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Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
A girl named Nilam Patel contacted me through LinkedIn in the month of March, 2017. She offered me a project of Medical Form Filling which costs 1.25lacs but due to financial year closing she offered me a negotiated price of 1lac for 5seats.

When I visited their office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, they provide me the demo data by Hitesh. At that time, they make so many promises like the data provide will be in good image quality, if doubt then contact me through skype, first two weeks if data not complete then we can provide extension, and so on.

After that, Nilam introduced me her Super Senior Mr. Saurabh then he again assured me of all the things which Hitesh already awared me.
They also gave me the choice of selection of Jurisdiction on which I requested them to add Delhi Jurisdiction which they agree to add in the SLA. But later on when they provide me the SLA, they didnot fulfill my requirement. I rised a question for the same then Mr. Sourabh convinced me to provide a new agreement before I reach to Delhi but again it was fake promise and even when I call Nilam she refuse to transfer the call to Saurabh.

When I received the workload for the 1st week, I told Hitesh that this data is fake but he told me that "Sir, why are you worrying I am here to please. Don't take tension, you will be confident about the data when you received the payments."

My first wekk workload was submitted uncompletely for which I already had a talk with Nilam and she assured me that they will only terminate the 1st week workload.

After that I received a mail from Nilam that they terminated my submitted workload which again she justified that they only terminated my 1st week workload.

On next monday, when they have to provide me new week's workload, she told me at 10am that "Sir I am sending you the workload within half an hour". Till 12, she repeated the same and at 12:30pm she told me that "As we already mailed you your slot is terminated".

After that, they are not even talking in phone.

Person working in this fake companyubder the directorship of Priya Sajnani are
Hitesh Kumar
Gauri Parmar
Dhaval Thakkar
Janvi Patel

I am filing an FIR in Cyber Cell against all of them.
Those who are with me can support me and contact me +91-[protected] or whatsapp me on +91-[protected].
Mayank Jain
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Guys, My name is Azmath having a BPO for the last three years. We have few direct clients from Austin, Texas, USA through a licensed CPA. Wanted to start domestic BPO so that, there is an exlpansion and growth. I got an email from these ###...but I knew this is fake. First of all they are sending the emails from personal id. Which is completely not acceptable. Asking for upfront then it is for sure it is fake company. If you want to know genuinity of the projects please contact me. [protected]@proacscentglobal.com
These scammers are again sending me emails to sell their more projects.
manangupta1's reply, May 11, 2018
Mayank Sir, 1st you have to release our salaries, its 1year now, you closed your business just for your self-admiration, you newer accept their guidance.

anyways it was your business but please release our salary

Your X Agent Manan Gupta
Dear Mr. Mayank Can You share FIR Copy Her to all ??
vipin_12345's reply, Aug 22, 2017
hello Mayank, have lodged the FIR if yes plz post it here and i have heard they are luring more people in my know channel as well and asking upfront money.

there is one more company called "Amiable value bpo" has anyone any details on this
manangupta1's reply, May 11, 2018
Koi FIR nahi kiya he, Khud ki galtime kese karnge FIR ?
By the way what is the interest of charging upfront value well before the project and then making reasons of performance, in case your are legitimate you work on revenue sharing model.

you collecting your money even before the business visibility is a definite fishing model. Open up your business model in public, i mean model not the business secrets, then you will be able to gain batter on the market else you will always be the called as fisherman.
vipin_12345's reply, Aug 22, 2017
and by doing so you are not only inviting troubles for your company but for your co workers whom also u might have duped and lured and using them to fetch.
Mr. Mayank, Iam Sivanandhan Managing Director & Advocate Too I Have Small BPO Company In The Name Of APEX SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS In Tamil Nadu . They Had Contacted Me Too For Taking This Project With Advanced Amount Of 1.25 Lak But I Have Checked With Your Reviews Before Starting The Process. Thanks A Lot For Sharing The Details. Can You Let Me Know Your Contact No ? Or Share Me That FIR Copy To Stopping For Other Issues Like This. It Will Be Great Help Of Other People Also. My Mail ID [protected]@gmail.com
manangupta1's reply, May 11, 2018
Koi FIR nahi kiya he, Khud ki galtime kese karnge FIR ?
Hi Mr.Mayank Jain Please do send me the FIR Copy to [protected]@gmail.com
manangupta1's reply, May 11, 2018
Koi FIR nahi kiya he, Khud ki galtime kese karnge FIR ?
Hello Mr Mayank, thank you for your reviews. These guys contacted me too and are selling an inbound process with the upfront of 3 lakhs. I have been warned and am alert now after checking your reviews. Please share the FIR copy on [protected]@gmail.com for stopping others from issue like this.
manangupta1's reply, May 11, 2018
Koi FIR nahi kiya he, Khud ki galtime kese karnge FIR ?
Hai Mr. Mayank, thank you for your review. Pl share FIR copy [protected]@gmail.com. These scammers are sending mails again..
manangupta1's reply, May 11, 2018
Koi FIR nahi kiya he, Khud ki galtime kese karnge FIR ?
Can u guys send me the FIR copy as well I am actually was visiting their center for the same. The contacted me for inbound and Backend support business. me email id is mac.[protected]@outlook.com
manangupta1's reply, May 11, 2018
Koi FIR nahi kiya he, Khud ki galtime kese karnge FIR ?
Please share the FIR copy on [protected]@gmail.com
My name is Bharat Bharadwaj, I Have Small BPO Company In The Name Of VASILIAS INFO-TECH PVT. LTD. in Gurgaon. They contacted us for Verizon Inbound Process and demanded an advance of rs 3.0 lacs. For 3.0 lacs they asked for 45 days if they do not give us the deal, then they will refund our money in 45 days. We personally went to their office. It can not be assumed to see the office that he is a fraud company after all the inquiries. I send rs 3.0 lacs in his current account which was transferred online to HDF Bank and for security i demand the same bank account Cheque in advance. They give me two cheque of HDFC Bank rs 150000 each dated 05-04-18 and[protected]. He said that you will get this process within the month itself. And then they said that you have got 2 questionnaire mails, you have to fill it and your work will be done. After answering all the questionnaires, we got mail that the clients are out of country. A month has passed and the process has not yet been found. We got an email again that Verizon's clients will first talk to you on Skype. The client is satisfied with our talks. After 40 days we have receive a call from VRX OUTSORCE that Verizon's client has rejected your offer. When we asked the reason, she did not respond to anything and she cut the call. When we asked for our three lakh rupees, then we were told that wait for the check date. On[protected], I deposited the check in my account. After that the check bounce. And now they are not pick up my phone calls. VRX OUTSORCE is a Fraud company PLS do Not trapped in their traps of mail and call. I am complaining against this fraud Companie (WWW.VRXOUTSORCE.COM) vrx hospitality services pvt ltd in MCA and Cyber ​​Cell.

If they have done such a thing with anyone, then please mail me @[protected]@vasiliasinfotech.com
Can you please share MC and Cyber cell Copy here or in person mail id ?
vasanth.k's reply, May 10, 2018
I dont think you will get
manangupta1's reply, May 11, 2018
Kuch nahi milega sir
I have started work with VRX in Jan 2016, I have visited them more than 6 times in this time duration, In 2016 I started with 5 seats with them and today I am running 35 seats Non voice project including 2 project terminated, If anybody new in the BPO market they should understand the MOU, SLA, NDA properly, Team VRX is also explaining They are giving training as well for NON-VOICE projects, I was knowing the termination clause at the time of SL A only, When we received mail for the termination we got the proper details and we have cross-checked the same, I am just client of VRX,

As per my experience with them for the Refund, If you will discuss politely they will do everything for you.

I have seen this comments today and I thought to convey my experience
Rahul_shaw's reply, Jun 8, 2018
Share your contact details please [email protected] Thank you
honey anil's reply, Jun 18, 2018
Can you please share your contact number and email ID to [email protected]
Krishna.91's reply, Nov 26, 2018
Sir please share vrx office contact number, they not picks our phones, they want to give refund of amont 125000,
Please help for this, or offical numbers of the company .please do needful
Myself Vasanth from Karnataka, I seen this all comments and visited company with my 2 team mate for the projects they offered to us.
As per comment of Mr. Jain Mayank its Fraud company.
I haven't seen anything like they are working on any fraud project,
when we discussed about this comments of Mr. Jain they shown me agreement, Training details, Demo work details, Feedback details, emails, Sent details of Workload by team VRX and Received details of Workload by Mr, Jain, l have seen the Accuracy report as well which is sent to Mr. Jain by Team VRX.
I cross checked the same with workload provided by VRX v/s work load submitted by Mr. Jain and I came to know that Mr. Jain is putting wrong comments on the company as they were not able to give accuracy and on the basis of non accuracy client terminated him as per contract which was signed by both party.

Many people asked for FIR copy to Mr. Jain but I don’t think anyone received copy from him.

As committed to team VRX since last 3 months I received my payments (on the basis of my accuracy) and yesterday I received my deposit refund

No one is ready accept their own mistakes in this world as this is human mentality.

We should not spoil any others reputation.
Mukesharya1's reply, May 11, 2018
Yes Vasanth,
They are very transparent if you cooperate and take proper guidance from them.
manjunath chandeppanavar's reply, May 14, 2018
Can I have your contact number plz
Rahultajas22's reply, Jul 7, 2018
Mukesh Arya please share your contact
[email protected]
Krishna.91's reply, Nov 26, 2018
Sir plese help us and provide contact numbers, we completed mou they rejected our profile but they not refunding our amount, already two months completed, they not pick my phones please do needful and help us
My self Manjunath I am from Bangalore karnataka, Mr. Vadanth thank God. You are the first person giving +ve feedback for VRXH.
But for us they haven't given any project and not even refunded security deposit. So I am going to their office again along with police and media and our loyer. If anyone like to support me plz can call or what's app
Hi Mayank - Iam Sivanandhan Advocate From Tamil Nadu, Can u Share The FIR Copy For Alerting The People Who Are Interacted With This Company .

Regards - Sivanandhan A
s.m.b sri balaji balaji's reply, Jun 20, 2019
Sir I am too from tamilnadu please contact me my number is nine, five, four, three, one, four, one, eight, one, nine
Hey Guys! They have approached me as well. But those who are supporting them or opposing them can share your proofs if possible on ashish.[protected]@whizit.co.in so that I can know if they are genuine or fraud.
vrx is fraud company. they are reduculess and they blocked my phone no

even i sent below mail to vrx as below with politely

Dear Mr Abhisheik Dubey / Ms Priyanka/Mr Mithesh

As we are exchanging messages through phone and whats app from past one month with regards to refund of amount Rs. 300000.00 paid towards e commerce project security deposit.

In this connection as you promised that the amount is being forwarded to me through cheque dated 20th June 2018.

Also given by you the courier no as A[protected] dated 14.06.2018 with Astha couriers.

The same has not received the same as of now. Also enquired with astha couriers Ahmadabad and informed that they will not deal with domestic couriers.

When i informed you about the same, you have told me that they have tie up with treckon couriers. Even for which we have not received any tracking information. How ever you have confirmed over message due to eid the same was got delayed. So will get deliver by Tuesday. Further I Have requested to cheque details or copy of cheque for which you have not provided the same.

But as of now I have not received any courier.

Meanwhile we understand that the information provided by you all fake.

Mean time as a company director you have blocked my contact no in your mobile to avoid receiving my calls when am calling you about the same.

Further i would like to inform you that, earlier when am speaking with Priyanka and Mithesh of your office they confirmed that they will transfer the funds to my account. Even my account details also provided to them

As of now nothing has been happened through them or through you as a director of the company.

The said amount suppose to received by me in April 2nd week itself.

Hope you will understand the seriousness and situation of the said issue.

However as a good selves, transfer my funds immediately with out any further delay.

but nothing has done till today.

one Ms PRIYANKA working in this company and became a good and experienced CHEATER

any am complaining to director general of police gujarat personally.even i spoke to concerned. process in progres
Please give the correct feed back it may hit somebody business
Please give the correct feed back it may hit somebody business
Jitendra_888's reply, Jul 20, 2018
There are no Current feebacks actually
all are saying different story some one have good opinion and some one have bad as well.

Out suggestion is to visit them and let it know by your self only.

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