Sooriya Hospital, Vadapalani — Worst and Useless Sooriya hospital, Vadapalani - Killed a newborn baby like a mosquito only for money

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 K.S.Nandini on Sep 5, 2011
Sooriya Hospital, Vadapalani is one of the worst service i have ever seen before. Dr.Deepa Hariharan(from Child Trust Hospital) is now coming to Sooriya hospital in shifting basis. She doesn't know anything about the child just now she is studying with new born babies. That hospital kept a new born child for 2 months without knowing that baby's condition . For getting money from the Baby's parents they kept the baby without informing the actual condition of that baby. Now our child is no more in this world because of Sooriya hospital and Dr.Deepa Hariharan.

Dear All,

Please dont prefer that useless hospital for your new born baby all the doctors in that hospital is just studying they are not trained at all they are working for money only not to serve the patients.If you choose that hospital or that doctor you may lost your child also. Hereafter i wont suggest anyone for sooriya hospital as weel that doctor

One of the victim
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my kid was admitted in that NICU from august to oct for 24 weeks gestation birth, perfectly fine now. The baby was given up as abortion in Nellore. Costwise also the hospital was very cheap. as we are middle class, partly they arranged funds through a trust. For ventilation, when we phoned other hospitals, they said totally 10000rs / day, here all-inclusive rs 5000 - 6000 per day.because of their help, i volunteer to do some help now and then for preterm babies there and in other places.

Also, patients came from many cities, all very satisfied, some given up in other hospitals, some misdiagnosed in other big hospitals, came for dr deepa hariharan's excellent care. The hospital is very popular not only in chennai but i saw patieets from many cities. The hospital though old, has best newborn facility.

I don't recall anybody by the name baby of nandini being admitted then. I think these are comments from jealous rivals, not from patients. If so, date of admission, IP no, phone no etc must be stated for valid comments.
My baby was misdiagnosed as brainfever and given unnecessary combination of heavy antibiotics at a children's hospital, and they told us that 3 weeks IV medicines are needed/. when we went to sooriya hospital, as recommended by our family doctor, we were initially surprised why we were sent so far. Then we found that NICU services were superb there.
1. Dr Deepa Hariharan made rounds even at 2 am, 9pm. etc when a baby was very sick. She was always on the phone! Her energy and dedication were amazing to me.
2, They explained very honestly about future outlook etc with many patients
3. Dr Deepa Hariharan discussed treatment with us at every stage, and we were involved very much, and impressed also by the patience, skills of the NICU duty doctors - all very intelligent, dedicated.
4. Best NICU for latest equipment
5. Dr Deepa diagnosed the condition as DPTvaccine reaction, and discharged us in 2 days. Baby is perfect now.

Dr Thayumanavan and other doctors told us it is one of best equipped, we too found it to be so, also cheap. Aslo, doctors and nurses hepled many middle class patients by getting free samples etc. One nurse gave her expressed breastmilk to a baby whose mother was sick.

I too think Nandini is a liar or a fictitious character (rcompetitor) as the hospital was doing great service for newborns. I have not seen anybody go dissatisfied from there. Though I was initially shocked at being referred to some hospital I have not heard of in Vadapalni, remote from where I live in Alwarpet, the services were modern, professional.

I also heard from other doctors that the hospital and doctor has jealous rivals as they grew fast, Our baby which was told as needing 3 weeks treatment elsewhere was discharged in 2 days. Hence we are grateful.

Suma. Ph: 9444023668

I too feel Nandini is either mentally emotionally disturbed while writing this or an extremely jealous and incompetent rival of Soorya Hospital or Dr Deepa . More likely, , the latter as everyone knows Dr deepa is no longer at Child Trust and is running an equally big newborn unit at Soorya, fulltime. This was one of the things that was first told to me when our baby was shifted to Soorya.

Dr Deepa Hariharan treated our baby with a condition called PPHN. Before shifting from Mayiladudurai, as referred by dr thiayagarajan, the oxygen level was only 45%. The ambulance of Soorya did an extremely good job of picking up half-way baby at Pondy, almost dead, reviving it, starting life support in their ambulance.

Then the baby was treated in the NICU. A book written by Dr Deepa on sick newborns was given to us. The publisher and foreward states how many medals, awards she got, how respected she is in medical field throughout India, and her extreme knowledge praised by all.

The baby was given very poor outlook by Dr Ranjith, their cardiologist initially, but he said Dr Deepa was the best person to treat it. We heard similar feedback from many paediatricians and obstetricians in the city. We took the ECHO CD to several big childrens hospitals, as we initially felt Soorya is a relatively new NICU. Everywhere they give us very poor hope, as they said pressure in lungs was 95 and quoted costs Rs 20000 per day. When we spoke to parents there waiting outside, we heard quite a few sick babies died in these frequently. We also heard trainees treat more in other places. We hardly heard such comments about Soorya and continued there.

The baby improved at a cost of Rs 6000 per day only and cost was very less after ventilator stopped. Dr Deepa visited several times a day, and we heard duty drs and nurses frequently call her on phone too. The baby is alive and well now. Thanks to Dr Deepa Hariharan. Thanks to Soorya Hospital.
excellent NICU

even corporate hospitals do not have the most modern equipment; only Sooriya NICU has blenders, modern oxygen therapy, best ventilators, accurate nitric oxide delivery etc which reduce complications in sick babies; i know this as i dealt with companies dealing newborn products as biomedical engineer; Sooriya Hospital invest more in NICU compared to bigger hospitals due to dr deepa hariharan

this means dr deepa hariharan keeps updating modern treatment principles, and hence much better survival, and less long-term complications in survivors.
As a paediatrician, I agree with GiriShy. Even though Sooriya is not a posh or corporate or huge hospital, it has best NICU; HIGHEST SURVIVAL due to

1. very smart HOD Dr Deepa, Gold medallist, well trained, neonatal encyclopedia, always a topper, constantly updates herself, Corporates, institutions etc apply less competent persons, not stars!

2. best equipment not seen even in multi-crore projects, due to dr deepa's insisting

3. excellent supervision of nurses, and all doctors post-DCH or post-MD, so no trainees handling your baby like institutions
My email
We are a team of biomedical engineer, and intensivist who did some work with companies like Vygon, Neotechno, etc . We can guide on NICU choice, choosing place of delivery etc, But this is based on our boss child treatment we saw personally at Sooriya Hospital

im saravanan i underwent parotid surgery at sooriya hospital my ip # 15/3828.

They provided excellent customer service, doctors are well qualified to perform surgery.Everything is good but poor in billing.

They are expert in fake billings.In my case i have insurance dr vigneshwaran an ent doctor in kmc doing hidden consultant in

sooriya hospital and he promised me to do the surgery for rs 85, 000.00 but the bill come in my desk for one lakh and twenty one

thousnad.My insurance paid rs 81, 000.00 and surgeon fees is alone rs 42000.00

here the break ups

main suregon: rs 20, 000.00

asst suregon: rs 12, 000.00

anestheisa: rs 10, 000.00

along with that they are claiming to the insurance for one more assistant suregon for rs 12, 000.00 when three doctors were in

operation thetare why they are raising invoice for 4 th doctor.If any ent doctor read this they will wonder.

Room rent: i stayed in hospital for four days they delayed in sending claim to the insurance and adding one more day rent.

Example my discharge date is 09/09/2015 @ 12.30 pm and grace period is 2 hours from 12.30.Instead sending the claim @ 10.00 am

they delayed and sent the claim to the insurance @ 1.00 pm and insurance settled the bill @ 4.00 pm.

Without doing nothing they got rs 3500.00 from the insurance.

Beawre of fake billings.

If sooriya management has guts they file a case against me.


g saravanan.
Sooriya hospital, vadapalani will not respect patients. Dr. Moorthy a very high head weight person. He tells dat he doesn't care about patients speaks like a rowdy. Once i went there .for i am getting gidiness often and severe ear pain. I went there early morning itself. Till afternoon i did all tests there. So i was unable to go to my office. I asked them medical certificate. They just football ed to get it from other doctor. Finally u know what they told. To get it from vijaya hospital. Dr. Vinaignan says he is not eligible to give. Waste hospital. Waste of time. Useless
I am a genuine patient and underwent treatment there. Why do they ask bribe for giving medical certifate. Dr. Moorthy says he is the sole authority there. He said he don't care about de patient. He is saying to go to other hospital.
Worst hospital i ever seen, They utilize the situation

After announcement of new RS 500 and RS 1000 most of the shops and merchants are not buying that money. But in central government says to accept 500 and 1000 in hospitals petrol stations.
But the situation goes as in petrol station they are not giving the change instead of that people need to put petrol for 500 RS .

Here see what happens in Sooriya hospital. My one year baby had seviour fever so i went there for checkup. After consulting the billing people charges 500 Rs instead of 250 Rs. I just raised and ask the reason but there is no proper response and they said we will not give change for 500 or 1000.

In this situation i returned home and got 250 from my neighbor and then paid the bill. (What a critical thing happens only the thing they don't ask that for remaining change i can take any blood or urine test.) Heartless people.

I think there is no humanity in this world. Bad economy and bad culture. Think if government post some rule then there should be proper intimation or any complaint Government site should be released which help to people to complainant about the rule breakers.

Government decided to old 500 and 1000 block will reduce the black money but here rich people are garbing and earning more black money form the middle class and poor people.

***** In what ever situation -- Rich get richer and Poor get poorer -- Golden words ******

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