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I signed up with sanwoods Interior in April 2009, and my experience has been horrible to say the least. First off, I was asked for some booking money which was 1 Lac. I was ``assured`` by Mr Santosh Bhallurkar(Sanwoods Interior) the work will never stop for a moment,even in our absence - as we had to travel to US.Then we did not hear back from him till we called him everytime. It went from bad to worse over a period of time. The time was passing by as well -it was 6 months now that we were gone to US, and Santhosh and his team , never ever entered my house premises. We had paid him 2 lacs until now FOR NOTHING.

THe work started only after I came back from US, and me and my Mother in law had to sit there at our site to make sure work was done. It has been a very tough journey with him. After a year(almost) - the work wasnt complete yet. In between my husband had to take leave from office to get the materials himself and let the workers be busy. At the end of 11th month, we decided that it was enough of him so had to fire him. It was a loss of 1 lac rupee from our side as we had to hire multiple contractors to get the job done. Santhosh is very unprofessional in his approach - he wouldnt even visit the sites, not pick up calls, not respond to text messages. All he told me was to send him emails - which was even more frustrating. We pay money for the services and am sure we expect more than this.

I would suggest anyone who is either doing business wiht him or thinking of - PLEASE DO NOT ENGAGE HIM FOR ANY INTERIOR SERVICES OR anything related to it.
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I totally disagree with this complaint. I have got my work done from them, and found them to be very professional, honest and dedicated.
I feel - something serious might have gone wrong with the complainant's case.
I request the admin of this site to remove this post (complaint)
Avoid hiring Sanwoods Interior of Hyderabad and its owner Santosh Ballurkar. Their website is

We hired Santosh Ballurkar and his company Sanwoods Interiors ( for an interior decoration project which should have taken 3 months to complete, but they took their own time to complete it in 9 months. When we first hired this company and searched on google to see if there are any complaints, we did not find any reviews either good or bad. So, to help other people avoid the aggravation we went through, I have registered this domain name and created the website.

They will be customer friendly only till they get their payments and once we paid most of the project cost, they stopped all work or worked at snails pace to complete the project. Every time we called them Santosh Ballurkar or any one at Sanwoods, they used to say the project will complete in the next 2 weeks and ended up taking 6 more months after the deadline and the work they did was of poor quality.

We rented a home for the initial 3 months to stay while the home renovation was being done, but ended up renting for 9 months. This added another Rs 90, 000 to the project cost.

The people at Sanwoods Interiors ( and its owner Santosh Ballurkar are a bunch of incompetent people who should be ashamed of calling themselves professionals.

The quality of their work is also very low. The supervisors who are assigned to your project will not show up at all to check the progress of the work or the quality of the work being done. It will be on you to check everything and get it right. Then what is the use of hiring this company when I can just hire the same laborers and supervise them myself and get the project completed for at least 25% less cost. The whole purpose of hiring this company was to have a tension free home renovation where we did not interact with the daily laborers, but we had the complete opposite experience. The daily laborers were easy to communicate to then Santhosh Ballurkar and his incompetent supervisors.
I fully agree. The guy is a complete bogus. Nobody knows when the work will be completed. never try this guy. The quality of goods used is sub standard. Costs gets added at a later date
pkollati is the website maintenance guy of Santosh Ballurkar. Here he is reviewing his client as his vendor. How dumb do you think we are?
Even i faced the same.I garee 100%
Never ever choose this interiors make your life miserable.
We recruited Santhosh from this interiors he promised to deliver work in 6 weeks and its been 10 months and still its not completed.
We have to enter the house with the cupboards half polised and no glasses fitted and still lot of work is pending.
I do not want other to suffer like us
I completely agree with him. We are also facing the same issue.
We have given the contract in Jan 2010 and they promised to deliver in 45 days and its been 11 months and still there is lot of pending works.

Please never go for this interiors.

I support 100%. Don't believe this guy:

This guy is damn good in marketting.Don't beleieve in his words.To get the work he will visit you as many times as he can. It creates an impression to any customer that mow much intrested he is in. That was his marketting strategy.Once you give advance amount from ther you start facing problems.
He will not get any customers thru referrals he only get them thru Sulekha, Just dial or internet marketting.I got his contact thru sulekha thats why i was not in a position to take referrals.I just believed in his 20 years experiece comments.

In my case he promised to deliver my office interior work in 30 days time.I moved to my office semi furnished because of this guys idiostic nature and flase commitments. He is no one cheat and lier.He started the work on the first day itself with his contractors.He not only troubles customers he is a big pain for his contractors too as he will not pay them in time thats why he keep changing his contractors tooo.

He doesn't have a team to supervise the work tooo.What we do with his experience if he doesn't make a visit to your site after he got money in his experience helps you in getting quality output.He sub contracts works to in competent contractor who will complete work at very cheap rates.

He never bother to listen to your problem. If you are new customer he will pick the phone else his mobile will not be reachable as you are a scape goat.I don't want any other guy face this kind of problem with this kind of contractors.
You are 100 % correct. This Sanwoods and it's director are real waste. I have wasted my money and time by going for them. Fortunately, I have seen this reviews about him and realized that better not to go for him. I have escpaed from a great loss (lost few bugs but got better understanding on these people).

But we need to do something to stop this sanwoods guy. He is really cheating many people in the market. Post your suggestions, how to stop him from eating our money and time.
Yes I agree as he is fraud by his nature and created a mess to my home interior. He is such a kind of creator who can ditch to anybody even his own worker. He looted more than 5 lacs and not completed my interior. He should be handed over to police and kept in jail for several years as he has cheated to several people.
I would suggest to check the integrity before giving any order.
He will be cursed by God in his life and would die in pain. He will not succeed in his life as he bears curse from people from heart.
if he has any left conscience from his life, he should stop it and return money to people or else he will be cursed by people and would be in pain in his whole life.
If at all, they would have paid for the services taken promptly, they would not have come in this situations.
This is big Fraud company. IF YOU HAVE MIND, PLS DONT GO THIS COMPANY. Seflf Proclaimed Manager SANTOSH BALLUKAR is a real fraud and take the money and will not do the work.
I also agree 100%,

I have spent 2 Lakhs of hard earned money to have a better look of the house, project started in July 2011, till now its not even half done, now it seems Mr. Santosh is running behind police station (may be some body would have complained for his fraud). Now the situation is like neither i can go for other contractors as the work done is half and to understand the work itself will be a big task for any body. All the other contractors visited my site expressed that he is using 3rd quality material. Out of the money given only 15% work done.

I would request other people to suggest other person who can fix this problamatic work done by santosh.

Dear Santosh,

I have tried to reach you over mail and phone, as usual failed in all the cases. At last we took a decision to go with construction rather with interiors after giving money to you and failing to complete the work after 1.5 years. I have paid you 1.8 Lakh in total with all different occasions. Now i am not asking you settle the amount and neither asking you to complete the work (which any how not going to happen. At least send your workers to the location to pick all the installed material (wood work material), ofcourse for which i am not expecting any thing from you as stated in my communications to you by mail and your website. confirm me by mail about sending the workers enabling me to inform my builder to allow them to pick the material.

Hope you will do well in BANGALORE with your new entity.

Sreedhar Karanam

I'm trying to file a complaint on this guy. I need your support as well. I'm gathering all the necessary evidence to file a case in the court. I already spoke with my lawyer. I would not leave santosh and their workers. Chandra Sekhar reddy and siddartha will pay for this. Contact me at
Hello Mr.Rahul Solige,

Who are you? I never had a client with this Name? is my email address and I had till now never received any mail from you, kindly give your correct identity - so that I can look into the matter and do the needful, don't think you will can spoil someone's image like this by hiding your identity.

Hope to read from you on this soon.


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