1. Please Ref :-

(a) Teleconversation between Ms Sonia and Col RK Pathak of dated 02 Sep 09.

(b) Scanned copy of bill of Whirplool Washing Machine (attached).

(c) Email Help Desk India @ Whirlpool.com dt 03 Sep 09.

(d) Email Help Desk India @ Whirlpool.com dt 22 Sep 09.

(e) Email Help Desk India @ Whirlpool.com dt 03 Oct 09.

2. A lot of problem is being faced because of low level of servicing/response provided by your company which has further added due to rainy season. Two months have already passed but no response, may I once again request you to exchange the same at the earliest
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Aug 14, 2020
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Whirlpool Sensation Neo Washing Machine — Poor Customer Service from Whirlpool

I had bought a Whirlpool Washing Machine (Sensation Neo) in December'07. Last week I had some strange sounds coming out of the machine while it was running. After that following is the sequence of events that happened.
24/11/2008: I logged a complain (Ref No.: bg[protected]). The call centre executive promised me to get a call from the engineer within 2 hours. After not getting any call even after 5 hours, I again called up the customer care and they again promised me a call from executive within 2 hrs. Finally I got a call at 7:30 pm from the Whirlpool Executive. He gave me an appointment of 5:30 pm for 25/11/2008

25/11/2008: No one visited me at 5:30 pm. I called up the executive’s number, who was supposed to visit me, but it came as switched off. I called up the call centre again they assured that the executive will visit my place by 8:30pm, but no one turned up.

26/11/2008: Finally I get a call from this executive at 12 pm, telling me that he would like to visit my place immediately. As I am working and my office is around 15 km from my home, I asked him to come after 5 pm. But he said that since he's in the same area he would like to visit me now! Finally he agreed to come next day before 9:30 am

27/11/2008: The Whirlpool executive finally lands up at my home at 9:15 am. He checked the washing machine and finally told us that there was some problem with the suction motor and thats why the washing machine was creating such a lot of noise. He said that the part will have to be replaced. After he left our house, we tried to use this machine and to our horror, it had STOPPED WORKING! Till now it was only a sound problem, and after the executive’s visit, the machine had simply stopped working!! And when I called up the executive who had visited us, he very coolly informed me that the part is not in stock and hence please contact the Service Centre for any issues. I couldn't believe myself that I had wasted so much of time and money (in phone calls) to call an executive who would simply destroy my machine and wash his hands!! I called up the Service Centre at 5:30 pm and they assured me that I'll have a status by 7:30 pm. And when I called up at 7:30 pm then as very usual, there was no update and I was finally told that I can only get an update by 11 am next day.

28/11/2008: I called up the call centre at 11:30 am and again as very usual there was no update. The person asked me to call after 1hour. I again called up at 12:30 and AGAIN there was no update. This time they promised me for a call back within 1 hour. And somehow this time, I got a call from Whirlpool Head Office in Delhi. The person's name was Vikram and he promised me that since Saturday & Sunday are holidays, my machine will be repaired by 1/12/2008. After some discussion, I accepted this new deadline. But suddenly I received a call from Bangalore Service Centre and that lady very coolly told me that they will change the part on Wednesday (3/11/2008) !!

Sir, I am fed up the Whirlpool Service. Firstly the executive instead of repairing my machine makes it completely unusable and then Whirlpool doesn't even have the part to replace it ! After experiencing such a service, I would never think of buying a Whirlpool product in future. And finally can anyone help me to have my washing machine back into working condition!!

H 65 Whirlpool Washing machine — Whirlpool delivering used product

I brought a H 65 whirlpool washing machine few days back. To my surprize when i opened a used machine is delivered to me.

The engineer who came for installation says he had registed for a replacement but i had not not received any authorized proof or call from whirlpool as on 12 april 08. I had written a mail to authorities available in websites but no response as yet. Can any one give me the whirlpool VP's mail id or phone number?

K Padmappriya

wirlpool split ACmastermind 6th sense — AC NOT GIVING APPROPRIATE COOLING FROM DAY 1

my split ac is not working properly from day one with problems like compressor tripping,low cooling,and noise,swing system not working,remote not working

this is to inform every consumer that wirlpool is the worst consumer durable company in india with no quality products in there range and neither any service.service people are just engaged in fooling around with consumer by giving absurd excuses.

Whirlpool Washing machine (Sensational neo) — poor service

I purchased a washing machine on 01.11.07 but got repaired on 30.05.09 which is in the warranty period. After several reminders through phone, the service engineer from whirlpool came and took the old machine on 28.7.09 but still date they have not repalced the machine, nor they are giving a responsible reply, if i contact them over phone. Such a poor service I have never seen in my life. I request all the people who see this website not to purchase the whirlpool company items as the service from their side is very very poor. I am going to take legal action against the company by filling a case in the consumer court regarding this.


This is to inform you that i have purchased a washing machine (whirlpool 8KG) on Dated[protected] from NANDA ELECTRONICS Shop number-59 opposite T.B Hospital G.T.B NAGAR Delhi-9 vide invoice no. 3166 . Since 6th of MAY
the DRYER of this machine is not in working condition also an EXECUTIVE of your office came and attended the report
and brought to our notice that the MOTOR of dryer had been burned. Inspite of again and again reminder / telephonic message my complaint had not been attended till date.It is there for humbly requested that my machine may kindly be repaired because i,am facing problems. Kindly need full shall be done.
I have 285E refrigerator in my house at D9 Vidyut Apartment, Sector 12, Dwarka, New Delhi - 78. It went out of order and I made a complaint vide no.660 - DL [protected] yesterday the July 22, '12. Representative came yesterday and observed that compressor unit of the machine has gone out of order. I promptly paid the advance requested by him and my request was registered vide no. 27456 dated 22. 07.2012.
I have been contacting your service center as well as call center to arrange to expedite and replace the compressor by today evening as my wife is seriously sick and bed ridden. But every person contacted is telling me that compressor shall be delivered in Dwarka by evening of July 24 and may be replaced only on July 25, '12. I offered to pay the additional charges if any for expediting service and replace the compressor today but of no avail. All my requests to provide the telephone numbers of Faridabad office so that I may talk to them for expediting the delivery have also been refused.
Can some sensible person may take a trouble to read this complaint timely and arrange to get the compressor replaced today? as I am going to Guwahati on July 25, morning and my sick wife shall be alone in the house.

Mobile No. [protected]
HI, i m akhilesh chaudhary frm 26, saryu vihar in basant vihar kamla nagar agra
maine aapke yaha whirlpool machine ki complent likhayai thi 25 din pehle or ab tk koi bhi
nhi aaya meri complent par.
I (Linson varghese. contact no.[protected]/[protected]) purchased a washing machine (Model A-65 S) from M/S SHAM LAL KRISHAN LAL, New delhi Cant on 03 Nov 12 (Invoice No. RM-15). At the time of purchase I had requested for a Demo (DL-[protected]) . On 05 Nov 12 I received the washing machine from their Naraina go down (WAC QUARTERS 173/5 AIR FOCE STATION SUBROTOP ARK, N DELHI CANT). After repeated telephonic instruction to M/S SHAM LAL KRISHAN LAL[protected],[protected] Whirpool engineer Mr. Puri ([protected]) from Star world[protected] reached my home only on 09 Nov 12. He found out that spin motor of dryer is not working. He candidly admitted that spin motor is not available at go down (Star world) as it is newly opened and he was not able to tell me when he will be able to replace the motor. On 14, 15 & 19 Nov I contacted call centre[protected]. They were also not able to tell me when they will be able to repair my washing machine. As a last resort I contacted Star world on few occasions (Mr. Mahesh and Mr.Udith). They told me that presently spin motor is not available with them without giving me when they could replace spin motor.

After a delay of 25 days my washing machine is still not working. This mail is a last ray of hope. I want my washing machine to be replaced immediately failing on which i will have to move consumer court.

Hoping an early solution.
Sub: Complaint of Whirlpool Refrigerator purchased……

I have purchased Whirlpool Refrigerator model: 12118 ELT, Serial No.INE[protected] for Rs.24900/- from the authorised dealer NEXT RETAIL INDIA LTD., Karamana, Thiruvanamthapuram, Kerala on[protected] vide invoice No.16531 and the Refrigerator was working to my full satisfaction. Recently I noticed that 6th Sense Cooling System ( auto cooling) is not working.
On 13/10/2012, I called the customer care and registered a complaint (Reg.No.08287) and the service person came on[protected] and told the control card has gone the same has to be replaced and agreed to replace the control card within two days and he went. I contacted service dealer of Whirlpool many times. But till this time (04.12.12) nobody has come and complaint many times Customer Care also.
Being a company having much reputation and satisfied customers all over the country, a customer purchases that brand with the belief that his interests will be protected in the entire concerned field. Here I also purchased the Whirlpool Refrigerator only on that belief and moreover it is WHIRLPOOL so I am expecting the same protection from Whirlpool and am proud of being a consumer of WHIRLPOOL items.
My request to you is that, the fault is to be cleared by the company itself with charges from the customer. So, I request your kind attention in this matter and hope that the necessary action will be taken at the earliest.

Manikantan Nair N
Vazharathala House, Mampazhakkara
Perumpazhuthoor PO, Neyyattinkara, Thiruvananthapuram
E-mail: mknnair.[protected]@gmail.com
service at the service centre-bhopal is very bad-technicians dont know what is the problem exactly.moreover the branch manager at this center doesnt respect ladies and talks rubbish-given compaint to the branch coordinator at indore, but no action has been taken neither against the br.manager nor the service center.facing lot of problems withthe washing machine under warranty.
Dear Sir,

Thank you for sending your engineer against SR No: KL [protected]. Satisfaction Code: 756.
He has Changed the Defective Blower Motor Fitment and Refrigerator is working now.

My Main Complaint is about the Parts Charges - Rs. 900/- for the Small Motor Fitment over & above the visiting charges of Rs.285/-.

It is apparent to us that Parts Cost Charged is too high.


For, Mala Chatterjee
H/o Ananda Chatterjee
M: [protected]
Sub: Complaint of Whirlpool Refrigerator.

I have purchased Whirlpool Refrigerator model:Dc 205 5S, Serial No.INC[protected] from KARMAKAR STEEL FURNITURE, KARIMPUR, Nadia, West Bengal on[protected] vide invoice No.3549.From September, 2012 cooling system completely dead. I called the customer care at least 7 times and registered complaint (Reg.No.KL63/08121159;KL[protected];KL[protected] etc) and the service person came on[protected] and told the compressor has gone and agreed to replace the compressor within 7 days and he went. I contacted the customer care of Whirlpool & complaint many times.
Being a company having much reputation and satisfied customers all over the country, a customer purchases that brand with the belief that his interests will be protected in the entire concerned field. Here I also purchased the Whirlpool Refrigerator only on that belief and moreover it is WHIRLPOOL so I am expecting the same protection from Whirlpool and am proud of being a consumer of WHIRLPOOL items.
My request to you is that, the fault is to be cleared by the company. So, I request your kind attention in this matter and hope that the necessary action will be taken at the earliest.
I bought whirlpool ac last year during the month of may. As u are providing three free services none has been provided so far. I have called customer care centre for free service on 5th of may. i was given sr no. ch[protected]. it has not been attended so far. the engineer from service centre insists on coming at the time of his choice which is during day time. I have been asking him to come at 5 pm. for which he doesnt agree.
On 6th of may he gave me 4 pm time, i left all my work to reach home but he did not come. on calling him he said his boss has assigned some
other person for the job who also did not come. I wonder if this is the after sales service provided by the company. on reporting the matter to customer care, they suggested me to post complaint against service center. the name of center is AAR AAR ENTERPRISES, CHANDIGARH
PHONE NO. OF ENGINEER AND HIS BOSS IS [protected] AND [protected] RESPECTIVELY. I have experienced same difficulty at the time of installation. I had to call repeatedly to Mr. Vijay from AAR AAR ENTERPRISES, who is the busiest person on this earth, toget my split ac installed.
Sir my whirlpool split ac compressor is not working under warranty period, firstly i have complained on 13th may 2013 and still no one responded to my complain yet and neither they correctely answer to my calls. i have complained minimum 10 times but no one took my complain on a serious note. when i call on my local whirlpool service centre they refer to as companies fault and vice versa is the case when i call on customer care .today i talked to mr vinod singh on whirpool customer care he said u will get all information on local whirlpool serivce centre regarding replacement. kindly tell me the exact date of repair or replacement please kindly help me as soon as possible i would be highly oblized to you.
Dear Sir, My complaint is about your service agents "Three Star Solution" Kaniyapuram, Trivandrum, Kerala. I made an official complaint with coustomer care dated 8th oct 2013 satisfaction code 640 for SR CO[protected]. Even after repeated requests verbally and through fax communications from costomer care side as well as mine is being ignored by the above service centre for completing the repair work and reinstatement of my split whirpool A/c. As all other options are exhausted I am approaching you for forcing them to fulfill their obligations. Please do the necessary as early as possible.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

Vinayan Nagar
Thirunagar road
Pangapara P O, near Sreekaryam
Sir, Re : Repairing/change/Replaced washing machine White Magic 1-2-3 NXT 653H Complain No-KL[protected] Dt[protected].

For the above complain your engineer visit and made
a service request for repairing the washing machine on date for change
some partService request no. 6799 dt[protected]. But till date that was not done and I am now in very problem for this.

REMINDERS: Through[protected]. Dt[protected] Reply: We look the matter within 24 hours. 2.Dt[protected] Reply: We inform you within 5 hours. 3.Dt[protected] Reply: We inform you through service centre.

4.Dt[protected] Reply: We inform you later 5.Dt[protected] Reply: Gave me the contact no [protected] but they not respond my call. 6.Dt[protected] Reply: We look the matter within working 24 hours.

7.Dt[protected] Reply: Gave me the contact no [protected] but they not respond my call and customer executive give me old complain no.
So my request you to change the washing machine White Magic 1-2-3 NXT 653H for solve the problem.

Dated: 04.08.2014
Sub: Request for replacement of Whirlpool Refrigerator-reg.
I have purchased Whirlpool Refrigerator model: IC 305 Neo PRM(n) 3S Silver Fiesta, from SHREE GANESH AGENCY, BHARUCH- 392001, Gujarat PH.[protected] on[protected] vide invoice No.1290. From very first day cooling system was not working properly in both compartment and after two weeks cooling system completely dead. I made a complain to the customer care on 23.06.2014 and registered complaint ( AH[protected]) and the service person came on[protected] and told that ice has frozen in the back portion of refrigerator and freezer and he melt the ice with the help of boiled water. But after second day same problem occurred. I made a complain on 30.06.2014 vide complain no. AH[protected] the service person came on 02.07.2014 and check the refrigerator properly and told that it has a manufacturing defect and to resolved that problem a timer machine has to be installed but I denied for the same because it has a manufacturing defect and why should I installed a timer machine etc accessories separately.
After that I contacted Mr. Sorabh Agrawal, Service Manager Surat (mob no. [protected]) at least 15 times for replacement of refrigerator. Every time he replied that he is outside of Surat. Then once he told that a service person from Pune will visit shortly to consider your complain but I have been continuously disappointed by that fellow since last one month as no service person/representative from your company has visited. From last two months I have been depressed from the service and entire time taking process and having no option but to complaint directly to customer care.
I purchased refrigerator in the month of June for enjoying summer vacation and to serve best to our guest but all in vain. Being a reputed company and having worldwide Business entity and satisfied customers all over the world, a customer purchases your products with the belief that his interests will be protected in the entire concerned field. Here I also purchased the Whirlpool Refrigerator only on that belief and moreover it is WHIRLPOOL so I am expecting the same protection from Whirlpool and am proud of being a consumer of WHIRLPOOL items. I request you to consider positively and replace the refrigerator as soon as possible and take personal interest in this matter and hope that the necessary action will be taken at the earliest so that I need not to knock the door of the Consumer Court for natural justice. I hope I may not be disappointed this time.

Devendra singh
Central Excise colony
Near navsarjan bank
Ankleshwar, Distt-Bharuch
Mob No. [protected]
E.mail- [protected]@yahoo.com

water likes. problem

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