[Resolved]  SG Estates Impression Society Vasundhara Gzb — Incomplete Work after possession and no reply from builder after numerous reminders from resident

Dear Sir

The possesion of appartments in SG ompressions society has been given to around 60 residents but now buider is not paying much attention to complete the left over work in the society. There have been many meetings in this regard & Gaurav Gupta(MD of SG Estates) was also called but now we are not getting positive response from the management.
The security in the society is not up to the mark & infact few basic things like the main gate of the society is still not complete. Though residents like us have put in hard earned money in these flats but now things are not improving.
It seems that builder is now interested in his new projects only & the one which has been sold out is not of his intrest.
We are writing this so that anyone who invests their had earned money in some other project of SG Estates gets an input on their goodwill because I am one of the residents.

Ref no: RWAIMPVS/04 Dated 11th Jan 2010

Minutes of the meeting held on 27th Dec., 2009

Between Residents of SG’s Impressions and Management of SG Estates (SGIMGMT) and Ski view Hotel limited in Room No 101, Impression Apartment Sector 4B, Vashundara Ghaziabad

The following points were discussed in the meeting

1. Maintenance Charges: -
As emphasized in our previous letters, residents insisted that maintenance charges will be applicable only when everything is in place in terms of sale deed as well as completing the pending works. This matter was discussed in length and concluded that
i. All the pending works will be completed by 15th April, 2010 as assured by SGIMGMT and full maintenance charges @Rs1.65 sqft will start after words (Sub to completion of pending works)
ii. Current rate of maintenance charges will Rs 0.90/sqft (including service tax of Rs 0.15 from 1st Dec 2009 till the work is completed in totality as per sale deed contract.
iii. The maintenance charges has been agreed by the residents for month of November 2009 for the purpose of recovering the part cost of the water softener plant for treating ground water to make it potable for domestic purpose.

List of Pending works
• Complete covered swimming pool with changing and toilets for genders, filtration plant, balancing tank and life safety measures installed and fully operational in terms of best industry standards.
• Club with billiards room, cards room, health club (dry and wet area), gymnasium in adequate size for 120 flats with lockers and change rooms, circulation space and complete in every aspect to run it hassle free operation.
• Community hall of approx 2000 sqft with toilets for both genders, pantry and with complete HVAC, Elect fixtures and other services with a special care for Fire escape route and natural light and ventilation.
• Complete the three tier security arrangement i.e. Intercom and CCTV etc.
• 2nd operational DG set
• Complete water filtration and softening plant(Part cost of the same is to be taken from the maintenance charges of the month of November 2009-as decided and mutually agreed in the meeting)

2. Electrical Issues:
The following points were discussed and mutually agreed
i. Fix charges on the power back-up will not be applicable and shall be withdrawn with effect from 1st Jan 2010 based on actual consumption to be chargeable @ Rs. 10 per unit.
ii. To remove the fix charges, recalibration of electrical meter is required as informed in the meeting by SG Impression management. The schedule time for recalibration of meter was agreed on 10th Jan 2010, though this action has been delayed. Therefore the amount taken on this account should be refunded back to resident electricity account.
iii. It was agreed that the rate applicable for normal electricity consumption (other than power back up) shall be applicable as per prevailing UPSEB Norms. This aspect may be considered while recalibrating the Electrical Meter.
iv. Regarding the installation of second DG set SGIMGMT will revert back, as the location of the present DG is causing problem to the residents having flats on that side with its exhaust smoke and noise, it was assured that best practices of industry will be followed while executing the requirement.
v. It has been agreed in the meeting that Power Transformer will be appropriately fenced for safety of the residents.
vi. It has been observed that most power cables are lying on the floor haphazardly which needs to be dressed either into underground trench or on the boundary wall to avoid the accident

3. Other issues
• Residents were unanimously firmed and reiterated that boundary wall height with wire fence is essential requirement for security of residents and it must be provided, however SGIMGMT agreed to decide after obtaining the estimated cost and same need to be discuss in the next meeting.

• It was ensured by the SGIMGMT that the marking of the parking lots will be done by the 31st December 2009 and inform to resident accordingly.

• Residents desired that the gate no.2 (back ward) is to be installed with new one, in view of the difficulty shown by SGIMGMT residents agreed to have a modified / beautified/ strengthened new gate.

• It was decided that where all the mid-landing in the staircase is not as per the standard width, the level of the adjoining parapet need to be increased with Mild Steel (MS) pipes.

• Residents demanded that in the flat no. of the series ending with 07 and 09 the balcony adjoining to the staircase is not fully secure as is provide complete scope to person from staircase to enter in the balcony and vice versa, Same kind of problem as stated above is can also observed in flat no. ending with no. 05 and 08 that there is no physical barriers between the flat at same level. SGIMGMT assured to take fulfilling action on both the above.

• SGIMGMT will submit the copy of fire NOC and will arrange fire drill program to make residents aware of all fire safety provisions/ installation and to have basic training to be followed at the time of any emergency.

• SGIMGMT noted that they forgot to provide the lightening arrester on the top of the building and agreed to provide the same at all required location by 15th April ’2010.

• SGIMGMT agreed to clamp the plumbing pipes, cables, and other services in the shaft, also it was agreed upon that the all the required shafts will have door shutters and those not needed will be closed with the brickwork, plastered and painted complete similarly the area in front of lift also need dressing up , being the entry point. .

• Residents conveyed their unhappiness regarding the quality of the structure / construction as nobody can prove this as A class construction, but the most disturbing issue is of water seepage observed in the columns and beam and astonishingly in every toilet of each flat whether its adjoining wall or the ceiling of the toilet, SGIMGMT has agreed to do a complete survey of each flat including the vacant flats and rectify the problem from the base it is also assured that all defects shall be attended as per the best practices/standard to the full satisfaction of the flat owner. Repainting of the affected area is also included in this. Survey need to be completed by 10th Jan 2010 and rectification of all the above problems to start in Jan’10.

• SGIMGMT agreed to fill up the expansion joints with appropriate material and not just over the gap with a rusted metal piece, as in some of the flats its causing seepage due to the muck filled in the expansion joints.

• SGIMGMT agreed to revert back and rectify the problem of leakage of current due to improper earthing and electrical wiring and also ensure the three phase supply in all the flats.

• Mr. Garg, Director SGIMGMT has agreed to revert back with in two days with relevant information about covering of the balcony with aluminum partitions.

• SGIMGMT agreed to check and provide the fan point in the balconies having an adjoining pergola.

• Residents are also very unhappy with the poor architectural detailing of the SGIMGMT by providing pergola’s in such a fashion that they are breaching in the privacy of the residents on 2 consecutive floors and will also become the subject of quarrel as any thing going on the pergola above will surely disturb the fellow below. It was suggested to the SGMGMT to do proper detailing in their forthcoming projects to avoid such embarrassments and to utilize the money in fruitful things which will result in benefit of residents.

• SGIMGMT agreed to provide the 15 amp socket on kitchen counter to run the kitchen appliances; same will be completed by 30th Jan’2010.

• SGIMGMT agreed to the complete the hardware on the doors and windows such as bottom bolt and door seal where the gap is not acceptable. Residents also conveyed their unhappiness regarding the poor quality of the material being used in the same.

• Residents conveyed their apprehensions about the area constructed by the SGIMGMT vs area sold to the buyer (super area) and desired to know the actual measurement of each flat sold by the SGIMGMT and its linkage with super area for which payment is being charged. This issue is o[censored]tmost important and has serious impact on the finance and thus need to be addressed immediately. . This matter is open and to be resolved by SGIMGMT amicably.

• It has been agreed in the meeting by SGIMGMT for development of surrounding area outside of the boundary wall.

• Residents were surprised to see the construction being carried out in the setback area and desired to know the reason for the same, SGIMGMT informed that area is being developed for commercial sell out having two numbers of convenience store.

• Residents totally disagreed for any such development in the premises of the society as it was neither mentioned in the marketing brochure nor in the registry. Any barricading in the set back is also not permissible as per UAVP bye laws as it hinders in the free movement of fire tender as well as vehicular traffic with in the society and also amount to encroachment in an open area from the approved plan/layout of the project.

The list of all the present members from both sides is attached separately. At the outset residents conveyed thanks for the meeting and look forward to have more such interactions with SGIMGMT to make Impressions a mile stone project for people living in it as well as to the people who made it.

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Aug 13, 2020
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Apr 17, 2018

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Gaurav gupta 1 — NO Power and Night Poewr Cut

Dear Sir,

This in regards to subject mentioned above. We are staying in Rajendra Nagar Sahibabad which is well connected to delhi and seems to be a posh colony of ghaziabad. Firstly there is no power in night and if it is there you dont have voltage to run even a fan and light.

During summer it is very difficult to sleep in the night without a power or in low voltage. We have been complaining same to the Electricity Deptt but nothing has happend till now.

I would request if you could take this matter and solve problem of electricity. If even you cant help us then i think we have no choice rather to send this complaint to govt with the help of Media


Gaurav Gupta
Thanks man, good need more help on this one. And I mean it more help = more and more people talking on this issue jointly. This issue is there in entire area, I am in USA, my home is there in Sahibabad, while I was looking for the home back in 2001, each and every builder promised that this is just a phase and thing will be ok within a year or so, but even today, no solution has been provided to this area. 8-10 hours cut, no fixed time, no fixed duration - I don't understand how those people (elec dept) work there, no moral, no values at all. I understand there is less supply and more n more consumption plus illegal usage - BUT - they can at least set a time frame for the outage, make it public and follow the same. But till date I haven't seen any such step.

Thanks for bringing it up here but I think you need more voices and multiple forums.

I am also one of the resident of the society (SG Impression, Vasundhara). While buying a lot of promise was done by the sales manager of the company, However, all fake.

I strongly recommend any body who is looking to buy a flat not to believe on the false promises of SG States Limited. It is evident that society was to be completed before June 2009 and the work is still going and nobody knows when it will be completed. Even the front gate is not painted.

Beware of SG States Limited.

I visited SG Impression for buying a new flat and later Ajnara. However, I found that the quality of Ajnara is far superior than SG impression. I booked a flat in Ajnara, pride and feel happy as my friend is living in SG impression where most of the flats are full seepage. I noticed it while vising him on weakend.

I think government should ban these kind of builders from undertaking any project and play with hard earned money of people.
I am also one of the resident of SG Impression, Vasundhara. Mr Praveen who is one of the marketing executives who sold the flat to me made lots of promises. But most of them even now remains as promises only. The builders have installed second hand DG Sets and other instruments and in the hot summer when the temperature is above 42 degrees for hours together there is no power back up. There is power fluctuation also and becuase of that most of the electronic equipments are getting damaged. THESE ARE ONLY SOME OF THE PROBLEMS.SO CAUTION PROSPECTIVE BUYERS DO NOT BUY ANY PROPERTY FROM SG ESTATES LTD. THEY ARE CHEATS. YES I AGREE THAT GOVERNMENT SHOULD BAN THESE TYPES OF FRAUDULENT BUILDERS
I also agree with the problems given above. I am also one of the unfortuanate resident of SG Impression. Mr Praveen is the guy who sold flat to me also. None of the promises are kept. Mr. Guarav Gupta (MD) is the CHEAT NO 1. He is not even interested in fullfilling the promises. He is also not interested in providing quality services to the unfortunate buyers. I also agree that on 16 April whole night there was no power back up. When enquired the staff told us that all the equipments are second hand. Yes, I also completely agree that this SG Estates are Frauds and Cheats. So I also advice the prospective buyers not to buy any apartment from SG Estates. Now they are bulding few more in Rajnagar and NH 58.
Yes I also agree. Look at the swimming pool these frauds are constructing. It is going to be mosquito breeding centre, I am sure
It seems they are also planning to open couple of shops inside the residential area. These shops will be open for outsiders and think about the privacy and security of the residents. These are cheats Do not buy property from SG estaes i[censored] value ur money
Gaurav Gupta is a fraud no. 1 and his marketing and office team are parasites, no one should even think of going with this inferior, low class and disgusting builder, they have charged so much for a like this, they should go and see the way construction takes place in other projets, Gaurav Gupta has only been interested in minting in money from ony one project, he didnt realise that how people will react to his shallow ways of doing business, I am 100% sure that a person after reading this will not even think twice before ignoring their projects.
Dear All SG IMPRESSIONS NH-58 RAJ NAGAR, Any one is taking initiatives for leading majority of mambers against SG Impressions at Raj Nagar for quality construction & fighting against OPEN PARKING CHARGES 90, 000 paid to builder its not required for pay this amount as per indian act or law. Builder never will charge this amount & many peoples individualy fight with builder for the same. & win... PLZ FIGHT AAL IN MAJORITY for the same. If any body wants to take more information then mail me on my e-mail id. [protected]
please do mail me if you have brought a flat there
my name is ravi and my email id is [protected]
recently once scheme of the government authority has come and they are also charging for the open as well as the covered car parking. in this case how can we ask for free parking when the entire builder community is charging for parking.
for construction, i have visited the site and it is to my satisfaction. all the branded stuff is used and it is coming quiet well
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