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I joined RMP company giving Rs 7000/- to my leader, who has told me that he will support me for developing the business, increasing the members and so on. when I joined the company, he disappeared till now. It has almost passed two years. Now some other person contacting me to join the above company giving again the above amount.

It is very much tempered me about the leaders of the company that the give some commitment and not fulfilling it, and customers who are innocent getting cheated.
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never join rmp again, i am also a victim of this bloody leech co. Rest you can understand.
RMP MLM is a scam; it sells products at a more expensive price than any other place someone can buy from. If an MLM is a scam profit would come from the people at the very bottom of the pyramid who are buying expensive products. Tricking massive amounts of people to buy expensive products they could buy cheaper elsewhere is a scam. The hope of building a business of people who buy the expensive products is a trick that fools both the person trying to build the business and the person recruited. People fail because the system itself dooms nearly all participants to failure. MLM is built on an endless chain of recruitment of participants as Primary customers. It assumes both infinite markets and virgin markets, neither of which exists. It is therefore inherently flawed, fraudulent, and profitable only for founders and those at or near the top of their respective pyramids of participants. Even with their best efforts, the vast majority will always lose money.

If you believe you were deceived by Russ Whitney, Robert Kiosaki, or Tigrent learning, contact me ASAP. Please leave me a personal message at axing.[protected]@gmail.com. I believe they can sell ice to the Eskimos. They are slick talkers. If they made so much money in real estate, why are they wasting their time selling their worthless programs?

I too joined RMP with 7 IDS in but I am having moral issues doing this cause it feels like cheating other people! For me to continue in this business I want the companies which have been associated with RMP as the RMP say to come forward and agree with RMP people! I myself feel cheated after joining this company! There are no 1000 Rs. payouts in RMP. For an example I joined RMP with 7 IDS in first week with 4 additional sales in my right and 1 in my left leg in a week. I got cheque of Rs. 2493/-. There was 4 pair matched between both legs. What should be expected? Rs. 4000/- ?
The receipt called payment advice along-with cheque says Credit of Rs. 4000/- Now look at Deductions: TDS: Rs. 388, Processing Ch. 120, Fund Tr. Ch. Rs. 300, I Card Ch. Rs. 299, I Card Tr. Rs. 400/-
Net amount: Rs. 2493/- It means Total Spent by me is Rs. 6990X7=48930/- for inferior products @ four times expensive from general market! And I Spent almost Rs. 10000/- on phone calls and petrol to make convince my near and dears. Can you imagine what I received? I received amount of Rs. 2493/-. Isn’t a great business? If you become a new distributor and able to join 2 people in your down-line, you will not be paid for that pair, because that goes in unbearable forced charged by RMP, later for Rs. 750 you will need to develop their down-lines. Now you can make difference between your own business and MLM. I am also attaching the same receipt and cheque of bloody leech Company (RMP) along with this submits.

You can do Simple calculation for RMP there are appx. 13000000 distributors, multiply cost of lowest product is 7000=[protected] nine thousand cr. and how much money they distributed in market not more than 2000 cr. this calculation will clear u how Praveen J. chandan making fool to Indian people. If I am wrong please clear me about this issue with perfect calculation. RMP is another face of tricksters. Who victimize the people from lower middle class specifically house ladies...Luring them into a get rich in a year trap. Simple math is for a population of 1 lack... how many binary levels needed. Just start with 1 member then 2 members under him and so on. Then how many levels are needed in Total...1...2...4...8.16...32...64...128...256...512...1024...2048...4096...8192... means a town with a population of 100000 will be covered in between 17 to 18 levels... So the people in lower bottom will have no RMP member to induct.

Moral of the story is...start early in the untapped area.. Lure the crowd under you and you are platinum rich at the cost of others under your binary chain... Thumb of rule is...Just one out of 100 is a proud RMPian and rest are losers. And its product line is just another classical case for consumer fraud going by the value for money...It is my humble request to all please do not Join RMP or any other MLM and go by the claim of these so called RMPians. or whatever. They are all crooks in this money games. Discounting on and exploiting the dreams of lower middle class people like us...There is no substitute for real richness than hard work. Otherwise other options like RMP aren’t here in plenty...

RMP business is not suitable for those who could not be able to perceive the people with magical words. The homework one has to do for extending his network would be taught in their training programs. They have the answers for all negative questions the prospect asks. Though it is good in some or the other way, it does not suit for certain people mannerism who will definitely fail in MLM. In particular, RMP products are very costly than outside market defying the very purpose of distributing the 70% profit. They actually take more from the people to distribute to their up-lines from the product. According to RMP you will invest 7000 Rs. for that item which rates are low in market and after that u will be permitted to search a new murga .You will got permission search another people to do so and you will get commission Rs.750 per pair.it means that after invest of 21000 u will get nothing at the at early age in business, until your down-lines introduces new murga’s. The idea of taking the middle people out of the picture during the purchase of a product is good but people prefer branded products not something which is not making any kind of business! The products offered by RMP are out dated HCL ME 44 Series, I never found any such product Wipro laptop! I'm not against people making money taking off the middle dealers but for an outdated product, ITS NON SENSE!

BEWARE OF THIS YOU MAY HAVE TO PAY BACK MONEY TO ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO YOU HAVE ENROLLED IF THEY INSIST. All those guys who are boosting about RMP above are either RMP managers or RMP distributors. And the qualities of product they provide are of very low quality but they cost much more then their actual rate. Recently there has been huge Scam regarding RMP which was telecasted in TV 9.After knowing this entire if you still enroll it then you will be one of the biggest fool on the earth. Please don’t get brain washed by such schemes.

I want to say all people that if you joining some MLM concept it means that you all wants money in short times, so every thing which gives you some heavy extra money, you have to take some risk. Other points that ratio of successful persons; I want to clear that in India every persons working hard but how many are KARORPATIES. SO every persons can not successes BUT beware of bloody leach Company like RMP.

Every one is saying here RMP is a legally approved company which is having lot of legal documents but the question raises here is what purpose there having the Legal Documents & what kind of business they are doing? The product of RMP is really worst & the consumer is paying more than double price which is available in open market. The concept is simple consumer has to pay double the money for useless product & the manufacturer gets more money & there is no value for money in terms of Price. First thing is by paying money you are cheated directly which you can't proceed with legally & if you need earn you need to cheat your dear once by selling the same product. So your relationship will be spoiled. We can not blame a customer because every one will be waiting for better opportunity & easy ways to earn money with this basic concept RMP is cheating society. Meanwhile am having couple of friends in RMP those reached good positions means now they hired cars. When I asked him to show the bank balance they says stupid answer they doesn't having money, money spent to build there teams. I never understood the concept if we earn money how could we spent it to others it’s a basic principle of every human being that earned money will be saved in terms of liquid cash or in terms of property. All these guys took some loans from friends buy the cars
And those cars will be presented on the stage. Those guys are really tuff guys who can't survive in this market & formed to cheat the people with proper channels. The smartness of those guys is really appreciable that they cheated even the Govt. by taking Legal Documents.

The ignorance of people is surprising. I had gone to the RMP meeting and it is a joke. RMP is only a associate member of FICCI. Show me one third party site or a news site that shows Mr. Abhilash Thomas is infact Asia’s youngest millionaire. All are youtube of blog links created by individuals. Ask the presenters to show their original bank accounts with 50000 or 1, 00, 000 as payments they will only show you RMP cover letters showing payments made.

The fundamental business model is flawed. The distributors will force you to buy not one but about 7 or 10 products and create nodes. This model means it is not the product they are selling but essentially a pyramid scheme. The products are questionable. Finally if your end product cannot be sold as a consumable it will never work. You buy the product so that you can make others buy and make your cut. It is not as easy as it sounds. You will irritate all your contacts and friends by pestering them. Yes all this probably falls under what you could say is legal, but I it doesn't look ethical to me and I can assure only the people in top can make money ultimately this model cannot make money for everyone. With Ecommerce and the internet you are better off selling it directly. MLM would have been useful in the older days when communication was difficult. Invest you money wisely guys, even the stock market with its ups and downs is far more ethical way to put your hard earned money and time. RMP - Could be legal, Could be great for some one, But for majority of people - "It’s a trap". It’s a trap for near and dears. One person who joins always dreams to earn lacks in it - they reach out to very near and dear like brother, uncle, aunt and closest friend. Then try to convince them etc... Then they will start placing pressure on them to do the same. Some do but majority of people become dead cells. One thing is sure, if an RMP'ian tries to convince 10 people - only 1 comes. And out of 100 people in RMP only 10 try to put efforts to make their own members and out of that only 1% succeed. My one of friend did RMP for a year and he feels really sad for those 250 people who joined him. He tried his level best to make them trained, But at last when they started disconnected his calls, started avoiding him...then he got to know that his credibility getting lost. HE STOPPED IT THEN. I know some people over here will disagree here with me "I don’t care". But inside this is hard truth of RMP. If you can talk to 100 of people, you can follow them up for joining, post that you can run behind them to do the same and let them join many people then you are made for this business. People who say, I am earning Part-time and doing great, if you see their team - they would be having couple of FULL TIMERS inside their team.
And still I have lot more to tell about this but lack of time.

You’re Well-wisher
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Some of the leaders are fraud & cheerers.In portblair one gentleman called Mr MUTHRAMALINGAM from karaikudy came and done good bussiness for some time with the help of the local person .After words collected/looted huge money from the people and ran away from potrblair.he is still absconding. so Dont belive in RMP
dear sir
i[censored]r leader dont be afread go to start ur business agen it is ur business think i[censored]r start shop & all ur friends say u we r support u & u start ur shop after some time they r do not support u ru going to stop this shop ???????????...no ...never
so ur leader gooooooooo ahed & ahed dont stop for other do show the plane ...show the plane...show the plane...show the plane
& u wanna start newly come with me
urs regarding

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