Vibgyor Kolkata — Fir of cheating lodged against raja bhadra and biswarup ghatak

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This company is involved in cheating public by offering lucrative offers and asking them to invest in vibgyor group. After invetsment this company ignores its commitments and refuse to return investors money which they take.
This company is owned by mr. Raja bhadra.In u. P. They have cheated many and have'nt returned their money.
People should be aware of vibgyor group before investing. They have even made saurav ganguly their brand ambassador for one of their product.
This company and its cmd mr. Raja bhadra & g. M.-biswarup ghatak both are involved in cheating people. They have cheated many people through their bogus company vibgyor offering people of opening up big retail outlets.. And after taking money from people, without any intimation they closed their office in lucknow..
A f. I. R under sections of 420/406/467/468/471 (I. P. C) has been lodged against these thugs.
It is unfortunate that a personality like saurav ganguly is brand ambassador of this company.

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Company is actually a cheat, no authority sits in lucknow office keep delaying the project, lucknow project commited to be delivered in march 2014 is not even construction 5% of its all. What all to show as evidence. Company has not proper channel to speak, no calls are picked up unlike other builders. They don't even know up apartment act 2010. Their lucknow staff always argue. Mr. Dinesh kumar singh always argue.

Bank of baroda has rejected their application for lucknow project and asked for some legal documents in june 2013 but vibgyor housing has never given any.

Bank don't trust them on the other hand small level builders have got their projects approved from bank. Who are very new to the market.

The reality is that vibgyor group has not intention to deliver anything to customers. Sebi has already filed a complaint against them.

*link to the complaint and actions under process by sebi: on 20th feb 2014 *[protected]. Pdf

Vibgyor is a blacklisted company in west bengal.
Dear Reader,
Above BISWARUP GHATAK is a really cheating person. He took from me 45000 UAE Dirham. He gave me some fake Labor Visa from Dubai. I went to Dubai to meet with him but he did not meet me.

Now I m going to take leagal action agiainst him. Pls carefull fm him.
Mr. Sharma,

Would u please stop these funny complains. Why u r not going for legal action? After having good media connection, u r not exposing those, who cheated u.

Would u like to tell me, is it any fault of any company if they introduce sourav ganguly as their brand ambassador?

Why u r publishing this fake complain here & there like this type of site, where they dco not take any step to assist u and not authorised to handle this type of matter instead of taking any legal step.
The reason is, site does not require any proof against ur complain but for taking legal action, u need proof, which u do not have.

To make more traffic, many sites utilize this technics. Many people know this matter and in near future people will realise and ignore this type of bogus complain.
I would like to ask a question to mr. Mohammed azmal hossain, do you really know mr. Biswarup ghatak, to whom lodged the complain here. Be sure about the person identity, then comment. Many persons having same name and that sense should have everybody. When u r blamming a person, at least verify that the person is the same person. I know a person having same name as your. He was accused for a serious crime and now in jail. Please, try to understand the situation.
I know personally raja. Another coppy of"a raja".in dumdum placed situated in kolkata he was started his cheating training institute like-acting, export&import etc. Apart from this he cheated people by offering loans & placement agencies and many more. Currently their tow wheeler project has totally sinked. They collecting money from innocent people by showing this type of bloody project. Now they have started {cement factory&
Land development type }anther way of fraud.

My request to all plz don't put your hard-earned money in this type of all cheater co. Put it in bank /p. O/lic. Etc... Joy
Dear reader,

All these are rubbish! and base less. Can any body has any kind of documentary proof against these baseless allegations. This is absolutely an attempt to malign the reputation of a good entrepreneur like Mr. Raja Bhadra. We are sure about his capabilities and have immense faith in his commitment. Please, don't go by this kind of baseless remarks, anymore.

Team Starlite.
We are a group of business man from MAHARASHTRA and we all have invested in company in Cr. now company not taking even phone we are stuck because we all are business man not fighter, we can simply do the business, we have company bikes at our end hey Mr. Starlite can you take the things to the owner ?
Or be mum .

Dear All; in business there is so many ups & downs, may be VIBGYOR GROUP could not return the maturity amount on time but, the company is trying its label best... See in present situation it is a global problem and the VIBGYOR also face the problem but the Company trying to survive . If you people see in earlier Peerless also face this type of problem but till date Peerless is alive and after few days/years may be we see the VIBGYOR in the same position. Actually every where we see at the time of problem nobody stand with any one and when we benefited then also we are not fill proud on it. It is surprising that many people got many benefit from VIBGYOR, Many associate, many Staff, many Customer got a huge profit from VIBGYOR but no one write here.
Dear Friends VIBGYOR is trying label best to solve the problem and it will be solve very soon. ONE REQUEST TO ALL of YOU after solving the problem YOU ALL please write down here that the problem is solved & we got our benefit.

With Regards & Thanks to all of YOU.
the company is chit company.the company could not return my 2, 00000 Rs.I was canceled my flat from last February 2014 now 5 month going on but I don't getting my refund money..

This company is not a cheat company. Trusted and reputed. Some problems were there for a few people but this company is doing good in many other sectors. Some people are intentionally trying to place baseless comments here
Dear All,

I have also invested 8 Lakhs hard earned money in a project of Vibgyor Group. but like others I am also not getting anything. I have on query come to know that Mr. Raja Bhadra is the owner of the group. Initially I had tried to get back my money but they did not talk about the refund.

Now I have decided to move ahead against him since i have no option. 8 Lakhs is a big amount for me for a home which i may not be able to accumulate in future. I have collected few information and saw rightly that he is paying huge money to some internet based PR company to keep his image clean in the internet. thats why many people are attacking the complainants here with filthy languages. but we should not be out of focus for this. I understand that they are doing their job on payment. but we have to do our job now.

i have come to know that they are investing in a huge way this money to dubai and australia real estate business being partner of others.

nevertheless i am only concerned amount my Rs. 8 Lakhs only. the money that i have collected ever bunking my lunch sometime.

anybody wants to join me may mail me :

but keep one thing in mind that many people will slang you as you see here because they have been engaged to do so professionally, u may get threat calls from unknown number and many thing.

be firm for this long fight for your money. I am only concern about my money and this will not have any connection to "giving justice" or "putting them behind bar" etc etc. jug words. but nevertheless what ever is required to get back the money we may join hands and continue to try. thanks I shall be waiting for your perticipatory reply to my mail ID :

I would like to thank all those in advance who will start abusing me hereafter also. after all they are also doing for their money. best of luck. thanks
After reading comments of a person like you I am convinced that Vibgyor is a fraud company. I am one of the sufferers. The company has collected huge amount from innocent people with lucrative offers and then they conveniently forget them not even responding to queries. When one ask from lower staff who have acted their employee in collecting fund simply either turns down response or say I am a lower level staff and do not have access to CMD or CEO. There is a need to come together of all such affected people and launch a concerted efforts to get into the roots of this problems so that others can be saved from getting into their trap.

I m agreed with u. As the matter i hv already intimated to sebi in writing and i hv also received a written reply from sebi regarding non payment of matured amount.But it is sorry to say that upon receiving reply from sebi where as it clearly mentioned that my matured amount payment has given to me and also i was ask for various questions by sebi .All the relevant documents are available with me regarding vibgyore (more than 1000 pages).if any person wish to know the actual fact of the company then just call at [protected]. I will give u in details that what was their actual activities and what will be in later as i hv collected verious documents.
Gyzz i have investing in this campany 1lakh rupees, if they dnt giveing my money back

We are from West Bengal, This company has cheated crores of people in the name of investment and not refunded a single paisa till date. Many people were offered land and flats but to tell the truth all are rubbis

sanjay mintri
Agents of West Bengal mostly from darjeeling hills are committing suicide as the company did not refund maturity amount in time and due to immense pressure from public the only solution at present is to hide himself or finish himself. I request MD Mr. Raj Bhadra to look into the matter and safe guard the interest of agents and parties who have put their hard earned money in your company.

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    Vibgyor Kolkata - Fir of cheating lodged against raja bhadra and biswarup ghatak

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