[Resolved]  Star Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. — MONEY CHEAT / FRAUD FUND

Owner of Star Consultancy Services Mr. Triveni K Mohanty, Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar Cheated me and a crores of rupees from the public. Please help me from this cheat fund organisation and how to refund our lakha of rupees.
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Aug 13, 2020
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mbiswalji, komalji.&prakashji, I was out of station yesterday.I may provide/adressyou today some more info todayafter 11.00am
No.i'm very old client of star consultancy & very much satisfied with service of the organisation.Dnt think even there is a question of cheat & fraud link with the name of the organisation nor Mr T K Mohanty name as far my knowledge is concern.
No we have full faith with this organization. There may be some difficult time with the organization but it will revive soon .
Mr Deepak Kumar and Mr Ashok Rout and some more names were involved in the chet fund and whatever we know they cheated the public. Now when the pepole are asking their hard money to them they are silent and saying we don't have any role in the transaction.
Not only Triveni Mohanty but also employee of KIIT University, 04 renowed teachers namely Biswajit Sahoo, Deepak Tripathy, Ashok Rout and P.K.Mohanty are also involved in this cheat fund and have cheated not only KIIT employees but also other of more than 90 lakhs of rupees.

Please help????? Get these people behind BARS because they are not only enjoying on public money but also spoiling the reputation of KIIT University
Friends, who have whatever information regarding T K Mohanty and about the cheat fund cheaters please post in this side. It will be beneficial for all and we have a regular update about the cheat fund cheaters.
I know the Star consultancy and T.K. Mohanty. Thats a stock brocking farm. Not a cheat fund company.
I am surprised how you complain this, How you got associated in what form. Before taking the names of anybody first you show your own identity.Dont just mention like this.This is a wrong practice. This may be some personal agony towards some people.Dont just mention like this defaming any individual, company or any institution.
This all allegation are fake & ruining the organisation as well as associated persons name.Star consultancy is a well known stock broking company dealing with share trading.I dont understand why people make fuss of everything.There should be strong action against all this people who are spreading wrong rumors for their personal interst.
Yes, mama123 you are true. Mr T K Mohanty was not associated with cheat fund. But Mr Ashok Rout, Mr Deepak and Mr P K Mohanty cheated the people through cheat fund. Now people are taking combinely the names because of some bad time of the company,
yes mr amc By now your identity is known. by puttting false allegation aginst the people and company you have brushly tarnished the public images. so the management and all persons are exploring the option of taking legal action against you.
So far my knowledge is concerned, the persons against whom allegations have been made are very much available in their workspace as well as in their home. They have also a very good reputation in their field and they belong to a reputed organization. I think people are just blaming them keeping some ill intentions and are trying to defame them.
Yes, gigmo you are very much true. Mr T K Mohanty have very good reputation . We know he will definitely come up with a solution as soon as possible.
Commenting each other is not a solution at this moment. Those people have invested money should be communicated about the actual problem of the company by the management of Star consultancy. As people are in mental tension about their money, bank money, their friends money, management should immediately communicate the money investors about the problem and solution of it.
we should not blame anybody, as management of Star consultancy has not cheated us earlier. if any problem really comes, we should wait for the finalisation of the matter. Once the company will be blamed, it will take much more time to revive which is a great loss to company and people who have invested money.
I know Mr.T k mohanty is a very gentle man. Definitely he will do something for us. Have patience, give him some time and he will come back to his own position. But immediate meeting should be conducted with the people who have invested money.
From the last few months the investors are in mental tension. As max investors are invetsted there with bank money and paying a lot every month to the bank the management should understand the problem. some people have invested there pension money, some invested by selling there property such as land, home etc some have collected money from friends you must realize how the people are facing the probelm.
People are depending on that money for paying house rent, purchasing medicine and for there childs education as all are not rich or not multiple sources of income.Yes it's the bad time for the company, but as Mr T K Mohanty is a very gentle man all the investors are agreed to give full support to him. But I don't know why he is not passing any message by meeting the investors .
Yes, T.K.Mohanty is a genle man.Some bad time has come to all o[censored]s. Mr Mohanty Please call your investors and have a discusion.Blaming each other is not the solution.Definitely Baba and Maa will help him and help his clients
there is a lot of buzz all around and all are desperately waiting for some reply from Mr T K Mohanty.
As some of my friends mentioned, he is a nice person. we do agree on this.
But for Godsake he has to come up and tell something to investor instead of hiding.
yesterday I got to know that he left india and went to Nepal with all the money.

Mr Mohanty is very well here in bhubaneswar & trying his best to resolve all the issues.Miss monalisha i[censored] knw he went to Nepal then pls give the address so tht all can contact.
Pls stop spreading nuisance things without any proofs.Everything will get solved as discussed with Mr Mohanty in couple of days.So have the faith & keep patience & support him in this crucial period.He is not hiding just trying to solve the issues asap.
Pls no more posts lets giv him sufficient time else it will take more time & we all will face problems.
some People have invested here by taking out there safe money from bank . People are facing a lots of problem as we are not getting money back. we know Mr T K Mohanty and still we belive him blindly. We know what ever he will be doing is for the fovour of all. But Mohanty Babu please keep it in mind that, this problem time is very badly affecting some peple. Some are not able to pay house rent, some are not able to purchase medicines, some are not able to pay their childrens tution fee. We know there are certain people who creted this situation and they are the criminals for all o[censored]s.
dear mohantybabu,
i belong to very poor back ground having no job . earlier i was planning to open one shop, but by listening from one of my friend, who is very close to you, i sold my farming land and invested money in star consultancy. Sir now i am in deep trouble, very difficult to manage my day to day life.
Please let me know, what shall i do ??????????

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