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[Resolved]  TASMAC Chennai — Selling more than mrp

I live in Selayur chennai - 73. There is a TASMACK wine shop opp.
Bhaarat Engineering Collee. It happens every time I go to buy a drink I am paying more than MRP When asked about this the staff of the shop are abusing me and threatening to assault me.
Kindly do some thing to this. I made a police complient but of no use
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Aug 14, 2020
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i ve been working chenai for the past 3 years, , n wenever i am approaching sri krishna bar at central, we have been cheated in the name of religion and locality, , according to them they have contacts with superior police personal, .so i want to ask u why cant you goo and check the happenings as a stranger, , do the same bcause they are behaving as a gundas, , hope u wil get bak to me, ,
Dear Customer of Tasmoc.,

I aggreed ur point... In Tasmac they are collecting more than the MRP rate.. But wt u people can do for that...? - Nothing. Because of Political Support. Who is ready to pay more than that MRP rate for one kilogram rice or one litter Oil or anything which is nessessary for human beings.

Simple Example : 1) Tomorrow the rate of one lr petrol is going to increase.. what will happen...three or four days people do strike in someplaces and "Unnaviratham" for 2 days... Didi u seen it? any use ? nothing... aftre that all will going smoothly... u also put petrol for that rate.. Because u should live for somebodies or urself...right?

In America, the government sale petrol to people in Cheap(18-20 US$) rate. They are buying petrol from where we are buying... In which rate u r putting petrol in India? Above Rs.50 . It is equal to (50 US$). Onething u have to listen...

1 us$ = 50 or 52 Indian rupees.

But for americans 20$ = 20 rupees. Means 1 rupee = 1 dollor . I hope u understood..

"Kudi Kudiyai Kedukkum, Kudi Pazhakkam Udal Nalathai Kedukkum" - Did u seen it in our tasmac board and bottles. So, they know the drinking habit will give trouble to all. But they are sale it.. Why ? They can stop it... Why Gov is not doing that?

U knew, two months before our govrnment release a order " Dont Smoke in Public Places" . About that month and next month police catched lot of people and put fine. Wt is the status of now?.. Daily i am seeing in outer of the city Police drinking and Smoking inside of the Patrol Vehicle... Wt u can do?- Nothing.

Drinking is Bad habit... So Govnment take any action on MRP rate fraud, they will not get ladies Votes...
U should drink na... so U should buy for that rate. In Chennai Tasmac people sale Drinks in "Black" for more rate... Buying peopl are there... Can u stop it? No...

there is no way to stop it in Tasmac fraud... I[censored] want stop it, u should be change as "Anniyan". Or give me the power. I ll Stop all frauds... Ok

Take care..

"Madhu Naattukkum Veettukkum Uyirukkum Kedu"...
Yes, bro.

What a raaaaaaaaaaaape, man!
Hello I living in chennai ambattur i used to take drink once in a week if i go to the wine shop the tasmac employee is selling bottle more than MRP if we ask to take correct price they are not responding and very rudy answer from them and in every shop they engaged two or three local roudy and they also behaving very bad. especialy in Ambattur all wine shops are selling more than MRP if you are not controlled this the issue will taken to C M Cell within in week s time we also consul with one senior adcocate about this .

Pl take appropirate action on this.

Gopalan T R S

SHOP NO 463 100ft road opp vijay park
I live in saligramam the same thing happening to me every day and more than that the workers are giving me the bill also. The shop No is 610 at nerkundram road, and the sales men there are Karikalan, Saravanan, Kmaraj.
I hereby reaquest the higher official to take necessary action so that the public will not suffer.



There is a cool bar shop at Velappanchavadi (after Vanagaram) (near HDFC ATM) at Bangalore-Ponnamallee main road. They are selling 500ml Coke, Pepsi etc. for Rs. 30 instead of its original price Rs. 27. They are getting Rs. 3 more than its MRP rate. If we ask they replied very boldly that we will sell like this and you can do whatever you can do! I'm really surprised about the answer from that shop owner. Please do something else since they are the day time robberies.
Save People like these kind of robberies.
I live at Velecherry and had beers (British Empire) at Tasmac a/c bar shop no 928. we have paid 125/- for each beer and sitting harges of 50/- per head and despit of that we have asked why the beer is too costly and they have started man handling and then we found itis rediculous to be thereat Tasmac Bar. When we asked for the management the total bar tenderes are on us with the sticks to beat us. This is an open cheating market of TASMAC. If some one can take action on these kind of one pr two bars by closing them then automotically the price can be monitered and the man handling can be reduced. Really the TASMAC shop NO. 928 are the worst Bar I have seen in Chennai.
Its Happening everywhere, giving bribe or getting both are coming under criminal act. We have been made to live like this ?

Public : Why are you selling more than MRP
Tasmac worker : Do you want or not ? if you want go and complaint wherever you want ? see the complaint numbers here itself

Until government take necessary step nothing can be done...

The same conversation happend in : Chennai - West Mambalam ...Opposite to Agarwal eye hopsital...and many in the list...

Suggestion : PUT Camera in the all the wine shop ...
when you are in ac bar you have to pay extra money for coke or pepsi even a water packet... because it was delivered to here table form somewhere... for that they are keeping some extra charges... 5 RS. extra than MRP happens in all tasmac... not in the above mentioned places... may be its a order for them...

KUDI PAZHAKKAM UDAL NALATHTHAI KEDUKKUM... madhu naattukkum vettukkum uyirukkum kedu... a person told me above...

drinking moderate 30ml of alcohol after dinner is very very good for health... consult with the doctor or internet...

refer the below said website : apollo website too here...

i am not promoting to take alcohol...

too much of anything going to be nothing...

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