Tata Motors - Tata Nano — Very poor mileage of 10.5 Km per litre

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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
I had purchased a Tata Nano LX Sunshine Yellow on 9th November 2010 and to my utter dismay found that the car gave me a mileage of just 10.5 Kms per litre in Chennai traffic.

I have tested my car on six consecutive occasions and each time the mileage obtained was around 10.5 Kms per litre (the data recorded in the attached excel sheet is self explanatory).

I have sent any number of mails to Tata Motors but they are just not willing to accept that there is problem with the engine of my car. Initially they attributed this poor mileage to bad driving and gave me a lot of driving tips but recently a team from the Plant came and tested the car and confirmed that the car gave a mileage of only 10.5 Kms per litre on the same route that I take to Office and back. They also stated that the same car gave them a mileage of 23 Kms per litre on the Highway. This is obviously a very ridiculous statement.

However, they blatantly refuse to put down in writing the results of the mileage tests they conducted with my car from 19th to 21st May 2010. I was given a 30 minute presentation on 21st May 2010 after the tests during the course of which Mr. Gopala Krishnan, Senior Manager – Service at Chennai confirmed the following :

1) My Tata Nano gave a mileage of 10.5 Kms per litre when tested by their testing team in the same route that I travel to Office and back in peak time city traffic. (This clearly reconfirms the data in the attached chart prepared by me after testing my Nano for six consecutive full tank to full tank testings).

2) My Tata Nano gave an improved mileage (not sure what the figure is) when the testing was done by their testing team at two other time schedules in lesser traffic.

3) My Tata Nano gave a mileage of 23 Kms per litre when tested by their testing team on the By Pass Road upto Tambaram (Highway)

I had purchased this car only after seeing an article in the media (copy attached) in which ARAI had stated that the Tata Nano was the most fuel efficient car in India which returned a mileage of 23.6 Kms per litre. Unfortunately my experience has been quite contrary to this.

I have exchanged any number of mails with Tata Motors since 2nd February 2010 but even now after having covered more than 3300 Kms I am getting a ridicilous mileage of around 10.5 Kms per litre with a car with an engine capacity of 624 CC.

I would even accept a mileage of 16 to 17 Kms per litre but a mileage of just 10.5 Kms per litre is totally unacceptable especially when the ARAI certified mileage is 23.6 Kms per litre.
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nano ads clicking — return my money

Iam surya challarao(no.337), who was paid 2500rs to nano ads company. I got 800rs once after that i didn't get any thing from this company. Was this scam? How can i get my money back?
Please inform me by mail.

TATA NANO — Poor mileage

The Tata Nano which i have purchased is giving very poor milage. It gives hardly 12 to 15 km per liter. definitely it is not affordble. After complaining recently they have changed a pipe. After that also there is no improvment. What to do???
I have also checked my mileage couple of times and only apprx 10Km/liter is possible

What is the next step ?

Br Amit

Thanks for this complaint.I purchased Nano two months back. Initially it gave me milage @ 8KM /LITRE.After my first service the milage improved to 10.5 & now it is giving 11. I totally disturbed & unhappy. In today, s Mumbai Mirror Ad Tata Motors claim 23.6 which appears to be a false claim.
Will Tata Motors attend to my car & stop such false claim??

i purchased my nano in the month of october 2010... it is currently giving me a mileage of 9 km/l litre. this is ridiculous. what can i do about this.?
I purchased Tata Nano LX - BS III model on[protected], it is giving mileage local ( Kakinada Town A.P ) with AC 21 Km per Lt. Today i went for long drive with out Ac 2 Lt petrol 60 km speed this vehicle has given 47 km for 2 lt ie 23.5 per one Lt. But there is some noise in engine
i have the same issue
my nano lx giving a mileage of 12kmpl,
iam going to put a sticker of the mileage in my car's back side
which may attract the sellers to a remedy
same promlem with our tata nano lx model
prabhakar hati
Dear Sir,

100% i agree with you. My car is giving only 12KMPL in chennai city. I purchased the vehilce in July 2010, now it has covered over 8000 KM and still the milage remains poor. Any number of mails / letters / phone calls to TATA Motors / Concorde motors is in vain. Once senior official called me from TATA motors chennai and told me that for chennai city 15KMPL is the milage for nano and you are getting 12 is very good.

Now i dont know what to do and i am notally disappointed.

drive the car on highway...definetly u get 23...am CBZ Xtreme owner..company claim 50km/lit..but not getting actually 50 in city...i get 25 km..ya but on highway its 55+

TATA NANO — not performing good after service to many time.

I have a nano which recently i have purchased around six months .around 7 times my car has gon for a service but it's is still not working properly .May be some engine default is there i have log so many complaint to company also but the just think that consumer is a foolish person.After service when i go for a drive the same problem arise with in a day so sir you tell me if some one person buy any car he needs good with any company .........!but sorryy to say this i think that Nano is the best small car ,but having a own Nano i am suffering a lot a problem and if this will be same with how can i suggest to any one to buy this car.
You see in Agra service centre only there are lot of Nano car which some's daily for a complaint .what i think MR. Ratan Tata is the one person who like too see her Nano at the top ,but if this problem remain same sry to say you ones again it will never reach there ,where you want your company to stand........!
ph-[protected] Thanking you ,
Your's faitfully
Nehul jain ,agra
not pround to have a nano because of is bad performance.
right what i think to be.

I have purchased Tata Nano LX in Salem True Sai Works, When i drive vehicle in Salem city i will get 16 - 18 Kmpl, If i drive the same vehicle in Chennai then i am getting only 8 - 10 Kmpl. If i drive in highways then i am getting 25 kmpl no issues. We have to take action against these guys.

I am planning to put a sticker back side of my nano for sure, It will save future buyers.

My car no : TN 54 D 3846

My No : [protected].

Really Tata Nano is waste of money...

TATA NANO — Poor Average

My car TATA NANO LX giving me a only 11.5-12.7kmph in city condition so no cost effective car. Otherwise overall car & AC of car is OK
I too have a Nano LX

Mileage in Cochin city (with AC) : 14 Km/l
Mileage in Highway (with AC) : 21.5 Km/l

1st Service over, no expectation that mileage will improve.
i have the same issue
my nano lx giving a mileage of 12kmpl,
now i want to know what i should do
I am also having only 12 klm/litre, What to do? Is there any remedy for this
Nonsense vehicle poor mileage.no pickup mani bangalore.no repair too.poor vehicLe
I bought my Nano XE in April 2015.Firstly the dealer let me down badly by not informing of the arrival of the upgraded Gen X version with boot opening just within 2 months of my buying this old model.I repeatedly enquired regarding the same before buying but they concealed the information.
Next, the year of manufacturing of the car delivered to me is 2014.
Thirdly I am not getting more than 10.5 kms/litre with a/c.I drive around in Chennai traffic but I shift gears properly and drive decently.The mileage is very very disappointing and the claims of the company in their ads is completely false and misleading.I would be happy if it gives an average of atleast 16-18kms/litre
The car otherwise in terms of space, air conditioning and driving ease is satisfactory. Reg No:TN01 AX 9448
Mani Govind.R

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    Tata Motors - Tata Nano - Very poor mileage of 10.5 Km per litre