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Uttar Pradesh, India
 Rohit maheshwari
The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer

Subject - Sony LCD TV with Inbuilt Manufacturing Fault in TV Panel

Dear Sir/Madam,

I,Rohit Maheshwari, am working with University of Oxford in UK, bought Sony Bravia LCD TV less than 3 years ago while visiting India for our new home in NOIDA from a Sony Dealer in Delhi. In the last 3 years the LCD has not been used for more than 4 months as we are NRIs and visit india only 1-2 times a year. Recently we started having trouble with SONY LCD as it's screen started showing 4-5 lines on the left hand side and became unwatchable. When we called up customer service 3 times explaining our ordeal everytime - finally a guy visited us and after the inspection told us - it's a TV panel problem and you have to replace it only (as sony doesn't have repair policy) and the so called "discounted" cost is approx 11,000 INR and they will keep the defective part. On being asked why this has happened/what is the problem with the Panel - we didn't get any answer or explanation, all he said that he cannot answer that but replacement is the only solution.

Then I wrote an email to Sony Customer Service and got a reply from Vineeta Tyagi and she assured me best services. After a day Some guy "Aashirwaad" from sony (supposed to be a senior engineer) called up and gave us a time twice but never showed up ( what a Wastage of hard earned Holidays in India) and when i wrote to Vineeta again - he showed up next morning without even informing us. He came, saw the Tv for 5 minutes and told us the same thing - faulty TV panel. Then some guy "Kuldeep" calls up and says that he will find the solution and call me the same afternoon but he didn't. Two days later Vineeta sends me an email saying I have to pay 11,000 INR to get the LCD fixed. i fail to understand what is the purpose of writing to her when i have to pay so much money to get it fixed....what solution has she provided ?

I am gutted as Sony is supposedly the best and most expensive brand in the consumer durables market and this is SONY's latest technology, hardly used for few months and gives such a big problem where it's neither watchable nor repairable. I did not even pay 50,000 INR when i was buying it and now the replacement cost is so high that i can add more money and buy a new TV. Is this a Joke or what ? How on earth a product from such a reputed company goes off in no time ? i have completely lost my trust in SONY. This is just unacceptable and frustrating.

I am sure this kind of email must be very familiar to you as i have found so many stories on the net where loads of customers are facing the same TV panel problem. If you want i can forward you the links which i am sure will be a joy to read for the management team. Lastly - What a pain and distress Sony India is giving me n my family on our Annual Holidays in India.....Bravo (If not Bravia).

If it doesn't get sorted soon then I will be compelled to take the action as deemed fit.

One Disgusted Customer
Rohit Maheshwari
University of Oxford
email - [protected]
PH: [protected] (India)
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Dear Sony - If you are interested in customer feedback.

I had purchased Sony Bravia 46" LED TV Model KDL-46EX520 IN5, Serial No : 2423978 from Croma Showroom in Mumbai on 7th May 2011.

It's been 2 years and 4 months since I purchased this television for Rs. 89, 900. The display screen has a horizontal line now and the upper screen appears blurred. I had put a service request ID 15369754 last month. The technician visited and said that the LED display screen is defective and needs to be changed. The cost estimate verbally communicated was Rs.35, 000 and now reduced to Rs.28, 000 which works out to approximately 31% of the orginal TV cost.

This cost estimate is shocking especially when we expected a Sony product to last atleast for years without much issues. Please understand that I had invested Rs.90, 000 for your product and that too on easy EMI's.

We invest in your products as Sony has been known for its quality products; however I strongly belive that I was sold a substandard product by your company. The main critical component cannot go bad in 2 years time.

I sincerely request you to look into my complaint and replace the defective screen free of cost. Please do not expect your customers to pay for deficieny in your product quality.

Avil Menezes

next 14'' color t.v. — no repair has been done 4m past 1 month

i had bought a 14'' color t.v. next labeled as on 16th august 2008. a month ago it stopped working due sum IC problem. i had send my t.v 2 ur repair centre n even after 1 month i havnt got my t.v back.

SAMSUNG LCD TV — Faulty TV and Poor Service

I had purchased a 40inches LCD TV end February 2010 within couple of days it developed some technical problem as the channels / mode would change automatically every now and then.

A complaint was registered vide complaint # [protected] almost 10 days back and subsequently an engineer had visited to look at the problem. He tried to repair the new TV however just after he left the problem was back now with additional sound issues aswell.

I again complained to Samsung and requested for refund or replacement. I was assured replacement would happen withing 1 week but till date I have not heard from them. All my attempts to reach their Manager Mr. Rizvi have gone waste as he does not deliberately take the calls or calls back. The service is very poor and also the supervisor Mr Vijay was very rude.

I would never buy a Samsung product again.
Dear Mr Maheshwari,

Greetings from Sony India Team,

We have noted your concern, someone in get touch with you for assistance. Also would request you to write to us on [protected] or call us on[protected]toll free) for immediate assistance.

Warm regards
Sony India Team
Sony India - You guys just write for the sake of writing or do anything about it ? It's been more than 2 weeks and i have yet to receive any phone call / solution from sony india .

What a pathetic company - I have sent email even to the MD of the company and still no response.

PS - I have got no response from Sony but have received 3 phone calls from people who are facing the similar issue...wooo

One disgusted Sony India Customer.

Rohit Maheshwari

Haier LCD television — fault neither replacing or repairing

i m surender partap singh s/o dal singh VPO Kirmara Hisar
i had purchased a LCD last october from vishal mega mart hisar Of Haier there ia a fault in it they are not replacing neither repairing it is in their service center from last 2 months. plz take action against them.

Surender Panwar
I agree with all the above complaints. SONY India is absolutely horrible as long as giving service is concerned. They have the most incompetent employees who just try to make fool of customers. I too am not getting service for my Bravia LCD TV which was a defective TV and was reported by their service mechanic who came for installation. They dont even reply my e mails. Their ref no. to my complain is 5451204
Biplab Sen,
e mail ; [protected]
Dear Rohit,
I am facing exactly same situation as yours. I never used my Sony LCD TV until now and got to know that there is problem with LCD panel for which I will have to pay Rs.12, 000 (app) for refitting. And when I contacted their customer desk, NO prize for guessing ! They did not respond at all. This is the last time I bought any Sony product. Surely SONY has lost its reputation at least for me.

Model No. KLV 26T 400G
Serial No. 1203820
CCC ID: 5714885

Samsung Electronics LCD TV — Faulty product and no response on service expectation

I had purchased an LCD TV, which is 2 years old now. Around 2 months back, the screen got conked off and i had requested for a screening of the problem. The technician was sent after 14 days and without even touching it, he said they would charge 2000 Rs. He wasnt even aware of the problem. They took the after repeated request's and it was still working when they took it. I got a call that they would charge 22,000 Rs for the new screen and i denied paying it. Its been around 2 months the tv is with them neither they are calling nor they are responding proactively and negotiation over the screen charges. I am really pissed of as a new TV now cost close to 30-35K and I had purchased this around 42K.

Vikram R Iyer.
Dear All,
I agree with your comments. Its the most pathetic company I have ever come across.
I have bought Sony Bravia LCD 1.5 yrs back and suddenly some 20 days back there was no dispaly or sound.

Since then (last 20 days) I am just following up Sony, Complainy, shouting, begging, I mean whatever I can do ...I first Started with there Blunder Customer care which at[protected] exist. I made 100 of calls, Pleaded them, request them. No body in Sony in servce dept, Status deptt is a person who is at all responsible, All . In case they are not able to understand they just disconeect the phone.I have also taken few names like Prakash Chauhan, Priyanka, etc who just took the call but never...means never at all bothered to call back the customer...My Complaint no. is 5997839 raised on 22nd Sept' 10.

I searched around 26th Sept the Service provider in Ghaziabad: Digital Rainbow, from which I am facing the worst disastrous experience in my entire Life!!

I ahev got track of the 100's of call Made to Manager 'Pushpak' there but he is not at all bothered to even Pick up the phone, calling me back or allowing me know the status is a distant thought .

Horrible, Absolutely Horrible...current situation is at last "Pushpak' agreed to get the fault corrected in 1 day... since last 4 days my LCD is with Digital one is picking up the cell is being picked up...don't know my TV is there or stolen

Raising the issue in Consumer Forum against Sony...

Model No : KLV 26T400A, Sony Bravia LCD
Complaint No: 5997839
Totally agree. I am also a victim of the same problem. All though nothing much i can do at this stage, all i can do is to make the people aware about this problem so that they dont buy this product and become victim of this issue. I would assume that my Rs 40, 000 are stolen.

Kanwaljeet Singh.
I am having similar problems. They told me that it would cost approx $2000 for the part and that might not be the only part that would need to be replaced!!! That is about what I paid for the television to begin with. I purchased it 2-1/2 years ago. Sony said they would sell me a new television for the discounted price of $1000. Now why would I want to spend another $1000 on something that will probably break down as soon if not before the warranty runs out!!! SONY FIX THE PROBLEM!!! I "used" to be a loyal Sony customer.
At present I am also facing similar problem. I had purchased 37" 'S' series Bravia model before eighteen months. Initially objects were showing different colours- Red colour hair, Green colour on face etc. after two weeks Picture fainted and now only blank screen. After repeated phone calls a engineer from nearby service station visited. No part is repairable. Panel need to be replaced. It will cost Rs 20000/- It is not a justifiable amount. If repairing is not possible Sony need to extend warranty period of its product or should made spares at lower rates.
Kiran Chavan, Vapi
Phone – [protected]
i am planning to buy LCD TV and Sony 22 inch. will it be good choice for 17K or going for same thing in samsung for 14K?
Pls help
Dear All,

Everyone seems to be facing an issue with Sony products, i bought a walkman and apparently used it just for a day beyond which it was never used as i was not in station. On my returning i have found that the walkman is not charging and on calling the customer care they say it cannot be repaired as it was a FAILURE MODEL post its launch in the market!! can u believe that.. i am going to pursue legal repercussions against them if i do not get a replacement and i urge you all to do the same
Mangavu, Pokunnu P.O

I completely agree. I am facing a similar problem. The SONY technician informed that the main panel board is faulty and says that the cost will be Rs. 10, 700/- We logged a complaint on SONY website. Details of the communication are as below
Auto reply from SONY

Dear Srinivasan,

Thank you for your interest in Sony India.

We have received your Email and your request has been logged as : 7023836.

Please use this Number for any future reference to your request.
Our response time will vary based on the nature of query.
We will make every attempt to respond to you expeditiously.

We solicit your co-operation and understanding.

We look forward to developing a mutually beneficial long term association.

Customer Care Center
Sony India.
PS :- This is an Auto Acknowledgement, Please do not reply to this email
EMail response from SONY to me

Dear Mr. Srinivasan,

Greetings from Sony India Customer Care !

In response to your query, may we request you to provide the below details for further assistance
Service Centre Contacted
Log / Job no
We assure you of our continuous support at all times.

With Warm Regards,
For Sony India P. Ltd.

Regional Customer Care Incharge
South 1
Reply from me to Sushmita, Regional Customer care Incharge, South 1

Dear Sushmitha,

Firstly, a lot of thanks for replying to my email. As required by you,
please find the details below

Service Center name -- Madona
Complaint No: 5930
Fault : Main panel board
Cost informed : Rs, 10, 700 ( Including service charge)
Tech name : Mr. Rajesh: Ph:[protected]

Thanks and regards,
Reply from SONY

Dear Mr. Srinivasan,

Greetings to you !

This is in response to your mail, regarding the repairs for your television.

As per the normal process, for newly purchased Sony products, the Company provides a 12 months warranty cover to support customers for any chance failures during the warranty period. Thereafter, any repair outside the warranty period the repair is done on a chargeable basis to customer.
It is difficult to ascertain the performance of the LCD television, as it is totally related to the usage and maintenance of the product such as the external adaptations of the A/c power / cable power fluctuations etc. which is beyond the control of any manufacturer.

Hope the above clarifies the matter and meets with your understanding

We request you to contact the service center for further service support on a chargeable basis.

We assure you of our continuous support at all times

Just can't believe the attitude of SONY India. They sell a product costing around Rs. 40, 000/- and it breaks down in 2 years time. Replacement cost is Rs 10, 700/- and they dont provide warranty on the replaced product as well. SONY is actually looting customers like us. NEVER BUY SONY products as they are sick
Quality of sony lcd products is horrible, bought sony kvl 32s400a 2yrs ago and now suddenly the picture appears as a photo negative.The service engineer comes over and reports the problem as a lcd panel failure.Exchanging mails with sony is just a waste of time and horrible, they just type the same standard lines they memorised over the years.Brand image WONT last for long if these failures are reported again and again.
Vishnu M
One of the most worst LCD iS Sony Bravia.Its life only maximum 3 years.I have an advise is that dont spent mony on LCD Bravia
One member increase, I am also a Facing of the same problem written above ( LDC Panel defect in only 16 month) its like
HHaaahAAAhaaahaaa SONY ka TV suna tha AACHA Hota hai...mera local TV 23yrs se chal raha hai...
Rs-32000/- ka tv sorry SONY ka TV...ab Rs-15000 or do 16 month main kya majak hai...

All though nothing much i can do at this stage, all i can do is to make the people aware about this problem so that they dont buy this product and become victim of this issue.
I also would assume that my Rs 32, 000 are stolen.

Abhishek Kumar
I have purchase sony Xperia U in May 2012 at kalyan, no sooner it was launched. The nature of my job is such that I have to be intouch pan India for contacting and extending support. But to my dismay the product started giving trouble, such as slowing down, hanging and to conclude the most important system the "keypad" became non functional and erratic.The complaint was lodged and to my dismay I had to surrender the instrument at the service centre at Kalyan on 9th October under Job No W[protected] and the product is yet to be delivered. I was told that the replacement of the product can be made only if there is a defect within 7 days of Purchase. At present all my contacts are locked in the Instrument and I have become totally helpless. I am apprehensive of the durability of the instrument after it is repaired and delivered. I was expecting that considering that the product became defective within 3 months thesame would have been replaced to build my confidence. But till date I am helplessly waiting for the positive response from the company, neighter theinstrument is repaired nor the replacement has been given to me.

I am just waiting
I have bought Sony BRAVIA television KDL-40NX720 in Singapore SD1699 on April 15th 2012 and I was told that it had international warranty for one year. The screen started showing lines and now half the screen is blurred. A Sony authorized service center person visited and said the panel has to be replaced and would cost Rs 30000. I didn't have a warranty card and I showed the receipt of purchase which he had forwarded to Sony. Meanwhile I contacted the Sony Customer care also (Reference#[protected] and they had replied back saying the product does not have warranty and have to pay Rs 27762. If a product can fail in 6 months that too an high end TV, I don't know what to say. I had purchased Sony for its quality and I'm totally disappointed that they wont even offer help during the warranty period.

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