[Resolved]  Whirlpool India — No response to complaint

I had purchased a Whirlpool Sensation Elite Washing Machine 0n 24 Feb 07. Further, a comprehensive warranty for 2 years was taken on 27 Feb 09.

The machine stopped working on 5 Sep 09. A complaint was registered with their Home care centre in Pune on the same day (Complaint # PN[protected]). A technician came on 7 Sep 09. He was unable to carry out the repairs. I was assured that a senor engineer would come the next day and solve the problem.

Today it is 19 Sep 09. Let alone carrying out the repairs, they have not even taken the trouble to call me even once. I have been calling them almost daily. Every time I am told to be patient and the repairs will be carried out soon.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Whirlpool — Not giving Service

We have purhchased the Whirlpool Washing machine in 2005 and renewed the warrant period in 2008 upto 2010. The machine stoped working in the first week of may 09, When we lodge a complaint with Customer Care, they are promising me that engineer will be visiting today or tommorow. But that today/tommorow never came. On 10/06/2009 one engineer from Kevin Services (Kharkana, Sec'bad) Authorised Service Partner has came and taken the machine to work shop for repairing the same. On 22/06/2009, Transporter has come with machine and taken Rs. 400/- as transport charges. When we tried the machine, we found that Service Center has despatched the machine with out doing anything.

As we are handicapped with Machine for more than two months, it is becoming very difficult.

My cell no is [protected]

The complaint number given by customer care on phone is 4328
I have purchased Whirpool refrigerator Sr. No. INA[protected]Y on 30th April 2006. Now there is no cooling in the refrigerator and also short circuit in the body of the refrigerator. I am trying again and again in Ph. No.[protected] but no one picking up the phone for complaint.
It is thereofre requested to do the needfuly for early repare.
Saroj Dwivedi
MLIG-4/443 Sector-H
Jankipur, Luckow
Cell No.:[protected]

Whirlpool/ Washing Machine — no responce in attending complaint

i have purchease washing machine on 04.11.2007 which is still under warranty till 03.11.2009.
it has stopped working on 21.10.09. i have regidtered complet via Comp. No -NP[protected]. i am following with customer care since last 3 days daily but no body turned up to attend the complaint.
I have purchased one Auto Washing Machine through M/s. Pantaloon vide their cash memo no. T20/10323 dt.20.10 09 and it was paid by cheque on 14.10.09. after receipt of machine it was found defective by your service engineer Mr. Santanu De on 27.10.09.Accordingly service request had benn made by service request no(SRN) 14165. dt 27.10.09.

But till date I have not received any possitive reply from your end from kolkata. On the contrary I haveen harased by your service people by providing different telephone no.which are fake (I feel).

Please note that we have been adviced by friend to purchase your mmake, accordingly I Purchased one Refrigetor and one washing machine on the same date, refrigerator has got no problem.

I would request you to please send proper reply and replacement.


Jharna Choudhurt
BD314, Salt Lake, Sactor-I
Mobile [protected].
I had complaint on date[protected] no is 589.& next day he is also attend my complaind but i am not satisfied with him because my complained still pending.write now washing machine not working.
my mobile no [protected].
machine whirlpool 8 kg semiautomatic
bad response
Similar is my case with whirlpool. I registered for repair works for my whirlpool fridgewiththe customer cell on 23rd Nov 2009. The no. the customer cell allotted me is 40182.Till (today) 30th Nov, 2009 no one has attended. Whenever we call them we get a very polite human reply that within two hours we will be called and their service personnel will be at our doorsteps.Thisnever happens and we have been trying over phone three times daily only to hear different human voice but we get the same reply. This speaks very ill of the reputation of whirlpool. Expecting the service person some one has to be always at home by applying for leave and losing salary.Is there anyone in whirlpool who could attend to this so that whirlpool can turn around in establishing them as a reliable brand.
I have purchased a Micro wave oven just two years ago, I had a problem last month and one service engineer attended and told us to replace the control panel for which we have agreed to replace
Sofar no response from any of your service engineer and also there is no body to attend the call for the number given by the concerned person
Two days ago agian i made a complaint in customer cell and agreed to send the engineer by yesterday, agian it gone in vein, no body was turned up so far.
Is there any system in Whirlpool to attend the customer complaint and to take a suitable corrective acion can be taken
Some body may help me resolve the problem immediatley
Respected Sir,

kindly arrange fault rectifier in my whirlpool-washing machine, I am doing complaint regular pass one week from 21/12/2009. No response, what I do, I don't know now, Please arrange this one time next newly whirlpool.
Your Chennai Home care centre not take action in my compaint and not give me compaint register No. following. From Date: 21.12.09.

Auto Sparkle:
SERIAL NO; INB[protected]
DATE 0F MFG.17 Dec 2003.
1.My whirlpool washing mechine purchase date:14/1/2004.
2..I am continue contacting AMC you are Chennai care centre:

1. 1st AMC date 17/6/2006, Reciept No.3369, at authorised service partner of whirlpool,
. 2. 2nd AMC date 02/1/2007, Rerceipt No.5690, at authorised service partner of whirlpool,
3. 3rd AMC date 27.6.08, Receipt No.3747, at authorised service partner of whirlpool,
4. 4th AMC date 5.7.09, Receipt No.3319, at authorised service partner of whirlpool,
Be Complaint in present this time.

I believe you: You take action Immediately.

Present Phone No. [protected].

Your whirlpool washing machine at work excellent two years. Next sevice slowly or careless.

Phone No. [protected].
This mail is in reference to the poorest costumer care service provided by Whirlpool. I had bought a Whirlpool Inverter on the 05/01/10 from QRS in Trivandrum. Since then began the nightmare of calling up the so called customer care service. From the time I bought the inverter, till date I have already faced problems with the machine at least five times. Being a patron of Whirlpool I had decided to go for this in spite of my friends warning me as this was newly launched product. Every time I have a problem I call up the customer care and they assure me that a person would come and fix the problem within next 24 hours, but it never happens. Finally after the third problem one person showed up and had a look at the machine and said he wouldn’t be able to help as he was not an engineer. I really don’t understand why the person was sent if he didn’t know anything about inverters. Isn’t the Service Center supposed to send qualified technicians to attend to guest complaints? Again on 19th of this month the inverter started giving me problems and on 20th I called up the customer care and as usual they assured me someone will come and rectify the same, it has been a week since then and till date nobody has bothered to call or come to rectify the inverter. If you can retrieve the records for the number of times I have called your customer care in Trivandrum you will actually be surprised. Now I am in Bangalore and my parents alone are at home (for whom I had bought this) and they find it difficult without an inverter as there are lot of power cuts in that area. False promises and assurances have become the tagline for your so called Customer Care Service. The people at the Customer Care Centre are least bothered about the problems of the client and either they keep on transferring the calls or put you on hold till you hang up.

I am in the process of settling down in Bangalore and had booked a couple of home appliances for my house but after this kind of service I have no faith in Whirlpool and most importantly the people hired by Whirlpool.

Incase of any more information from my end, please feel free to get in touch with me at – [protected].

Mr. Raghu. S
i registred an case on for my refrigirator and they said they will charge since its extended warrenty, i agreed and the first day techinician came with small bag( doesnt contain any tools in that, just some files) i dont what he want to check and he just tested the electric connections and said i didnt understand the problem i will come along with another guy tomo, and that tomo never came till date its already 10 days, every day i call the customer care and politly they "we apolize for your inconvenience" it will be done. but they even dont care to call back to update weather they will do it or not.

i wish to spit on the face of managment who takes care of the customer care. really

whirlpool sensation — no response from the service provider

I made a complaint with the customer care on 26th September.My complaint no. was AH[protected].The service enginner(Mr. Nirav ) (Ph. No.[protected]) who came detected the problem said that the part has to be called from the company which might take 3 - 4 days.Since then there is no response from their side even after repaeatedly folloeing up.I even contacted the supervisor(Mr. Mitesh Shah) who was suppose to get back with a date as to when the machine can be repaired by 24 hrs. but its more than 72 hrs. now.
I am expecting some strong action now.
shuchi sharma.
Quality and Sevice Whirpool washing machine section is pathetic. They charge very high compare to other local brands with poor service. I suggest - escalate this to their headquarter and copy to all Board members in the mail. I did the same and got immediate reply in 24 hours. Quality of product being aside which is certainly below par ...response time has improved when u copy to board members. Get their email id from the Whirpool India website

Any questions - please mail me [protected]@yahoo.com




i have my post paid number [protected] this number dis connect service
because my area is out side & no network in a airtel so ple i have discontinue this service. i have last payment december.

i am interested your airtel agency for the card is new ceate in pune

Whirlpool — Incorrect serial number on AMC receipt

The serial no. on AMC receipt was written wrong. The original serial no. of the refrigerator is INA[protected]. This AMC is done by Mr.Harjeet Singh on 9-8-2010. So kindly take strict action against him and recovered this AMC.

Subject: illiterate, abusive, irresponsible and urgent behaviour of Whirlpool customer care and its agency Sri Saisaran Service . Issue of Refrigerator not resolved ticket number 26580 & 10340.

I am totally dissatisfied by the irresponsible behaviour of Whirlpool employees. The disconnect my call whenever I call them to log complaint about my long pending Refrigerator issue (Since 7th May 2013). In addition to that the escalation manager is such irresponsible and doesn't want to take ownership of issues, instead he simple asks the agent to say that he is busy in meeting and disconnect the call. I tried about 5 times out of which he picked the first time and rest of 4 times he false commits via agent that he will give a cal with in 1 hour. His name is Parthasarathy. The irresposible agents who where just passing time by giving a false commitments were Ram, Arif, Ganesh, Moorthy and sivakumar. These guyz always disconnected when I give a call. Is this the service provided by the Whirlpool and its agency Sri Saisaran Service (Medavakkam) Ph.No:[protected].
I have fridge issue since May 7th. The Sri Saisaran Service guy (Subramaniam) came and he troubleshooted the fridge and said that the Compressor is fine there is issue with GAS block. After doing something he said the issue is resolved and tricked us to give the satisfaction code. They closed the ticket with that code without our knowledge. The Issue was still there. I called the service center many times and they came again Subramaniam (Technician) and Balasubramaniam (SPOC for escalation). Balasubramnian told that he will make sure the issue will be resolved and I can call him directly. This time the technician said that there is issue with compressor. The technician doesn't even know to troubleshoot he told that the compressor is good and later he says the compressor is bad. I am sure he did something and tampered the compressor. When I call Balasubramaniam as he told me to call directly, he speaks rudely and says that he won't do anything and I have to call his office Sri Saisaran Service.
Since the old ticket was closed by cheating us. I thought creating new ticket will resolve the issue and I strictly told the customer care not to close the ticket until I say. This ticket was raised on 15th May 2013 and without my knowledge it was closed on 18th May 2013.
Such an irresponsible customer care and cheating service agencies Whirlpool has. When I call Sri Saisaran Service, Vijay picks the call and says that the complaint will be opened only for 3 days and if the issue is resolved or not it will be closed. Such a false commitment and cheats Whirlpool and its agencies has.
I called on 20th and ordered new compressor and it's been a week now, still it hasn't arrived. I was calling the agency daily about the compressor and they were repeatedly giving false commitments that the it will come next day. When I called customer care to escalate this irresponsible and rude behaviour of Agency. I was surprised to hear that the new ticket was also closed stating that "Customer refused to pay" on 18th May 2013. It didn't had any update stating that I called on 20th May 2013 and ordered new compressor.
Just to save their SLA(Service Level Agreement) between Customer care and Agencies. They take customer for a toss and close the tickets without resolving their issues. They don't even bother to understand the feelings and frustration of customer. Such a pathetic service is provided by Whirlpool and its agency Sri Saisaran Service.
If I say I will escalate since the issue is not resolved, both the Customer care and the Agency starts to speak rudely as if no one will ask or question them, for their rude and irresponsible behaviour. I believe We the customer pay them and they are suppose to understand the customer feelings and have to resolve their issues rather than hurting their feelings and playing around with the customer.
I may be rude in my email because I have gone through such an harassment for a month now. I don't have any hope from whirlpool (its service and its agencies).
I strongly recommend my friends, colleagues, neighbours, relatives and others not to encourage the Whirlpool business by purchasing their products. I have raised this complaint in consumer complaints, Mouthshut and other grievance websites.
My Name is Syed Ikram. My phone number is :[protected].
I am sure that no one will call me to check my issue, in fact it's the issue happening to every customer who have purchased Whirlpool product. I have come to my senses that I should not purchase anything from Whirlpool.
this is for the poorest customer service provided by the whirlpool company. i have registered a complaint with whirlpool and have been provided with the SR no. KL[protected] for replacement of a part of my refrigerator . i have been assured by the office people to get my problem solved within a week but today, 8th of june 2013 i am told to wait for another 1 week. neglecting the problem i'm facing without refrigerator in the summer time. i just want to know who is responsible behind this delay? and now when i call from my number to them, it is disconnected or not responded by the concerned people in the kolkata office . i can only get hold of them by calling from other numbers. now i have promised myself not to purchase any product from whirlpool and also to suggest others not to buy anything from this company as well. i never expected such a renowned company to be so much negligent and casual.

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