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 Jaihind india
They are the pure consultancy one but they will cheat the students as like the company were their clients, guys please please think of your own effort and step in to IT-Industry, Think of your future, THEY ARE BLOODY CHEATERS, I am saying this because i am VERY MUCH SUFFERED BY THEM
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Hi dear sir/madam,

I am a former student of Mangalayatan University and Purpleleap also. I have attended training cum placement program in our campus. I have studied in Mangalayatan University Aligarh (UP). In our university Purpleleap provided training in the last year of engineering. I want to let you know some facts about quality of training provided by purpleleap.

• At the beginning of training, it was very good until we did not submit the fees.
• Once we submitted the fees, then the quality of training got down.
• It was just like time pass by the trainers, they were just concentrating on attendances.
• Our regular study of last year of engineering disturbed by purpleleap. It was fully overtaken by purpleleap.
• Officials of purpleleap told to the students that we will provide you the placement assistance.
• So most of the students thought that they will be placed by purpleleap so they did not pay attention on other resources than purpleleap.
• People of Mangalayatan and Purpleleap forgot that most of the students from first batch[protected] were from villages where their parents managed fees with difficulties. Parents borrowed money at high interest rates and they could not pay back because their son’s/daughter’s are still running without job.
• You people just want to earn money at any cost. It doesn’t affect you that from which source and how is it coming to you.
• Most of my friend are still without job because of your strategies. Some of my friend are facing such kinds of situations that they can attempt suicide at any time because of you people. For such actions you will be responsible.
• We could not attend even a single interview through purpleleap for which we paid an amount of money.
• We could not prepare well for job because we spent our time from 9.00 AM to 8.00 PM in our campus just for attendance for purpleleap.

I don’t want to blame anyone but I want to ask a simple thing that why did they waste our time?
Why did they interrupt our regular classes where we could do much better than this?
Why did they divided groups like IMS, JAVA, Embedded and others when they did know that they were not be able to provide any kind of placement assistance for such groups then
What was the benefit of these groups.

I am very unhappy with my university that they are still believing such cheaters. They are spoiling the career of our brothers which are studying in Mangalayatan University.
I want make a request to Mangalayatan University that please throw out purpleleap from campus for the sake of bright future of University as well as students.
I want to request to my university that please call a meeting of alumni of MU from[protected] batch and then discuss about purpleleap.
So instead of purpleleap I am suggesting some better options:

• Put regular corporate trainer in university.
• Include 2 hours daily with regular study for placement preparation from 3rd year for engineering.
• Arrange some seminar at weekend by some working professionals from MNC Companies which will aware students about the market scenario.
• replace T&P head with some very good known personality from field of Placement, which has very good terms with various companies.
• Make study better in classrooms.

Thanks And Regards
Students of MU

Student — am client your but am getting calls from you people

This is Pavan Kumar . Am a Student and am not your client from the past TWO years am getting calls from you people regarding credit card payment . I made alot of calls to your customer care center but didnt get any proper responce from you people. please try to understand my problem am getting calls from morning 6am to 11 pm ...
my mobile number is [protected]
if you repeat the same thing i will proceed legally. check your database and remove my number from there...

Student — reg. po exam

In appplying for the SBI PO exam,by mistake my form was submitted twice with the same journal number. I want to know whether my application will be accepted or not.

I write to you on behalf of PurpleLeap. We have read the complaint that you had put up against our organization in the consumer complaint portal.

We would like to discuss with you regarding this complaint. Please send in an email with more details about your grievance to ms.rao@purpleleap.com.

We will look forward to hearing from you.

With regards

Yes I agree the above complaints...

Moreover the Purpleleap is not a good organization at all

they informed that write in brief to MS.RAO, but the don't respond to the mails and trys to give lamp excuses and cheat the students...

They keep on blamming their higher officials and they too won't respond to the issue

My opinion regarding this issues is that "Please file a case with the COMMISSIONER OF POLICE and then file an consumer complaint against PURPLELEAP regarding this issue "

with regards,
hi Jaihind group.

we are a batch of 38 students from 55 who got training and placements, we are happy and we know why the balance students didnt get pllaced, they didnt attend the training and didnt pass the final exam, so how can we call them cheaters, also purpleleap charged 40, 000/- but took only Rs 10000/- during training and studnets who got placed were supposed to pay balance Rs 30000/- .

are you also from the Failures list who didnt attend exams..
we are happy with the service and greatful to them for attending towards rural students.
The chap who has experienced purpleleap training can never even utter a negetive sentence, so belive the best and best is purpleleap..
AH! things are likely to be understood easily ..

someone said is true .. they show purple colors before .. but after there is no any color in the air of the leap of purple ..

but listen hommie' we can't say that they are really a CHEATER .. bcuz they are offering a good scheme ..
for our future ..

so lets see what will be the next to us .. i'm sayin all this bcuz i'm a student of purpleleap ..
and i expect the good from them .. so just begin to the end and will think about it what is wrong and what is write ...
thanks ..

this is a worst company(not at all a company) a tuition centre with hi tech technology!!! they will teach grammr abcd, basic aptitude computer basics and ask u to register in monster.com and then blame you for not getting job!!! they have no link with pearson at all which is a well known company!! they will fool u with a offer letter(xerox copy) not a printed one. they dont even have a building anywhere except bangalore(1 floor).join purple leap u fill always leap..there will be no purple in your life
you are true my friend . they are cheating students like anything ..
Hi Friends and specially the college authorities

do not go by commitments of the MS State person who is number 1 drunker. Person having expertise in cheating and turning the words smartly.

Beware of him
Purple Leap is a Fraud company playing with the emotions of students.
I had given many test of purple leap scoring more than 70 percent in many of the online test.my attendance was more than 70percent.They assured us many things before we people had joined.When we use to call this people after training, they use shout on us saying not to call on the number.Beware of this company and pleas dont join this.We people had wasted so much of our time and that too there were no outcomes of it.
oh!! gosh . whats the f.../// i was about to join this purple leap and today just wanna see abt it..and all this comments makes me in a kind of pandemonium...what to do..whom to belive...all messed up now..??????????????????????????????
why dont you guys ask your college for NIIT training? They have the real numbers of companies but of course you need to have a good skill set...I am studying in GITAM bahadurgarh in 7th semester (CSE) and I am satisfied with the kind of curriculum they have got...

hey guys i m student of rrsimt and purple leap came in our college and they have shown their purple colors...n i dont know what ill they do...?? i m doing training of that...!!!
they are saying to call 3 companies ...Are they really cheaters...???

can mail me on...

Aditya Sharma
hey buddies...!!! how are u all...!!! well frst of all m very grateful to u all for providing me the information about so-called purple leap..and making me aware of the real situation...m living in a 2-tier city and my college who is unable to bring good companies to campus...brought this consultancy to our campus...so that they can get some student placed in some bla bla types companies...and they can put their banner on cloud 9...bloody looser..!!1 ...they think that money is of free ...you go and earn some money out in the market...than after you will know the actual price of the money...f#@k...!!1 and my tpo(AASHISH TRIPATHI)...BLOODY LOSSER...8TH CLASS FAIL...he is a milf...!!!1...got some comission from them and made this company compulsory in the campus...!!! and said if you wont join it you'll be not able to sit in the placement..!!! m just waiting for my degree...after that i will kick my tpo ..!!! ..!!!...

can mail me on...-milf@.ac.in
HII friends these purple leap are really very big cheaters giving bribe to faculties for forcing students to join in this company.
Plzzz anybody help we are students of TRR engineering college . Our principal Mr. Anil kumar is forcing & playing with us . he joined hands with purple leap . And blaming us by telling he wont give us attendance & wont allow us to write our 4-1 exams till we join in purple leap plzz help us .
We are final year students of this TRR college studying ECE, EEE & CSE branch.
Hi I am krishna from Andhra Pradesh...one of my friend got placed in subex from purple leap...i didnt join PL training program by seeing these reviews, but now i am suffering...i completed my engineering in 2011 and still didnt get any job...i understood one thing that these reviews have been dropped by failures who didnt get placed in placement programs conducted by purple leap...
i am afraid now...they came to our collage...gave us training.we were also forced by our faculty to attend it.they are saying 5 companies are coming in our collage very soon.but after reading all this i m confused and doubtful about purple leap...
I do not know what is going on? what the hell this purple leap is? this type of organization is also in my college and they are saying that they will offer and call the near about 4 and more companies and they are forcing us to join this.can any body tell us that is it is a cheater or not ? I never heard about such type of organization ...

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