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 Parita Shah
I have had a very bad experince with yatra.com. Detailed communication is given below.

Parita Shah

Greetings !!

As discussed with you a little while back as per the policy,we would not be able apply the Scheghen visa as your UK visa has already been refused.

If you want to apply then you can apply on your own.

As of now the total cancellation charges which will apply as you have also taken Andaman will be as per the below.

Andaman Package Cost: INR 31,999 X 2 = INR 61,998
UK visa fees: INR 5,700 X 2 = INR 11,400
Booking Amout: INR 10,000 X 2 = INR 20,000

Total cancellation charges as of now: INR 93,398/-

Amount Paid By you: INR 92,000

Greetings !!

Fraud 1 : Announcing free offers for which you intend to charge later on.
Fraud 2: You convince customers that you shall have a memorable tour with all bookings & visa managed by you.
Fraud 3: You do not properly verify the documents to be submitted for visa application when you have promised for the same.
Fraud 4: You delay filing visa application in which case in an event of rejection one cannot re apply
Fraud 5: You do not provide adequate vouchers & air tickets to satisfy the consulate in the event of which the visa is rejected.
Fraud 6: You fraudently sell your unsold seats of Andaman by declaring it as free &
later charge for the same.
Fraud 7 You do not apply for Schegen visas with vouchers and easily cancel the tour & forfeit the amount paid.
Thank You once again for such a memorable experience which I shall share with every person I know & every person I do not know

Parita Shah

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From: parita shah <paritanimit@yahoo.com>
To: mayka <mayka_holding@yahoo.com>
Sent: Sat, April 16, 2011 4:05:20 PM
Subject: Fw: <.FW.>'yatra=[protected]' package trip to europe(parita)

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From: parita shah <paritanimit@yahoo.com>
To: Saroj Jena <saroj.jena@yatraonline.com>
Cc: Gagandeep Sidhu <gagandeep.sidhu@yatraonline.com>; inthtlsales@yatraonline.com; nimit <konkanelec@rediffmail.com>
Sent: Sat, April 16, 2011 3:06:01 PM
Subject: Fw: <.FW.>'yatra=[protected]' package trip to europe(parita)


Dear Gagan ,Saroj,

Please provide us with hotel confirmation vouchers, Air ticket confirmations & detailed itenary which is a must to apply for Schegan Visa. Already there has been a lot of delay from your end in application of visas. Now with only 4 working days left prior to departure, any delay from your end should be considered as cancellation from your end as it is your responsibilty to furnish the vouchers on time. Please note our booking date was Sun, January 23, 2011 more than 3 months prior to departure. Kindly refund the total amount we have paid Rs. 92,000 till date if you have not booked the accomodations & air tickets.

I hope to get a positive response from your end & you shall not spoil the reputation of the company which took years to build.

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From: parita shah <paritanimit@yahoo.com>
To: Saroj Jena <saroj.jena@yatraonline.com>
Sent: Fri, April 15, 2011 12:22:32 PM
Subject: Fw: <.FW.>'yatra=[protected]' package trip to europe(parita)

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From: parita shah <paritanimit@yahoo.com>
To: Gagandeep Sidhu <gagandeep.sidhu@yatraonline.com>
Cc: inthtlsales@yatraonline.com
Sent: Fri, April 15, 2011 11:24:28 AM
Subject: Fw: <.FW.>'yatra=[protected]' package trip to europe(parita)

Dear Gagan,

This is to inform you that our UK visa has been rejected on grounds that we did not submit sufficient evidence to prove the Nimit Shah is the owner of his Prop concern M/s Konkan Electric Corp (NM), inspite of submitting last the years return of income of Nimit Shah declaring the stated income. My salary certificates were not all considered.
We have provided all required documents to Mayur for Schengan Visa application which he shall verify & apply. As per Mayur, since it is our first international trip & on account of UK visa rejection they may call us for an interview.
Kindly provide us with all documents that we may require for the interview.

Parita Shah

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From: parita shah <paritanimit@yahoo.com>
To: Gagandeep Sidhu <gagandeep.sidhu@yatraonline.com>
Cc: inthtlsales@yatraonline.com; nimit <konkanelec@rediffmail.com>
Sent: Wed, April 13, 2011 11:30:18 AM
Subject: Fw: <.FW.>'yatra=[protected]' package trip to europe(parita)

Dear Gagan,

This is to inform you that we had applied UK visa on 15.03.10 as per the instructions given from Yatra team. However till date we have not received any response from the UK embassy.Our travel date is 26.04.11 any we till have to apply for schengen visa. Our appl no is MNAC/150311/000178/1 Nimit Shah DOB 20.12.1976
MNAC/150311/000178/2 Parita Shah DOB 28.08.1976
Kindly look into the matter & revert.

Please note we have extended the tour for 2 days in Swiss & have made bookings for the same.

Parita Shah

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From: parita shah <paritanimit@yahoo.com>
To: inthtlsales@yatraonline.com
Cc: Gagandeep Sidhu <gagandeep.sidhu@yatraonline.com>
Sent: Tue, February 15, 2011 11:10:26 AM
Subject: Fw: <.FW.>'yatra=[protected]' package trip to europe(parita)

Dear Gagan,

There is absolutely no response from your operations dept for the Europe Tour.

Its almost a month since we have done the bookings. I hope you will not cancel/delay the tour with an excuse that the visas were not issued in time or provide with sub standard hotel bookings on account of non availaibilty of hotels suggested in the itenary


Parita Shah

--- On Fri, 1/28/11, parita shah <paritanimit@yahoo.com> wrote:

From: parita shah <paritanimit@yahoo.com>
Subject: Fw: <.FW.>'yatra=[protected]' package trip to europe(parita)
To: inthtlsales@yatraonline.com
Date: Friday, January 28, 2011, 2:48 PM

Reminder I

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From: parita shah <paritanimit@yahoo.com>
To: inthtlsales@yatraonline.com
Sent: Thu, January 27, 2011 3:31:32 PM
Subject: Re: <.FW.>'yatra=[protected]' package trip to europe(parita)

Dear Gagandeep Sidhu,

Please confirm availability of Andaman Trip on 20.02.11. Please provide details of the package & let me know if we can upgrade the package.
Name of visitor : Jitendra Shah & Sushila Shah.
Also let me know the rates if 4 to 6 persons wants to join them on same tour.
Also give details of documents required to be furnished

Parita Shah

From: "inthtlsales@yatraonline.com" <inthtlsales@yatraonline.com>
To: paritanimit@yahoo.com
Cc: konkanelec@rediffmail.com
Sent: Sun, January 23, 2011 11:43:29 AM
Subject: <.FW.>'yatra=[protected]' package trip to europe(parita)

Dear Sir,

Greetings from yatra!!!

Thanks for the payment!!!we got the amount of 20000/- from your credit card.

Date of travel- is -26april11

no of adults-2

Names- 1)Nimit Shah

2)Parita Shah

Your booking id is-YT6061598 (andam is free)

Best Regards,

Gagandeep Sidhu

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this is terrible.. this is definitely a fraud.. and also.. its seems there is very poor communication on the side of Yatra.com... this also proves its their fault for all the delays. with the trip that has already been ruined now because of them, it is their obligation to refund the amount paid.
horrible...can't believe they can getaway with this crap. take yatra to consumer court pari...lets all ban using yatra ever again

Do you have the details of the package where they promised you the free andaman trip and in the fine prints of that trip, does it mention that incase the visa is rejected the free trip would be charged.

cause that clause is very important for you to file a consumer complain.

Also file and document every communication you have with them and dont sent emails, send all in writing and via registered post.

Also remember if you file a consumer complaint and you win the cost of legal expenses incured by you are to be paid by them.
I fully agree with the grievance, and wish that this gets enough publicity to act as a deterrent to further intentional negligance/ommitance to highlight critical conditions in bold and visible way
Can't believe a Good Reputed company like Yatra.com cheats customer like this.
Please also highlight the matter of delay in applying for the visas and iff you have mailed them the request to start paper work earlier add those mails too . Collect testimony from the other in your group who were traveling with you and whose visas haven't arrived as yet . They might be delaying the visas filling purposely to get maximum cancellations due to non reciept of the same.
If yatra.com is treating educated people in this way, how would they be treating not so educated ones? Or are the educated persons like us too polite to resort to other ways to take such service providers to task? Only forums such as consumer court can give relief to us.

I think you should file a dispute with the credit card company, make a print of all the email communications you have had with them and send it to the bank. This is your right as a consumer and they will stop payment to yatra.com. I have worked with a credit card company and let me assure you this works. Going to consumer court should be your next option after this, Buy another tour on the same credit card first with another vendor, then dispute and do not pay the bank. Stating you are disputing the older charge, hence that should be credited to your card. That way both the bank and yatra will be under pressure, the bank will file the consumer court case as well and eventually you will get to go on the trip too. If you want help on how to file and documentation i can help you to get the terminology right while filing the dispute, post that you give hdfc my number stating, i am handling the legal options for you, their Subpoena department will handle things with me. We will also then use all necessary complaints as presentation from various consumer forums, etc. to prove our case. Irrespective of anything, the very fact that a consumer uses a credit card from any given bank is to enjoy some benefits and fraud protection.

Also their terms and conditions clearly state that dates can be amended and moved with a fee of Rs 5000 per person. So they should give you that option and re-apply for the visa at the earliest. Also pay the fee only once they give you confirmed air tickets, hotel vouchers.

This is just ridicules on part of YATRA.COM...thanks for sharing it with us and making us aware of the FRAUD.
I support your petition and claims, I see no difference between the roadside middleman and online booking agents. They are only concerned with their commission and become indifferent when they have to attend your complaints. I hope my views will strengthen your crusade.
I have forwarded my complain to Sonia Mehta, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Manish Amin, Co-Founder & CIO.Alok Vaish, CFO. Lets see what they can do to keep their reputation
My Uncle is a doctor & member of their assocaition. Shall forward my complain to all doctors for support
Shall continue forwarding my complain to every Indian till Yatra.com does not arrange for my 9 days tour to Europe as originally agreed at Rs 1, 12, 000 per person less UK expenses. Since last 5 days I have not slept peacefully, nor could concentrate on my work. I am having severe headache due to High BP but shall fight till the end. Thank you everybody for your support
dont let them go scot free, put this in press midday etc let them know they cant get away
I am not provided with any documents for application of Schegen Visa. It
is Yatra.com responsibilty to apply for the visa & pay for the same. I was under
the impression that yatra would give me support in appling for the visas & were
prudent enough to know all documentary evidence required for visa application so
that the visas are not rejected.. The support for visa application was delayed
inspite of repeated request due to which I cannot re apply. With all the support
I am getting with my complain I feel yatra is at fault & my tour cannot be done
due to incompetance of your team. I have not cancelled the tour but because
yatra team is not appling for my visa I cannot travel.

As for Andaman Package it was offered free we did not demand for the same. I am
not cancelling the tour. Yatra has cancelled the tour & you cannot charge
cancellation charges if tour is cancelled by you

Parita Shah

----- Original Message ----
From: Sonia Mehta <sonia.mehta@yatra.com>
To: parita shah <paritanimit@yahoo.com>; alok.vaish@yatra.com
Cc: manish.amin@yatra.com; sabina.chopra@yatra.com; Love Misra
Sent: Mon, April 18, 2011 2:04:41 PM
Subject: RE: Please support me

Dear Parita,

At the onset I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

We did see the complain put on the link given below and I have already
requested my colleague Love Misra who is our Regional Director for North
India to assist with your concerns as the Europe departures are being
handled by his team.

I am given to understand that your UK visa has been rejected and you are
applying for the Schengen visa. The Essential Europe tour that you were
booked for had the offer for Andaman's free . If for any reason the tour is
not being taken we have to charge for the Andaman's tour plus the necessary
visa and cancellation charges as applicable. Should the embassy grant the
Schengen visa to you, enabling you to travel your concern about the
Andaman's free trip will be addressed.

Love - Please could Ms Shah be assisted immediately. Thank you
Sonia Mehta
Chief Customer Experience Office
This is not fair with you. This is unfair practice of Yatra.com. You can able to file complian with consumer forum. Thanks for sharing your problems. I fully support your petition and claims. Also please inform to media for this type of fraud. Go ahead...
On Saturday yatra demanded Rs. 13398 extra. Since we agreed now they are demanding unreasonable amount which clearly shows that they do not want us to take the tour.Why I should bear the cost of their incompetance & not acting on time.

Dear Nimit,

Greetings from Yatra.com

We received your acceptance mail yesterday itself(Sunday) so will
arrange hotel voucher and ticket and
send same to Mumbai Visa team for further action.

Pls note that we are unable to hold 26th Apr night hotel accommodation
bcz same coming under cancellation so
pls check at your end if you want to stay 26th Apr at Paris.

We will book 4th & 5th May night accommodation arrangement in
switzerland for Visa purpose right now.

As per airticket is concern airlines not allow us to hold ticket on time
limit due to very close date travel and they already
canceled our PNR which we hold on Austrian airlines.Foe visa application
we need to furnish confirmed airticket and same
only poosible once we issued the airticket.

You also have to pay actual air ticket cancellation charges bcz scheghen
visa may get resused - bcz same discretion of embassy.
As you are deviating from group so you also have to pay deviation
charges + Increased Fuels surcharges i.e INR 5000 + INR 2000 and same
was already informed to you as per sales staff.

So total payment will be - INR 13, 398 + Per person actual current
available FIT airfare diffrence + INR 7000 per person (group deviation
charges + Increased Fuels surcharges) + Travel Insurance (INR 1500 per
person) before applying Scheghen visa.

We also like to inform you that most of the airlines soldout so current
airfare definetly will be on higher side, we are getting
Air france right now with approx diffrence of INR 19500/- Per person
compare to group fare and same also valid for couple of hours today.
I am left with no option but to put in Mumbai Mirror
Sorry Yatra.com I tried hard to convince you but no positive response from your end
this is the reason why most of the web based companies in India are not able to make as much progress.

most of the time they just interested in cheating people and not accepting their faults.

I feel yatra should not only compensate Parita back .. but also should ensure that the next holiday is provided to them free of cost so to retain customer good will.

Rupali Mody-Kulkarni
Hi Parita,

We are extremely regretful of your experience. Please rest assured now that we are here. We have noted down your ref # and will get back to you shortly.

Thanks and regards,

Team Yatra.com

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