[Resolved]  Photon Infotech — Humilating employees and an unethical company

I was literally threatened by the senior manager HR Muthuvel on my relieving. No company will have 3 months notice period for Software engineer and that is the reason the kind of attrition %age is happening there in Photon and it is huge. but the moment they decided to fire you no process or policy is followed and you will be out of photon on the same day without any benefits. Its such a stupid company where so called vp hr gives u all kind of false promises. he is not a true HR person can address employees issues for sure
Please dont join here. It maybe a trap of your lifetime. I feel very sad to be a part of this company. Guys/Girls avoid joining photon at anycost. One quick question is the total staff is around 1000 plus? because when you visit their site it is different from their ad in job portals.Worst place to work. Very unprofessional in their approach. Not a place to learn the nuances of processes, technology and overall handling of clients. If you are serious about your career then this is not the place to be in. Photon Rocks This company dont care about the benefits & carrier life of the employess all they know is to Hire people for a particular job and once its over they fire them without a second tought ,this company is full of politics & ching chaks where people who domt have self esteem can put ching chaks to thier boss and stick to this company.Pls dont get carried away by the buttery words of the so called unehical HR who ruins ur life by anything.Cheap material is the moto.The top magmt is one bunch of fools sitting there without any ethical values and firing is the main job there.They fire employess from the training level till the top level.....Guys u remember google earth project which had close to 120 freshers working on that ater 3 months the project got over and all the 120 employess were frired,worst is the HR dept where in the past 3 yrs close to 60 HR's has been fired and yes now the company strength is not 1200 but 300 believe me guys
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Aug 14, 2020
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I think Muthuvel offers a different service to the management. He such a slimy . The co as such is a piece of junk yard. Don't even entertain any HR calls.
Mate, you have written about process technology and overall handling of clients. Do you know you are barking at the wrong tree?
I accept your point, i was joined as a fresher in that company dont know anything much in technical and english. We had a very good projects and good time to learn lot of new things but there is no apprisal cycle followed properly, They dont want encourage hardworking resources. They think lot of resource are available in the market. Can pay less money and get more work. No recognition. Which are the team earning more money they might get some recognition even client appreciation recognition will not reach the employees.They are scolding every ones money. One day they will get a severe pain for this i think they are getting now.

That company good for technical think past years now that also becoming worse now a days.

No proper management. No Scope for the company nowa days .Those who are going to join the company please think before.

One really worst no other company higher officials will use bad words to the employees frequently, They are thinking am investing the money and am the owner u must do what i say .

What a policies of HR and Finace.

They never help for anybody for anything. Useless uneducated guys.
Let me tell you the story buddy, I went for an interview for US. The client happened to read THIS BLOG written by an ungrateful and rejected my experience with Photon. DONT THROW UP ON A FAN.. IT SPILLS BACK ON EVERYONE EVER WORKED FOR PHOTON.

You should know the policies of a company, the work culture of a company before you make a choice. There are many jobless people out there, who will take up anything that comes on their way. And they are still joining photon. If YOU WERE SKILLED ENOUGH TO GRAB other jobs in REPUTED companies you are [censored]ing about in the first place, You would have never joined PHoton.

AGAIN, ALL YOU ARE DOING IS "THROWING ON A FAN" ... I have had my Good and Bad experiences with PHoton.. And frankly speaking I've had it with every company I worked. Those who expect a smooth life, BE BORN TO A RICH FATHER...

All those guys out there who are about to join Photon, here is my advise. You have a pain in your to sit long hours and get things done and You are a lazy programmer with NO ambition in Life, NEVER join Photon.

If you are a good IT person (programmer/Lead/QA), and have that strength in you to pull a hard one and LEARN many many things, Photon is a nice place to Join. It's not a GOVT job, Private paid job. Just set your price right for the job initially thats all..
Ya very bad company, with no ethical values, improper management and accompanied by bunch of jokers in the name of HR.
Pls think thrice before joining this company and dont have a life time regret as if you leave the compnay also they will harass with all types of HR policies available in the market and will not give experience letter and will give negative feedbacks during reference check calls
In a way I accept to what's written by Ex Photon. I have faced similar situations where the HR and the panel has asked me why there's so much of negative feedback on the net about the company and how much is true. It is a tricky situation and very difficult to deal with.

Photon is unethical, the feedback doesn't affect the brothers. They rake their moolah and get going. It does affect the CVs of the employees.

I will never recommend this company for all the reasons written in every other forum.
Muthuvel is a real time is a very true fact.Very unprofessional.Works jus for the his and company welfare and never have the attitude of being employee friendly...Fake promiser, revenge taker, dumbo..ect..ect .Bottom line..he doesn't deserves the post.If the HR dept is not good no company will prosper..I guess why the top management still runs the shop with MUTHUVEL.
Photon is a good company and i have worked there for more than 6 years. I got relieved smoothly. Guys, don't make false comments any more and play with other's career. I would recall the comments from Ex_Photon "If you are a good IT person (programmer/Lead/QA), and have that strength in you to pull a hard one and LEARN many many things, Photon is a nice place to Join. It's not a GOVT job, Private paid job. Just set your price right for the job initially thats all.."
I also worked there and quit the company in the month of March 2011. Their attitude is very bad especially the guy Mukund oh god and his brother Srinivas both are nonsense to the core.
Photon infotechwas very very very very worst company I worked. The managers and some leads there are psychos and they do not have mangament skills.They will not work and screw the happiness of people who are working hard.I will saay it is wore than a dustbin
It is the worst company i have ever worked. mangers and team leads are psychos.the humilate employees .They torture people who are working good and they will not work

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