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Star Vijay / Vijay Tv — Big boss

Hey i love vijay tv for its uniqueness in its show n its good to have brought big boss in tamil. My complaint is on mr. Snehan - a good quality of a leader is to balance between his subordinates but he don't do the right thing he spoke as if he's a big shot and juliana should know her place he's not fit to be a leader he's absolutely fake n over confident ganesh is a balanced guy he wouldve been perfect as the leader even leaders should have been voted by public i guess and to corner a commenor is not right snehan is an aidmk activist n gayu is also into politics aarthi is snubbing juliana from the beginning and juliana fought for a cause and this is a democratic nation for heavens sake anyone can talk anything so bringing politics into a show is not right snehan is not fit to be a leader

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[Jun 28, 2017] STAR Vijay / Vijay TV customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Gay3 periya aluna payapadanuma yellarum, big boss payapaduringala. anga yellarum gay3 yethu sonnalaum correct Mari pesuranga ithu thappa theriyala big boss ungaluku. Gay3 pesura bad word and kevalama nadanthukuravitham yellathaum nengalum support pannuringa, itha nenacha ungaluke asingama ilaya, oru ponna nit full ah thunga vidama koduma pannuranga, itha kekka ungaluku rights illaya, Illa trb kaga use oannikuringala
Yevlo problem poguthu nenga yen avnaga kita pesamatikuringa nenga than script kuduthu Oviya Va target panna sonnigala Oviya ku yethathu achu avlo than yenga full support Oviya ku than, shakthi Oviya Va adikka ponathuku nenga punishment kudukanum Ilana makkal oda kovatha papinga
What the #########. Going on in this show...Really I didn't saw a people like this with a cheap behaviour in my life(Julie, namitha, gayathri, shakthi).plz kamal sir do something or plz end this show.It will At least save a remaning respect of the person who r in the house.
Oviea plz stay in ur limits as what u r or i[censored] can't means just finish it off and come, don't worry on that thine also we will have great respect about u.
Gayathri mam nega pesana varithaga thapa therila eduva oviea pesana varthai thapa theriuda...julie, gayathri, namitha, shakthi what the dam ###### u r all...
In house u have a rule to eliminate a person without giving explation means plz send gayathri mam first she is syco...repeating a problem by saying that again and again by the same words ...namitha mam nega dana soniga god manthavangala punish pani irukaru badly en kita prachana panavangala nu...ada words ungalum varum don't forget...bez by newtons law every reaction there is a equal and opp reaction...shakthi sir adu epadi yarache konjam hyper agi pesara mari seen creat pana negalum sandukuringa...ungaluku anda alavuku kovam varum na nega mathavangala kora solama irukanum...
[email protected]&6t*'s reply, Jul 21, 2017
And oviea ask sorry to julie for that word #####.That will increase ur respect about u In front of others.
Today's EPISODE shows the real character of female
It is based only on jealous nothing serious to fight
It is women's nature
Namitha got jealous on Oviya for her audience vote
Juli got jealous for her love on aurav
Gayathri support for Namitha
But I really sad for men in the house.
Anyways keep going
One day there will be men only in the big boss house
Silence is the best way to avoid fight
But one day they will give back to you
Then only they real-life their mistake

No one should perfect in this world by born
They learnt from the situations to behave perfect human
πŸ˜‡home sweet home bigg boss
Play and enjoy make fun don't create fight
Be cool and calm housemates
Acting is not bad behaviour comparing to scolding and fighting
We enjoy when you enjoy each other
I really happy about Tiruda tiruda mission
In every home there will be fight every day
We won't hate them for that reason
Like wise I really like every person in bigg boss for their behaviour
What they do inside we do the same thing in outside
They target Oviya
Here we target Julie and Gayathri
What is the difference
We should respect their bold and attitudes
They know there is camera eventhough they show their real face to us
Then how they feel for their behaviour and attitude
😎 Just enjoy the show by watching
Please big boss..telecast the julie and oviya conversation tomorrow to everyone..only then they can understand the truth..
Sonaru priya's reply, Jul 22, 2017
Please telecast juli and oviya conversation while her( juli )got injury to home mates then only they know how play juli. And who is original villi.
I request you to pls telecast otherwise our friends group never seen bigg boss show. It's true.
Pls agree with me all
vino mano's reply, Jul 22, 2017
Pls show Oviya and Juli conversation, I agree this
This show only for TRP. Nothing to say.
It's going very much worst case compare to cheapest serials. Iin future nobody seen vijay tv
There should be a common elimination this week... So tat we can keep vote for those we love... We will decide whom should be in the house... Y I'm saying this. The big ##### of India gayathriraguramm.. Shakthi. Are not in elimination... So there should be common elimination this week... #bigboss
Evict Gayatri immediately. Seer ku meaning theriyathaaam but oorla irukka athannai bad wordsum tamilae theriyumaam. Mattamaana jenmam. Hope Big Boss has the power to eliminate without any justice on looking all these gayatri ####.

Show pakkraanga ellam hyper aakkatheenga vijay TV. HAPPY ENDING is the crux of the show.

Veliyula vantha gayatri julie ellam thookkku maatti saavanum. Sandai nalla thoondi vidrathu epdi nu gayatri julie king.

Sombu thookraan sakthi. Vittukku podaa unn payyan kooda kaari thuppuvaan. Cinemala nadi inga ethuku
Big Boss director better give the Eviction nomination to people rather than to house mates. Anyhow Vijay TV is monitoring their activity 24/7. The show has all the right to stop nonsense like gayatri and Julie.

1 hour camera off panna enna pannuvaalam gayatri. What is she trying to threaten. Veliyula vantha oru shopping kooda nimmathiyaa pogamudiyaathu. kallu eduthu adipaanga gayatri and julie.

One school child studying in sixth std whose name is gayatri had pestered her parents to change her name Gayatri since she hate to look at gayatri raguram. Mattamaana kudumbathu la porunthu iruppa polaa. Ithula Sakthi kooda vera orasitu irukkuthu

Eliminate Gayatri immediately from this show without nomination. Then only it would be a lesson for others.

Kamal Ji, I respect your thoughts. As a people representative do this. My kind request
vino mano's reply, Jul 22, 2017
I agree ur Word about 1 hour camera off panna gay3 yenna pannuva, ava manasula yenna nenachudu irukka, intha week full ah Oviya Va adipen, veliya vantha avaluku iruku appdi lam solluranga 1st gay3 ah veliya anupunga apuram therium velaiyavantha yaruku yenna nadakuthunu, so please kamal sir gay3 ah yennanu kelunga
Vijay TV and kamal sir plz ask to namitha ( Oviya Va cancer kudumpam avlukum cancer iruku athan ippadi nadanthukuranu sonnaga orutharoda kastatha ippadi than pesuvangala) pls sir our humble request kandipa kekkanum nenga, apo cancer oru viyathi athala pathika pattavanga evlo kasta paduvanga avanga cancer family and avangalukum cancer nu sollurathu rompa thappu sir plz ask to namitha we are very angry with namitha, gay3, Juli, sakthi.snehan pls ask sir
Anga irukura yarum gay3 ah nominate panna mattanga so plz Vijay TV Oviya Va merattunathuku nomination pannuga sir
Namitha once said that Gayathri comes from a reputed family. Ha..ha...ha..., the way Gayathri speaks and her body language shows us that she is coming from a "mattamana janmam" family. She only uses this word mattamana janmam. For Namitha.. Mattamana family is only a reputed family.
i am rakesh from kerala ... i watch big boss . we r proud of ovia
big bossile mathevanga solliranke avangale poiya kaamikkarange ennu silar sollirange trigger pannirangke ennu koode ninnu kuzhithondara atha jooliyana thaan angke irikkarathile romba mosamaanavanga ellarum sernth oviyave kollarthkk munnale kamal sir: plz antha jooliyode mugamoodiyanitha mugathai mathavangalikk pott kattinga
Thank you kamal sir to show the truth I front of everyone.All the best oviea but plz don't get over confidence bez hereafter only u need to be control and try to change the behaviour which as said by others in house bez it helps u to improve ur self.
Thanks for Vijay TV and kamal sir really very happy to say you are honest sir, Juli oda unmaiyana drama Va veliya konduvanthathuku thanks and pls do for gay3 soon we are eagerly waiting
Julie poor girl that's y u clearly explained about her fault and shown about her badly in front of all and make her ashamed to feel. But what about Gayathri ? Because Gayathri is rich so that u didn't speak a word about her behaviors... Kamal sir, u also showing partiality among them... Very nice... Keep it up
vino mano's reply, Jul 23, 2017
You are correct, kamal sir plz show gay3 real face
Julie is a common girl and she don't know how to survive with all these actors so that she was afraid to deliver her angry with Gayathri and namitha for their saying about her pain as acting... So only she changed her words when Gayathri enters into the room. Julie was afraided that she may be cornered like oviya by gayathri... If Julie argued with Gayathri about this, definitely Gayathri may cornered Julie and make all others to corner julie in all activities like oviya... Oviya can able to handle all these problems and never mind this... But this poor girl Julie may be don't know how to face it... That's y Julie lied in this matter... I felt it so... My advice to Julie is please be calm and don't talk about others in back... Try to b like oviya at least hereafter... Yaar than thappu pannala, inime be true...
[email protected]&6t*'s reply, Jul 23, 2017
True but julie should accept her fault and ne to change otherwise its diff to survey in home and too nu society ...her name get spoil...
Kamal sir oru request, plz anga irukara peoples kita oru visiyatha puriya vainga...advice or nala visiyam or suggestions yaru koduthalum sari may be chinnna ponu/payan or periya vanga ...anda visiyatha eaduthuka solunga...eloruma life la um experience eadache sona avanga mela irukara kovam.. ego... vachetu mathikama irukadu thapu...not only for the people in house and to everyone as it includes me...thank u
Another one question plz don't mistake me kamal sir, From 1st week, people in home hate julie and oviea behaviour most but now behavior of julie as accepted by the person if it is good or wrong but that not accepted in oveia case y that that bez of julie as change her own character according to others people in house and oviea is still be in her own character what she is...If for this reason they both get diff result for that now julie is only suffering and getting against to some members in house by ego...plz sir clarify this question for me and too others in house and watching members...
Hi sir,
Is sakthi, gayatri using their brain.. when snehan says oviya never backbites anyone then this shows her genuine character. She moves in between a meeting because these people bully her especially gayu and sakthi ginchak. This attitude of oviya helps to avoid many big problems or fights. I think these people like only fighting. Just because you wear a black glass and see everything black it's not necessary for everyone to see what you see. How immature are these people. Really I pity them, they are still in imagination rather than reality.

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