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 Puneet Gandhi

I got a sify broadband connection in Aug.2007 from M/S Super Broadband Service, a franchise of Sify Broadband Company in Dehradun. He charged me Rs.2000.00 as installation charges with Rs.800.00 PM Service Plan. He promised me that he will give a very good service and he is having a sufficient power backup facilty.

But in the very first month, it started giving trouble, because when ever there was a power cut, immediately the internet connection was disconnected and we were not able to do any work.

I asked him that you had promised that this problem will never happen, then why there is so frequent cuts. He said that there was some problem with the UPS and he will improve its capacity or shift my cable from any other route, so that i do not face this problem.

Every month, when ever there was the time for renewal, a got a call from Sify Head Office for renewal. I complained them about the poor service provided by their franchise Super Broadband. Every time they promised that they will talk to their franchisee and solve this problem, but nothing happened.

But even after so many days and months, the same problem and same promises continued for 7 months. Till then, I had paid him Rs.2000 + 5600 (Rs.800 Pm for 7 months ).

After suffering so much, i asked him that if he is not able to provide me the facility, then he should refund me Rs.2000 and atleast half the money of per month charges, because every day during the working hours this connection was dead for almost 5-6 hours and i suffered a huge work loss.

But, then after 7 months he said that he had not promised for power backup and it is not his fault if there is no power supply by the electricity department and he straight away refused to refund me any amount.

You are requested to look into the matter and take action against Super Broadband and Sify company for cheating general public in this way and get my hard earned money refunded.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Puneet Gandhi
H.No. 57 / 1,
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Sify — Irresposibility

I am Ratnadeep Bagchi from mumbai.I am using sify Broadband connection.I am fedup with the service they are giving to me.I a month its for sure that 5-10 days their servive is stopped.They are taking the money and just hopeless service I am getting.
I will be mentioning everything here for the same.
Service Engineer's name:Sanjay
mob no:[protected]
and there is another guy named Mahesh.
These two are servie engineers and they are just not doing their work properly.Please help me regarding this as i am facing a lot of problem regarding the same

Address:B901, Riddhi Siddhi Residency, Sector-3, New Panvel, navi Mumbai.
I hope my complain would be properly taken care of.
Thank you
sir i am vivek i have got sify connection of 17th dec. i have 128kbps unlimited plan.this is the first time i have got the worst internet connection from your service provider in ashok nagar b-block.when i logged in through sify this is just 10minute connection, later on connection automaticlly gone.and indiactor shows speed around 1-11mbps.and their is no connection.whenever i try to login it indicated that their is no connection i do lots of repair and troubleshoot function but they didn't work.sometime transfer rate goes down by 0kbps.even calling on the enginner of the area, told me call me after 1 hour.sometime he didn't repy.i am harashed with his attitude.sir plz look into that matter.sir i am working on company project and it reqires net connection.without this i am not able to complete my assignment.

connection-17th december
plan-128kbps unlimited.
email-id- [protected]
i am using sify broadband connection. When i request for a new connection, i paid 2500 Rs for installation. After that I was facing lot of issues with their connection. Whenever there is a power cut, immediately the internet connection was disconnected. They dont have any power backups. And finally for the past 4 days i was not able to access internet connection. I called to sify customer care many times. now they are telling they dont have CTO's in my area. When asked for new connection, someone came and did the cable work. But I dont know what happened to that guy.

If they dont have CTO, they should send some technical person to solve the issue. But they are not doing that.

After some 10 calls i made, I got a call from sify customer care saying that "Wi-Fi" connection is enabled in my area, and so you can use Wi-Fi". For that I need to pay 2000Rs more it seems.

So what they are doing is, they are simply cheating the people using attractive ads. thats it. Their aim is to just collect the money from people. They never care about services and customers.

If anyone is planning to go for sify broadband, please dont. Only when getting a connection, you can see the service providers and get responses . After that you cant expect them for any issues. If you face some issues, then again you have to get new connection by paying some thousands. that is the only option.
I am facing similar problem with SIFY. I have put a notice to them but it seems they are taking it for granted. I will go ahead with lodging complaint in consumer court against them.

Did you take any actions agains SIFY.

Do let me know.
Yes, , the sify`s service is full of complains, , , in Patna they work through frenchisee and not e ven a single days passes when there is no disconnection atall
Similar is SonyBroadband in dehradun

Guy whose number is [protected] most irresposible
They are chargin 1200 for the service of 900, Saying if they wont
they will disconnect, prb is that there is no other service in the area
Please dont take connection from
Bharat Mehrotra

Sony Cable TV
4/6 Kali Mandir Enclave GMS Road, Kanwali Dehradun

Sify Broadband — I have been duped by SIFY

I have been using SIFY broadband services from past three years and recently renewed my connection for 3 months by paying Rs.1550.00 at 256 kbps speed (Family pack - code name FK3M). It was ok for 10 days and after that my balance started coming down drastically. With in a matter of of 9 days, my balance was reduced to zero from Rs.1200+. In this regard, I have given 32 calls to the customer care and have not received any adequate compensation sofar. I have recorded few of the conversation with the customer care executive, who also confirmed that there was a technical snag at their end. Why I should suffer for the mistakes happened at their end? Someone from sify came down to my house and informed that there was IP conflict and changed my ip address also. From past 12 days I am having sleepless nights due to this misuse. Sofar no one is able to give any proper answer for my issues. As informed earlier, there has not been a single call from sify for any of my 32 calls. Can some one let me know how to approach consumer court for claiming compensation? I have adequate proof against sify with screenshots and recordings of the conversations.

Dear sir,

I am facing a problem of bb 108 since 20.01.09, I have had occasion contact to local service provider as well as local sify broadband customer care on phone no 2200305/2200306/2200307/2200308/2200309 but they couldn’t do any thing. My problem is still continuing. I had also registered my problem on 54545 two times and every time I have received a message that my complaint was registered. First I received a message on my mobile on 04.02.09 at 22.09 hrs . that my TAC id 8147879 and second on 07.02.09 at 15.59 hrs. that my TAC id is 8159013. In the mean time my account was renewed which was expired on 26.01.09 without my consultation. I don’t understand that when my problem was not solved, how my complaint i.e. TAC id 8147879 was removed from complaint list and given me second TAC id 8159013 and also renewed my account when my problem of BB 108 is continuing. No any one heard my problem, always said same dialogs we will resolve and get back to you at the earliest. We will fix yours problem within 24 hours but result is ZERO. On 05.02.09 at 12.38 hrs. one Mr. Ramesh kumar from local Sify customer care office rang me by telephone no. 2200307 that I am sending my technician but no body has come to my home. Again on 06.02.09 at 10.41 he again says by phone no. 2202674 that the technician will visit my house within one hrs. but again no body has came up to 14.00 hrs. I am always using unlimited plain. but I can’t used due to bad service of Sify broadband. Will you solve my problem My sify id is aakansha_niwas. If you are interested to solve my problem kindly contact me on my [protected] or [protected].
Thanking you.
I have never seen such a pathetic service from such a big company

1) it takes so much time to reach the concerned person. huh!! the music while these people keep the lines on hold suck big time.

2) Customer Care people knwo nothing but to give false committments

3) You will never get any concrete solutions

4) I bet the renewal system is the worst in the world. 90% of times the onlin erecharge doesnt work

5) Most disgusting fact is that you will never receive any call from their executives though the promise to do so. The follow up system doesnt exist at all.

6) only thing which keeps me holding is Internet Speed, moment I get any options I am out for sure

if anyone from Sify is reading this, please expedite asap or you gonna lose hundreds of your customers for sure

Jashan Joshi
i amit kumar garg apply for sify broadband connection on 18/12/2008 at hisar (haryana). i given the cheque of Rs. 3000/- to Mr. Sanjay Chopra who is installation of Sify Broadband Connection in this area. But he not taken my call 20 days after received the cheque. So i have installed bsnl broadband connection because poor service of sifybroadband. I call many times to Sanjay Chopra for refund of 3000/- rupees but he always said he did not received the refund from sifybroadband and refuse to given me refund. please take immediate action for this matter otherwise i have no option to take legal action. i regret to apply sifybroadband connection.
(Mobile No. of Sanjay Chopra [protected])

Thanks & Regards,

Amit Kumar Garg
Chartered Accountant

Mahipal Bahwan, Gali No.4,
Rampura Mohalla, Hisar (Haryana)-125001
Mobile No. +91-[protected]
I am using sify broadband for the last two years. But frankly speaking the services provided by this company is not at all satisfactory. I am just waiting for someother vendor to come to our locality so that I could change my connection. I am a working IT professional and lot of times have to work from home via VPN. Let me tell you that sify broadband just DOES NOT WORK WITH VPN. This is not my frustation but I've been facing this for almost an year. As soon as I connect to my office VPN to work, I have to reconnect many number of times to continue many work because it keeps getting disconnecting. I have called customer service many times but they dont have any answer to this. My office VPN work just perfect while I am connecting in office via wireless because there I get continues internet connection. I am really fed of this thing. I am using Sify connection for tha last couple of years so I have seen the kind of connection I have.

Sify Broadband — net not working for one month now

my net stopped working a month ago and hasn't been fixed till now. i complained many times but no action has been taken till now. they say the problem will be fixed but no one has come till now. this is a very poor response from their side.

My account id is sonal_18. I took Sify Broadband on 16th of June 2009 and had terrible problems thereafter.

My connection used to get disconnected every 2 days and the reason i got was connectivity error because the franchisee people didn't connect it properly.

Ultimately on 30th of June 2009 i got my connection disconnected for 4th time which never returned before 4th of July for which i was promised extra time on broadband (never ever given).

The most harrasing part is:
1. I never got any refunds or extra hours.
2. I had to call 1000 times to Sify and Franchisee and Sify people used to come during my office hours and say you are not in home how will we check?
3. When asked to come at 6, very adamant and used to say working hours till 5 pm only.
4. One day i had to stay at home for them the whole day waiting till 5 pm and then they arrived at 8 in the evening (after wasting my whole day) and restored my connection and even took a sign that it was my fault that i don't stay at home during afternoon so my connection is restored after 4 days. What the hell man!!!
5. The franchisee never picked up phone after 5 pm so no use of calling them after repeated disconnections.
6. Call sify and they say will be solved within 24 hours which never happens as i explained.

Atlast i asked for a refund and i was given the reply there is no refund of installation.

I lost Rs. 520 (fee monthly), Rs. 100 (line maintenance), Rs. 500 installation. All in all Rs. 1120 lost.

Ultimately i took Airtel Broadband and i am very happy with their service.

The Franschise of Sify i am talking is at Jwala heri, Lamba Complex. People involved from their side:
Sanjay:[protected], Kamal:[protected], Mr. Vijay from Sify:[protected], [protected] and Mr. Amit from Sify:[protected].

These people should be booked for Fraud before some other person is duped of his hard earned money.


Sonal Sinha
The Customer Care Officer,
Sify Broad Band Service.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I undersigned Mr. Vipul Agarwal, holding sify broadband connection at G-23/ 133, Sector 7, Rohini, New Delhi [unlimited package]

Every day I have to register the complai at local sify broad band office at D-6, Sector 6, Rohini. Very surprisingly when I visited above office today morning, they told me that they have not a single complain registered with them. Not even found my record in their computer!!!


Vipul Agarwal
I had subscribed to Sify for a broadband connection.
Its the worst ISP ever.

I had paid an intial installation charge of Rs.1500 and had been availing of the prepaid facility.
Every month after recharching, the connection would work for 4 to 5 days and then it would stop working completely.
Repeated calls to Sify CustomerCare proved futile.
They would promise to send a technician and resolve the issue within 12 hours, but eventually no-one would turn up to fix the problem.
I have wasted so much money on calling up Sify CustomerCare.
There have been instances when I had to call up Sify Customercare everyday continuously for 10 days but without any results.

Finally they accepted that they couldn't resolve the issue since they were having some problems with the franchisee in our locality.
I demamded a reimbursement of the initial installation charges of Rs.1500 and prepaid recharge amount of Rs.310.
They had assured me that the amount would be refunded, but haven't received any refund till date.
hello, i want to tell u just do one thing, first write about ur problems and send an email to the sify's appelite authority with all ur details(complaint number with date), and send another copy to sify's agency or office, if they didn't reply within 30 days, make a complaint to consumer court, u don't require any advocate to file a complaint, just go to district court and ask any advocate where is consumer court, and make ur complaint in writing with full details, and send a notice to the sify's office or to appelite authority, and ask for compensation, don't worry u will get justice...i[censored] still have problems u can mail me or call me on my cell [protected], santosh paniker, nagpur

Sify Broadband — it's not workin since 4 months

hi,this is ved,my user id is vpranjanobh,the net is not working,they say that some swith is not working,plz do something for this,i have complained erlier but it hasnt been shorted yet. thankyou

Sify Broadband — Service stopped, Renewal charges 3 months not refunded

SIFY broadband was stopped in our area becoz of TIFF between SIFY and SSV cables. I had renewed my connection online for 3 Months . Before I started using my renewal A/C , my Internet was disconnected. No refund. SIFY is keeping mum in spite of complaints. BIG Cheaters.


This is in reference to the broadband connection application (order reference number- 665741 ) at Hadapsar, Pune.
I have been a victim of conspiracy for a small product/service provided by Sify in Pune region. Just for a broadband connection I have suffered enough. I paid 3144Rs. advance for the broadband connection to local agent Mr. Dadasaheb on August 26, 2009.
Sify people installed the wireless router at the roof of my residence building/apartment on 28 august but they could not find the adequate signal strength hence they promised to try it again next day. When next day they arrived the router was found fallen from a hight of 5 foot because of loose/bad installation done by them. But no there was no harm to the device and this thing was mentioned on service call report No. 39582.
they took back the device and said that no signals so they will THINK about reinstallation. I made so many phone calls to sify customercare and finally they come again for SECOND time installation and again no signals.
Things not ended there only and again they pleade for one more try but never showed up again. I wasted so many phone calls and finally they showed up for the THIRD time but this time i myself, out of patience, refused the connection and asked my money back. after my refund request , the very next day i got call from sify office saying that i purposely made their device fell down and now its not working so no refund for me. It is pretty clear that this is all story of theirs to escape from money refund.
If it was not working then why service call report says that device is fine??
Am i a security guard for a device installed on the terrace of building? shouldn't sify themself have taken care of security issues?
And why they made up this story only when i asked my money back??
Their (mentioned officers+customercare) behavior has become most rude with me now and they disconnect my phone calls and don't reply to my emails.
i was a tata indicom wimex brodband user, ichange my service and take sify brodband, but i faced so many problums, after 1 hour or 30 minuts his conectivity lost autometecly and my all programes are hanged, i am stock trader but due to this brodband service i got loss, i want back my money 1000 instalection charge and 999 monthly plane charge help me how i will get my money back from this brodband survice provider, delhi dhakka village110009

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