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Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
My complaint is on Ms. Gayathri Raguram and Mrs. Arthi. Right from Day 1 they were insulting and passing stupid comments about Juliana. And Gayathri Raguram using abusive words over juliana. This gayathri and aarthi are not a popular celebrity. So ask them to keep that in mind. They are also a common human only. What the hell these ladies are thinking in mind. It's atrocious to see that there is no mutual respect. They lack the very basic human tendency. Through Bigg Boss we public are able to see their true colours. Just because they are in cinema industry it does not mean they are big celebrities. Everyone's profession differs. Since because Gayathri is in politics she is going on cornering juliana from the day one and this aarthi is also joining hands with her to corner a person who stood in sun and rain for jallikatu protest. And what a habit is this taking back of a person. They have to understand one thing, everyone makes mistakes, No one is perfect in this world. Ask them to mind their language because the whole world is watching them and their behaviour what they are showing to juliana. "Vechu Seiyanu Juliana Va" This was the statement Gayathri said on 4th july. What a character is hers. This a complaint website so i dont want to use harsh words in this. Kind request is, Please ask Kamal Sir to pass all the negative messages what gayathri and aarthi has got from the public for their atrocious behaviour towards juliana and tell those two ladies that one day they should come out and face the world with this same face and should get shamed of themselves by seeing all the trolls and memes created for them. Its my humble and pleasing request, please pass all this negatives reviews to those two ladies. they wanted to know how public is reacting for their idiotic behaviour. And ask Gayathri to stop using vulgar words towards anyone in the Program.

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[Jul 05, 2017] STAR Vijay / Vijay TV customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Updated by Mejantha, Jul 21, 2017
In today's promo all contestants are standing against oviya, and they are saying that they want to eliminate oviya because she is triggering ladies especially namitha and gayathri. And by their behavior and harsh words oviya was crying in bedroom. Because of juliana's yesterday's nonsense trap game, oviya was affected in this way. If oviya goes out of the show, then its waste to watch Big boss anymore. Because she was the only true person in that house. Oviya dint commit any mistake.
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Ha ha ha... ovia pathi solrathuku ellarukum Oru thakuthi venum. Paticularly Gayatri n Julie, riza. Ivanga epaum avanga bad character ah change panika matanga. Bad words solite irukanga.Such a bad people.
Aarav really cunning and 'nambikai throgi' I hate u..una mathiri Oru lover Yarukum kidaika kodathu.
Ovia is really great. Avangaluku bigg boss house la ena nadakuthunu theriala avlo real ah irukanga but elarum avangala corner panrathu is not fair. Ovia ku makkal support epothum irukum. I love oviaaaaaaaa.

First time tamil la comments try paniruken mistake iruntha sorry. Thanks
its really irritating to see the show with the cruel characters like gayathri, raiza and julie. and sakthi oru jalra for gayathri. What vijay tv is trying to prove with these inhumane characters?
Again and again why they are all nominating to oviya... why can't u ask about this to bigg boss family members kamal sir????
The show is irritating ... when Oviya is questioned by Kamal every week on her mistakes... why can't he question Gayatri the same when she is vry nasty n influencing entire family members against oviya. Now Gayatri n Sathy *Gayatri's slave) calling Oviya 'Eldra'... Do you think Kamal goin to question them? Gayatri acted like a ##### immitating Oviya during the task. It was so annoying and rude immitating Oviya acting for TRP but Oviya stayed cool with a smile watching the mad woman acting. But when Oviya immediated Raiza, it has become such a major issue...why? Raiza is badly influenced. Julie n Gayatri feeling very insecure n out of place having Oviya in d house because they know OVIYA is d winner The boys group are so stupid too... they are to so vry insecure n trying 2 get rid of Oviya so dat thy can winner... Sathy is d weekest soul... Ganesh hippocrit...Arav selfish... Snehan double headed snake...Vayapuri joker

dear kamil sir, plz take action on gayatri and julie, raiza, because this 3 people always talk behind about oviya, in-front kamil sir, there are acting, every sunday said we will support oviya then next day nominated oviya name, even there never give changes to oviya...yesterday episode arav said oviya irritating, when arav was nominated week, arav always support oviya because to get vote, once he save he wont talk with oviya...i never been see this kind of guy...nowdays oviya don;t like to stay at bigg boss house, that why she wont do task, and wont lesson to anybody...i think she get bored,
and also kindly take note, if oviya out from bigg boss house, we wont watch the show, i think from malaysia you guy get support 30% vote, if oviya out means while malaysia, stop watching this show.because why i said this, we have fan page for bigg boss almost 30k people watch the live video show every single night, yesterday 30k people said if oviya out, we unlike the biss boss...

thank you...
Sonaru priya's reply, Aug 2, 2017
I am also have a same doubt. ? Why kamal sir won't ask anything to gayathri.
Pls take action . Gayathri background iruka family irunthu vanthu irukanga so avanga ta ellame antha house la dominate pannanuma. Avanga kila ta ellarum kuja sombu thukki apd irukanum athane. Very super ...
Apo niga avanga la vita higher iruka family yaravathu potanum .. pavam oviya avanga luku juli mathiri sombu thukka theriyala. ...
So ivanga kila iruka mathiri irukanga potunga
Vijay TV it is better not to play on individual' emotions just to project bad as one person. Either it is scripted partially or wholly, hope this is not the serial. Gayathri character is to provoke everyone on foreseeing the winning intuition of anyone. The actual triggerer is Gayathri. Bullying all and backstabbing. Every individual has 2 faces. Pure reason for irritation is love and understanding. Same stupid flirting is going on between Sornakettai Shakthi and mattamaana jenmam Gayatri. Whatever he does, she will accept, whereas for others she will say 2 year old kid nu. Better change the reality show as serial for your TRP RATHER THAN INSTIGATING OTHER'S HYPERTENSION.

The uttermost irritating ccharacter is Juliana and Gayathri. Enna mattamana master. graceful dancekum parakkavetti dancekum vithyasam theriyama
Hi kamal sir, please do talk to all the contestants directly they are not so brilliant to find your hints... and please do warn gayathri and raisa to stop taking about Oviya on her back... almost everyone stopped talking about others mistake except gayathri she keeps saying bad about oviya and the worst part is everyone believes her... I believe this is not some scripted show they really hurt a human in there which really hurts us as a human... Arav is too bad and as a girl what oviya does is right if you really have some humanity in you please console oviya and eliminate arav... because
Arav gayathri shakthi snehan form a group inside and as these four are dominating and unless you show the true face of gayathri these people will not be nominated for eviction and keeps on hurting oviya which is really irritating to watch... I just switched off my tv yesterday... so much it hurts...
Please do something to stop gayathri as you are the mediator between people and the contestants in there. My kind request to you sir.

Thank you.
Hey stupid vijay tv...with out oviya ur show its zero..we are never watch ur bigg boss...ur script i know that u use julia.and gayathiri...but keep in ur maid without nathing bigg boss.its cl waste boss
Pls oviya ku konjam counselling pannunga.aarav avangala cheat neenga oviya ku kooptu pesunga.and oviya kita ellaraiyum normal ah pesa sollunga.adhunaaladhn oviya ipdi irukaanga.Pls big boss's plsss
woow good acting gaya3/raiza /julie/SAKTHI /ARAV FISH...when night time talk rude with oviya, BREAK HER FACE LA/WHAT A FEMALE LA...then ask HER HAD FOOD, CREATE SIM PITY, nonsense...i[censored] yall come over malaysia we will *******...idiot...
kamal sir plz stop asking question with oviya, ask question with that 5 ##### fish...
if oviya out...close the bigg boss...idiot ...
Ovia is acting for that task.. she is also accept for acting task but other people didn't understand her . Gayatri, Julie n raiza are very cheap character. Plz Kamal Sir ask to them to stop irritating her. Ovia is really innocent and she don't know what happening in this house.

She don't want to create any problems.but other people creating problem against ovia. Why all are cornering ovia? Aarav also very irritating fellow n cheating. Totally yesterday episode was irritating and hurting. Without ovia is nothing.
I am complaining about oviya she doesn't have the right to stay in big Boss house if she does not want to participate in any activity or the duties. She is being completely bad by troubling others her behavior is not normal get her out and get some counseling she needs help. This girl is harassing everyone and it's utter irritating to see her pathetic behavior it's not at all entertainment. Oviya get out of big Boss house
I am complaining about the group formation of three dominating people in the house. They are Shakthi, Gayathri and Snehan.

Gayathri is the key for the abusive discussion about other members in the house. There is no strong reason that why she doesn't like Oviya individually.

There are two major things to be considered.

1st is the night scene when this three ladies [Gaya3, Julie and Namita] sung songs to tease Oviya which disturbs her sleep literally and makes her to go to mad.

2nd is Julie's lie which creates that big trouble between Oviya and other housemates.

The worst part is, after knowing that Julie is the key for the whole trouble in the house, everybody accepted her and speak to her normally but no one is ready to go and say sorry or to convey their misunderstanding about her.

At least first two to three weeks Oviya was slowly improving to understand what to do and how to do for the works assigned to her. After she realized that these people are not worth to have the relationship, she starts showing her attitude.

If Oviya is really getting disturbed mentally and do not want to continue, it is better to leave her from this home.

Let her continue the personal life peacefully.
Gay3, Sathy n Snehan.. They have concurred the BB home n who gave them the authority? This pushed Oviya closer to Aarav. Also BB program itself which gave stupid task especially the red carpet game treating Julie like princess. ... n 'Mad woman' game... this is totally unacceptable. Vijay TV playiing dirty game to trigger Oviya.

Oviya is mentally disturbed but she is over reacting comes to Aarav. What she knows about him in few weeks.??? There is no way she can find out his true colour infront cameras??? How can she go so crazy to the extend of tarnishing own image??? Even if she loves him, she can always discuss with him after the 100 days. Why she has to publicly mess up her personal life infront cameras? Totally dissapointed n shocked.

She should control herself and throw away Aarav from her mind. Aarav is not worth for Oviya give up BB. She deserve somebody better. He was flirting fm beginning and let her down in many events by joining Gay3.

Hope she get her actions together and move onn proudly and be the WINNER. Its sad to lose her after all the support she gained from the audience. A beautiful future is waiting for her. Gay3 n team very happy seing Oviya loosing herself... This is what they been waiting. They know they cant get rid of Oviya easily So now they give her mental torture to make her walk out of BB on her own. PLEASE DNT MAKE IT HAPPEN. Hope she remember why she joined BB... its not to find Aarav... Its to be the winner of BB.

But if Oviya cant control and continue painting hersel[censored]gly... might as well she walk out before audience start to hate her.
Here after I never watch bigg boss.. ovia is only good character person rest of them such a bad evils. If someone is super honest in this house, others are cornering and blaming that person.
Bye bye bigg boss.
There is no meaning to watch this show if ovia is out..
Stupid Gayatri, Julie n raiza.. ovia went out then why they are blaming ovia again again? Ungalukellam Oru family la vazharathukana thaguthiye illa.
I AM GOING TO WATCH BIGG BOSS------ rest of the contestants are stupid face. I don't want to see that evils...
OMG! Oviya left BB... it is so very sad.

Oviya... u made me shed tears as u were walking out. I was literally seing me in you. Thats is why i loved you so much for your honesty n at least for once i wanted honesty to be the WINNER. I have lost lots of things in life n been isolated as a punishment for honesty. ... to the extent i start to believe honest person can never survive in this world because nobody value it anymore... Its like its a crime to be honest.

I wanted Oviya to prove me wrong by being the campion of BB. Very unfortunate again to see Honesty losing its value. Oviya now that you are out of BB... U will know how much you are loved by others who dnt even know you in person. I hope this will make you realise what is true love is all about. If there is LOVE... you dnt have to cry for it... It will be offered to you willingly just like all the audience who supported you. LOVE is so precious and please dnt cry for it at the wrong person who dnt have a heart.

A BIG GOOD BYE ... BB is nothing without Oviya... And i will not watch it anymore.

Oviya! I goin to miss you vry much... You are my darling sister! Hope some day you will read this message... Bye Baby
Gayatri is a big bully in Bigg Boss, dominating and a master mind...She is pretentious and a liar too. She like to stur, make mountains out of a mole-hill. I don't understand why is Bigg Boss keeping her.

She is a venom in the house. Need to remove her seriously. She is the trigger to all the problems.

Joining her is definately is Shakti. They both are high-handed just because they are great celebrity. They both are full of themselves. They both are definately NOT our favourite in Bigg Boss.

If you need to vacate/eridicate/oust take Gayathri out of the house please.

Kamal Haasan is just a host...anyway watch it as a show...these are life learning opportunities,
it is like a reflection of every one o[censored]s...if you sit back give it a thought, you will probably agree with me.
Every one o[censored]s are in denial...we always think, we are perfect people. By watching this show...probably you learn 1 or 2 things from there and learn from it. Maybe even see alittle of you too.
Super Kamal Sir.. you are the best...
Thank you!
Kamal sir.. You are just awesome.. Hats off to you.. You just asked all those ques which was in everyone's thought.. And u also made them to change their selves.. A big credit goes to u sir..

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