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[Resolved] — Cons to become paid members

When you pay for sometime, you expect more. But in case of it’s somewhat too bad experience. Here are some lines…

# No priority given in sorting or filter to paid members.

# No Offline Message: Paid member can take initiative to start chat, means, he/she just have to sit chat window opened (even the other person is busy) and wait for other person for permission. Even he/she could not send one word like “Hi” or any offline message.

# No permission to express Interest again: Biggest foolish thing is, if someone declined you, this means you CAN NOT express interest again,
---- Even after 1 year,
---- Even after you Pay for membership,
---- Even after you changes whole text of your profile,
---- Even after you moved to another country,
---- Even after you changed your snaps,
---- Even after you have Salary from 5 digits to 8 digits or changed your Job/Profession.
---- Even after you get citizenship of another big country.

Means once declined is life time declined, Even you pay for membership, but that useless. Even you CAN NOT send chat request. ONLY ONE IDEA is every time you feel to pay and take membership, then create fresh profile (This is mistake I did that I have not created fresh profile, but expect other should not repeat). Don’t expect from them.

Also, I already know nowhere such things are mentioned when one take membership, But at least they should sell some benefits to paid. They are thinking able to send one message is enough facility. They are not thinking factors that can facilitate, but just thinking about their business.

There are lot more, but for this email these are enough. Otherwise if some from start reading he’ll kill himself.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Hey…I am somewhat agree (All seems right, if they have not modified anything yet).
But, I am not sure, how did you get observation of “Even after 1 year”. I am not able to see date, when anyone declined me in their site (They may not have maintained declined date, otherwise they would have given such thing). They are just showing "Declined" with No date.

Anyway, Surprise to see, you wait so long to express again. :)
I agree with all of you and have more issues with these ppl. These ppl came up with something like which is associated with but not the same. They (shaadipoint) have offices all over India and they put a board outside as They fool customers using that board adv. and sign them up with shaadipoint. At shaadipoint they do not have even 5% of the volume of ppl than and the price of membership is almost the same. If anyone of you are connected to media, please expose this fraudalent activity. If you need proof of the same, you can visit the the Dadar, Mumbai office and see the board adv yourself.

Another issue, if you have a free membership, they will block all accesses (including replying to messages ppl send you) unless you pay for their membership. The paid members are also punished if they contact free members.

I am not buying membership here for the some reasons all of you have stated above and also because they have stolen my money by giving me shaadipoint membership.

If anyone has any media contacts, please expose these ppl for the fraud!!

Yes, they are fraud . At the start of their business, about eight years back while searching for a groom for my niece, it worked well . But not anymore . i have been searching for grooms & brides for my family memmbers since i am a computer savy . of late their executives block our messages reaching the real profile even after colleting hefty subscription money & vice versa. i advise all get in to orkut or facebook to seach for grooms & brides .
People like the one who wrote above message are a huge nuisance. And i am glad shaadi does everything to stop such from reaching us.
Once declined men dont understand NO. They keep bugging. They are typical products of male dominated society of ours. Yes once declined is a life time decline...even if you suddenly start earning more money! You think more money should buy you a spouse?
And changing snaps is such a lame thing to do.
Anyone who wants to accept you - will accept you inspite of your location, or inspite of a not-so-fancy write-up. He/She will give you a chance if she thinks that there are a few points worth considering and exploring more about the person. is world’s largest online matrimony and it is even the worst. I had a very bad experience having paid for the gold membership 2200 for 3 months. has hired some people to accept expressions of interest of members and then not agree for marriage by giving an excuse. Every other new member is fooled by this tact. I bought paid membership because my expression of interest was accepted by a girl. She was a bhramin and I’m non bhramin, however she has mentioned "Caste no bar". When I called her, she asked me my caste and immediately said SORRY as she didn’t entertain non brahmins. I was devastated not because she said no, but because she accepted, I had paid 2200Rs just for a SORRY from her. Later I asked my friend to express an interest in her and there she goes - accepted & I shared her number with him and same story repeated with him. This profile is not the only one, there are many such fake profiles on who are just "paid to accept expression of interest" from free members.
During my 3 months of paid membership, nobody accepted my request. Again after its expiry, another profile accepted my interest - but now I’m aware of my bad experience. Right now doesn't work for 99% of the population in India because parents still don't prefer people out of their circle, or people who do not match their caste.

In short,
1. Disadvantages:
2. Very very expensive (Gold membership: 74Rs/day or 45 Rs/ mobile number)
3. Most profiles will never accept your interest because they have many options
4. Many use it as a dating service
5. Even after talking to a interested girl / parent, they will reject you by any reason.
6. You buy paid membership when you receive an interest and then the money is wasted.

Lots of free profiles to watch out.
I sure agree there are lot of scam artists on the prowl on these matrimonial sites who are looking one for easy money or physical relationship or both in some or many cases . Gender or education has nothing to do with being fooled because they are all clever and know the rules of the game . Probably I am one of those who got into only scamsters ..and like to share what happened. One of the guys that I got to know on this site refused for marriage because I am a non-brahmin and offered to fix match with his friend who was non-brahmin and unemployed and idle . Second is this guy who was a Muslim based in US put up pictures from his younger years almost 15 - 20 years younger claimed to be a Hindu from a Royal family in South India . After he vanishing from the scene I found that he is already married not once but has more than one wife and this is one of the means of earning for him. Sadly he got a lakh of rupees from me too . After this incident I got careful but the next interest I got was from a man who wanted like someone reportedly mentioned in previous comments wanted to spend some private time in the process of getting to know better and fortunately I turned that proposal down and then there are these guys who posted profiles ..send interest or accept interest and finally when it comes to making a commitment of marraige they give the excuse that parents will not agree. My question here is dont you people ( both men and women) know what your parents priorities are before posting profile on a matrimonial sites ? dont you people know the difference between dating sites and matrimonial sites ? I know of a person who put up a profile with a picture which was atleast 10 years old and later deleted his profile for couple of years and now his profile appeared on with the same picture which is now 14 years old . He is an advocate from Chennai High Court. What an irony ?

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