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 Sandra Michael
Hey i love vijay tv for its uniqueness in its show n its good to have brought big boss in tamil. My complaint is on mr. Snehan - a good quality of a leader is to balance between his subordinates but he don't do the right thing he spoke as if he's a big shot and juliana should know her place he's not fit to be a leader he's absolutely fake n over confident ganesh is a balanced guy he wouldve been perfect as the leader even leaders should have been voted by public i guess and to corner a commenor is not right snehan is an aidmk activist n gayu is also into politics aarthi is snubbing juliana from the beginning and juliana fought for a cause and this is a democratic nation for heavens sake anyone can talk anything so bringing politics into a show is not right snehan is not fit to be a leader

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Arthi and gayathri ivanga 2ndu Perum over scene and Juli is innocent she avoid to fite them but arthi and gay3 are point out Juli, and I thing ithu yellam acting ah irukumonu
Please send Gayathri, Aarthi and Kanja karuppu immediately. We are in a democratic country. We cannot watch the show if they are torturing Bharani and Julie for no reason. They do not have any rights to hurt anyone so badly. Gayathri and Aarthi behaving like a local rowdy, no decency, all the time gossiping and teasing Julie. Snehan is not a good leader. Ganesh is the best person. He should win and he will win.
Gayathri and aarthi behaviour is totally disgusting and irritating. Both of them are unwantedly abusing Julie. Gayanthri uses irritating bad words in a show where people of all ages are watching. Vijay TV should take immediate action on them else we all will stop watching your TRP drama.
Kamal Sir, please intervene, we respect you and trust you will respect people voice as you have stated that your people representative.o
subbulakshmi murugaiah's reply, Jul 6, 2017
i'm waiting fr Saturday & Sunday kamal sir should take necessary action on gayathri & aarthi.
Again commenting on the show as my heart is heavy after seeing today's show. Why aarthi and Gayatri are targeting Juliana like this? Vere very bad. Is there nothing to make these two women understand that they r wrong. Gayatri and aarthi need to introspect. But even then they will not change. Their behaviour is worst. Let them know that the whole public is against them. Bi boss...pls communicate
Gayathri and aarthi unfit to be in this show. We all are irritated by their actions.
BIG BOSS and Kamal warn them this weekend.we wanted to see that. Else terminate this program. everyone hate these two characters.
kamal sir nenka soninka makkalin piradhinithi nenka unmailaye apdina gayathri & aarthi ya kandipa rombavey warn pananum. Juliana kita kandipa sry keka solanum. aarthi gayathri behavior patha show paka suthama pidikala sema tension akudhu palaar nu araianum pola iruku.Julie koncham scene dha but julie idhuvarai yaraum hurt panadhu ila. kamal sir aarthi gayathri warn panalana after Sunday indha show panradhu stop panidven.ivlo tension thanka mudiadhu
hiiii..bigg boss..gayathri harthi is the worst characters..frst avangala bigg boss veata vitu snd panunga..both r cornering Juliana..gayathri use pandra wrds ah seri's get toooo 10 gayathri nd harthi treated Juliana very badly..elarum avanga proffesion vitutu money kaga than intha game show ku vanthirukanga..thn y harthi nd gayathri targeting Juliana..?? if Juliana came fr winning the prize amnt means, it's her prblm..kindal pandrathu vera bt target pani corner pandrathu rmba thapu..personal ah Juliana ku hurt's like ragging in clg..last week tis was hppn to bharani..evlo than Juliana nd bharani mingle aaga try panalum matha members mingle aaga matingaranga mainly gayathri nd harthi..harthi is saying that Juliana is truly harthi is a fake person..all r calling gayathri as master..did she is crct in her position..?? frst eliminate gayathri nd harthi by DIRECT ELIMINATION..otherwise give a apt punishment ..thn only the game will be nice..
Hate gayathri aarthi thy always dominating and irritating juli.Tdy thy did toomuch.nurse na ena kevalama?ivanga 2 u pearum ena super stara avangalamari than compete panna vanthruka juli. Nxt week aarthi gayathri than veliye ponum
Gayathri and aarthi are very worst plese safe juli from them. Aarthi do you the meaning of Nurse how dare you talk about the others profession you bloody fool. Gayathri and aarth try to be a human being. Pls quit all the cini artist from the big boss programme and choose the right contestant.
Vijay TV & Big Boss, Kindly take Gayathri Raguram, Arthi, Snehan and Namitha out of this show. Even as an audience we are not able to tolerate with these celebrities. Right from Day 1 they were insulting and passing derogatory comments about others and over acting special that arthi and namitha she is thinking that she is the only clean person in this world, till 2day we dont see her cleaning the house simply talking in the mouth because of these peoples im giving 1 star
I love Bigg boss I have watch Bigg boss in Hindi also but in Tamil there r not understanding the game ... Dey r thinking barani n juli are local but they Donno we like them we want them in show for them only the show seems to be interesting and for gayathri, Aarthi, janga karpu, snehan, namitha.i want them to say just don't think u r a big celebrity's ... In show show everyone is celebrity's only celebrity's are allowed inside and what u was in ur carrier is out side of the Bigg boss but in Bigg boss u all are equal to juli n barani ... And how the hell janga karpu can behave like tat with barani... janga karpu and Shakti said tat they will hit barani who the hell gave you the rights ... We support barani, oviya and juli and we want them to stay till last
I note that Julie is trying so hard to fit into the world of celebrities by talking, acting and even wearing make up like these celebs - but then who wouldn't. My advice to Julie is to avoid this mentality because these celebrities are selfish, and they care only for those equal to themselves only.
Gayathri should stop using Julie as her hobby and if you don't like someone does not mean you have the right to insult them whenever and however you want. Also stop entertaining and encouraging Arthi or others to do the same. I'm very disappointed in Gayathri's behavior.
Namitha should learn when to stop laughing at others cause its not always funny for others. Did not expect this from a spiritual person.
Ganesh and Aarav deserve to win the show and i really loved Aarav's views on Arthi and Gayathri regarding the nakal and nayandi. My wishes for you guys.
Oviya, i like her character, she will survive longer in this show.
Ganja Karupu should stop making fun at others as if he is so perfect - at the end he also shared facial with
Bharani that is a very good strategy to avoid trouble by walking - will keep you fit and out of trouble...kinda since even then Vaiyapuri and Ganja had issues (sadist).
Vaiyapuri should stay away from Ganja if he wish to survive the show.
Arthi stop pretending as if you are original - one of a kind. Try to be more humble yourself then you can expect others to be original and generous. Stop bossing and sharing nasty comments and making cheap jokes. Again i'm very disappointed in your behavior.

In general, no one is perfect in this show, everyone has their flaws. So stop judging others and be yourself. You don't like someone or a comment made by a fellow contestant, its fine, just walk away. No need to make it a scene. And be minded, people are watching.
Sathya Ramesh's reply, Jul 9, 2017
I thought same like this. Pls kamal sir read our comments and do the show properly.
Aarthi seemed to be ragging Julie, and Gayu joins Aarthi. Gayu forgets the leadership qualities. Even after the punishment Gayu spoke in English.The punishment should be for the culprits and not for the others.If Ganja Karuppu is sent away there will be no comedy in the tamil house. Julie is not fake. But talkative. Tamil house must become little more lively. Only fight and sleep is going on.

After watching big boss show... I do not know where to go and vent out my anguish...why Gayathri and aarthi r behaving in an arrogant manner...aarthi thinks she is so straight forward... But never she is like that. She has head weight. She doesn't want to mingle with a normal girl like Juliana...aarthi says Juliana is a fake. But real fake is arthi and Gayathri. Everyone might have watched the show on 7/7/17. She was given chocolate drink because she was a leader thought no calcium deficiency was found from her blood test report. But to her housemates she lied. Who is fake. Whose attitude is worst. Gayathri... No one has all plus attitude. But Gayathri behaves in such a manner that she is very good and honest. Gayatri and aarthi...u r empty making much noise.
Big boss... I am writing this very seriously. Inspire of my busy timings...I want to say this abt Gayathri and aarthi...because I think not only I am feeling bad all the viewers r having the same feeling. Something should be done to stop the atrocities of Gayathri and aarthi. Tell us the way.
Kamal sir pls save this word...barani and julina and oviya, sakthi... Is good...Oiii arthi and gayathri...don't comment for julina...the julina is normal girl...don't touch the julina...kkk kamal sir plsss eliminate nomee the gayathri and Arthi worst performance for big boss...
Kamal. Sir. Neengale. Poi. Paesaa. Aaambichitteengala?
Makkal. Pradinidi. Makkal. Pradinidinu. Sollittu. GAYATHRI, NAMITHA, . AARTHI. Ivagalu.kke. Support panni. Paesikkitu. Irukkeenga. Neengale mm avanga. Solar. Reason. Ellaathaium. Kaettukkittu juliekku. Advice. Kodukkireenga.
Avanga. Idaiye. Advantage. Eduthukkittu innum. Overall. Paannuvaangannu. Engalukku puriumbodu. Ungalukku. Theriyalaya?
Ilai. Makkal. Comments padikaama. Neengale paesidreengala?
Avanga. Vida. Ungalukku Marla. Enakku. Konan. Varudu.
So. Sorry. Neengale. Ungalukku. Maathikkanum.
Kamal. Sir. Neengale. Poi. Paesaa. Aaambichitteengala?
Makkal. Pradinidi. Makkal. Pradinidinu. Sollittu. GAYATHRI, NAMITHA, . AARTHI. Ivagalu.kke. Support panni. Paesikkitu. Irukkeenga. Neengale mm avanga. Solar. Reason. Ellaathaium. Kaettukkittu juliekku. Advice. Kodukkireenga.
Avanga. Idaiye. Advantage. Eduthukkittu innum. Overall. Paannuvaangannu. Engalukku puriumbodu. Ungalukku. Theriyalaya?
Ilai. Makkal. Comments padikaama. Neengale paesidreengala?
Avanga. Vida. Ungalukku Marla. Enakku. Konan. Varudu.
So. Sorry. Neengale. Ungalukku. Maathikkanum.
Kamal Hasan sir plz be strick with Gayatri n arthi wen Gayatri said ' tat why I said I don't want to be with this spits ' Kamal sir have to ask Abt tat he have to scold Gayatri n I'm surprised Aarthi manipulate Kamal sir wen he ask Abt juli incident n Kamal sir also make tat matter to get cooled but wen barani n oviya will stay in house n janga karupe will go out then dey will one what value of barani is
Big boss kamal sir, elimination ku pls audiance kita vote kettu nominate panni then eliminate pannunga. Neenga avangalukullaye kettu nominate panna elimination wrong ayidum. Ithu ennoda suggesion. Avanga mostly juliana bharani oviya ivangalathan torgate panranga. We dont like this. Enaku therinju aarthi gayatri snehan kanja karupu ivangalathaan nominate pannanum. Pls kamal sir nan sonna vishayatha yosinga.
Arthiya julie kitta mannippu keka sollunga big boss. Arthi thaan julie kitta mariyatha illama sanda pottathu athuku gayatri arthiku advise pannama julia thittitu irunthanga. Enaku therinju avanga rendu peraiyum akka nu sollathinga juliana. Athuku avanga thaguthiye illa. Pls big boss arthiya livela kandikanum. Atha nanga paathathan thirupthi adaivom.

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