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Tata Photon + — New Connection not working and CC/Nodal office is misguiding

yesterday again i have called up your customer care again on [protected] and again for the fifth time they have registered my complain ang given me the PTC consumer complaint number and false - fake promise for a JE visit the entire conversation is attached with this mal , audio is in .amr format , then today i again recieved a call from ravindra number[protected] and asked the same queries again with same fake promise for a JE visit for the fifth time , please return this faulty instrument provied by the people and company where people make false - fake , commitment , tomorrow i will be going to ashoka road in ddelhi to TRAI complaint cell .in advartisement you clain that i carry speed but in reality i carry a instrunment which never works and of no use with a wrost curtomer care .

From: [protected]
To: appellateauthority.[protected]; nodalofficer.[protected]
CC: appellate.[protected]
Subject: False commitment and wrost experiance .
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 19:06:47 +0530

yesterday again there was no JE visit and when i call you customer care , they told me that thy will forward a harsh complain and the JE would visit on saturday and again he has provided complain number PTC[protected] and i received a call from chandigarg from the phone number[protected] and assured me for a rectification but no visit , no call , no service afterwards , you only take money and did not care aftrwards , no after sales service , please do the needful or else i would be force to go to TRAI complaine cell at ashoka road or consumer coyrts for providing me a faulty instrunment and for harassing and making false committment in tata photon.

From: [protected]
To: appellateauthority.[protected]
Subject: Wrost experiance
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 18:23:39 +0530

dear tata cust care

i have purchased tata photon plus on[protected] from your CP , N-10 outlet , my number is [protected] , and since then i am suffering ,

wednesday 03 march the day i have purchased - i have somplained about the slow speed in yout customer care [protected] they have promised me to send a JE or repersentative but nobody came .

thrusday 04 march - i have just checked for half an hour weather it is all right .

friday 05 march - i have just checked

saturday 06 march - there was no signal as and when i clicked the connect button , i called customer care on [protected] and your executive bhuvenesh told ne that some JE will visit till sunday 8 PM , and i recieved a call from chandigarh saying that if signal is slow go to open area , i carried my laptop to open area again it was showing no signal the moment i was hitting connect button , after a while he told me to recharge with 5 rupees as i have no balance , i have gone to one tata dealer and charged my new account of three day old with 10 rupees and then i called customer care there he told me that you don`t need to rechange with ant amount because this is a new connection and 1 GB is free for a month , that guy from chandigarh misguided me and your sustomer care asked me that JE will visit but no one came .

sunday 7 march - no one came .

monday 8 march - suddenly the connection came and stayed till wednesday till 11 th .

again i started to face same problem of connecting i complained and they given me a complain number PTC[protected] , and assurance that this time some JE will visit i recieved a call from chandigarh from[protected] and told me that there would be a JE visit bedore 6 today but no one has came .

i am still going to cafe anf for the purpose i have taken this photon plus , is not solved , please solve this or else i will go to consumer forum i have the bill and details .

Priya Ranjan
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This is SUMIT RAJPAL and my Tata No is [protected]. I have been using this service for last 6 years. I have started facing the problem of bad or no signals at my office place from the last one and a half year. I have been constantly complaining about this at tata Customer Care through mails, phone calls, letter etc; but they always kept giving me dates that your problem will be solved in march then April then august then December and now again they have given me the date of MARCH 2008.

I have changed my handset thrice, changed my T-Sim on TATA Customer care executive request; but of no use.

My last Complaint Number is 96587611, dated 12/10/2007 and company executive said to me that I will be given a discount on your next bill; this is the only solution, or you can do what you want.

I have been very much tired of writing mails to NODAL OFFICER, TATA TELECERVICES DELHI. Now I will be going to higher authorities to complaining them about the negligence of my problem.
Waiting for reply.

Thanking you.
my walky no. [protected] registered on my father name mohd khalid.i do not use any interner but in the the bill their wil be acharge of data uses last month ipaid the bill the problrm is still iam facing i connec the walky from a oxygen machine but not use any intar r web sites plz do some think urgent plz contact me on my no.[protected],[protected].
thank you
kindly do some thing better for me aspossible as soon.

TATA Indicom — non activation of my no. and not responding to my queries


This is Gundeep Malhotra . I have been fooled by Tata Indicon office Hyderabad. I wanted a new Tata Indicom connection so I visited the branch office where on of there executive named iliaz mohamad approached me. I gave him Rs 600 and he told me that the connection will get activated in 2 days. And after 2 days when I approached him he told me that your no. cannot be activated and your money will also be not returned back to me. On asking the reason why it cannot be activated he replied with a funny reason that I am a bachelor. And in the rules and regulation no where its mentioned that bachelors will not be given the new connection and to my surprise am already holding a Tata no. if they do not provide connections to bachelors then how come the no. was provided to me and I already being there customer asked for a new connection with the same name same address still it got rejected.
And after all these problems I called up the customer care and they always promise that they will arrange a call back for the same issue but not even a single callback has been arranged yet .And when I visited the office they clearly told me “jab tak chai paani nahin milega phone on nahin hoga” and the manager told me clearly that I wont activate this number . And if I mail them the reply which I get is as “Thank you for expressing your interest in applying for a Tata Indicom product. A representative of our sales team will contact you shortly for all the additional information you need.”
Still after all this frustration a tried calling the other manager name shridhar and a lady received the call named sindhoor (empl id 3698 as provided by her) and the way she talked to me was horrible she disconnected the call without listening to me . Really felt very insulted by all this
So finally I thought of going to court and asking for justice why I am being not given the new no. if I am already there existing customer from past one year paying my bills regularly ,and why have they turned deaf after I paid them the money ????

My application details are
Application no. AP00417550
Executive name :- iliaz mohamad
My new no:- [protected]
My existing no. [protected]
Date when I appled the no. 17feb2008
i totally agree with u friend its the worst service provider.........
I know.. this is the worst service. But money matters !!!

Ratan Tata
I know.. this is the worst service. But money matters !!!

Ratan Tata
please open to my tata indicome number [protected]

TATA Indicom — Mispresentation by the Company

I am a regular Costumer of Tata Indicom as Pre-paid connection since last 3yrs. On[protected] I received a messange from Tata Indicome costumer service on my mobile stating that if I recharged my mobile with Rs. 299 then I get scheme of out going local calls with 0.50 paise per minute to other mobile. No conditions were discribe in the message although I have already schemed of Tata to tata unlimited calls for 2008 days which I have already paid Rs. 2008 for it. I have this scheme for last about 11 Dec 2007.and my time of that scheme is still remaining for about 4 yrs.

Now the problem is that my previous scheme of large amount Tata to Tata is get offed because of new scheme. The custumer care have to tell us clearely in the given message that old scheme is not applicable while recharging new scheme

After that i had called Costumer Care of Tata Indicome Senior Incharge Mr. Mohsin, he told me that he cant do any thing and I wont get back my old scheme. After that they banned my services to contact custumer care person
although still I am a costumer fo Tata Indicom.

Now what should I do to get back my Old Scheme becouse I had paid a Large amount for that and it is also remaining for 4 yrs to complete the scheme.

I have lost that scheme becouse of costumer care messege with incomplere discription. How do I know that if I charge the new scheme I lost the old once
it is the responsibility of Costumer Services to brief all merit s and demerits related to the scheme

Now any how I want my perivous scheme back in any condition
Beware that Tata Indicom has begun fooling customers, in the same way as Airtel & Vodafone/Hutch had been doing in the pas. You may lodge your complaint to the Nodal Officer of Tata Indicom. The email address is available from their web site. Prior to that you may lodge a complaint through their web site. If nothing ever happens, lodge a complaint with TRAI.


Sir, yesterday i had lodged a complaint regarding the speed of the broadband connection of TATA INDICOM which i am using and i havent recieved any mail or phone call from any technician or representative of the company. Would my complaint ever be solved ? I am a registered customer of the company and is being billed for the same. Is it fair to charge your customers wrongly even if they go through the painful procedures of lodging complaints on your given CUSTOMER CARE no. 67908000 which is never answered by any of your representatives (except for the recorded voice when the line is connected and charges of the calls are applied) even when we are holding and waiting for 20 minutes wastikg our time and money ? Please be helpful in solving the problems i am facing. THANKING YOU.


I have been with TATA communications since more than 2 years and I have been facing problems since the month of May and the problems have become worst since my renewal i, e, from 19th June.
The problems started from the day I have renewed, I have been calling customer service and mailing too, all I get is a new complaint no. and assurance.
I can understand if it is one or two days but it is over 9 days . I have contacted Nodal Officer too after as I was not getting solution from Customer Service, she too assured me of 48 hours, but it has been 3 days and same problems.
I have to pay for CyberCafes though I have paid for unlimited connection to TATA communications.
I have lost my patient and I dont know what to do .
Can i file a complaint in Consumer Forum for this as I can see no progress in rectifying this issue.
This is response I always get from Them

Dear Mr.Gazafi

Thank you for bringing your concern to my notice, I am personally looking into the matter and assure you that the complaint will be resolved within 48 hrs of time

We appreciate your feedback and thank you once again for writing to Tata Communications.
Kindly quote the service reference number NO/SO2/10094126, in any future communication about this complaint

We seek your cooperation in this regards.
Assuring the best of our services

Nodal Desk

----- Original Message -----
From: mohd Gazafi
To: nodalofficer.[protected]
Sent: Friday, June 26, 2009 12:34 PM


I have raised a complaint about frequent disconnection on 20th June(complaint no.[protected] and then again on 22nd June[protected].And I was able to browse continously for Monday Only.
The problems started the day I have renewed on 19th June.
I am Unable to browse continuously even for one hour because the connection goes off suddenly and very frequently.
I am unable to use my connection properly, Even though I am paying for Unlimited connection, I had to spend money on Cyber cafes to access Internet.
Even after calling many times and sending mails to customer Service, the problem has not yet been resolved.I can understand if it is one day or two days but it is over 7 days and this shows how you care about customer Service.
I have been TATA communications for more than two years and now Im loosing my patience.You can Check the records how many times I have mailed and called customer Service Since my previous renewal i.e, from month of May.
This is my last hope and probably last mail, you have to take action ASAP and rectify the problems else I have to look for other sources permanently.
Thank you

Zikiriya Md
It has been 20 days now.Can i Complaint in consumer forum against this?


Dear Sir,

I am very happy that i have purchased a Photon + from P n G Teleservices on[protected] vide bill no. 056 book no. 02 and my phone no alloted is : [protected] and my account no is[protected] till from purchasing i the photon is not working it connects and after 5 minutes it is heated and disconnected and then gives errors. i have made comlaints to tataindicom ,PnG Teleservies som engg from tata came and issue a docket no 3410 that the instrument is faulty go from where u have purchased when i went there the say go service centre then i went to service centre at uttam nagar Lakshya infotech the keep this and give me a new after 3 days when i place in computer then it is askking the activation key i have called png & lakshay but nothing is done. I very much greaful with your services i have filled complaint via internet to nodal officer they simply closed the compalint but photon isnot working.

Tell me what i have to do.

1. On 14-16 Nov 09 I had lodged a complaint regarding the disconnection & waiver against wrong plan of TATA INDICOM CUG connections due to Sales Executive fault. I have recieved mails, phone call from Nodal Officer and Cusomer Care/Representative of the company. But now they fail to solve my problem since today by the given time. They again give a mail that - Further we would like to inform you that your concern has been registered with us regarding wrong plan activation.

2. Sir, due to all this issue I am facing a very big problem from my office side.

3. Please be helpful in solving the problems i am facing.



TATA Indicom — so many reminders regd fals bill

this is to inform you that i am having tata no-[protected],i have already sent so many reminders to tata custmer care regd false bill,but nither they are provide me details of the bill ,nor they are providing any solution also.

thanx & regards
vinay bansal
2/134 chrinjeev vihar

Tata Photon + — Wrong Usage Charges in JAN bill

Fradulant Billing charges in my Jan 2010 Bill.

My Tata Photon+ Account Num xxxx9694
Bill Number[protected]
Amount: 1524.00

Tata Photon+ service was down on 6 days in Jan in my area,
I submitted complaints to Tata Call Centre. Complaint Dates and Times were logged.

Tata refuses to reverse fraudulent charges.

Whats the recourse ?
Dear Customer

Greetings from Tata Indicom!

We understand your concern with regards to the charges on your bill. Kindly accept our apologies for the same.

However, in order to assist you better, we request you kindly provide us your, Tata Photon+ connection details. You can also mail it to Customer.[protected]

Thank you for your time and patience.

Customer care
Tata Indicom

Tata Photon + — Staff behaviour and insult at Store

Iam a new Cust and took the connection (AO OOOO2002EFOB) on 13th Mar 2010 from Milestone Tele Services,6-3-249/5/1, ANR Centre, Road No 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500034.I was told by Mirza (Sales person) to submitt the photograph on the next day but the store was closed.On Wed when we finaly gave the Photo was told that the connection will get activated in an hour and inspite of calling 10 times in 4 hours, the same was not done.Mirza kept on avoiding my calls and finaly when spoke,misbehaved the worse.He told that my connection is my problem and he is busy and not to disturb him....
Mirza disc my call when i asked for the email add for Complaints.
TATA INDICOM is a brand which we trust since ages and such behaviour of their staff is absolutely disgusting .Pls give traning to the satff to behave in a decent way to the cust as the buss is not only abt selling the product but keeping them sold.Cust satisfaction is the key to any business success.

TATA INDICOM dealer showroom — worst Responsibility

worst responsibility of tata indicom dealer showroom. The executive name kavitha. she giving worst wrong information....address v.v.mahal road, beside abhiruchi hotel, near municipal office, tirupati...

Tata Photon + — SURRENDER

I want to suureder my TATA PHOTON+ ( A/C NO[protected]; Phone NO- [protected]) with immediate effect, since i will be travelling abroad for next few months.

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