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What the hell is happening in bigg boss tamil. First i thought juliana was innocent and everyone targeting her. But my assumption was wrong. But in today's episode her real face came out. Oviya was the one who was taking care of her when juliana fell sick. But juliana spoke against oviya as soon as gayatri started the argument over juliana. Actually it was juliana who was blaming gayatri and namitha for their behaviour and oviya was the person who was consoling her. But when gayatri came this stupid juliana platayae maathita, and spoke against oviya. But none of the housemates are aware of this juliana's nonsense game. Oviya is the only true person in that house. Last week kamal sir questioned everyone regarding their mistakes and behaviour. So same way this week also this problem should be question by kamal sir. If possible as did by last week vijay tv please show the footage of oviya consoling juliana when she was complaining about gayatri and namitha. Then only housemates will understand who is playing the real game. Whatever happens public support is always only for oviya.

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Updated by Mejantha, Jul 21, 2017
Again and again gayatri is using bad words against oviya. In yesterday's episode she said oviya (hair maari kaepinga) and namitha is telling that she will break oviya's face and saying that she will curse oviya. What is all this. It's a reality show. I don't know whether its a scripted show or reality. But whatever it is, where is the humanity and respect in the show. Namitha, gayatri, raiza all telling that people just believe and vote oly for fake person like oviya. We public are not that much idiotic people. We know very well whom to support. Oviya is not reacting back to their arguments just to not create fight or issue. But these housemates not able to understand that. Yesterday's it was an extreme issue. Julie played a well trapped game against oviya. This juliana's conversation with oviya about namitha and gayatri should be showed to the housemates by kamal sir. There was no mistake on oviya's side. We public know whom is acting and who is real. So don't think public is a fool. And in today's promo again oviya was targeted. Just stop all this nonsense fight. We need a solution for this issue. Kamala sir only u can do that in behalf of the public
Updated by Mejantha, Aug 02, 2017
Vijay Tv please don't play on one's emotions or character. Don't know whether it is scripted or real. This shakthi is often using the word trigger, the actual triggering person is gayatri, she doesn't knw to speak good about anyone. She knows only to speak rubbish about others at the back of them. And next arav, I dont know what he is thinking of himself. Two weeks back oviya clearly said to arav that lets be friends, but after that, last week when he got evicted it was he who went to oviya and started all this thing again, till tat oviya dint disturb him or embrace him. It was he who gave space to oviya but now he is dropping all the blame on her infront of everyone, and taking this chance in hand asusual housemates are creating problem for oviya. He was feeding her ice cream, he kicked her at the back, still few more clips r there which shows his attitude towards oviya which makes her conclude that he is interested on her. So by doing all this will his career or family or personal life, image, etc, etc all will not go down???? but what to do everyone wants oviya to go out of the house so everyone is using the chances which they get against oviya. This gayatri, julie, raiza all most irritating character in the house. Every week oviya is been nominated. Gayatri, snehan, sakthi, arav all one group so they will not nominate each other for eviction, so please do something so that these people all get nominated in the upcoming days. Kamal sir Please do something to nominate these people. They r thinking that they r very genuine character, hmm hope this week, Kamal sir, u will bring a solution for all this and especially for nomination.
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Behaviour of gayathri is really going worst day by day and Namitha is also using filthy languages while scolding Oviya.Sick watching this series .There is no basic courtesy in their conversation as a normal human behaviour.She is actually spoiling his dad's name in front of public I would say that she is black spot among the team.
why is every one going at the back of gayathri even though she is wrong...has ever one lost their mind...can't they think?why is everyone against oviya...pls bb team show those stupid people what public is thinking about one out here like gayathri, namitha, julie, sakthi and snehan...atleast kamal sir should do this or els pls let the public speak to them so that the will feel shame of them selves...any ways i don't except any shame from julie.Oviya is not fake all the others are fake totally all are acting just to win this show till day oviya after being nominated she has never ask for vote from public ...all the other did... they all are so so bad ..pls take some step and see that gayathri does not use bad words and tell namith that getting in to the path of god is not that easy...she is having krishna in her hand and taking like that putting fire ...Lord krishna will never support these kind of person and he she curses some one it will first effect her and not any one how dare she saya that she will brake oviya's face...ask her and gayathri to come out in public ...we will show them rating for this show is actullay 5 but here iam giving only 1 this is just because of those julie gayathri and namitha
Big boss Juliana played game against oviya actually oviya helped Juliana but she acting with all Gayatiri speech is not good using bad words even namitha and raiza commented Juliana then they are changing that we haven't spoke all or against oviya ask kamal Sir to put the footage about Juliana speak then only all can understand even public also all should no which is correct who is playing game
Oviya is an innocent person.. Her attitude and her take it easy policy is essential to live in this world. And that gayathri.. She is again using harsh words.. Kamal sir has to question ... And she will give some lame excuses.. I have not seen a #### like gayathri.. Thn juliana.. Oh my god.. Wat a backstabber.. A chameleon.. Iva veera thamizhachiyam.. I am in intense anger.. Everybody cornering oviya.. And at last they made her cry.. Kamal sir has to show the footage of juliana complaining gayathri and namitha to oviya.. Kamal sir says he is makkal prathinidhi.. Then he have to ask like last weeks episode.. We need justice for oviya..
The most truthful person is oviya in my point of view.Gayathri Raghuram is the most arrogant lady who don't have any respect on other in spite of dance master.In boys I think most of them are very true. But in girls Gayathri is the most arrogant and dominating others .
Kamal sir
You must telecast the video conversation b/w oviya and Julie. In front of other contestants, Julie is blaming oviya for her mistake...this s not fair...Kamal sir pls show the truth to all...pls make this message reach vj that everyone vl get to knw the real face of julie

See there is a limit for everything okay. those contestants of bigg boss r very cruel especially that gayathri, namitha and julie. they are worse. please let them out. they r animals and they dont know how to treat a girl who stay with them as a family. chiiiiiiiiiiiii i like to spit on their faces like hell. this sakthi is putting jaaldra to that ##### gayathri. wats happening. is this gayathri a keep of sakthi or what. i would like to use bad words about that gayathri. she is like roadside lady using all bad words but before Kamal she acts as if she is learning tamil. thooooo. she is telling she is will take action when oviya comes out. Ennadi? Oviya ku enna aanalum nee dhan d poruppu. Ellarum kodhikrom. Vaa d vaaa... ne first veliya va ma.. unai ena panrangannu matum paaru. Aarav is good from gent's side. Oviya is very true and good that she avoids bad conversations. My vote is always for OVIYA.
Sir please show who is good there is no any wrong in oviya all or cornering her then that Juliana changing day by day she commenting and complaining worstly don't have any manners to speak at last they haven't leave oviya to sleep please ask kamal to ask about this issues and show footage so that all will know what's happening first ask kamal Sir to enquire with Gayatiri worst character and using many bad words after that she should not use bad words after enquire... Ask Gayatiri and Juliana to nominate and eliminate Sir... Then all would be good
In the today's episode, oviya was using "SHUT UP" that too when the situation became worser than worser. But this arrogant gayathri, over acting julie, trigerer namitha, Double gamer shakthi were using unwanted words like hair(mayru), (kandravi), (kevalamana jenmam or jandhu), etc etc etc.. They were abusing her daily by using bad words. Even barani was also targetted once same like oviya. Even though there were no situations has been proved that he is a roughe, they pointed him as a roughe(especially GAYATHRI). After a great struggle he had left big boss. These people wanted to throw oviya same like barani. As they failed in all their attempts, they were trying a new technique to push her out. If there is any rule to send someone who are not willing to go out from bigg boss, then please throw out this GAYATHRI first. Coming to julie, to safeguard herself she is playing a cunning game against oviya and others. In yesterday's episode, she was the culprit, but she made oviya to be the problem for all which was happened yesterday. Please kindly retelecast julie's cunning act over everyone which she cleverly turned it to oviya. Coming to Shakthi and namitha, they were also only supporting gayathri eventhough gayathri was wrong in all her decisions.
So it is a kind notice to kamal sir to take the correct decision over the cruel domination of everyone over oviya... We support you oviya. Be yourself that's your speciality and your strength too.
Really hates off to Harthi, she is always try to shows the real character of Juliana, this program shows the real face of Juliana, i do no why shakthi always supports gayathri, he is a head of the team but he shows the partiality .Namitha trigger a nice game to save herself from elimination, And I got iritate while watching this shows especially while juliana singing, so pls stop this show otherwise pls try to avoid the non sense activities.
Stop this attrocity Vijay TV . Just chuck Gayatri out from that show or just stop telecasting this show . Don't play with people emotions for your TRP .
if we ppl have mentally of Oviya, this world will be of peace and loving. If we follow Gayathri, Namitha, and Juliana soon the World war 3 is near. while seeing Juliana's face, I feel like slap her. Very arrogant, cumming female. Gayathri knows all bad words in Tamil and other languages, but she do not know the meaning of seera ullathu poi, she know the meaning of that, but she played very well that she don't know. Actually that 4 females are triggering Oviya and saying that she is triggering others. Namitha want to stay back in Bigg Boss, so she is playing drama as if she is very good. Lying is not difficult for Gayathri, very easily she is lying, yesterday Sakthi is asking why u ppl r not sleeping and singing, she is saying that Oviya scolded Juliana that's what.
i really like all vijay tv programmes but now i am watching this big boss ..
i really dont want this juliana to win.I think she is fully acting ..if she wins i wont watch vijay tv hereafter.
she should go out...
Kamal Sir yesterday episode was shocking to us that gayathri is using bad words but no one is telling her that gayathri is wrong all r supporting gayathri. instead of gayathri if some other house mates use this bad words then they will say wrong. So its partiality for other house mates and Gayathri. while they discuss infront of all house mates gayathri is giving bad words but no one is anything and gayathri want respect. if would be there instead of oviya i would have slapped gayathri. Such a stupid she is. She dont give respect to others and she want respect from others. Such a stupid and other one is namitha and julie. Julie is such a fool felt to slap her. Oviya helped her but she change the plate infront of gayathri and acting too much. plz kamal sir ask gayathri to behave herself. she dont how to behave with others.
My support is for oviya, snehan, ganesh and aurav.
I really like all vijay tv programmes, but now i am watching this big boss..
In the week all episode must be watched me...Oviya is an innocent person..
Her attitude and her take it easy policy is
essential to live in this world. And that gayathri..
She is again using harsh words.Behaviour of gayathri is really
going worst day by day and Namitha is trigering to all women kamal sir.please 1st Eliminate the all
triggering girls Namitha, gayathri, julii.Double gamer shakthi were using unwanted words like
hair(mayru), (kandravi), (kevalamana jenmam or jandhu), etc etc etc.Please
kamal sir to take the correct decision over the
cruel domination of everyone over oviya... We support you oviya. Be yourself that's your
speciality and your strength too.
From Day 1st episode we watching the big boss show because of gayathri so many created in big boss house. Now a days she is Behaviour is very bad. so this show is now affected in mind. So please eliminate the Gayathiri. in big boss show. this is my request.
Sakthi supporting gayathri only. He does not know about that coversation between julie and oviya he only knows what gayathri tells about that coversation he does not know about oviya point of you. As a THALAIVAR he wil disscuss about both side but he wil not do that he s not write choice for THALAIVAR.
Sir please put footage about singing and Gayatiri Juliana namitha said we have to sing still oviya come she should not sleep like that then they said they won't provide food and rest room for oviya that must be shown to other contestants then only all will know then Gayatiri namitha raiza talks when Juliana in critical that she acting any way if oviya said also that only truth sakthi must understand what Gayatiri told about fight when they sing so the footage must be shown to sakthi then only he can understand Gayatiri is wrong he won't support without knowing he should known even all contestants please big boss ask kamal Sir to show footage first in house all should know what's truth so that they can know each other requests Sir plz show real face of all...
Please eliminate gayathri. Plz one time nominate gayathri. Public will decide.

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