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[Resolved]  Rashi peripherals — Mother board under warrenty not repaired since 3 months.

I bought an Asus mother board(M2NPV-MX)
it got a display problem under warranty and i submitted in rashi peripherals, Lucknow branch.
They took around 2 weeks and gave me a replaced m/b M2NPV-VM which also had "USB" problem.
Then i complained of it.
Then they submitted that also and took around 1 month and given me a board which again also had a problem of restart even after it was marked 'OK Tested'.
Then now in the Dec 2007 i submitted that board they said there is problem in my system even after many other m/b running ok on my system.
Then i took my system there and they cheched m/b on there own system and there was also fault in their m/b.
I talked to the manager for this he also was not ready to accept their fault.
After so many replacement still am having a faulty m/b.
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Aug 13, 2020
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Rashi peripheral's service is always like this. They are a bunch of cheaters. I submitted my graphics card (just over an year old) last February to the Kolkata branch, and they asked me to enquire within a week. Since then, they have been telling me to enquire and enquire and...
Also they don't like to take the calls. The calls are diverted to some Airtel voice message service, which does cost you money, but with no results. Thehere are other phones in that very same office, and the receptionist only tells you to call that very same service number which nobody attends to.
Now after some heated conversations, they are telling me that they do no have any stock, and I should wait just indefinitely - at least another couple of months or so, before they can tell me more about their stock. It's been 1 month already. So, I contacted XFX and after about 1 and a half month of their technica , they say that warranty is reseller's responsibility - not theirs. SO, see how terrible our lives have become in this era of globalism. What our corrupt governments don't realise that India is just a dust-bin, not a parallel civilised, self concious country. KILL RASHI!!!
My RMA no for the xfx 8600GT card. is 20063.
Hey gyes, thanks for your comment on "Rashi peripherals" service. I have a add agency and i am decided to buy a workstaion MB for my new system. I decided to buy ASUS P6T WS Professional. After searching almost all big stores in kolkata, some one advice me to contact with Rashi peripherals for the board. After go through your comments i am really confused about the service of Rashi peripherals.

Boys, donot be afraid in this case. do not hasitate to move CONSUMER Forum. Just suit a case on CONSUMER Forum and give them full details with all possible proof. Medias are also active in this case. As I am a Journalist/Editor of electronic media i can say you if you both have proper proof move to consumer forum and sute a case against the service provider. Pls Visit this links.

For WB/ Kolkata
Consumer Organisations
Consumer Affairs Department
11A, Mirza Ghalib Street
Kolkata-700 087

Federation of Consumer Associations, West Bengal, 39, Shakespear Sarani, 7th Floor, Kolkata-700 017…Member
Port Area Consumer Association, 71/1- C, D.H. Road, 2nd Floor, Kolkata-700 023…
Better Business Bureau, 39, Shakespear Sarani, 7th Floor, Kolkata-700 017…
Consumer Unity & Trust Society, 3 Suren Tagore Road, Kolkata-700 019…

***Consumer Action Forum, 5/1, Red Cross Place, Kolkata-700 062…****

Ashoknagar Kalyangar Consumer Forum, 16/1, Ashoknagar, Dist. 24-Parganas (North)….
Khardaha Kreta Suraksha Samity, 6, Nandan Kanan, P.O.- Rahara, 24-Parganas (North)….
Nadia District Consumer Forum, Padia Building, R.N. Tagore Road, Krishnanagar, Nadia….
Kalyani Consumer Protection Forum, B-1/160, Kalyani, Dist. Nadia….
Raiganj Consumer Forum, Uttar Dinajpur, Mohanbati, PO. Raiganj, Dist. Uttar Dinajpur….
Forum of Redressal & Consumer Education, Darjeeling, Red Cross Building, Post & Dist. Darjeeling…
Bardhaman Forum of Citizens & Consumer Protection, Rood No. 25, Kalyani Super Market, PO & Dist. Burdwan….
Hooghly Zill Kreta Suraksha Samity, Prasad Das Sen Road, PO. Chinsurah, Dist. Hooghly….
Durgapur Consumer Association, 42, Benachiti House, Durgpur-713204….
Berhampur Consumer Forum, PO Berhampur, Dist. Murshidabad….
Alipurduar Consumer Protection Society, P.O. Alipurduar, Dist. Jalpaiguri….
Indian Institute of Bio-Social Research & Development, 3-A, Hindustan Road, Kolkata-700029….
Thanks SMB;) I too was googling for the consumer courts etc lately. Now let me brief you all about the latest situation regarding the service of my card. After prolonged waiting and dozens of telephone calls, Rashi is now telling me that the 8600GT card is now discontinued. So they have given me two options. They either want me to take home a terribly inferior 9400gt card or take "credit note". "Credit note" is what they think the current price of 8600gt should have been, if it was not discontinued, and that amount, my friends, is ridiculously low. As you already know, I had bought the card just over an year ago, and it is covered by 3 years warranty. The card is not even available anywhere since Rashi is the sole distributor/marketing group of xfx graphic cards. Other shops/retailers buy from them and resell to consumers. The 8600gt card was much superior to the new 9400gt/9500gt cards. The 9600gt card is a good replacement of the 8600gt, and Rashi peripherals are selling that card for Rs.5800/ +4% VAT currently. My card was about Rs.6000/ +4% VAT. They are asking for more money to replace with the 9500gt/9600gt cards. 9500gt for about Rs.500 extra and 9600gt for Rs.2500/ extra. Now just tell me, is it a fair deal, paying Rs.2500/ more for the 9600gt? The new card will have the warranty date of the original card. If they gave me a fair amount of money for the 8600gt, then I would buy a new 9600gt to avail renewed warranty for the new card, but what they are offering for the discontinued, 1-year-old card is unacceptable. It is like saying that a 1-year-old, discontinued marcedes is worth a bycycle now. So you either pay enough to buy a updated new car for almost the same amount or take the price of a bycycle.
Here's a shot (with my Canon SX10IS) of the RMA receipt I got from Rashi and my card's box.. :(
I've intentionally covered some areas for privacy reasons.
Here's a short link to the image in case the direct link doesn't work.
Logeged a complaint for changing of mother board intel asus dg31 . they have just repalced the mb without testing or checking it ..

after replacement agian same problem has occred and we are facing unwanted irratic problem for going here and there .

so treat customer as valuable .
First Correspondence:

My XFX Display Card (mentioned in registration) is not working since the morning boot up.

Previous night it was working fine and without any problems!

I have confirmed of no occurrences of problems like power spikes or surges or lightning strikes.

Please kindly look into the matter and please provide a fixed or replaced product as it is still under warranty.

-Niketu Shah

Second Reply:

I have special cooling equipment in the cabinet and a Third party (ASUS) cooler for my CPU that does not let the CPU temperature go beyond 42-45 degrees Celsius. Ambient temprature of cabinet is 32-36 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, the problem arose... later in the evening on 16-Aug-09... as the PC was working fine the previous night and till early afternoon of the same day...

Well... please do something about it.. I have submitted to the RMA centre over here... Just need it back urgently.. as my work depends on reviewing games and applications... here in my region.

Next Reply:

I just now (12:45 pm IST) managed to speak to the Manager at Rashi Peripherals; a certain Mr Mahesh.

He rudely denied having anything to do with this and also emphasised that I should have gone and spoken to him regarding the rusting problem (that i agreed to) before confirming with the person over the submission counter who accepted the card and made an RMA entry in their system.

He also said that it is not his responsibility if such things happen and also he will not "spend and make lossses" on XFX behalf; and/or get me a new card.

I sincerely and honestly confirm that a particular spot on the backside of the PCB had no rust but rather stuck dirt particles due to the exhaust air flow of the CPU cooler.

Well... this is beginning to look like a lost cause and a big loss on my pocket...

Moreover, the replies too are getting delayed, on XFX and Rashi behalf. Nor do I have the address or contact information of XFX head RMA/distribution centre of Mumbai, India

I will hence forth look forward to buying products from reputed companies like ASUS or Gigabyte who never ask any questions and get work done in half the time... albeit their products are a bit expensive than XFX. OF course, not to mention their longer lasting products who work in bit hazardous conditions and never fail.

[PS: I have been using ASUS boards now for 9 years, 6 mobos till date of my own use; not counting my clients. I was thinking of switching over to XFX...]

I had "had switched" to XFX graphics because of the reliability and the cost-to-performance benefit of their products; but (now looks like) at the expense of replacement/repair service benefits.

-Niketu Shah


yes i am the one from you. service is too much bad from rashi.but if you give the service charge to the service centre they provide the service not more then a day.i buy a motherboard after a week i gatting restart again and again .i give to the rashi service centre they said it takes too much for the service and your sata ports are burnt for that you have to pay rs 250 /-.i am surprised whats the mean of 3 years warranty
Don't puchase any items from KUNDU ELECTRONICS, WEST BENGAL 74 GT ROAD, P.O & UTTARPAR

A, hooghly, he is habituated in Unfair Trade practice and always excessive amounts from customer and

rest of the customer goods taking back without the knowledge of the same customer.
Rashi sucks, whenever you buy a computer/IT product please look for the sticker/importer RASHI on it and DO NOT BUY IT. It'll save you from a lot of trouble.
I am also facing the same problem on 24th September 2010 i given a mother board P5SD2VM, Part no.- 8AM0AD24079 on same service center (Lucknow) to get repaired as there was a sound jack problem but they told that it will take long time to get repaired so they replaced it by another P5SD2VM, Part no.-89M0AD52651 when i came back to my place i used that mother board it was not working at all And there is no other problem with my system as i have shown it to my three hardware engineers. On 27th September i am going to replace it again let see what they will give me this time?

Prashant Pandey
Extremely bad service from Rashi peripheral's.Improve it otherwise you wont be in the market for long.

Prashant Pandey
It is not understandable why RASHI PERIPHERAL being a reputed company is behaving like this? or dishonesty is their only way of earning?. End users in INDIA always suffer and there is no one to listen or judge their sentiments when their hard earned money are just ransacked by these dishonest distrubutors. Unfortunately the Big Product Manufacturers do not come to know the real situation their customers are facing because of these scarp & corrupt minded middleman distributors.Massmedia's intervention is very much sought in this situation for mass awarness.

There are forums where all these endusers (nationwide and even countrywide) share their views regarding day to day computer usage and good bad exeprience regarding this Distrubutors and resellers. The most recent experience faced by one of the innumerable endusers here is depicted in the belowmentioned link

anyone if having any reference to massmedia please put this up for mass awareness.

AirTel — Burnt my 4 Port Recording System and computer

Dear sir,

In my Building for the date 22/10/21010 AIRTEL land line circuit is short, by the company error and my one Recoding system 4 port brunt whose cost in Market is 14Thousand and and one system hard disc is brunt whose cost is 7 Thousand I send mail regarding this but company not give positive reply I want to take compasation for this loss and hope you give me position reply,


SM Commodities
1002 Dhaulagiri Apartment
Kaushambi -- Ghaziabad(UP)
Rajkumar jeee!
You are not only acting over 'smaaart', but also 'laacks' basic commonsense. Do not ever underestimate your customers. The first para of your mail was OK though neither correct nor acceptable, but then in the second para you have shown your actual caliber.
Your system has all the record of each time this card was submitted for repair and was replaced. I took your previous mail lightly wherein you had mentioned that you have shown a "gesture" in replacing the card. WHAT GESTURE? Your company marketed the product with 3 years warranty. You further went to the extent of writing me that I should approach the seller for the warranty support as you are not sure of his purchase source. How & why did you entertain the warranty complaints thrice in the past? No seller ever provide the warranty support for "distributors" items - imported into India thru proper channel - like yours.
You seems to be a child to see the things in black or in white: with an end or with a beginning. Are you not aware of the fact that your own company keeps computerized record of all RMAs? Are you not aware that a computerized slip is issued to the customer wherein the Serial No. of the defective item and the serial No. of the item given as replacement is mentioned? If you are really not aware of it then what are you doing in RMA section? Honestly people like you are liability on company. Your asking me to furnish the original invoice and serial No. of the original card purchased and the photo copy of the box with your sticker of import at this stage, is nothing but your dilatory tactics to delay & defeat my legitimate right to three years warranty support. This statement of your shows non application of mind; not only your malice but also your frustration. It's not your fault. After all you will only act as per your IQ. You slept over my RMA for 15 days till I called you up on STD and wasted 10 minutes in explaining you the things. Neither you nor your immediate boss, Ashok Goenka, had any courtesy to say sorry for the extraordinary delay. He showed no courtesy to reply to my mail. He had very rudely and most arrogantly told me over phone that he had not invited me to buy his product. And now you are following his footsteps to delay & defeat the purpose by asking me the things which were already furnished to your company, much before the said card was submitted for repair/replacement at your New Delhi office in Aug.'10
Whatever you have asked for had been already provided to your company, otherwise you people wouldn't have replaced the card in Aug.'10. I have documentary evidence of having provided all this in the past, which will be produced in the Consumer court.

Please do not bother me by your stupid mails, which are causing more damage to your own company than doing any good.

May almighty bless you & some of your colleagues a wisdom and strength to use the most beautiful and extraordinary thing Almighty has provided to every human being - The brain!
With best wishes for Merry Christmas & a Happy New year!
Sqn. Ldr. Raman Jhanjee (Retd)
A.M, S.M.Ae.E
Rajkumar jee, now a brotherly advise! have you ever realised that for the company you have taken an offensive form of defense - instead of tendering your unconditional & unqualified apologies at the outset for the extraordinary delay resulting in inconvenience to the customer, tomorrow when this case will be filed in the Consumer Court at New Delhi and your company has to hire an advocate to defend itself by paying reasonable amount of fees say Rs. 5000/- a bare minimum, and when the learned Court will pass any adverse orders - WHICH IT WILL, then who will be the first person to get the 'boot'? YOU! Mr. Rajkumar. All your loyalty; your sincerity will be washed off in no time. For 45 days my card had been with you people and thats on record! Put yourself in customer's shoes and then realize. If I were you, I would have straight away said sorry for the delay on all the three occasions; extended the warranty may be by 2 months if not for 3 months; and assured the customer of giving him exact the same model or superior model. Remember! if things goes in your Company's favor you will not get any appreciation letter, forget about getting an increment, BUT if things go otherwise nobody's going to blame Ashok Goenka. All the guns will point at you. Please, please do not write anything which is illogical and makes no sense. Its only a matter of a week when courts re-open after Christmas vacations - you have enough time to do your home work. God bless you & God bless 'Pansaris'.

-----Original Message-----
From: RAJKUMAR <rajkumar.[protected]>
To: 'Battleaxe' <sqn.ldr.[protected]>
Sent: Fri, 24 Dec 2010 6:06 pm

Dear Sir,
As per specs with us both cards are same. There may be some kind of printing mistake on the website. You may check this from XFX and their mail id is [protected]
We don’t have any YDD4 model in the stock else we would have certainly issued you the card without any issues since both cards are same for us.
May we request you to provide us:
1) Serial no of the original card that was purchased from Mumbai online.
2) Invoice copy of the same.
3) If possible photo of the box showing model/serial no sticker as well as our import details.
Based on the above we will certainly coordinate with your point of purchase as well as with XFX and come out with a suitable solution.

Hope to hear from you at the earliest.

Best Regards
Raj Kumar Rajak
Rashi Peripherals Pvt. Ltd
103, Shubh Building,
Sagar Manthan Ind. Complex,
Bhoidapada, Sativali Road,
Vasai (E) - 401208
Tel:[protected] begin_of_the_skype_highlighting        &... begin_of_the_skype_highlighting        &...
E-mail :rajkumar.[protected]
website :

From: Battleaxe [mailto:sqn.ldr.[protected]]
Sent: Friday, December 24, 2010 2:52 PM
To: [protected]; rajkumar.[protected]; suresh.[protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]
Cc: [protected]; chandra.[protected]

Dear Mr. Rajkumar,
This card is your sold product. OK! I am holding the original carton of the card having sticker of Rashi Peripherals Pvt. Ltd as its importer. This fact was even mentioned to all the senior officials of your company when this card was to be given for repair 2nd time at your new Delhi office because some stupid official had raised the question of my having bought it from "America". The scan copy of the box showing your sticker was also sent to you people. Now saying that its not your sold product will go more against you. You had not replaced this card - thrice out of charity. Do you understand1 So please do not write anything which erodes all chances of any amicable settlement.

Secondly, as per the specification on XFX site -""; you can see the details specs of these two cards. I am also attaching the screen shot of the comparison table of these two varients i.e PV-T98G-YDD4 which was handed over to your new Delhi office on 28/10/10 and the PV-T98G-YDDF given to me on 16/11/10 as a replacement.
The major difference is not only the higher wattage of power supply required by the later but also:-
1. Texture fill rate (Billion/sec) for PV-T98G-YDDF is only Billion/sec as against 37.62 Billion/sec of PV-T98G-YDD4
2.Pixel per clock (peak) for PV-T98G-YDDF os '0' pixel as against '56' pixel of PV-T98G-YDD4
3. The minimum power requirement (Watts) for YDDF is 500 watts as against 450 watts for YDD4

These data are from XFX website as mentioned above.

You had refused to accept the card for repair the very first time and therefore it was sent to the seller at Mumbai who got it repaired/replaced and sent it back. Your highhandedness did not end there, When I forced you people to accept the card for repair at New Delhi itself on second occasion, you took 10 days. On third occasion you made me to call your Vasai office on STD and talk to you people for full 10 minutes ( I have MTNL bill for Nov.10 which has details of this STD call made on[protected] on 9/11/10) requesting you to send the card. Beside this I spoke to Ms. Sandra on[protected] on 9/11/10 for 8 min. for this card.

After receiving the card on 16th Nov when I made a complaint to your Mr. Ashok Goenka, he showed no courtesy to regret the extra ordinary delay and passed the buck to New Delhi office and sent the copy of that mail to me.

Prima facie this is a fit case to be filed in Consumer Court. I will not hesitate to attach all such harassments of the customers of Rashi Peripherals Pvt. Ltd. as posted by such aggrieved customers on the INTERNET.

I once again call on you to immediately replace my PV-T98G-YDDF card with PV-T98G-YDD4 card without further delay and for all the harassment, as a compensation extend the warranty by another 3 months.

Sqn. Ldr. Raman Jhanjee (Retd)
A.M, S.M.Ae.E

-----Original Message-----
From: RAJKUMAR <rajkumar.[protected]>
To: sqn.ldr.[protected]
Sent: Thu, 23 Dec 2010 5:16 pm
Dear Sir,

Just to inform this card is not our sold product. Still as a point of gesture, we replaced it. If you check your original card and replaced card are exactly same. As per model no, difference in last digit just confirms that packing box of both cards are different.
We will suggest to get the replacement further from point of purchase as he can support on this case further based on his purchase details.

As per the specification, both PV-T98G-YDD4 & PV-T98G-YDDF are same and only difference is in the packing.

Best Regards
Raj Kumar Rajak
Rashi Peripherals Pvt. Ltd
103, Shubh Building,
Sagar Manthan Ind. Complex,
Bhoidapada, Sativali Road,
Vasai (E) - 401208
E-mail :rajkumar.[protected]
website :

From: Battleaxe [mailto:sqn.ldr.[protected]]
Sent: 22 December 2010 16:12
To: suresh.[protected]; [protected]
Cc: chandra.[protected]; [protected]; [protected]

Mr. Suresh Pansari,
Managing Director,
Rashi Peripherals Pvt. Ltd.


Dear Mr. Pansari,
I had bought a XFX Nvidia 9800GT graphic card online from a dealer at Mumbai, with 3 years warranty.
This graphic card had been thrice replaced by your company – once when your New Delhi office refused to entertain the complaint, it had to be sent back to the dealer at Mumbai who got the same replaced and sent it back with your computerized replacement slip. Second time your official accepted the faulty card with great reluctance and gave the replacement after about 10 days. This card again went faulty and was submitted with your service center at New Delhi vide I/W Ch. # 3637 dated 28/10/10.

Your Vasai office took 15 days to give a replacement to your New Delhi office and that too after that the undersigned called up your Vasai office on STD. and spoke to your Mr. Raj for early replacement/repair. and later intentionally and with malafide sent me a different version of the XFX Nvidia 9800GT graphic card requiring 500 watts of power supply as against the one which required only 450 watts of power supply. Not only that when undersigned raised the issue of the delay and wrong replacement thru email, Mr. Ashok Goenka showed no courtesy to regret the delay and or the inconvenience caused to me due to wrong replacement. I had very specifically wrote him that I have Cool master 460 watts PSU in my computer and as such the graphic card sent by him requiring 500 watts of supply is not performing and due to inadequate PSU the display disappears intermittently. After getting the different version of the same model of the graphic card in question when I called up Mr. Ashok Goenka at his Vasai office Mr. Ashok Goenka went to the extent to tell me that he had not invited me to buy the said graphic card from his company.

I therefore call upon you to replace the graphic card ( PV-T98G-YDDF), sent by you with exact version of XFX Nvidia Geforce 9800GT that is PV-T98G-YDD4 which was submitted for repair at your service center at New Delhi, within 72 hours of the receipt of this mail and also increase the warranty by another 3 months as a compensation failing which I would be constrained to file a legal suit for the damages in the consumer court at New Delhi totally at your cost, risk & peril.
Yours Sincerely,

New Delhi Sqn. Ldr. Raman Jhanjee (Retd)
22 Dec.’10 F-83, 2nd Floor (F/S),
Vishnu Garden,
New Delhi - 110018
see guys dose o[censored] having problems with graphic cards from rashi peripherals nd r not satisfied wid their service u shud first of all write to the manufacturer in this case XFX, u shud write to them addressing your concerns over poor service by their lone distributors in india ie Rashi peripherals, u should in your complaint to xfx raise the concerns and make them realise that how it is damaging their goodwill in India which they earned throughout the world by producing best graphic cards in the line...

u shud suggest them, that either they pick their sticks up, and give rashi peripherals a stern warning or they shud search for another distributors as their are lot of competitors lying in the market for better services.
hi everyone,

Im also facing the problem with Rashi Peripherals, chennai. My ASUS motherboard with 3 year warranty is not working. So i have approached Rashi Peripherals. They took my mother board and said to come after 2 days either for replacement or to repair the same thing. I contacted through phone after 2 days. It was a horrible experience, that both the landline phones of Rashi Peripherals are always busy. Finally i got the line at around 05:00 p.m. They told they haven't checked the mother board yet. Then i asked them when will the mother board will get ready. They told, they will call when it got ready.

After one week there was no call from Rashi Peripherals. Again i called them, one person named PRABU attended my call and told that still they haven't checked the mother board. Then i started to talk with him in a harsh voice. Immediately he told that they will repair the mother board and give that to me tomorrow. But they didn't do so.

Then i went to Rashi Peripherals without calling them in phone and gave them the acknowledgement receipt which includes the RMA number. They made me to wait for One hour and finally they replaced me with another old motherboard and told that this mother board was Quality Checked from Head Office. I also believed that and bought that old motherboard. Their they showed only the mother board bios setup for just 5 seconds and told this was working perfectly.

After fitting this motherboard in my system i noticed that the ETHERNET Cord (LAN Cord) is not working. Now i dont want to approach that lazy and useless peoples of Rashi Peripherals as again they will only give another crap mother board after several days. So i decided to use this mother board by seperately buying the Ethernet Cord for around Rs. 500/- and attached to my system.

My advise to the buyers, those who wants to buy motherboard or Graphics Cord or any other peripherals, Please DONT buy the products with RASHI PERIPHERALS sticker in that box. Their service is worst and worst in the world.

This happens not only for me, it happens to all of the ASUS customers as i saw more peoples shouting at them in their office. Not even a single customer is satisfied with their service.
Here at Kolkata Rashi have a nasty habit of marking almost all mainboard sent for RMA as "fungus affected and cpu pin damaged" in the receipt.
Rashi Peripherals Pvt Ltd, is the worst distributer in India, who never care for service, my experience as a consumer for past twelve years, Rashi peripherals as never accepted a faulty product at a first visit, when you give to them, they will ask you to come other day or they will take the faulty product and give you back in the same condition without even touching the product, saying it is working fine. You have to go back to them say it not working still they will maintain the same, as if they have tested well for hours, in this period you would have wasted your precious time and money . at last they will take your product. to give you replacement they will take one month to two months depending on the product…. In some cases if the product manufacturer gives replacement also, Rashi will give you old serviced product only.. Because they are the distributor and also the authorized service center, so very easily they re sell the products in the market, without giving it to the customer.

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