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This is to complaint against the medical services offered at Sir Gangaram Hospital. My husband was admitted to the hospital on 23rd April, 2009 (Thursday) when he suffered from severe headache and fits. He had been undergoing the treatment with the Neuro Surgery Dept since Aug, 2004.

Despite of the long association with the doctor and the hospital, I was very dissappointed with the kind of medical services rendered by such a hospital of repute. The sequence of events is as follows:

1. Patient had gone with the symptoms of severe headache and repeated fits (GTCS as per medical terminology), to which no one was able to control the problem even though he was admitted to ICU.
2. Inspite of all reports availability viz. CT SCAN, MRI, EEG, the doctors were not able to diagnose the cause and kept saying that the patient was well while he was not. This was found to be completely untrue by me when I went inside the ICU in late evening during the visiting hours. He still had the headache and the fits continued.
3. During the visit of the senior doctor on 23rd evening, we were apprised that the patient is loaded with the new set of medicines and was under constant medical supervision. However, the reality was completely different.
4. On 23rd April (night), the resident doctor in the ICU informed that the patient may have to go for dialysis. Next day morning (24th April), we were informed that the patient is doing fine and dialysis was not performed.
5. Subsequently at 4:00 PM on 24th April, during the visit of senior doctor, we were informed that dialysis has already been performed which came as a complete shock to me. Since the decision was without my consent.
6. At 7:00 PM, the senior Nephrologist explained me that due to dialysis the patient is improving. However, the real fact was that NO DIALYSIS WAS DONE ALL THIS WHILE.
7. On the same day at 9:30 PM, however I was asked to sign the papers and give my consent for Haemodialysis by a technician. I kept wonderiung that this was the 2nd dialysis during the day when the doctors in morning had told me that there was no need. It was only at that time during my discussion, it was revealed that no dialysis had been done prior to this.
8. It would be not out of the place to mention that the patient was showing signs of recovery without dialysis.
9. However at 11:30 PM finally the dialysis was done for only 45 minutes and abruptly terminated for the best reason known to them. I would also highlight that the technician was ill-trained and highly rude. She shouted at the patient as well as the attendant, knowing very well about the condition of the patient (patient was classified as VULNERNABLE CATEGORY)
10. On Day 3 (25th April), the senior doctor from the NueroSurgery deptt was not clear as to the reason for the headache and fits. He also apologised that the dialysis was wrongly done and there was no need for the same. He said that there was a confusion and mis-communication between the staff and the doctors. IT IS VERY UNFORTUNATE THAT SUCH A BLUNDER IS HAPPENING IN SUCH A REPUTED HOSPITAL
11. I was charged Rs 19, 800 exclusively for Doctor's Visting Charges. Have I paid this only for confusion and experimentation on the patient???

I as a consumer feel very cheated at the end of all the turmoil and do not want to be at the receiving end in a situation like this. I raise this question to the consumer court and the management of the hospital to explain why the relatives iof patients have to undergo such mental agony and trauma. The role of the hospital is to provide high quality of customer service while the family is already undergoing suffering.


Seek your reply within 7 days, failing which I will be forced to take the matters at a suitable forum.

Complaint Status

[Apr 03, 2014] Sir Ganga Ram Hospital customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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this is very wrong attitude towards the patient .no one come for entertainment in the hospital, only their health problems brought them in the hospital.this is the duty of the staff and docters to take care of the patient and to tell the relative the truth about the treatment which they are going to give patient.relatives and patient spent huge amount of money on treatment, but all in vain, in returnthey get only mental hospital mment, must took care of these drawbacks.
dear sunanda khandelwal

i have passed through a similar ordeal at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. This hospital was intially started by son of late Shri Ganga Ram as a charitable trust but later on few business men and a cotrie of corrupt doctors have taken over the control of this hospital. They are insensitive and cruel people having no regard for the medical ethics. i wish all the people who have sufferred in their hands should join together to reclaim this hospital from this cotrie and give its control to the people who really want to serve the humanity and carry forward the ideals of Sir Ganga Ram. I am also planning to initiate legal proceedings against this hospital and shall be glad to have your guidance in the matter.

harish manchanda

we r trully agreed with this comments on sir ganga ram hospital.there is docters and staff playing with humanity.

poonam gaba
Have you ever tried calling Gangaram Hospitals number. Its an experience. I struggled for 3 days to speak t someone at the reception and wanted to take an appointment for my wife. Hundreds of call .. phone keeps on ringing . not a soul answering the calls. Imagine a patient in critical condition trying to call the hospital.

Either the phones are not working. the numbers given in the site is wrong or its just" I dont Care" attitude !
Date Admitted : 27th July, 2013

My grandfather (Age : 80 years) was admitted in the CCU section of Sri Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi.
The experience was terrible and extremely horrifying. The nurses in the CCU night shift (especially these 2 particular nurses from the state of Kerala - this is an hypothesis, as they were speaking to one another in Malayalam) have been responsible for my grand fathers condition to further deteriorate, and finally resulting in his passing away. I would like to ping down the following points that I noticed while visiting him :

1) Nurses are extremely rude and frustrated. They have no manners on how to speak to the patient or the patients family. This one particular night, when my grand father was asking for water, and I told the nurse he wanted some, she asked me to give it to him (without even asking me to sanitize my hands - note, he was not doing great and had these tubes all over him). When I asked her to help him with this, as I was afraid that I may disturb some tube, she literally manhandled him, and forced a cup of water into him and he began to choke breathlessly. I thought I may lose him that very moment - but luckily he revived - but this was the medical care and negligence that one can expect from this great hospital.

2) Every time I went to the CCU to meet him, I used to notice the glucose bottle was empty and only after I used to tell the nurse - she used to replace the bottle. This probably is the reason for his condition to deteriorate as well.

3) The experience as a whole was one extremely sick episode. The medical negligence, coldness, lack of care from the nurses, lack of communication from the duty doctors, lack of attention from the duty doctors have all resulted in us losing our dear family member.

I sincerely request all other families to never admit any of their dear ones in this sick, negligent, business organization called Sri GangaRam Hospital, New Delhi. In 9 out of 10 cases, lack of medical care, incorrect diagnosis and lack of communication about what is actually going on will result in a mishap.

I would be filing a case against the nurses in the CCU section of Sri Gangaram Hospital for ill-treatment, man handling patients, negligent medical care against patients admitted.

I also hold Dr. JPS Sawhney for being this ignorant about the team of nurses who take care of his patients in the CCU section - Doctor, I sincerely request you to take this matter up personally, and look into it. As a responsible doctor of your caliber, I expect immediate action so that other patients may not suffer the brunt of being taken care by a brunch of rude, frustrated nurses.

Thank You
Rajiv Tandon
Hi Everybody, Year 2013
We had a terrible experience with this hospital as well, I have total sympathy with those people who have no choice but to take their loved ones to this hospital hoping that these patients will get proper treatment.The doctors there treat patients as the guinea pigs, they perform surgeries and reperform and reperform till the patient gives up and dies.Unfortunately my mother was admitted in this hospital for 45 days, Our cost per day was Rs 50, 000 and what did we get, my mother's stomach was cut open, she went thru 2 surgeries, her stitches never healed, she went into septicemia, we had to take her back home and then she never recovered from it and finally passed away.I hold all the doctors resposible for it, particularly Dr Rakesh Koul, Dr Nimesh Mehta.May God seve everybody from these like doctors.
no response on call when we want to know that about report on online ...they r not responsed on the call so please kindly request to complaint officer for strick action
While underwent An geography, the treatment of helpers was very poor. They are shaving the thy portion very ruthlessly with a blade only. Even they not bothered to use razor. This treatment is just like shaving to a animal resulting I have so many cuts on my thy portion. Please note that such type of treatment is even not given in sarkari hospital. At least they are using good razor for this purpose.

JK Sharma/Underwent AG on 21.2.2015

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