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Chennai City Corporation, Tamilnadu, India
 Sandra Michael
Hey i love vijay tv for its uniqueness in its show n its good to have brought big boss in tamil. My complaint is on mr. Snehan - a good quality of a leader is to balance between his subordinates but he don't do the right thing he spoke as if he's a big shot and juliana should know her place he's not fit to be a leader he's absolutely fake n over confident ganesh is a balanced guy he wouldve been perfect as the leader even leaders should have been voted by public i guess and to corner a commenor is not right snehan is an aidmk activist n gayu is also into politics aarthi is snubbing juliana from the beginning and juliana fought for a cause and this is a democratic nation for heavens sake anyone can talk anything so bringing politics into a show is not right snehan is not fit to be a leader

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Stop this nonsense show. What ####### Gayathri is thinking about people. Yesterday episode she was saying clearly that people votes Oviya because she is always showing or expressing something through camera to viewers. We are highly disappointed. You brought a great dishonour to people.
We need proper reason by each contestants why they hate barani
And no one interfere with others reason
Because in last week Kamal sir ask questions to Gayathri but kanja karrupu interfere between so we not get proper reason
We also want to know why they not stop Bharani
Anyway Bharani is went off we wish him a happy life with his family
'Harthi' Bigg boss veetai vitu veliyera, 'Julie', 'Oviya' ku vote pannuvathudan 'Vaiyaburi' kum vote pannunga appo thaan 'Harthi' ah veliyeatha mudiyum!
stop this nonsense program.. its stupid.. this program becoming peoples fool. Makkalai yemathitu erukanga.. TRP yetha juli ah include panni pesa vaikaranga.. ethula erukavanga ellarume nadikaranga.. pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz stop..

thairiyamana ahala eruntha ( script director ) antha 15 members ah village la 100 days vittu spend panna sollunga..vivasayam epadi pannaranga kathukatum.
makkal epadi kasta padaranga kathukatum
makkal entha mari sappadu sappidaranga kathukatum
epadi oru vasathiyum ellaima thungaranga therinjukatum
bathroom ellama epadi open place use pannaranga therinjukatum

100 days eruka sollunga parkalam???

athai vittutu 100 days luxury house la all facilities yoda evanga than erukamattanga..
family ah parkama phone calls ellama epadi? yarai yemathiringa..
gossip pesitu ava fake eva fake nu.. ahalu ahaluku mathi mathi kurai sollitu ethellam oru polappa?
100 days make up items, food, dresses all including.. sema.. ethula 100 core selavu panni veedu vera ac hall.
spring bed, quilted blanket, ethula attam pattam vera..

100 days live program poda sollunga.. athu enna 1 hr editing panni podarathu.

mike la pesarathu yarukum ketkama poiduma? gosiip pesarathu..

adanga pppppppppppaaaaaaa ulaga maga nadippu da saami..


jangala epadi thisai thirupi vaikanum nu nalla therinju erukanga..

vijay tv mela enaku oru mariyathai erunthuchu.. entha program nala vijay tv than fake..

stop this nonsense..

kamal sir.. nenga epadi pannuveenga yethir parkala..
No one is perfect in this world and people in house are not every one is maturity everyone as some defects it doesn't mean they r character less or a devil.Gayathri mam is not perfect when someone was sharing their personal mean they should no tell to anyone that's a good manner.I case of juliy, Gayathri mam failed to keep as secrete, but in case of aarav this personal as kept secrete by gayathri mam. Why this difference. If gayathri mam treating juliy as sister means she need to clarify what she thinks and give a advise but she fail to show it.Gayathri mam, sneehan sir, Aarthi mam most of the time, speaking behind about the person it's really a bad habit. In that case juliy speaks openly what she think in front of everyone.Everyone as their limits plz let them stay in their limits .
Person altitude as changed by how some one treating them.If they altitude as change means no one as rights to compile them first they should know is they r perfect.Tongue as no bone for that no one as rights to scold or speaking wrong about some one.Face is a index of mind, person what they think as shown by their character.I love vijay tv programs but now a day I am just avoiding to see the shows bez of this persons in home of big boss.
Here are my views

Aarathi -- You talk like you know everything and you are smart. if you are really smart, don't you know how much a Nurse makes .. How can you even you ask her "why cannot you work as a nurse and build a house, build a hospital. That was rude .. I think you like to hurt others, Sadist. You said you all talk at your home exactly like this (hurting each other), sarcastic talks. That's why you don't have friends.

Snehan - When Big Boss asked what is it one thing you would like to change, you said that you will never talk behind people, what are you doing now ? Talking about Julie to everyone.. she is innocent in certain ways, she trusted and told you all how she felt about Aarathi. What's wrong about that ? Arathi was literally hurting her, if she doesn't get mad at her then she is not being truthful

Gayathri -- Wow, you are a sick woman.. how do you even have a heart to treat a sister like this. I am talking about the rehearsal for talk show host. She really thought you are like a big sister and told how she felt about Aarav. Its ok to have a crush. you didn't go gossip about it to everyone.

Aarav - You were flirting with Oviya, when she said she likes you, you turned around, typical guy. So, you were playing with her feelings

Namitha -- You treat Julie like a dirt. Remember what you said about when Julie greeting you in a talk show rehearsal
Please advice people not to speak such bad filthy things. Gayathri, haarthi, sakthi, snegan all are real fake persons.they always talking behind the people. Please eliminate them. It creates bad impression among people who are watching.gayathri s very poisonous. Is Gayathri qualified to criticize everyone? Is she a real person to tell others' that they are fake? Bigg boss please advice people not to talk or speak unparliamentary and indecently.
Kamal sir entha bigg boss program ku nenga vantherunga kudathunu yenga hole family fell panrom ungaloda image failed agarathu enga manasukku romba romba kasta padarom
kjeni's reply, Jul 14, 2017
Nenga eathai nenaithu entha program start panninganu theriyala. Anga erungavanga. Yarukkum unga mela payam ella. Ennada friday friday kamal sir vanthu namakku samathanam panrare nu koncha kuda payam ella sir
My dear mr. Kamal sir pls eliminate aarthi, gayathri, snegan,
Gayathri, Aarthi, Namitha...these people are now in fear because they know Juliana will get maximum votes. So they want to eliminate Juliana by any means. So they even talked that they will treat Juliana as they treated Barani. So that Juliana will also run away. Kamal Sir, why don't you ask Gayathri Namitha and Aarthi to stop the atrocities and ragging they are doing on Juliana.
I'm watching daily this biggboss reality show.i survive that biggboss winner is Ganesh.he is good character leader, supportive, he is learning different role.i think my decision people will be eliminated gayathiri, aarthi, ganja karuppu, anegan, vaiyapuri, Annuya, Julie, sri,
Bharani, Sakthi, namitha, these person are not right character for biggboss eligibility, Nice character Ganesh, oviya, raiza,
Aaron, Aaron sometimes mind change, but these are Competition.ganesh is only qualify for biggboss
Kumara Selvan A. Kuttiappan's reply, Jul 16, 2017
Sorry bro, I beg to differ...if u notice, Ganesh is totally avoiding himself from talking to others & minding his own business. This doesn't suit at all for a person living in a family environment. OVIYA IS THE WINNER...being a very natural character. She is not even pretending to be a different person, always have her views though she is being accepted by others. Receiving her comments positively & moving on...a good example of a human being should live...trying to enjoy every moments of hers...
Kumara Selvan A. Kuttiappan's reply, Jul 16, 2017
though her views not being accepted
Bull #### Harathi - Total Fake
Garbage Gayathri - Total Fake
Snake Snehan - Total Fake
Thombu Namitha - Total Fake
Cheap Shakti - Total Fake
Vaiyapuri - lost his gossiping cheap to talk about how much other's eat...
Aaraf - spoiled his image, influenced so much bad surrounding bad characters
Ganesh - still playing 100% safe game..."Yaar aatha aathodu pona enna, enga atta veethodu iruntha sari"
Juliana - her naiveness turned out to be more to shrewdness now...this is how a human being react to the surroundings
Raiza - don't forget her gossipings by joining the Sattans
Oviya - the real character, least bothered of how others behave. Divert gossipings into meaningful discussions. Very positive thinking girl. Only thing I don't like is her SEXy dressings( sometime) otherwise OVIYA IS THE WINNER...she deserve to WIN the show...any positive thinking person & the Corporate World will appoint her immediately.
Pls take out juli, cos each and very screen she is not real she is acting, Just to make the show to get TRP dont keep her she is really worst,
She was with barani and jumped aganist him, and she was aganist gayathri now she is chincha for her, and acts good in front of aarthi but thinks she as her compitator, arav as lover and tells that he looks like her dad, and talks about ovia lot more bad about her, pls pls to make ur show go good instead of a bad impreassion den pls take her out
[email protected]&6t*'s reply, Jul 17, 2017
Juli may be acting but her character as change by surrounding members that's bez of her immaturity and use of her by other members.But juli as get time to come out bez hereafter everyone will dominate her in different ways and will talk more about her at back.If others talk at back means its not a big issue for them but if they don't like person talk means it will be big issue.
[email protected]&6t*'s reply, Jul 17, 2017
Everyone is acting there no one is perfect.Everyone as drawback that's the human nature.
Kumara Selvan A. Kuttiappan's reply, Jul 17, 2017
Sorry ya...what is TRP?
Today Mr.Bharani's speech was overtaken Mr.Kamal's speech, osum bharani bro...what a reply for each questions raised by kamal sir...Handsoff Anna...proud o[censored]...And u plz don't bother that u had a fake sisters and brother inside the big boss house...The real sisters and brothers are in ur surroundings...As u said today " who the only one told """BYE BHARANI""" when u getting out of Big boss house, will won the title" my support is for that person...
[email protected]&6t*'s reply, Jul 17, 2017
Kumara Selvan A. Kuttiappan's reply, Jul 17, 2017
Very true...Bravo Bharani Bhai👏👏👏👍 . He was talking with so much of sense...Superb Bhai👍👍👍 & thanks for your vote to Oviya👏👏👏
Dear kamal sir, i am from malaysia done a GOOD JOB sir, but this gayathri ##### still fight with oviya, they all said oviya acting, even namitha gunde also same, and now gayathri said barani is "kevelum"???...i think gayathri is kevelum...kamil sir, hope so you will take action on this, gayathri /sehan/namathi/raiza ...are poison...fake vote for oviya/ganesh...
One of the most irritating character in that show is Juliana. Pesiyae kolluthu. Please teach her how to hug decently. Unreliable person.
Buffalo mathiri poi mela vizhuthu. Koncham kooda maturity illama poi ellarayum kanda maenikku katti pudikuthu. Hug is not a wrong thing, exchange of love but the way she is doing is undeceitful.

Behaving like parakkavetti... Please eliminate her from this show and save the show. Vijay TV please do not use her in future as VJ or artist. Untolerating character. Mudiyala

Gayatri doesn't know proper tamil but she can speak all local language. Gayatri can be changed as Gossip Queen
rajderai's reply, Jul 17, 2017
well said...aitha...
i thought julie is good girl but she is fake, past 2 week's ago gayathri going to hit julie, then oviya only support julie...saying that she is not fake, but now this julie ###### say oviya acting uh...stupid girl...
madam julie after this we wont vote you...i hope u will elimited soon...nonsense julie...
Sonaru priya's reply, Jul 20, 2017
Correct. Juli pakka
Vanakkam Chennai,
Agreed with most you. Many of them are feeling threatened with Oviya's presence, hence will try their very best to take her out. Please don't give in to these animals. Make OVIYA to win the show. The most deserving person. In fact, I'm asking both my little girls to take her as role model by being bold & Provide opinions without fear & favour. Respect you OVIYA, for being such a matured girl in a very young age👏👏👏

Now come to Julie. Please forgive her for being so immatured. She is actually doing all stupid things foolishly. She doesnt realise what is the repercussions. She is very unintentional. I'm not supporting her, but it's a ground for her to grow-up. Let her play the game for some time.

The rest in the house - totally useless. Real gossips...hahaha...very free to do that.

Appreciate Mr. Kamal, highlighted certain unexpected issues. They were caught by surprise. The ###### don't even realise that the show is telecasted worldwide. Garbage Gayathri doesn't even know "Seera Irukku"...I doubt. And Namitha is being VERY SUPPORTive by saying how that should have been conveyed in a more understanding way. Enough you liars & fake people.

From Malaysia ( telecasted 1 day later)...
[email protected]&6t*'s reply, Jul 18, 2017
That's true.If juliy is still immaturity and foolish of supporting to others for a comfort zone and to understand her.then she get time to come out of show.Namitha mam, if peoples are voting to oviea means it doesn't means she is acting or some other things u and some people as said.It just for her maturity, may be she also need to change some things but she is better than all the person in house.
No one knows in which background, , in which environment they may leave and their character so plz don't talk about others character .First check ur self that u r correct . Don't speak about anyone wrong to others its spoiling ur character only ...and showing what u r.
I wish Oviya to win the title Bigg Boss. She is the only person fit for that title. She is very nice person. We need to learn from her how to manage the difficult situation. All are jealous and scared of Oviya, so they want her to leave from the home. I am 100% sure she is the only person who cares about others feeling. Julie is a stupid and big actor, she is not at all having any sense. When people neglected her, Oviya and Bharani only there for her. She is not worthy person. She thinks that she is too smart to play the game. People are clearly knowing her character. Its not too far for her to get out from the house.

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