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 Siva Krishnamurthy
Top4: be aware. Keep alternative for emergency. Even you book one day in advance, some occasions, in the last minute they will say no driver available in a very irresponsible manner put you in last minute tension and stress.

Though, i am a regular customer, i am very much fed up with top4 due to their repeated failure in allotting driver and putting me in trouble in the last minute
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Most terrible service. Hired a Top 4 driver today in Bangalore and met with an accident. The mistake was from both parties,
top 4 and the lorry driver .Since both were at error the lorry driver was not willing to pay compensation and on questioning Top 4 driver and authorities since it was their fault they are not willing to pay as well. I am still in the complaint phase with them (Top 4). I have also mentioned it to the Top 4 support center that I am not particular about sorting it with a showroom and we can get it fixed in the local garage. Below is the help I'm getting from them

1.)They asked me to file insurance ( The car is my uncles name and I would have to file the complaint as if it were his error even though he was not even in the car ).
2.)Their service is only to provide cab drivers and nothing more, so any accidents which occur is not their responsibility. They asked me who would take responsibility if something happened to the driver so I responded if something did happen even the passengers would get affected then who takes responsibility.Also, how is that they never mention this when a customer makes the booking. No response !!
3.) The cab driver is poor, he earns very less how can u ask him to pay ? when I tell I'm expecting the Company to tell me whats needs to be done, they don't want to take the responsibility.
4.) I repeatedly had conversations with them on[protected] asked for their names and they were not willing to disclose it. He tells me that I have to listen to him else he 'll cut the call and goes on about insurance and having pity on the driver. Additionally, they have the knack of not talking directly on the phone have discussions keeping the phone aside and making me hear the conversation.
5.) The customer support person tells me they have never had an accident till date and when I laughed he says during his term he has not faced such an issue. When I asked him to check and let me know the procedure which the Company follows he doesn't even bother checking and tells me there isn't any.

Second time having an accident issue with Top 4. The first time ( in Chennai ) I didn't bother to complain as I was on a holiday and took care of the expenses but this time wanted to know what the Company does regarding this. Clearly NOTHING. Not making the mistake Third time.
I have made booking at 5.30pm in the morning at your adyar office No 24467888, requesting for a driver at 9.00 am and they agreed to send the same.
The driver gave me an confirmation call at 8.30 am and he says that he needs to start from thiruvottiyur and he cannot reach at 9.00 am.
the driver says that he had been informed only just now. I have lot of cimmitments, if not available they should inform us, we are paying the hard earned money to travel comfortably.
you people are prompt in informing the rates but not punctual in sending the driver when called the office they are not even bothered to reply softly. The night shift people working are not good enough to keep up the commitments which spoils your company reputation
mrs r chandra
this is probably one of the worst managed company with a whole lot of incompetent team in the managerial cadre esp, one Mr satish from the Chennai region. probably Redsun Ambigapathi should strongly advocate Personnel behavior lessons to the team and preach them how one should be courteous to their customers. it is indeed us, we the people who run your business and favor you by offering a chance to maintain a professional relationship..
I agree with srinivas.
Booked for a call driver. Ashok Kumar was the guy who came to our house, late by 20 minutes. He spent the next 10 minutes scolding his wife over phone. He started the car, put in reverse gear and slammed the car against the gate support pillar. The damage was for the entire driver side. This clearly shows that he did not stop even after the car started scratching the metal pole.
We sustained Rs.20, 000 for repairs. We spent two weeks without the car.
Neither Top4 nor the driver paid a single paise. They stopped attending our calls after two days. I spoke to three managers named Sathish, Prasad and Murali.
All they do is crappy broker service.
Totally bogus and irresponsible company.
Please provide as much information as possible...
I faced different problem, most of the drivers are ok, but be aware of one Driver, named Mohan, aged about mid 25 years, tremendous efficient thief, he can change new tire, accessories and make the oil tank empty within a few minutes.
Just had an accident by utilizing a Top 4 driver. The driver was tail gating a car in front at speed, when suddenly the guy in front applied the brake and a Toyota Qualis banged our vehicle (Honda Civic) from the back denting the bumper.Surprisingly when we called Top 4 Office to lodge a complaint, they were very defensive, and without even listening to us, kept mentioning that the guy in the back vehicle was at fault and kept insisting that we make a payment to the driver for his services-which we refused.As much as I think this is a great
service idea, I think Top 4 is a good option ONLY if you have a low-end vehicle which you are okay handing over to unproven / un-referenceable drivers. God forbid you have an issue/ problem ( accident, driver indiscipline, etc) to resolve, they are not the right folks to be dealing with- very unhelpful.

I hope the above feedback helps!
One of the worst experience I had with any driver service.
Had called one day in advance for a driver at morning 10 o' clock.
The driver being very clever in dropping a text message half an hour before the reporting time, says he will not turn up.
He hasn't informed the service provider too, on calling the main office they say we cannot send another driver and the booked driver will surely make it by 10:30 AM. Finally in all this confusion, I could not even manage to get a cab due to short notice and had to go by auto all the way and reached really late to my venue.
Hope this helps you to choose the right driver service.
I just called the Top4 callcenter for a driver. The customer executive was so downright rude, it was bordering on me wanting to cancel the order. On asking him to speak slower, hr snapped at me repeatedly and behaved very rudely. Why does their site not allow any customer feedback either for their drivers Nor their executives? Todays Person deserved a 0 on 10 for his attitude!!
Even in my car day before yesterday after my journey was over i saw that my car petrlol tank cover was open, i am not sure if it was the top4 driver who drove the vehicle the whole day did it...
Absolutely pathetic! I'm in Chennai. The last 4 times we booked a top 4 call driver, they cancelled it until the last minute each time. They are uneducated sitting in the office and taking our calls. They even cut my calls after a few follow-ups in 2 of the bookings not having to answer me on "where is the driver?", this is only for being polite and pleading them. After the 1st time, everytime when I booked i highlighted the issue that happened last time and to tell me right away if they cannot arrange a driver, they gave only false assurance and was ready with an answer every time saying it will not happen next time! Today my wife had booked for a top 4 driver highlighting the past incidents and seriousness (she needed to attend a death funeral) and to tell upfront if they would/would not be able to arrange, they as usual gave all the assurances in the world and finally screwed it off :( Same treatment to her, they started to cut her calls! And after constant rings they picked up and informed us that nothing could be done and if we want, we should wait for 1-1.5 hours!! How pathetic these dumbos can get.
A top 4 driver whom I booked once and I called him much in advance told me that the office folks are deliberately doing this by sending the booking messages to the drivers at the very last minute. While he was driving he got this message of my booking and that he should go immediately. He got a call shortly from them and told he wouldnt go as he was informed at the last minute. Top 4 Sucks big time! I hope there comes some good service provider in this area whom people would welcome now with open hands.
Very very worst management. I think they don't have drivers to send. Last time when I booked 1 day in advane for driver at 10am they didn't send the driver & a driver phoned me at 12.30 where to come. I told no need & I went by cab. But they sent me the bill by mail that pick up & drop duration is 30 min. & the AMT is 280 + tax. There is no limit for cheating. Top4 should be banned.
Booked a driver form Top4 from Ooty to Chennai from Top4 Coimbatore. They confirmed the booking. After two hours got a call and said the tariffs differs if pickup is from Ooty. Accepted the tariff change.
My pick up time was 10 AM in the morning. By 9 AM in the morning the driver called and said he was not feeling well and cant come.
Contacted Top4 and asked for change of driver, they said they will check and will call back.
Worst service from TOP4 COIMBATORE. Also worst customer service.
Absolutely unreliable as far as commitment. Timing never kept and I had to miss several important appointments, .Younsters with no manners manning the call centres. Do not use if you want to keep to timing.

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