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[Resolved]  SJR Builders — SJR Brooklyn ... Delayed Project

Dear readers I booked an appartment with SJR builders at Brookfield, Bangalore in the project SJR Brooklyn, during July 2005. They promised to hand over the flat by June 2007. I paid the entire amout of the cost of the appartment.
The state as on 27 March 2008 is very gloomy and shocking.
They have not completed the construction of the appartments but already completed the outter paintings. No water, electricity, and sewage disposal in the sight. Almost all the flats are without tiles and doors/windows. They are forcing the owners to take over the flats in incomplte stae and go for registration.
There are hardly any worker working in the site. The complete project was given to contractors and the work is substandard in qulity.
In the sale agreement they have included all the saftey clause to provide them immunity from law for any damage in construction, non availability of water, power and also non provision of sewage.
They quote very low price but collect exorbitant amounts subsequently.
Thier targets are all IT professional who are abroad and who has no time to see the progress on ground.
This is only to alert all prospective buyers to keep away from SJR Builders. I prefer to stay my entire life in a rented house than under go this agony with the SJR Builders.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Here is what customers are saying about SJR Group IN Bangalore
We have noticed that there are many posts on your websites that baseless and posted only in the intention of defaming our company name.

These comments have been posted by a person deliberately on many websites in order to defame the company. The person has used certain keywords in his posts and posted the same comment on many websites in order for the complaint to show up on various search engines. This person has also posted comments against SJR Group by using an id called SJR Group(this makes it very clear that the intention is not to complain but clearly to defame the company name.

We will be pressing charges against the person with the cyber crime cell shortly. We request you to co operate with us by removing such non-genuine/unverified complaints and also helping us to track this person spreading false rumours about our company on the internet.

SJR Group
We would like to refute and clarify on all the comments posted by you. The delay in handing over your apartment has not been deliberate or intentional but due to a number of reasons, which we know for one that you are well aware, because during your frequent visits to the site they were all clearly explained to you. The very fact that delays were indicated to you and posted in mails shows our total commitment to transparency and nothing has ever been hidden from you. Delays happen in every project not only with us, but with all other major and minor developers.
Regarding facilities promised on paper they all have been provided and in fact we have upgraded some of the specifications that we would like to bring to your notice.
The main door was upgraded from teak veneer to solid teak internal doors –hardwood was promised but you were provided with a better quality skin doors. Windows including French windows were upgraded to (UPVC) FENESTA. Driveways were upgraded to concrete.
We would also like to inform you that your concern regarding landscaping is totally baseless. The landscaping can only be done once all the infrastructure is in place and will be taken up shortly. Your frustration is understandable but rest assured, you can safely put all your worries to rest as the handing over of apartments has already begun.

SJR Group
am Dr.Jayanthi Madhukar and I stumbled upon this link few days back. Presently, I am in Utah and I booked my home at SJR Equinox.The last few days I have just been reading through the posts and was getting nervous regretting whether i made the right decision or not. I have been getting lots o[censored]pdates from SJR whenever there was delay (which obviously we all know has been a long one) but your views made me more alert. I called up SJR head office this Monday to give them a piece of my mind. To give fair credit they listened to everything that i had to say (i was a bit rude) and my call was transfered to another person(don’t remember his name) who was very forthcoming and explained all my doubts in detail. Maybe i just got lucky that day but i was relieved that they at least gave me a clear explanation. And the next day as they promised….they sent me a detailed email in
which they not only described their side of this story…but also gave me a personal apology. We all have seen that SJR people have been very disorganised towards us but i guess they are working hard at improving it.
And here’s another thing that made me happy… my father-in-law in Banglore has been enquiring about the price of SJR Equinox now, and the value of my apartment has appreciated a lot which is much higher than what i was expecting. Please keep me posted on any new things or discussions.
I have got a property with SJR. Which i had purchased long back, i have got a very good value for my property. Now even they are coming up with some townships also…. They quote lower prices & they are very transprent in the payment schedule, where they show all the charges including the taxes & registration also………check out with Puravankara Group even there projects are getting delayed and the quality of construction is not up to the extant.
Hi all, even i am facing thw same problem with many builders, basically i am an investor and have invested in projects of Mantri, Purva, Rohan and others. Luckily i have not invested in SJR, all have the same problems of delay...
Reasons are hundreds like cost of construction gone up, Economy has changed drastically etc etc... I am really fed up with these builders...
I dont know when these guys will learn from repeating the same mistakes...
Delay in delivery of apartments seems to a problem across the board. I feel all major developers are having to deal with the same problem. But there's a great relief for us customers in the price appreciation. I got my Brooklyn apt from SJR at the time of prelaunch for 24 lacs inclusive of all. It's obvious that getting a deal like this in today's market (for a good apartment) is highly impossible. I feel it is the builders who have lost out in the bargain with escalating construction costs, as my flat is valued at around 40-42 lacs now.
Hi All,
I am a resident of SJR Park Vista and tend to agree with the contents of the complaint. This is my personal experience. The Group promises the moon on your platter and delivers sub-standard apartments and poor quality workmanship. You are welcome to visit my apartment to see for your self what has been delivered. The so called General Managers of the group desire a lot in terms of their behaviour with the customers. They have ready made answers for all your problems. The quality of tile work, plumbing, electrical and general masonary is below acceptable levels for the price they are charging. In terms of transparency, it is greek and latin to them. One has to see to believe what the reputation of the group is in terms of commitment and quality.
I do not agree with the comment made by Mr. Raj KUmar. Initially after booking a flat in Brooklyn i was very nervous seeing all the comments, but when i met the sales manager at the head office all my doubts were cleared & I am very happy with the service provided by them.. I am taking over my apartment by end of this month.
These people are mad and psychos. They are not fit to do any business. Instead of accepting the customer criticism and working to improve them, they put all possible effort to justify their mistake.
Pray they run out of business and save people from burning their fingers by interacting with them.
Egoisitic Cheats!!
They have dedicated people who do searches on net and reply to these posts. They could employ these extra people in their customer care :)
What ?? they dictators in democracy?? Consumers cant file their issues...checkout consumers complaints are posted against all big builders...but no one stoops as low as these ppl and try to stop people from talking. If they are so gr8 and have happy customers...those will come out and speak for them..their quality will speak for them..checkout rosewood, spencer, brooklyn..I dont think there are any takers...
After a long time, justice is served. The Hon. Second Additional District Consumer Forum has ruled that SJR Group should refund my money with interest. This goes to prove that justice will prevail

Finally justice is served. To see the details of order passed by the Hon. 2nd
Additional Consumer Disputes Redressal forum in regards to case 1582 of 2008
please look into the following link
Congratulations!!! Good to see that justice prevailed. I'm sure it was a lot of stress. Have you received the full refund? Lot of people who may be suffering in a similar situation, can take heart from your case and look forward to something positive. Looks like SJR dont care about their reputation, if they can do this to one person, they sure can do it to others.

I am happy to report some positive feedback on my personal interaction with SJR. My case in consumer court was settled out of court by the grace of the good offices of Mr. Bhoopesh Reddy. All interactions were very professional, and all remaining works in my apartment were completed to my satisfaction. A couple of finishing issues which i had forgotten to point out were also completed. Very professional and custimer friendly behaviour was demonstrated by all SJR personnel, with a special mention of Ms Sukhi who came personally to my home to deliver the keys.

Eveything that I had agreed uopn with SJR was meticulously followed, and SJR gratiously agreed to most of my requests around finishing works pending in my flat, assiatance for registration etc. The whole process was very smooth, and everyone i interacted with was courteuous.

Albeit a bit delayed, my issues with SJR and my case in consumer court stands resolved. Every assistance was given to me in the completion and registration of my apartment, and i have come out plesantly surprised, and very satisfied.

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