Multiplier Wealth Abhishek Ninaniya Sebi Regd. Analyst — fraud services offered by abhishek ninaniya in services of f&o trading

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Gurgaon, India
 Laxminarayan Shenoy on Jan 6, 2019
I had taken his advisory services in oct 2018 in the segment of f&o trading and till date i have not made a single penny, lest i am sitting over huge losses. When contacted him about the terrible worst services offered by him, he says to invest in each and every call given by him! The probability of his calls hitting the stop loss is more than being profitable and when questioned him about this he says to add capital and stay invested!

I had cornered him with my trades which were done exactly as per what he advised and he sent me excel sheet of his trades which were nowhere connected to calls given by him!

Such pathetic services offered by a sebi regd. Analyst. I demand a satisfactory closure to this case

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Not sure if this complaint is legit or not I am subscriber of mw- all in one since 5 months now and the service actually brings value to me. In stock market no one will be right all the time and just because a few trade go wrong doesn't means person on other side is fraud. I usually take all the trades given by them and exit when they update me and I am making decent gains at month end. Much better compared to other big advisories I subscribed earlier whose message come late and those who don't update after call hits stoploss.
Can you provide proof for your complaint ? They are providing calls on telegram. Please attach snapshot for confirmation.
I am subscriber or their cash service since 2 months now and let me tell you the calls are really good a few calls go wrong in between but they update timely exit and as long as I am making profits on overall basis I don't think a few bad trades are a problem if service continues like that I will definitely renew my plan and stay with them is one of the best advisory I have come across in 10 years of my stock market journey, came to know about them via telegram app intially subscribed for cash service and then went ahead with mw- all in one. Already renewed my plan 3 times. Success rate is above 90% on the trades given by them, will definitely recommend it for everyone

MW is one the best advisory I have come across, I am subscriber of cash service since 2 months and calls are very good they take just 5000 for 3 months which is almost 1/3rd of what other advisory charge and follow up on calls and quality is very satisfactory, I have already reffered my two other friends to them all are happy so far.
Abhisek Ninayaka calls gives worst performance. I've taken Options service last year, almost my capital wiped out. He don't know how to give calls. He always revise the stop loss to lower levels, no one do that in trading.

Ex: Day 1: Buy NIFTY 11600 CE @200, tgt 250 / 270, SL @150. If SL or tgt not achieved in Day 1, he will suggest to carry for next day

Day 2: If opens lower, suggest to revise SL to 100, if this also not achieved then again suggest to carry next day and again opens lower next day, again he will revise SL to some lower level.

Like this, this bloody will give calls.
I've taken service of 5 people, everyone given loss. Now I'm doing my own. Learn & Earn.
I joined their service 1 month back so far experience is very good, i made 15000 + on 2 lots in a single callwhat else you need

multiplier wealth is genuine firm I am associated with them for 3 months now their plans are also economical if you go with quarterly or yearly plans. They keep only 1-2 trades open at a time so its easy to take all and make good profits. would recommend everyone to try their services
I am a subscriber of Multiplier wealth since May 2018, i must say that i am pleasently suprised with the Quality of work they do. Infact i have joined this website today only to give my feedback as i believe i owe to Mr Abhishek who has transformed me from a causal and ramdom trader to a professional and experienced one. Their research so far have been extremely amazing, they have a strategy of only buying into momentum and trendign stocks, they don't keep more than 1-2 calls open at a time in their f&o services. I think they have a public channel on telegram as well @thesupertrader one can join and track free trades as long as wish. Although paid calls are different and much better but free calls are also good. I love their support you can directly ask the adviser directly no customere care thing which is really irritating, simply message or call anytime., once I ended up paying my subscribtion fee twice, they themselves called me and refunded the extra fee, such things build trust. I would recommend you to join it.
I am a member of MW since the last 1 year, pleased to say it lived up to my expectations.

The fact what i like about multiplier wealth & Abhishek is they simplify the trading for us, i.e i understand each and every bit of why i am putting my money, what can go wrong and how the stock reacts.

After reading a lot of books i have seen the best traders and investors in the world follow a consistent investment philosohy, ( warren buffet follows value investing, ed seykota follows trend following, ) Abhishek follows technical analysis and momentum trading

If you are in Indian markets and would like to create wealth as well as increase your understanding of markets, they fit the puzzle piece perfectly.

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    Multiplier Wealth Abhishek Ninaniya Sebi Regd. Analyst - fraud services offered by abhishek ninaniya in services of f&o trading

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