[Resolved]  Photon Infotech — Employee Harassment

Photon Infotech is popular but sadly for all the wrong reasons.

About 5 years back, I made the mistake of joining this company. I trusted the words of the really friendly HR person and he did a FANTASTIC job of making me believe every word he said. Actually the interview was good and they put me directly through to the clients (US) and that went off well too. So obviously I was excited and after negotiating my salary, jumped right out of the frying pan that I was already in, into this altar of fire.

I did not expect much in terms of facility or work environment, but it sure was dirty. I did not pay much heed to it though, because I soon realized that the client was running the show. The company called itself a Software Solution and Services Provider, but actually they stood no match to the small Technical team at the clients end. They were instructing and educating people here and were having a real tough time at that. The technical stronghold from this end was a couple of over glorified sloppy programmers.
I was taken aback when I heard a few of our mangers discussing things as they were swearing at each and everyone. That was the case even during conference calls we had. People were screaming expletives but still everyone around seemed so normal. It was not the kind of place that I was used to. But then the work was challenging and so I did not care much about the rest.

But this story which I witnessed made me think long and hard about continuing with them. A guy from another team wanted to quit mostly because of the same reasons that I was contemplating on. And I saw what happened to him, which totally made me hate this company.

They first asked him to reconsider his decision and threatened that they would go to any extent to retain him. When he did not budge, they filed a suit against him alleging that he ran off taking a Server box and a laptop with him.

This guy, whom I knew from many of the late nights we were at office, slogging to fix messed up code, desperately needed the relieving letter. The IT industry is so plagued with flaky resumes that companies that hire engineers insist on clean paperwork and work history. Companies like Photon Infotech use this to their advantage and literally black mail talented employees who only want to quit.

When this story hit our friends circle, we gathered more information and to our biggest surprise found that MANY others have gone through this torture. While some have taken their chances and eloped, a few decided to put up with this and stay a bit longer just to ensure their service track is intact. Further, we came to know that those who left despite these threats, were given terrible reviews during their background verification or were simply stated as never existed.

I seriously hope that law enforcements are present and frequent unbiased checks are made on such companies, which take undue advantage of the market scenario and harass innocent employees.

I would like to maintain anonymity for reasons needless to be mentioned.
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Aug 14, 2020
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The organization sucks from all aspects. Their levels of indecency flows from the top management downwards. They claim they are 2000 in size and that is a big big lie. They are 500 or 600 odd people including the tea and coffee boy. They claim to have so many things but this organization is one big joke. Their delivery is extremely poor and they expect their PM's to work on unimaginable time lines and if they screw up somewhere then they are summoned to the "office" room and are abused with the worst language that is only spoken in slums by uneducated and uncultured brutes. Their delivery organization is a big joke and all 4 and 5 year experienced people are VP's simply because they know how to suck up to the top management.

The employment clauses are all for the employer and are totally unheard of in any other organization. Their should be an audit by law enforcement of this firm to check on this. All their softwares are corrupt and unlicensed. For all the claims they make, they should be behind bars for this.

Even for buying a rubber band or a pencil, you need to get approval from the CEO and CTO. All the departments are powerless. The HR department is one unethical bunch of jokers who do not know crap about HR. If it were not for the market conditions, this company would have shut shop by now.

Iam surprised how they are still running the show.

Anybody who gets an offer here, please keep looking out and do not have this organization even as a last option.
Photon was a good company 1.5 yrs back but the very disgusting HR team has eaten up the company. The Hr team has no respect for the Software techies and others except the management guys. Its really disgusting for my ex-company. I too have worked in the company for 2 yrs but the policies and the behaviour of the company management made me take the decision to move out. the company now has more of managers than developers. they are firing employees like anything. Thanks God i am not there!!
Yes, I agree the photon is the worst company, It was my second company, I never heard about any company that is worser than photon. This companies top management is full of rude guys and I heard they speak all type of bad words even before female employees. It is not a safe company for women
The office really stinks. People sweat in the heat and one can just not sit in the office. Very poor infrastructure.
Avobe comments are 100% true, and the sitting arrangement is also not on the standard they are showing. Developers are sitting as in dinning hall.
Horrible company. Constant harassment. Company run by two brothers who use their past glory to abuse employees and virtually push them off the edge. The CEO is a drunk and strangely all the employees rave about his drinking skills as if that is a virtue. His younger brother is a useless technical expert who just became lucky with something he came up with during his univ days. Also there is a sales manager, dont recall his name but some mallu guy. He used to harass a few assistant sales managers and was after one particularly good sales manager. Ah! childlike people working in the company. Check out more about what employees have to say about this company at
Thanks for the heads up guys, thanks for the info on the company profile.
Thanks for posting about this company...actually tomorrow i have an interview scheduled with them but luckily i saw this forum and just got escaped.
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Thanks guys for posting this information about Photon Infotech...I had job offer from this co. and I was thinkin to go for an interview...but now after reading this, , i won't.

Thanks again
Thanks for your information..i 've an interview with this compay, but i never go to this type of companies, people who treated software programmers as slaves who will care fof them.Photon Managers, HR's change your way of thinking.
May God bless you all! I would have spoilt my weekend otherwise

I am worried after reading this comments about photon. I am currently working in one of the top company in big 5 and resigned recently and serving notice period. I am about to join this company.

Please guide me, what can I do. can I join in photon or not. I don't have any other offer in my hand as of now.

I am in dilema! hah! what to do? I cannot withdraw my resignation there.. or move ahead to join in photon.. I have just 2 weeks time with me.
Thanks for the information I also recieved a call from the HR but after looking at the mail i decided not to go for the Interview
OMg... i dont know if is hould join there offer is good but after hearing this should i be joining
I used to be associated with this company but have since moved on to greener pastures; I thank my lucky stars for that! My cousin from Hyderabad informed me that the CHRO has a chequered history and has absconded from the IT company he worked in; she worked there for a few months as HR Manager couple of years back. Hence not sure how she is showing continuous employment with IBM - someone ought to do a background check on her. At least now we know what selection criteria Photon uses to hire a person as part of their senior management; I hope it does not end up like Satyam! Good luck to everyone working in Photon; trust me you need it! Just to add to it, I had posted a similar feedback on Indian Job reviews website, which was deleted within 1 day. I guess someone (read CHRO) is really scared of the truth being revealed to others.

I[censored] got offer from Photon Infotech or planning for attending interview please dont go and waste your time. This company is very bad and the interviewer behavoir is the worst that I have ever seen.


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