[Resolved]  Vodafone — Harrasment caused by Vodafone in connection to conversion of post-paid to pre-paid connection

Dear Sir,
With lots of grudge against Vodafone Essar East Limited Company I am writing this letter to you .Myself Ajay Baptist residing at 80 D Elliot Rd, Kolkata-16 was customer of Vodafone.As for a change I converted my pre-paid number (i.e. [protected]) to post paid .During the conversion , i was assured by their customer care executives(Mintu Park Branch) that if any time i need to change the connection again to pre-paid,it will be done,along with this scheme i took another post- paid connection (i.e [protected]).
Due to issues that started for late payments , i went personally to their Vodafone shop (9th of Aug 2007)cleared all my bills and asked them to convert both my numbers to pre-paid .Mr.Suman Bhowmick(the executive whom i spoke to ) told us to write an application as a formality for the above said request and promised me to do this conversion within 3-4 working days.
I waited for calls ,but all was in vain !I gave them calls but as usual they rejected calls . After two weeks I went to the shop again , Ms. Benish apologised for the inconvenience caused and told me that within 5-6 working days a call will come and i will be given the date and timing for the conversion of post-paid to pre-paid.Again they lied me , no such calls came from their side,but they went on sending bills to our home address adding due payments .
After long time (3rd October'07)again i got a call from the Vodafone Company Head Office where they told that i can come to their Minto Park shop within 2 hrs of time with Rs. 200 /-(per pre-paid connection) as well as the pending amount of the two mobile connection.(for no. [protected] the amount was Rs. 650 and for no. [protected] the amount was Rs. 876/-) till 31st August (which according to them i was supposed to pay )and speak to Mr. Suman Bhowmick whom they have send a mail to convert the connections. I went there but , Mr. Bhowmick told he did not recieve any sort of mails from his Head Office. That very day I went to the Head Office that is in Constantia building (11,Dr.U.N Brahamachari Street , Kolkata-17 and spoke to their Area Sales Manager Mr.Ashoke Das.He even listened to my complaint and the mis behavior of his officials.He told not to pay a single penny against the incoming bills ,also gave me a fax number ([protected]) and told to fax our complaint .He assured me that within one weeks time it will be resolved .I followed his advice and wrote a letter too( As a proof i have the photocopy of the wrtten letter as well as the sending report where the status was ok ).Even this high rank officer mis used his post . No settlement letter came from Vodafone company . But ,yes bills came to our home address in which the amounts were raising higher than the actual amount that was told me . Endless number of calls came from the Vodafone harrasing me to pay the bills till date whereas , the connection was disconnected last September '07 and i was told only to pay till 31st of August '07.
Yesterday (March 5th'08) they send me a notice through CITY CIVIL COURT stating to pay an unusual amount of Rs. 4,383/-(total amount of both the numbers ).
This kind o[censored]nruly and illogic behavior is not expected from such a famous Company.
I kindly request you to pay heed to my complaint and take necessary steps against Vodafone Essar East Company for harrasing us unecessarily.

Thanking You.
Your's faithfully,
Ajay Baptist.
80 D Elliot Rd,
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Aug 13, 2020
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I am using Vodafone prepaid connection for quite a long time and i was using the services of Vodafone from the past 2 years.
on 6th of March i activated plan for 500 Local + STD messages using the Keystring *444*49# and 500 sms were credited to my account.

Unfortunately my sister pressed the same keystring on 8th March and more 500 SMS were credited to my account.
I dont want that 500 sms, for that i requested the Vodafone customer care to deduct my 500 SMS which were credited on 8th March and credit the deducted amount back to my Prepaid balance.

3 Times i called the Vodafone Customer care, but nothing happened for this, i even raised the complaint for this and the complaint number is
[protected] and customer care personname was Rohit Dhawan.

Kindly Check my request and help for the same, Since these are basic general requests from Customer and there is no use of 1000sms in my account when there are already lots of other apps for smartphone are avaialable in the market.

Please help me in this Regard.
I am using Vodafone prepaid connection for quite a long time and i was pretty happy with the services till the month of September 2007, I visited vodafone store in September, in sarat bose Road(Ideal Plaza)for services.Customer support executive, SUBHASISH CHOUDHURY enquired me about Vodafone services and showed me a postpaid plan where i can save my money.The executive Mr. Subhasish Choudhury bluffed me with migration of connection to POSTPAID, taken 300 Rs. refudable security deposit, as per as company"s rule promised me that i can come back to prepaid as per as my wish any time i feel like. My prepaid remaining balance will be adjusted with POSTPAID CONNECTION WITH 32 K SIM CARD, same mobile number [protected].
Every month the bill will not cross 300 RS, and if it crosses line gets barred with a per plan showed by subhasish. I checked out, no such plan exist and immediately i complained vodafone store nearby my house Southern Avenue, met a CSE- Mr. Anirban Bhowmick who took my request and surrendered my connection, no such actions taken by company. The bills sent by Vodafone company over a month totally fake and harassing me to pay 1717 Rs. The numbers are unknown to me. I again went to Ideal plaza store to resolve problems with Subhasish das about connection, bill and wrong commitment. I have not made outgoing calls, on what basis are they charging?Previously they used to send collection executives at my residence, harassed me.I refused to pay because i had disputes in the bill and disconnected services which i dont want.Last five days back Vodafone had sent me a lawyer"s notice(LEGAL LETTER) to settle witin 10 days given few numbers to contact which belongs to VODAFONE"Billing department team.I spoke to one of the executive- Ms. Sangita Guha [protected](M), who took my complain with care.heard about my dissatisfaction about Vodafone connections and disputes forwarded it to her senior Mr. Ranjan. NOw i seek help and want this matter should come to an end. I am sick and tired of this nonsense.
Looking forward for your co-operation.

(M) [protected]
E mail: [protected]
We purchage a new prepaid sim is mdn number [protected] on dated 30/05/2008.
But this number is not activated till date.we contact your local customer care center in kota but he help less not satisfactory answer .
We already mail to jaipur customer but there is no reply
So please give me positive solution as erlier as possible.

Thanks Regard

Kamal Raj Kataria (HHP Eng)
Samsung Customer Care
Kota (Raj)
# [protected]
# [protected]

Vodafone — Harrasment with collection executive with unwanted bill charges made by Vodafone

I lost my cell few months ago and I went to Vodafone customer care shop to disconnect my number same time also paid my latest bill before disconnecting my number [protected], but I have received bill of 15, 00 for the same number I went to Vodafone store to complain about this but no help was there in return also called 111 no help from them too but the person who got my cell was misusing my number / sim and as now he made my bill of 3800. Now I get a call from collection department Vodafone executives also they visit my place in odd timings and harassing me till core to pay the amount, which is not justice. Please help me in this issue, which is killing my peace life.

When I was running behind them to sort out my problem they ignored my complaint and now they started harassing me by calling daily and visiting my place. Please help me out in this issue, before I speak to my lawyer I would like to hear from you and guide me please.

You may reach me at [protected]
Dear sir,
I Shakti Prakash is old customer of vodaphone bearing the mobile no [protected] which is post paid connection scince last 5 years.Last (6 October, 2008) night my out going services has been siezed without prior information, citing that I did not pay my monthly August bill. However I allready made the payment through cash of Rs 1000 on 15 september 2008 at G-12 KRISHNA APRA PLAZA, COMMERCIAL BELT, Greater Noida, Mini store.for this in convinience I contacted to vodaphone person and he was suggested that I send a scanned bill through e-mail on the address of [protected] and I sent immediately on given e-mail id. After sending the mail I informed to Amol a customer care person about the sent e-mail and he confirmed thar he received mail and assured me after two hour it will be open for out going call. This matter was discussed nearly 11 am since then I am waiting for open my out going services but no response has benn received till 4 pm meanwhile I talked to customer care persons in whom one name is deepak for opening of my out going call. But he did not given me any satisfactory answer. And no action has been taken right now.
May I know what is happening in your company
why they harassing to customer
and what I should do
Can you help me.
With Regards
Shakti Prakash
Gamma-I, Greater Noida, UP
Dear Sir

I am paid your due amount of Rs. 1670/- dated 07.10.08. Mobile No. [protected] But my services not activate & I am talk again & again customer care Mr Arvind & Ms Kamla but not proper response in vodafone executive. payment receipt no. MH CC [protected].
Plz look the matter and activate my services.

Vivwk Kumar
i do not received any service or information SMS on my mobile no is [protected].Many request for 111/1909 for no action this matter.Please solve this problem.
I was harassed by one of your collection representative’s manager; it went as far as taking it to the nearest police station which did not seem to have justified the matter fully. I will be forced to take this to court if the issue is not resolved.

I am a North American living in Bangalore and only speak English; I was approached on Friday the 5th of December 2008 by a polite gentleman who asked me to make a payment. Apparently I had an outstanding amount due on an account that I clearly deactivated by calling customer service. The reason I do not use your services is mainly because your representatives cannot speak nor understand English, they do not respect time and attend to the customers request, they are quick to give excuses and not have a solution, and add to the horrible customer service your network is devastating, last of all Vodaphone has the habit of double billing their customers. This is something I noticed before I closed my account with Vodaphone. I made a payment of Rs. 2000 and closed my account right away, I was billed several times for calls I did not make. I am positive of that as I was not in town at that point and there is no way I could have made phone calls.

Getting back to your service, this gentleman who came to my residence called his Manager who demanded a payment immediately, I asked him to give me time till I sought this out as I was not aware of the account still being opened, he refused to cooperate, I come from a country where people from various backgrounds live together, we refer to it as the melting pot. I am use to understanding and compromise not harassment especially from a Manager. (Saying this being a Manager myself). I said that I would have to report this being an harassment to the nearest police station and he laughed and told me he would do that for me. He hung up the phone on my face and the representative left my door step. I got a call from the police station asking me to come down as soon as possible. I went down to the Kamanahalli police station and my point went unnoticed as I did not speak the language.

I refuse to accept this uncivilized behavior coming from such a large and prospective organization.

Please help me sought this out, the number referred to – [protected] Clinton Sherwood
As far as I know, vodophone is the only mobile service provider in India who doesn’t allow conversion from post-paid to pre-paid. Once you are in their trap of post paid, you either have to keep paying the rent Or just discontinue the service to escape their monkey fist.

Mine is a very old vodophone number [protected], and while the talks were on, they went to the extend of threatening me and taken steps for initiating legal proceedings against me. General Manager – Legal - YUNUS H AHAMED yunus.[protected] & LOKESH.MAHALINGAPPA Senior Manager – Legal - lokesh.[protected] have sent me legal notice after they told that they will convert my post paid to pre-paid. They are going back on their promise and harassing me.

Multiple times I have expressed written willingness to talk to them, and asked them their phone number, but they never bothered speak to me.

I will expose this very bad tactics of vodophone, for plundering money from the larger population in India and I will fight this out in all the legal forums in every possible way. It is a public need to have the facility to convert post paid to pre-paid especially in this bad economic conditions, and people still need to stay connected, when there is maximum number of job losses & to move on in their modest life.

I will see that Vodophone don't fool our people anymore. At a minimum rent of Rs.200/- per month, even if one make only one call, people in India are intelligent enough to multiply the amount with the number o[censored]nfortunate postpaid customers to calculate the amount Vodophone guys are looting so freely.

All other mobile service providers in our county has the facility to switch from post-paid to pre-paid and that too very easily within minutes. How can they insist a poor man to continue paying rent when he doesn’t have a job. An incoming number is the most needed one for a person who has lost job. Let them take the money form those who actually need the facility.

I have approached the consumer forum as the first step. Complaint Id: 11759.
Dated:- 13th Jan, 2009

The General Manager
Vodafone Essar Company.

Sub:- Complaint (Misbehaved with client)

This is the information to you that your two recovery agents sent by you came to me and misbehave with me in my office without region, they came with some fake bill and start talking nonsense and all the bulgur language in front of my colleagues, We have 10 witness also to prove what they talk with me. By god of grease one of my colleague was recording all the sins.

I am sending two photo-graphs for conformation that my point is right what I am going to inform you. As a responsible man and citizen of India so you know also rules and regulation and I also know the rules and regulation that is not correct that you people done with me.

Please give an appointment by phone or email.

This mail I am going to forward my advocate Mr. Shankar (High Court),
To Lokayoukt, Bangalore Mahanagarpalika and Consumer Court.

The photographs of those person and details are mentioned below in this letter.

I have a hope that you can understand better on this matter mentally and physically your people humiliate and torched me.

If tomorrow I will do the societal attempt you are the responsible man.

The details of those persons are:-

Phone no:- [protected] Vehicle no:- KA 05 Y 5670


Told the name GUPTA.
Phone No:- NA
Vehicle No:- KA 02 EH 6060.


Jitendra Kumar
dear sir i am BALKRISHNA YADAV a regular customer of VODAFONE. sir in my area we are facing a lot of problem of NETWORK COVERAGE .FOR THIS i have sent e-mail to NODAL OFFICER ;up(east) for installation of tower in SHANKERPUR BUT i am not getting any response
so sir please i need ur help for INSTALLATION of TOWER IN SHANKERPUR WHILE i am ready to give VACANT LAND
E-MAL- rakesh.[protected]
mob no.[protected]; [protected]
no use of complain as i m new useage of vodaphone but service in india poor n no response pls donn feel shy i[censored] can cntc me [protected] u agree with me bad service
The General Manager
Vodafone Essar Company.
Sant Nagar, New Delhi
Dear Sir,

This is to bring your kind notice that I have submitted the request alongwith complete set of documents

1) CAP form
2) Passport Copy
3) Photograph
4) Address change request letter
5) No objection certificate from the company on their Letter Head

to convert both the numbers ([protected] & [protected]) from corporate to individual and change the billing address but there is no feed back from ur customer care dept to change the category of both the connections [protected] & [protected] and change the billing address also.

I visited your sant nagar vodafone store thrice and met with Ms. Shweta Singh and this case is pening since last one month. Everytime, they are assuring me in writing as well as verbally that the same be changed within three working days but as of now there is no action from your vodafone team.

She informed me that the same will be done from the customer care department and our Mr. Parveez Aktar and Geeta Sharma is looking after the same. But neither he/she has taken any action nor Ms. Shwetha Singh inspite of my several repeated reminders through mail. Neither your vodafone team or nor Ms. Shweta Singh is responding my mails. ( copy enclosed)

We are very unhappy from the service proving by your vodafone team.

We need ur utmost attention to resolve this issue.


----- Original Message -----
From: geetu
To: [protected] ; SHWETA.[protected]
Cc: VODAFONECARE.[protected]
Sent: Wednesday, July 08, 2009 2:56 PM
Subject: REMINDER[protected]---Service Request No. [protected] -For your poor services again i have to visit you.

----- Original Message -----
From: geetu
To: SHWETA.[protected]
Cc: VODAFONECARE.[protected]
Sent: Wednesday, July 08, 2009 12:25 PM
Subject: Service Request No. [protected] -For your poor services again i have to visit you.

Ms. Shweta,

We are unable to understand what your dept. is doing, as you know this case is pending since last one month and i personally visited your vodafone store thrice to convert the number from coporate to invididual but your customer care dept [protected] is informing today again ( his name is Mr. Mukesh Kumar) that they do not have any request of this kind. As you know the complete set of documents were submitted to you on time but as of now there is no action neither from your end nor your customer care dept.

could you please give me the number of your Sr. Manager to file a complaint for the services you are providing to the customer?????/.

Kindly let me know so that i can visit him personally for the services vodafone team is having. Neither your Mr. Parveez Akhatar is taking action nor you for the same.


Geetu choubey

----- Original Message -----
From: geetu
To: SHWETA.[protected]
Sent: Wednesday, July 08, 2009 11:16 AM
Subject: Service Request No. [protected] - what is status to convert corporate connection to individual connection

Could you please confirm me that the category has changed at your end for both the numbers????????????

----- Original Message -----
To: geetu
Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2009 1:18 PM
Subject: RE: : Service Request No. [protected] - what is status to convert corporate connection to individual connection

Today the add change req will be processed


From: geetu [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2009 11:43 AM
Subject: : Service Request No. [protected] - what is status to convert corporate connection to individual connection

Dear Ms. Shweta,

This has reference to your below mail and my several visit to your vodafone store.

Kindly let me know what is the status to convert both the numbers ([protected] & [protected])from corporate to individual as there is no information at ur customer care dept to change the category of both the connections [protected] & [protected].

As you know i have visited thrice to your vodafone store and you assured me verbally and in writing also that the same will be done in three working days but as of now there is not action at ur end.

We are really disappointed the services you are providing to your customers. The same i have intimated directly to Vodafone care also in writing but no action at their end also. Copy of the response recd their end is also enclosed.


Geetu Choubey

Executive Secretary

----- Original Message -----


To: geetu

Sent: Friday, July 03, 2009 3:49 PM

Subject: RE: Service Request No. [protected]

Category will be change within 3 working days

After this I will process the req for address change which will be updated within 4 working days


From: geetu [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 5:55 PM
Subject: Service Request No. [protected]

Dear Ms. Shweta,

With ref. the the discussion had with you today at ur vodafone store, please find attached herewith the passport copy of Mr. Ramneek Chopra to change the billing address of both the numbers : [protected] & [protected] at the earliest.

As discussed today, make sure both the numbers should be converted into individual connection.

Also kindly immediately update the payment of Rs. 2000/- Transaction ID No. EOK-1-[protected] towards mobile No. [protected] and activate this connection at the earliest.

Your utmost attention is requested.

Thanks & regards,

Geetu Choubey

Executive Secretary

// Disclaimer //
sir my name is ravi sharma form jodhpur
my name is rajinder kumar 92 rupee deducted in my account i call customer care not confirm right reason i talk dharmender vibhishan and raj dharmender told me you call isd no but not confirm isd no 2nd time talk vibhishan told me you activeted vodaphone service but not confirm which service my mobile no is [protected] raj told me isd call but not confirm isd no i check dail no 5052424 last call duration 15 second dharmender asked i am talking 900 second both customer care member talk very rudally pls action dharmender raj and vibhishan and return my 92 rupee in my account please reply quickly
my emailid [protected]
dear sir
i m the old customer of vodafone i have taken four postpaid nos [[protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]] my two nos r missplacd so complained at vodafone point to disconnect these no they ask me to write an application n i wrote n shown my id to them after that they told me that they will disconnect them after the month end and now they are asking sending me the bill even after disconnection actually they havent disconnected the nos even the month end the insist me to take duplicate sims and now they have barred the calls of my other nos also i have also send mail to them also but there is no answer.
looking forward for ur coorporation

samunder sandhu
[[protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]]
Dear Sir

kindly inform me what is the disconnectting rule for the post paid sim (cusomer side and vodaphoneside)

i, SURAJIT DHAR, residing at sodepur, kol-110, have phone no. [protected], submitted all doccuments as per DOT instruction, to Barrackpure Vodaphone store (to mr sajal) on dated 12/11/10 friday, but my line is not activated till date...why??
Dt- 21st july 2011
Hi All,

I am a Vodafone prepaid sim user. On 7th july, VL 99 unlimited gprs plan was activated for my account.

I call the customer care number for many time. but no solve the my problem any customer care executive. My Problem is Not properly access in GPRS.

All time when access internet then showing error “Temporary Network Problem” and 2nd error is “Link Not available”

Vodafone GPRS & MMS service is not working properly in of Jharkhand (Ranchi)

2nd Problem is my Customer care number is blocked last 6 days.

Please solve the problem asap.


Santosh Kumar

Mobile No. [protected]

Ranchi (Jharkhand)

vodafone(u.p.east) — harrasement


I am a vodafone Postpaid subscriber since 2005,My name is VISHAL JAYASWAL & my mobile no. is +91-[protected].I am a sincere and genuine subscriber and i always pay all my bills on time.But yesterday(17.10.11) without any information they barred out going calls on my no.[protected] and when i asked the reason the cc executive Ashutosh tripathi/Amit both said that there is one more connection on the same billing address & that bill is not paid.I am sure that there is not such law and they have no right to bar my phone calls.
I am into international business and mobile phone is an important mode of communication for me. But Vodafone created unnecessary harassment for me.

Please help me in getting my phone unbarred at the earliest.

thanks & regards,

email id - [protected]
Dear Sir,

A vodafone connection No: [protected] is lying with my wife Smt. Tripti Dey Biswas who is very seriously upset due to your above vodafone connection regarding the following reason :

01. On 22.12.11, Rs.45/- deducted without any reason and pushed a colortune. On behalf of my wife, I contacted on 23.12.11 over phone to your customer care and Mr.Atanu Mondal attended and after hearing all the facts, he had assured that within 48 hours the money should be refunded. In the evening, Rs.15/ only refunded but Rs.30/- was due. On 26.12.11 at 11.22 a.m., I again contacted your centre (Ms Radha Saha attended the phone) and also assured that Rs.30/- will be refunded within four hours. But till now, no amount refunded by vodafone.

02. On 26.12.11, again Rs.45/- deducted without any reason and talked with Mr.Arnab Chatterjee, he has kindly provide Complaint No. [protected]. The amount refunded in the evening. Today, I tried to contact your No.[protected] but while pushing the No.6, that was returning to previous menu.

I am working in Andrew Yule & Co.Ltd. Vigilance Dept. and our Corporate Connection is postpaid Vodafone, and my connection is also prepaid Vodafone No:[protected]shifted from Tata to vodafone) I am very shocked to see your negative attitude and harassing the customer in this way. This type of fault / problems due to the lack of careness from your side is not expected from a reputable mobile phone company like vodafone.

I would, therefore, request you to please refund Rs.30/- immediately within 24 hours to my wife's vodafone connection No: [protected] without any loss of time. I will be thankful to you, if the amount is refunded at the earliest.

Manas Kumar Dey Biswas

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