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Whirlpool India — Fraudulent companies in the name of whirlpool

 Delicia paul on Jan 15, 2017
I had problem with my whirlpool fridge. Got whirlpool service number from Google. They came and charged 3250 on Jan 3 2017 but still not serviced well. When I try calling them they inform about coming home to check but they never turned up. Please check fraudulent companies who are spoiling the whirlpool name. People beware of this fraud company. They are not worth it. They changed the board n sensor but still my fridge is not working. Kindly withdraw the license of this fradulent company....
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Whirlpool India — Washing machine service center

 ashusonu85 on Jan 6, 2017
Whirlpool service center at kalavati market, gumanpura, kota is worst service center i have ever seen.s/c engineer dosent konw about anything.their owner have no controlled their engineer.when engineer visit at home they told some charges and when equipment reached at service center their ower told some other charges, means owner cheated and their staff and himself behaviou r is not good with customer....
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Whirlpool India — Replacement of refrigerator

 anganabiswas on Jan 4, 2017
We have purchased a whirlpool refrigerator on 18th Nov'16 from Raipur Electronics - dealer(charu avenue). Ref-Neo FR278 ROY PLUS 4S SB, Model No. 20365, Sl. No. INA154701837, amounting to Rs. 21, 834.25. The fridge was installed on the same day evening. But on 27th Dec it was found that the refrigerator is not cooling properly and all food is becoming stale. We had reported to the franchisee as well as whirpool customer care on that very day. And we have been following up with the customer care since that day on daily basis. Till last week it was told that the refrigerator would be replaced within...
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Whirlpool India — Delivered Damaged Machine and no proper Response

 arun_2911 on Jan 1, 2017
Dear Sir/Madam,

I have purchased Whirlpool Washing machine on 25th Dec'16. They delivered the machine on 25th Dec'16 evening.

Whirlpool representative came to our resident for installation and confirmed the machine is damaged.

For past one week we are following on this there is no response on this issue.

Please find the following details and provide the replacement ASAP.

Customer Name: Rangarajan, Mobile NO: 9941527355
Bill no: 12410000314123


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Whirlpool India — Compressor warranty

 babul_rita on Dec 20, 2016
Hello, I purchased a refrigerator from a Factory outlet for seconds in 2012. I was reassured by the seller that the only damage is a dent on the door and the full compressor warranty will apply. Now when I the refrigerator is not working and I filed a complaint with Whirlpool, they are saying that it is not 2012 but an old 2010 fridge in their records and they will not honor the warranty. Initially, they said that the warranty does not apply on the receipt date but the manufacturing date which is 2010. Then they wasted two weeks by saying that they are discussing it with seniors, When they did not...
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Whirlpool India — Abnormal sound in machine

 vivekdvdmanit on Dec 18, 2016
Machine again starts giving huge abnormal sound.
How many times we have to go through this headache. Every time engineer visit, do some rectification and again problem starts within short period of time.
Machine is opened and rectified by whirlpool representative 4 to 5 times but problem is not resolving.
Pl take some strict action to resolve the issue permanently as we are fed up with this machine sound.
what next???????????
and how many days whirlpool will take to resolve the issue permanently.

Problem Not resolved!!! Problem is there...
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Whirlpool India — Washing machine is not working properly [Resolved]

 hemant_257 on Dec 13, 2016
Dear sir/ma'am,


I hope you all have already gone through our earlier email conversations.

I would like to bring your notice that, your replaced appliance i. E washing machine model-31106 is not working completely.

We have already followup many times on your toll free number, but still we didn't get any positive outcome from your side. I would like to know how long it will take to fix this issue and who will be help us to take care of this issue as earliest possible.

As we know very well, you will provide better...
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Whirlpool India — Whirlpool Washing machine produces huge sound struggles to operate [Resolved]

 SurendarG on Dec 10, 2016
Whirlpool STAINWASH ULTRA Washing machine was purchased recently (less than 6 months old). But, it produces huge sound during operation and water also leaking from the pipe. I am staying in Electronics city, Bangalore and below is my contact details. Please send a service person immediately and fix this issue.

My name : Surendar
Mobile : 99166 86426
Address : Flat no C211, D - Block, GM E-City Town,
Thirupalya, Near Neo town, Electronics city phase 2,
Bangalore, Karnataka - 560 100....
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Whirlpool India — Cheating customers for repair service [Resolved]

 Arunjpatel on Dec 7, 2016
My Whirlpool refrigerator was not cooling properly so I called Whirlpool service number given by Just dial.
They send the service person and he checked the refrigerator and told me that the fan motor was jammed and it will cost me ₹2, 850. As I thought he was Whirlpool service person, I agreed for the service.
He replaced the motor in 15 minutes which was brought in a an open box with removed label. He gave me an invoice from 'Expert Repair Service '. I was surprised to see the invoice from a different company than Whirlpool. When I asked he said that they are the service contractors...
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Whirlpool India — Refrigerator became useless within one year but no service [Resolved]

 sursaha on Dec 2, 2016
I bought refrigerator of model number ic305neoroy (midnight bloom) and the refrigerator became useless (no cooling) just after one year.

My complain is why whirlpool made such product which became useless just within one year and whirlpool company is asking the charges for every parts along with visiting charge.

Whirlpool is making people of india fraud to sell the product of worth rs 30000/= (thirty thousands+) just for one year....
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Whirlpool India — No Service Support for Double Door Refrigerator 2009 model [Resolved]

 guptasndp10 on Nov 30, 2016
My Double door refrigerator (2009 model) got broke down on 23rd November 2016. I called up the customer care on 25th November 2016 and got the complaint registered. Next day technician visited our house to see the issue. After inspection, he told that the WIRING KIT has been damaged by rats and could no longer be repaired. He also told us that this WIRING KIT may not be available in store since this is an old model, so the only way to fix this is to replace it with some TIMER model which will cost us 4500INR with just 3 months warranty.

My concern is that why they don't have WIRING...
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Whirlpool India — After sales service related

 Sunil Sekhri on Nov 29, 2016
My Whirlpool 450 Lts refrigerator, had undergone a compressor change at the authorized service center in Jan 2016. Somewhere in mid of this year, it stopped cooling while the compressor was running normally. That's when it all started.
The authorized service engineer diagnosed the fault as module failure, and the same was replaced at a cost of something around Rs.4500/-. The problem persisted, as every week / 10 days, the fridge stopped cooling despite the fact that the compressor was running. A couple of times the engineer came, opened the back of freezer compartment, removed ice accumulations...
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Whirlpool India — Problem of water leakage in my Refrigerator [Resolved]

 hkpatel201 on Nov 26, 2016
I have problem of water leakage in my Refrigerator. Actually i have already complaints two times and paid one time RS. 350/-
And i know very well that this problem is because of water tray is not built properly with this model. This is built in product issue then why i have to pay again for new water tray? I know i am not in warranty, but there is product built in issue and i was out of state from last few month after buying this item so i was unable to find the issue exactly.

Today i have received call from technician person and he ask me to pay again to replace...
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Whirlpool India — Complaint against service center - refrigerator 310 dlx platinum double door [Resolved]

 SachinGulati on Nov 18, 2016
Hi Sir,

I have a double door 310 ltr fridge and got it serviced from Anushree enterprises in the month of April 2016 and they replaced parts such as biometal and Timer. After that also, the fridge never functioned as normal. A very little cooling was maintained. In the middle plate, the cooling was slightly better. Things got spoiled on a regular basis. Due to my travel and hectic routine, i never complained it again but i told the technicians that it is not working as expected. They said no sir it is okay. The prices charged for Biometal and Timer were exhorbitantly high which i...
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Whirlpool India — Two door professional fridge [Resolved]

 espea on Nov 18, 2016
The lower door of the frigde has a hinge problem and out of alignment, it tends to stay open if not closed properly. After complaint ldged on 65653196, technician, after paying inspection charges od rs515/-advised, to go for exchange as the hinged part is not available, however, would confirm in two days. After 10 days, same reply discard the fridge/part not available since it is 6 year old. Is there no quality control/inventory to service the fault? My earlier fridge lasted over 20 years....
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Whirlpool India — Fridge not repaired [Resolved]

 abhishekgaur9 on Nov 15, 2016
I am having a Whirlpool refrigerator which was purchased last year on 08/11/2015. After many complaints and follow up my refrigerator is not repaired till date because spare part is not available. My question is that whirlpool is America's No 1 brand in spite of that they don't have enough spares with their service center at Muzaffarpur and also not available at Patna.
When will i call to customer care center muzaffarpur they are saying we have send an email regarding replacement of damage part. No updation
till date and i am facing problem. Please resolve my issue.
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Whirlpool India — Service provided by service centre Sadguru enterprise by whirlpool is pathetic [Resolved]

 Sonytolani on Nov 11, 2016
We had complained regarding whirlpool refrigerator because the fridge was not getting cold and neither there was formation of ice. The mechanic charged us a bomb of Rs.6500 plus 515 for visiting charges for changing heating system and filling gas for cooling. Within 15 days of service (17/10/16) the fridge spoilt further blowing out hot air. Inspite of repeated complaints they have not sent their mechanic again. Seems everyone goes for Namaz 24/7. When they want to earn money on first visit they are ready to come anytime.
Pathetic company n pathetic services. Will not buy anything in future...
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Whirlpool India — ID: 1419646 [Resolved]

 kitta333 on Nov 5, 2016
In response to my complaint on oct 17th. the company sent me another fridge of same model after receiving the old one on 31st oct. this one also has the following damages. 1. compressor and the connecting parts seems tobe repaired just before packing.( the paint spilled all over the bottom support pack, photograph 1) 2. inside the fridge the support for second shelf is damaged(photograph 2) 3. inside door of freezer compartment has three dimples and small perforations ( holes) in several places unevenly( photograph3). The same was brought to the notice of the company person i.e. service in-charge...
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Whirlpool India — Customer care giving fake promises & denying repair of my washing machine [Resolved]

 anand.083112 on Nov 4, 2016
Dear executive,

Since the day of purchase of my whirlpool washing machine, i started facing issues. Now the warranty period is over and i have spend more than the amount of the price of washing machine for its repair. The pcb also changed and now again the same pcb got damaged and when i notified this issue to the concerned people then they told like within 2 days they will send the technician for repair and nobody came. I am fed up with their behavior towards the customers.

Sub:whirlpool washing machine model:12203 - complaint st:28-10-16
Ref: office registered...
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Whirlpool India — Whirlpool 360 machine fully automatic [Resolved]

 Ankita3115 on Nov 3, 2016
Its not even been a month the machine doesn't function its hot and cool water function at all. the technician says its a problem with the panel. and within a month some technician say its an issue with the motor . how pathetic that a machine not even used for 30 days cannot function properly and give so many problems.
we replaced ifb and chose whirlpool being an Indian brand and this is its state....
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