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[Resolved]  Shree Om Sai Nath Car On Rent — In court 98%+ public support to Rupesh Verma

It seems that public has realised that Mr.Rupesh police custody will not help them to get their money back and people are happy that all other offices are working and Mr. Rupesh is ready to pay returns to every investor.

So today 26 December In court 98%+ public was supporting Mr. Rupesh Verma though he has got four more days to get bail as the judge was on leave and duty judge has reserved his decision by another four days i.e. till 30 December.

He might be advised to stay in Delhi for 2 months to clear all dues and bring back the company on track and run it successfully.

Lets hope for the best.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Dear investors,

During previous month on 16th of Nov 2009 a news conference was arranged by Managing Director SOSN Mr Roopesh Verma and allegations were made on the Axis Bank. If the Axis Bank has not done any type of mistake/fraud and the Axis Bank is clean, why the Axis Bank has not reacted for allegations made by MD SOSN in the News Conference on[protected]? Why the Bank is silent till now? I think Mr Roopesh Verma came from Mumbai to Delhi on[protected] to expose and highlight the mistakes/frauds (whatever may be) done by the Axis Bank. But he was not allowed to do so, because of manhandled and creating hangama by two ladies and other public.

What are your views in this regards?


Om Prakash Narwal
Whoever you are Mansoon Raj I like your comments. Looks like you are one of the accomplice of Roopesh or you are one of those hired media consultants.

Please do not post inconsistant unreliable info about SOSN.
Does anybody has any recent update
Dear Mansoor,

By giving many statement you are misguiding people unnecessrily delaying the process. If your Roopesh Verma is so correct then why dont he bring this Axis Bank Matter to National Daily News Papers. So that people know about the fraud done by Axis Bank. Why is he afraid for and I do not understand why media is still unknown about the fraud done by Axis Bank. It seems that you and your Mr Roopesh Verma are trying to make charlie o[censored]s. Now non of the branch members mob phones are on they have switched off and I think slowly you people will disappear from the scene. If you are constantly monitoring this cite then please reply to me.

I think we should stop fighting among us. As I have read he has invested more then 100 schemes If he is sounding positive and looking forward to get his money back then we all should work together and make an Investor forum and fight together as suggested by him If you Mr. Mukund Kedar have more information or are trying to get information like Mr. Mansoor then come out of the cocoon & help everybody. Asking question is easy but getting answer is difficult.
More ever Mr. Rupesh was not allowed to speak in Press conference every body knows that and the copy of the Press release given to media clearly have indicated that, but Mr. Rupesh arrest was more highlighted then anything less.
Lets keep patience and pray to get our money at the earliest.
To The General Public; Interested/ concerned investors of Shree Om Sainath Car On Rent Ltd.
Sub: apni chamdi ko bachane ke liye doosra bada bawal khada kiya
The situation is saddening because we hear that Shri Roopesh Verma, the managing director of Shree Om Sainath Car On Rent Ltd. has not been granted bail on 26th and that the court has extended the date. I do not know the details but, specifically state that Adv. Ramesh Gupta had said the truth when he appeared for Shri Roopesh Verma;
"No purpose would be served by sending the accused behind bars as the company was capable in paying back the dues of its investors.
" THE WORLD IS NOT SHORT OF FRAUDESTERS. I'm sure "HE" is not one of them.
I have closely seen these circumstances (while visiting there) being an investor at the Mumbai office of the Co. I confidently state that Mr. Roopesh Verma is being framed for ulterior motives. Its a situation like "apni chamdi ko bachane ke liye kisine doosra aur bada bawal khada karne ka prayas kiya hai" (it is 'obvious' - who is doing it. Kyonki, Shayad is 'obvious' ka astitva khatreme hai).
There are so many people involved in and doing the same type of business. In any case the situation appears bleak for the investors (we have to understand that as per the directive of the court, pending the investigation in progress, the accounts are seized; the company can not do anything even if the other directors attempt to comply, in the absence of Mr. Roopesh Verma, with the procedure of ECS by NEFT and also because the probability exists that vested (probably unethical) interests are manupulating/ playing with the system and that "HE" has become a victim; surely.
I want to believe that the judiciary in our country works ethically.
Finally, Delhi walo, aapne sanyam se aur samjhdari ka upyog kiya hota to yeh paristithi hi nahi aati, kyonki mujhe aastha aur bharosa hai ki akhiri mein sab ke saamne yeh baat aajayegi ki SAI BABA ki chatra chaya ke neeche koi galat kaam kar hi nahi sakta. MR. ROOPESH VERMA IS A PUCCA SAI BAKT.
~Vinaymaroo from Shirdi - the Land where SAI BABA gave birth to universal faith.
Email: [protected]
P.S. Read 'obvious" as AXIS Bank, The AXIS Bank which is an international entity would have taken out the " FROM THE " of the person claiming even a little bit of what Mr. Roopesh Verma has said about their doing/ undoing, again I SAY, if there was anything wrong.
These court dates are keep on changing and Mr. Roopesh is still in custody.

Again people are writing different dates - Jan 2nd, Jan 4th, Jan 5th, Jan 10th.
But none of these dates are FIXED.
What If Mr. Roopesh unable to get bail by Jan 10th. and amount is not credited in our account.

There might be some experienced investors who must have the knowledge about court and bank procedures.

- Can somebody please tell the maximum time the court can take to give bail in these circumstances ?

- How long Mr. Roopesh will take to complete the ECS or any other bank procedures, so that the amount will get credited in our account ?

- Are they going to credit all our past months money in one transaction or again they will take gaps ?

If this procedures takes too long then definitely most o[censored]s would be in BIG PROBLEM.
wht is new picture no body said about that.
wht action should be taking aganinst ASXIS bank.
we visit court but picture is not clear, no body talk about that. Today is again we are going court for the new picture, so I am requesting all the invester to come there and ask about our money to Mr. Rupesh Verma.
my simple question is that why is media is silent about this topic?

If any body contact us than contact me [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected].
Mr. Repesh Verma is coimg on court at 12.30pm today so i am requeting all the NCR invester come and ask them about our money.
if this procedures takes long time then most o[censored]s in big Problem.
My Dear Prem Lal,

1. First of all I must wish a very happy new year. Secondly I must thanks that you updated about Mr Roopesh Verma. I am at Pune and Now Pune Branch is also closed. No body is attending mob or tele. Even Branch Manager has put his mob off. Now it is very difficult to trace them.

2. I request you to please update your blog to know people about mr Roopesh Verma. Thanks once again.

3. My Mob No is [protected]. Presently I have got nothing except my pension. I am very much worried what will happen. I have noted your mob Nos defenetly I will contact you.

Dear all customers,

Hi, It is my request to you all those who are reading this that come out against Police and help Mr Rupesh Verma to come out of jail. He has not done any crime. Unless untill he is out He can not do any thing. If you people want to get your money back as before then please help him. It is useless to scold him for what he had not done. Even I am a investor like you and very much worried but you know without engine aeroplane cannot take off. So please pull out the engine(Mr Rupesh Vera) out of police custody. Only Delhi customers can do it.

I have been reading about SOSN for few months and I have also invested in SOSN.

People are diffrent so there view are. People are greedy they want their money to to double every year. People are innocent they dont undrstand risk and give money to anyone. They want high return same time money as safe as in Bank. That Doest not Happen.

If Rupesh Verma and company is correct and payment was not made in Nov/Dec due to fraud by Axis bank or less fund. The FIR had complecated the matter. I dont know what was in the mind of people who filed FIR. Probably they thought that police will or court will give their money back or may be Rupesh verma will arrange money quickly from jail or custody. Innocent (s****d) people put all effort to lose their money. If Rupesh verma arrange some money will he pay first to Police/lawer/court or investor? Domt reply to me reply to yourself... Court will take its own time (5, 10 or 20 years) to give decision and return back some money, whatever will be recovered will be distributed to all investors. Say if you have invested 1.25 lakh after 5-10 years you may get 5000 or one lakh depending upon the assets recovered. Smart people... file more FIR ensure that Rupesh is put behind bars.. Police makes money from him same money you have given to Rupesh.

If Rupesh Verma and company is fraud most of the money is gone anyway.

Pressurising to Rupesh Verma to return money is OK. Killing him or putting behind bars will ensure that you lose most your money!!!
yes i totally agree with mr A singh here...lets all not create such panic and the case should be taken back so that rupesh comes out and pays us back...and even if he is dishonest..seeing that his investors believe in him so much he will definitely have a change of people appeal to the court to release him...ultimately the only option left with poor investors like us is to have unshakable faith in sai baba he will never let us down just be positive people and things will fall in place...
Here is the update from SOSN..

The update is changing dates. 25 dec, then 28 dec, then 01 jan then 4th jan then 10 jan and now end of jan.

People of pune have decided that if some news does not turn up by 14th jan which SOSN is claming to be hearing of mr. rupesh verma, then everyone are going to assemble at a common place collect all the documents and file a Fraud case against SOSN.

If SOSN is not reponding to us then it means they have shut down. I think everyone should at all the offices should form a group and file a compliant.
hamara payment kab milega

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