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[Resolved]  SJR Builders — Cheating people and delaying projects

SJR Group is the #1 fraudulent builder / developer in Bangalore. They lure customers with the promise of below market rates. All of their current projects are delayed by at least a year. They have refused to pay delay charges. Some of their projects are yet to START even after 1.5 years of launch, and taking customer's money.
Flats / Apartments by SJR have only 50% carpet area, i.e. a 2000 sqft 3BHK flat / apartment (SBUA) will have only 1000 sqft of carpet area.
They are known to go to the customer just before the project competion and claim that the area of the flat / apartment has increased, and demand payment for the same.
Since most projects are delayed by 1-2 years, customers pay up fearing even more delay if they go to court.
They promise a lot of amenities, but fail to deliver on most of their promises. The specification of the flat / apartment shown at the time of purchase varies wildly from the actual result. (Smaller area, less amenities, low quality work)
Stay away from these builders - they are out to fleece the unsuspecting public. Some of their current projects - SJR Equinox, SJR Fortius, SJR Verity, SJR Brooklyn, SJR Park Vista, SJR Spencer, SJR Redwoods, SJR Eastwood, SJR Eternity
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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SJR group / SJR builders have a history of cheating people in Bangalore. They have been blacklisted by several customer rights groups. A lot of their projects which they have sold to unsuspecting customers have not even recieved basic clearences from the govt, even after 1.5 years of project launch.
I am also a victim of SJR builders. They are well organised crooks. I am suffering after booking an appartment in SJR Brroklyn Bangalore. The projcet is delayed over a year and the qulity of construction is very poor.
They aim at collecting the money and they have no responsibilty towards the customer.
No one should go to them. They will take away your hard earned life time saving and leave you a mental wreck. We are all middle class people who have no strenghth nor money to fight them in the couts. It is advisable to buy an appartment from a builder with known reputation.
Here is what customers are saying about SJR Group IN Bangalore
SJR is one of the worst builders in Bangalore. If you have money, better throw in the drain, but don't buy an apartment in SJR properties, believe's much less painful. All their projects are delayed by more than a year, quality...don ask, sometimes tiles not available, sometime sand, then labor, wondow...list is endless...if you don keep a watch they will fit broken doors and won't replace. Their employee keep changing, so todya somebody will promise you something, tomorrow he is not nobody is accountable. In my 3 yrs assosiation, 4 project managers already...and each one is bigger than the previous one.

delay charges...forget it...if you have made upfront payment, initially they will promise you to pay interest, then after sometime they will stop paying, saying "we din't ask for it, you paid and we can't pay after *** date". why?? that doesn make any sense. then return the money..."no we can't return. it will be with us and final account settlement will be done at the time of possession". So you guys only can judge...

in one of the projects, after completion they told the owners, that they have built more Super Builtup area than planned, so owner;s should pay the difference, which was 1-3 laks per appt depending on their ratio.

They claim that their architect is some bigshot, i say, their design and enginerring suck...
they denied fitting bathtub in bathrooms saying, it might cause leakage.

and thats not all...the list is endless...My suggesstion to all my friends who want to buy their dream house is, please speak to people who have already made this mistake, visit the properties, each project's occupant have yahoo groups, browse and read the messages and then take a decision.

one can actually write a book on "why not to invest in SJR properties". And even after all this you want to invest in SJR properties, then i would say, "you are responsible for your pain and loss !!" :-)
Dear Administrator,

We have noticed that there are many posts on your websites that baseless and posted only in the intention of defaming our company name.

These comments have been posted by a person deliberately on many websites in order to defame the company. The person has used certain keywords in his posts and posted the same comment on many websites in order for the complaint to show up on various search engines. This person has also posted comments against SJR Group by using an id called SJR Group(this makes it very clear that the intention is not to complain but clearly to defame the company name.

We will be pressing charges against the person with the cyber crime cell shortly. We request you to co operate with us by removing such non-genuine/unverified complaints and also helping us to track this person spreading false rumours about our company on the internet.

For your convenience the link is available.
We would like to refute and clarify on all the comments posted by you. The delay in handing over your apartment has not been deliberate or intentional but due to a number of reasons, which we know for one that you are well aware, because during your frequent visits to the site they were all clearly explained to you. The very fact that delays were indicated to you and posted in mails shows our total commitment to transparency and nothing has ever been hidden from you. Delays happen in every project not only with us, but with all other major and minor developers.
Regarding facilities promised on paper they all have been provided and in fact we have upgraded some of the specifications that we would like to bring to your notice.
The main door was upgraded from teak veneer to solid teak internal doors –hardwood was promised but you were provided with a better quality skin doors. Windows including French windows were upgraded to (UPVC) FENESTA. Driveways were upgraded to concrete.
We would also like to inform you that your concern regarding landscaping is totally baseless. The landscaping can only be done once all the infrastructure is in place and will be taken up shortly. Your frustration is understandable but rest assured, you can safely put all your worries to rest as the handing over of apartments has already begun.

SJR Group
I am Dr.Jayanthi Madhukar and I stumbled upon this link few days back. Presently, I am in Utah and I booked my home at SJR Equinox.The last few days I have just been reading through the posts and was getting nervous regretting whether i made the right decision or not. I have been getting lots o[censored]pdates from SJR whenever there was delay (which obviously we all know has been a long one) but your views made me more alert. I called up SJR head office this Monday to give them a piece of my mind. To give fair credit they listened to everything that i had to say (i was a bit rude) and my call was transfered to another person(don’t remember his name) who was very forthcoming and explained all my doubts in detail. Maybe i just got lucky that day but i was relieved that they at least gave me a clear explanation. And the next day as they promised….they sent me a detailed email in
which they not only described their side of this story…but also gave me a personal apology. We all have seen that SJR people have been very disorganised towards us but i guess they are working hard at improving it.
And here’s another thing that made me happy… my father-in-law in Banglore has been enquiring about the price of SJR Equinox now, and the value of my apartment has appreciated a lot which is much higher than what i was expecting. Please keep me posted on any new things or discussions.
Hi all, even i am facing thw same problem with many builders, basically i am an investor and have invested in projects of Mantri, Purva, Rohan and others. Luckily i have not invested in SJR, all have the same problems of delay...
Reasons are hundreds like cost of construction gone up, Economy has changed drastically etc etc... I am really fed up with these builders...
I dont know when these guys will learn from repeating the same mistakes...
Delay in delivery of apartments seems to a problem across the board. I feel all major developers are having to deal with the same problem. But there's a great relief for us customers in the price appreciation. I got my Brooklyn apt from SJR at the time of prelaunch for 24 lacs inclusive of all. It's obvious that getting a deal like this in today's market (for a good apartment) is highly impossible. I feel it is the builders who have lost out in the bargain with escalating construction costs, as my flat is valued at around 40-42 lacs now.
I have also booked a flat at their Bannergatta project for which i have paid the booking amount. Now they are asking for the 1st payment since the construction activity has already started.

The reaction of the buyers at the other project has made me nervous. However my experience in dealing with them till date is extremely good. They have been quite transperent and take time to answer to my querries and looks like they are trying to clean up thier image which would go a long way in making them one of the reputed builders. Hopefully they would work towards that and ensure that promises made are kept and the projects are completed on time. If they are serious about their business and would like to be considered as a top class builder then they should remove such misconception of the buyers.
Even i agree with the comment made by Radhika. Initially after booking a flat in Brooklyn i was very nervous seeing all the comments, but when i met the sales manager at the head office all my doubts were cleared & I am very happy with the service provided by them.. I am taking over my apartment by end of this month.
I have invested in SJR Brooklyn and the project is delayed by 1.5yrs. They have currently denied to pay the delay charges with no valid reason. Each time you visit their office and request for meeting with their MD, the only answer yoiu can expect is "He is not in office". You can afford to meet the president of this country but not Mr. Reddy. We are going thru hell and request everyone who is planning to invest here not to get into this trap. Construction quality is extremely poor.

SJR Builders — request to remove the page


I have seen some pages of your website is having some false news of sjr which we would request you to remove the pages ASAP, our client has faced a problem and the problem as been solved but still this page is existing do let me know the next procedure


I agree with most of the complaints here. nothing has changed with SJR builders - they are the group of same old people with same old cheating mentality. Things will be rosy with them till thay have to yet get the money from you - once the project starts getting underway is when the fun starts for the customer - you will never get your hard earned money's worth with this builder.Speak to any of the existing customers from any of their existing projects - simply by knocking on anybody's door - and you will get the full story
u people are cheating the people like any thing. the people who have purchased the flats in brooklyn are really the fools. the construction is very poor that there is the dampness in the flat. the engineers who are working in brooklyn are really waste. when we go give a compliantthey say that they come and they wont come . then whats this we should wait until they come. we should be like a begger until they come. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont
why are you requesting for removal? these are facts that people faced. you are free to put your version and let readers decide. you are good builder so why worry about the a good job in delivering quality apartments...people will like you irrespective of the worry about about work not the blogs!!!
After a long time, justice is served. The Hon. Second Additional District Consumer Forum has ruled that SJR Group should refund my money with interest. This goes to prove that justice will prevail

Finally justice is served. To see the details of order passed by the Hon. 2nd
Additional Consumer Disputes Redressal forum in regards to case 1582 of 2008
please look into the following link

Finally justice is served. To see the details of order passed by the Hon. 2nd
Additional Consumer Disputes Redressal forum in regards to case 1582 of 2008
please look into the following link
I wanted to book a flat with SJR but after reading so many complaints about the builder, I am deferring my decision. Thanks to all you guys for sharing your experience with SJR.

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