my call details has been given to third party. I m receiving anonymous calls frequently.
Kindly don't share any of my call records without my request.

Kindly let me know whether my above mentioned Airtel mobile number is tapped by someone?
My telephonic conversation with my friends has been leaked.
I want to make sure weather my number is under tapping by some colleagues of me. Pls confirm.
Some one taken the list of calls made by me.
Can u pls in form that I have enough privacy with my own number.

If some one...
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Airtel — recharge reversal of wrong recharge

 gugitsme on Sep 23, 2017
While recharging on paytm, i entered the wrong number and recharged 399. On querying paytm, it said to contact operator with the operator reference number (Transaction id mentioned below). Please help me reverse the amount. I have also tried 'wrc (Wrongno) (Transid) (Amt) (Correctno)' send to 59109 message. It responded as no keyword found.
I tried reaching for customer care executive through every number i could find on the internet for airtel customer care. (121, 198) none of them could give me any option for speaking with a human. Date:23/09/2017
Wrong number : 8129539865
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Airtel — cuttiig off voice calls

 Shankar Barimani on Sep 23, 2017
Sir I had recharged my mobile number 9005540269 @ Rs.399/ offer having unlimited voice calling and data for 84 days the date of recharge was 21/08/2017 but now there is no voice calls from this number please do the needful. And offers show that validity was 84 days, now total days from recharged date is 34 days only. What Is ilthe problem in this kindly do the needful....
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Airtel — duplicate sim card not activating even after multiple attempts

 Aarthi Gunasekaran on Sep 23, 2017
This is for Airtel post paid number 9945733688. Our alternate contact number is 9945733588.
Problem: I have duplicate sim (because my old sim is lost). After verifying the biometric the store staff told it will get activated in 4 hours. Even after waiting another day it was not activated. We contacted the customer care but but only to be advised to visit the store again. We visited multiple times still problem not solved. We got another SIM from ananthnagar store, again it was not activated, we have given paper based (Aadhar copy and photo), still not activated. It's been 14 days since we...
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Airtel — airtel port out

 Deepak Negijjjj on Sep 23, 2017
I needed to Port my Airtel connection from AIRTEL to IDEA due to corporate limitations however the Customer care executive was rigid saying the porting of number isn't possible and used Foul languages.

No body seems to be bothered and concerned about customers sentiment and value prepositions. Such service support from an Iconic Brand and promising organizations isn't acceptable & cant be imagined.

Looking forward for your support in getting the potability operational and getting process intact thus the incidences isnt repeated with other customer...
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Airtel — default full service of post paid(bill base) service

 Kartar SinghSuri on Sep 23, 2017
I availed bill based service of Airtel for sim no.8800336729. Their first bill arrived for Rs.250/-. I found it very costly. I ask them for cancel. They don't adhere. In the meantime next bill was arrived. Then I personally contact them at their Janak Puri New Delhi service centre and ask them for cancellation of bill based and collect their two bill. they said their net is down pay somewhere else. As far as cancellation of bill base service is concerned it will closed only after 100 days. Thereafter they disconnected by outgoing services from above noted sim.
After few days they made third...
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Airtel — prejudicailly disconnected sim incoming and outgoing services

 Kartar SinghSuri on Sep 23, 2017
I availed the post paid(bill base) service from airtel. Their first bill for rs 200 something arrived. I found it costly i request them for cancel and convert it to prepaid(coupon system)but they don't adhere. In the meantime their next bill arrived. Then i personally visited and contact to their district center, janak puri new delhi-58 service center and ask them to cancel this service. It was their submission this service can't cancel without completion of 100 days. Then they disconnected outgoing services from my sim no.8800336729. After few days, they ask me submit 850/- rupees bill despite...
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Airtel — bloated bills (unrealistic bills)

 Giri Gajjela on Sep 23, 2017

I have been with Airtel for close to 10 years. Off late, I am getting bills that do not justify my usage.

And, when I go to Airtel Store, I was told that the server is down. Can someone believe server being down and not having any back strategy while having crores of customers?

Every business typically will have backup servers. And it is crazy for airtel not to have any kind of back up services.

Why are you duping the customers? Are you expecting people to roam around your stores? Don't you think they would be busy too like you?...
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Airtel — prepaid conversion process

 vikesh velicheti on Sep 23, 2017
I reached SR Nagar, Hyderabad Airtel store by 4 P.M and thought of completion of my prepaid conversion but staff are not all responding and just ignoring the request by convincing on some Ra.349 plan it's 7 PM now still the service men are not at all in their seats and roaming here and there.
If this is the case of caging the coustomer plan what else we expect to wait for 3-4 hours to clear from postpaid to prepaid....
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Airtel — disconnection in broadband

 Dilip on Sep 23, 2017
I am having landline no. 07940373057 and broad band connection and for last 20 days I am facing problems of disconnection
of internet for 2 to 5 minutes and again it works and it happens 3 to 4 times a day and I lodged complaint in 121 many a time
but my problem is yet not resolved.

Account number 7006062353

Please do needful in the matter....
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Airtel — harassment regarding sim activation

 dreamwizard on Sep 23, 2017
With due respect to the India's one of the BEST network Airtel, I am being forced to write this letter with great disappointment and after handling so much harrassment.
Myself Soumik Bhattacharya, Fashion Photographer n independent film maker, working in Mumbai now.
From last few years I have migrated to Airtel. My mobile number is+919681128111. It's my oldest & used as primary no. Everywhere.

On 6th September, I had converted my post paid connection to prepaid in Kolkata and I was given a new sim by the outlet. After 2hrs the sim showed tower strength n all hence I...
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Airtel — address not verify

 India walo ki maan ki baat And real true videos on Sep 23, 2017
Plzz activate my sim u r verify boy not coming my addres thats not my problem slove my problem i give u my addres proof like passport addhar card licence soo many i have document give my number to call me u r addres virefy boy because I have stop my work just becasue virefy boy i want to call sooo many people plzzz activat my sim otherwise I will disconnect your sim card thank u...
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Airtel — breach of personal information

 Olivia Roychoudhury on Sep 23, 2017
The list of calls made and received from my Airtel network was leaked to an outsider without any prior consent. How can Airtel internally leaked my personal information without any legal authority and I have been receiving threatening calls from unknown numbers. It is so easy to be cheated as there is no security and I doubt if there is any Non-disclosure Agreement signed by the employees. I will sue Airtel for this as I am being harrassed. There is no safety with Airtel when it comes to personal information. It is unbelievable how they can leak out personal info and scam people and harrass them....
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Airtel — sim for 9915714307

 Bbsingh Bedi on Sep 23, 2017
I am. getting PUK Code in my I had purchased this SIM card about ten years back I don't have record of the same.
So kindly provide the PUK Code as early as possible so that I am able to use my mobile.
Presently it is blocked and I am feeling a lot of inconvenience because I cannot receive any call nor even any message_not to talk of sending any message or talking with any one
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Airtel — airtel ignoring my complaints [Resolved]

 Rovi M on Sep 23, 2017
On 16th September 2017, I recharged on wrong number with Rs. 498 and raised a complaint for reversal of the recharge to the correct number. Trans id: 170916916184

My complaints are ignored and money is not refunded. I gave complaints on the website, but the status automatically goes as closed.
Complaint ID 1: PR091800531
Complaint ID 2: PR092000504 - (no customer care member has even bothered to call me)

Please assist....
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