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Opjs University Churu — marksheet snached by joginder dalal chairman opjs university

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Haryana police citizen services (हरियाणा पुलिस नागरिक सेवा)
First information report
(Under section 154 cr. P. C.)
प्रथम सूचना रिपोर्ट
(धारा 154 दंड प्रक्रिया सहिंता के तहत)
District (ज़िला): rohtak
P. S. (थाना): rohtak civil lines
Year (वर्ष): 2018
Fir no. (प्र.सू.रि. सं.): 0283
Date (दिनांक): 19/10/2018 19:46
S. No. (क्र.सं.)
Acts (अधिनियम)
Sections (धारा (एँ)
Ipc 1860
Ipc 1860
Occurrence of offence (अपराध की घटना):
Date from (दिनांक से): 14/09/2016
Day (दिन): intervening days
Date to (दिनांक तक): 15/11/2016
Time period (समय अवधि):
Time to (समय तक): 00:00 hrs
Time from (समय से): 00:00 hrs
Information received at p. S. (थाना जहां सूचना प्राप्त हुई):
Date (दिनांक): 19/10/2018
Time (समय): 19:25 hrs
General diary reference (रोजनामचा संदर्भ):
Entry no. (प्रविष्टि सं.): 024
Time (समय): 19/10/2018 19:29 hrs
Type of information (सूचना का प्रकार): written
Place of occurrence (घटनास्थल):
(A) direction and distance from p. S. (थाना से दूरी और दिशा): east, 1 km (S)
Beat no. (बीट सं.):
(B) address (पता): सुभाष नगर रोहतक,
(C) in case, outside the limit of this police station, then name of p. S. (यदि थाना सीमा के बाहर है तो थाना का नाम):

District (State) (जिला (राज्य):
Complainant / informant (शिकायतकर्ता / सूचनाकर्ता):
Name (नाम): प्रेम पाल किनरा
Father's name (पिताका नाम): पारसराम किनरा
(D) nationality (राष्ट्रीयता): india
Date/year of birth (जन्म तिथि / वर्ष): 1960
Uid no. (यूआईडी सं.):
Passport no. (पासपोर्ट सं.):
Date of issue (जारी करने की तिथि):
Place of issue (जारी करने का स्थान):
Occupation (व्यवसाय):
Address (पता):
S. No. (क्र.सं.)
Address type (पता का प्रकार)
Address (पता)
Present address
650/28, सुभाष नगर रोहतक, rohtak civil lines, rohtak, haryana, india
Permanent address
650/28, सुभाष नगर रोहतक, rohtak civil lines, rohtak, haryana, india
Phone number (दूरभाष सं.):
Mobile (मोबाइल सं.): 91-[protected]
Details of known / suspected / unknown accused with full particulars (ज्ञात / संदिग्ध / अज्ञात अभियुक्त का पूरे विवरण सहित वर्णन):

S. No. (क्र.सं.)
Name (नाम)
Alias (उपनाम)
Relative's name (रिश्तेदार का नाम)
जोगिन्द्र दलाल

Reasons for delay in reporting by the complainant / informant (शिकायतकर्ता / सूचनाकर्ता द्वारा रिपोर्ट देरी से दर्ज कराने के कारण):

Particulars of properties of interest (संबन्धित सम्पत्ति का विवरण):
S. No. (क्र.सं.)
Property type (सम्पत्ति के प्रकार)
Sub type (उप प्रकार)
Value (In rs/-) (मूल्य (रु में)

System ip (आईपी):
29/01/2019 13:52:05

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Haryana police citizen services (हरियाणा पुलिस नागरिक सेवा)
First information report
(Under section 154 cr. P. C.)
प्रथम सूचना रिपोर्ट
(धारा 154 दंड प्रक्रिया सहिंता के तहत)
Total value of property stolen (In rs/-) (चोरी हुई सम्पत्ति का कुल मूल्य (रु में):
Inquest report / u. D. Case no., if any (मृत्यु समीक्षा रिपोर्ट / यू॰डी॰प्रकरण सं., यदि कोई हो):
S. No. (क्र.सं.)
Uidb number (यू॰डी॰प्रकरण सं.)
First information contents (प्रथम सूचना तथ्य):
श्रीमान जी हालात मुकदमा इस प्रकार से है कि एक परिवाद नम्बर 721-spl-3 dt 24.7.18 व 300- misc दिनांक 14.9.18 बाद जांच कार्यालय पुलिस अधिक्षक रोहतक से बजरीया डाक थाना मे प्राप्त हुई जो जैल है “to. The ssp rohtak subject complaint sir, 1. Prem paul kinra s/o late sh. Paras ram kinra r/o 650/28, subhash nagar. Rohtak aged 58 years would like to bring to your kind notice s the following: 1. That i am the permanent resident of above mentioned address 2. That i am the student of llb three years course in opjs university. Churu. Rajasthan and took admission in 2013 vide enrollment no. R[protected]. 3. That the university has been started in 2013 and got the affiliation of llb course in october 2013. The then chairman, mr. Joginder dalal who is known to me for last 20 years approached me and asked me to get the admission in llb and also offered a discount of 50 % in the fees as he was in need students for the first session and i agreed to take the admission looking for the better future. 4. That i paid the fee to the university as per the commitment and also passed my five semesters in first division. 5. That the examination of 6th semester were held in june 2016 but the university has not declared the result till september. I have called many times to mr. Bhairwa and mr. Jitender yadav regarding the result on which they asked me to visit the university on which i visited the university on 14/09/2016. 6 that on 14/09/2016, mr. Jitender yadav told me that if i want to know my result i have to pay more amount on which i have paid rs. 50, 000 through net banking. After the amount has been transferred they told me that the result has not been declared yet and sent me back. 7. That the university has declared the result on 25/9/2016 as per their website but it has not been updated anywhere. I have given a call to mr. Bhairwa and mr. Jitender yadav many times to know about my result but they told me to visit the university only then they will tell me the result. Then i visited the university many times but they didn't tel me the result. It's already five months from the date of examination but still i am wandering o, here and there to know my result 8. That i have sent an rti to the university regarding the status of result on which mr. Joginder dalal came to my house and threatened me to kill. He also stated that mere paas bahut saheliyan hain, tere dono beto ko balatkaar ke ilzaam me fansa dunga". He also added that “saare bade police walon ke sath baith bana rakhi tere jaise kutton ko taangne ke liye" 9. That i belongs to amiddle class family and struggling for my daily bread and butter. I have complained against the university in bar council of india and have a fear that mr. Joginder dalal can cause any harm to me and my family. If something happens to me or my family, then mr. Joginder dalal will be considered responsible for that 10. That on the last visit i. E 15/11/2016 mr. Yadav said that they are not going to tell any result and also stated that they have sold the mark sheet to someone else in rs.300.000/-and they are c whatever i want to. He also stated that they are having link with the high officials and no one can do anything to them and also can't interfere in their work. 11. That mr. Joginder dalal is having a strong political background and he can kill us. Kindly protect us and also help me to get my result for the sake of natural justice. You are hereby requested to do the needful as soon as possible. It is the question of lives of four members of a family. Prem paul kinra [protected], [protected] “ अज थानाः- हस्ब आमद परिवाद हजा के थाना मे प्राप्त होने पर मुकदमा न0 283 दिनांक 19.10.18 u/s 406/420 ipc ps c/line rtk. दर्ज रजिस्टर किया जाकर कम्पयुटर प्रतिया तैयार कि गई जो बजरीया विभागिय डाक अफसरान बाला कि सेवा मे भेजी जा रही है । उपरोक्त मुकदमा प्रबन्धक थाना के कोड से si समशेर सिंह 677 की हाजरी मे दर्ज किया गया है । जो नकल मिशल मय असल दरखास्त आगामी तफतीस हेतू पुलिस चौकी मॉडल टाऊन भेजी जा रही है ।
Action taken: since the above information reveals commission of offence (S) u/s as mentioned at item no. 2.
(की गयी कार्यवाही : चूंकि उपरोक्त जानकारी से पता चलता है कि अपराध करने का तरीका मद सं. 2 में उल्लेख धारा के तहत है.):
Registered the case and took up the investigation (प्रकरण दर्ज किया गया और जांच के लिए लिया गया): or (या)
Directed (Name of i. O.) (जांच अधिकारी का नाम): ram niwas
Rank (पद): asst. Si (Assistant sub-inspector)
No. (सं.): 1186rtk to take up the investigation (को जांच अपने पास में लेने के लिए निर्देश दिया गया) or (या)
Refused investigation due to (जांच के लिए): or (के कारण इंकार किया या)
Transferred to p. S. (थाना):
District (ज़िला):
On point of jurisdiction (को क्षेत्राधिकार के कारण हस्तांतरित).
F. I. R. Read over to the complainant / informant, admitted to be correctly recorded and a copy given to the complainant /informant, free of cost. (शिकायतकर्ता / सूचनाकर्ता को प्राथमिकी पढ़ कर सुनाई गयी, सही दर्ज हुई माना और एक कॉपी निशुल्क शिकायतकर्ता को दी गयी)
R. O. A. C. (आर.ओ.ए.सी.)
Signature of officer in charge, police station (थाना प्रभारी के हस्ताक्षर)
Signature / thumb impression
Of the complainant / informant (शिकायतकर्ता / सूचनाकर्ता के हस्ताक्षर /अंगूठे का निशान)
Name (नाम): shri bhagwan
Rank (पद): si (Sub-inspector)
No. (सं.): 317rr
Date and time of dispatch to the court (अदालत में प्रेषण की दिनांक और समय):
Attachment to item 7 of first information report (प्रथम सूचना रिपोर्ट के मद 7 संलग्नक):
Physical features, deformities and other details of the suspect/accused: (If known / seen)
(संदिग्ध / अभियुक्त की शारीरिक विशेषताएँ, विकृतियाँ और अन्य विवरण: (यदि ज्ञात / देखा गया)
S. No. (क्र.सं.)
Sex (लिंग)
Date / year of birth (जन्म तिथि / वर्ष)
Build (बनावट)
Height (Cms) (कद (से.मी.)
Complexion (रंग)
Identification mark (S) (पहचान चिन्ह)

Is proxitted: yes
Deformities / peculiarities (विकृतियाँ / विशिष्टताएँ)
Teeth (दाँत)
Hair (बाल)
Eye (आँखें)
Habit (S) (आदतें)
Dress habit (S) (पहनावा)

Language/dialect (भाषा/बोली)
Place of (का स्थान)
Others (अन्य)

Burn mark (जले हुए का निशान)
Leucoderma (लुकोदेर्मा (सफ़ेद धब्बे)
Mole (मस्सा)
Scar (घाव)
Tattoo (गूदे हुए का)


These fields will be entered only if complainant/informant gives any one or more particulars about the suspect/accused.
(यह क्षेत्र तभी दर्ज किए जाएंगे यदि शिकायतकर्ता / सूचनाकर्ता संदिग्ध / अभियुक्त के बारे में कोई एक या उससे अधिक जानकारी देता है)
System ip (आईपी):
29/01/2019 13:52:35
marksheet snached by joginder dalal chairman opjs university
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