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Your Kids 'R' Our Kids India (Edu) Pvt. Ltd.
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Your Kids R Our Kids [YKROK] Customer Care

Your Kids 'R' Our Kids India (Edu) Pvt. Ltd.

44/1a Bannerghatta Road
Bangalore District
India - 560029

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Your Kids R Our Kids — your kids r our kids beware of this play school

 Uttam Tiwari on Sep 27, 2017
If you want to see your kid happy and smiling don't send to ykrok bhagmane tech park, my kid got infection in 3 days over their. The campus are unhygienic, and the staff behave rudely. The cctv camera don't work for most of the days.
Moreover if you ask for refund, they will not even recognize you and will not pay you even a dime.
My sincere advice :- please avoid this day care....
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Your Kids R Our Kids — fraud company

Ykrok is a worst and money ripping company. They dont give respect to any employee, bharat kapoor feels like he came from other planet and treats employees like slaves. He is a no 1 bastrd, both the kapoor's they dont value the employees and they dont treat their employees like human being. They are running the company on security deposit collected from the employees. They want their employees work like donkeys and they dont pay their salaries on time. We have to beg the management for salaries every month every day. Such a big fraud company. They dont have human values also.
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Your Kids 'r' Our Kids India Edu Pvt Ltd — I am complaining about non payment

 Verma anchal
I have joined this company 3 months back as a Centre head, from first day of joining only I got to know that they are paying salary late. Since I was a Centre Head I did not react too much and decided to talk to head office. When asked them about the salary they said it's just for this month(sept). But In next month I got my sept 4 days salary in November. I was so shocked that for whole 1n half month I have came through my scooty I have put so much money while coming and going and I got 3016 rs for 4 days salary of sept. I am so disappointed. In Jan I decided to leave this company but these ppl...
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Your Kids "r" Our Kids (Ykrok) — Day care is very worst

The day care locatated in dlf it park, manapakam chennai.

This playschool is just opened for making money and nothing else. They do not provide the basic facilities according to the money they charge from the parents.
From safety, care and hygiene viewpoint : there is no fire exit door in the day care and the day care is sourand by food court. The quality of services is very bad. They are not paying the vendor for supplying the provisions and they are not providig the provision. Every month we are facing the problem and parents and teacher are bying the provision. Also they...
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YKROK — Non refund of security deposit

 Namita Mhetar Kesarkar
Ykrok is a daycare in different major cities in india.

We sent our son there for few months. His last day there was 15th july 2015. We have been following up with them for the security deposit refund (Rs. 3500/-) since then. But the entire team seems to be careless.

After calling them every time, we were told to send emails to them, but none of the emails were replied promptly with any accurate details or any dates.

This is not acceptable by them. Because every month we paid their fees on time, and in case anyone failed to pay on time, then their names...
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Your Kids R Our Kids (ykrok) — Non refund of deposit amount

 Namita Mhetar Kesarkar
YKROK is a daycare at Commerzone.
We sent our kid there for almost 7-8 months. We also paid all their monthly fees on time
My kids last day there was 15th Jul 2015.
Since then we are regularly following up with them for the deposit refund. But haven't received any communication from them on the same. It will be almost a year in next month and still no response from YKROK.
Wondering what has happened with our security deposit paid to them???...
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Your Kids R Our Kids — Fake review

Hello sir. Kindly remove a fake review made on my behalf which has been made by creating an id in the name of 'parishaspapa' on
A review has been made using my name and number. Kindly delete the same or I shall pursue legal remedies. Regards. Jitin Gulati. Email: [protected]
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YKROK — Child Care

 working mom
LPG GAS leaking into the ykrok child care...
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Your Kids are our Kids, Bangalore — Cheating the employee by not giving salary Cheque

 [email protected]
Hello, One incident happened recently at the YKROK, Bangalore, Headoffice. One of the employee was called for salary to the office. When she went there, she was asked to put the signature before receiving the cheque. But when she put the signature, they refuse to give the salary cheque. As she was old women, she could not react much and she has to returned back without any salary, but in their record, she has recieved the salary. Such a bloody nasty ridiculous disgusting people are there in YKROK, Bangalore. Feeling pitty about the owner Bharat kappor and Suman kapoor, in running such...
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Your Kids are our Kids, Bangalore — Delayed salary to the employees of YKROK and irresponsible management of YKROK, Bangalore

 [email protected]
Hello, The management of YKROK, bangalore are so irresponsible that, they delay the salary of employees till 20th or 25th of every month. We are all struggling to live the daily life, and this nasty management is unnecessarily delaying the salary, we depend on the salary to pay the PG rent and other expenses. Because of this delay, we have to suffer many mental and physical problems (especially ladies). When asked for the reason they are saying its been processing (every time this is the reason, not more than that). Most of the centres are having more no of kids but not enough nurses to assist...
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Your Kids R Our Kids — Stupid Schools in Bangalore and Stupid Management

One of the fake schools in Bangalore and all over india. Please do not join your childrens here. MD, Bharat Kapoor is one of the biggest fraud here, when u got for visit, he will treat you very nicely. after that he look only for money there are very good schools are there in bangalore like klay schools, leapbridge i[censored] still want to waste money, then its ur fate. go ahead. as a dad of a children, advising all....
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Your Kids Are Our Kids — Yrkok: your popularity in the market is at stake. Please act now.

 Print Netsoft
Hi!! I'm Sharma raising this complaint on behalf of Netsoft Technologies, one of the leaders in ID card printing Solutions against Your Kids are our Kids. We've serious issues with regards to the payment with YRKOK. We initially dealt with Ms Martin who was very rude in her talk and demanded for the ID cards. One fine day when our accounts department called up Ms Martin, we got to know that she had already left the job. If she has quit the job is it not her responsibility to inform the concerned ppl to alert about the payment??? So responsible she is..!!

We repeatedly mailed...
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YKROK — salary issue [Resolved]

Hi, as I was working with this company since two months only, March April, they have always told me to buy the raw materials and not paid me back. As they gave me two cheques, on which there were no signature of sumankapoor as this was their trick to trouble me. Till now they have changed many center heads, they want people who can just spend and should not ask petty cash from them, when I joined there as a centre head, kids were not getting milk since 1month. I started buying milk, grocery and vegetables and fruits. Even there was a day, when l prepared breakfast and brought from home, because...
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YKROK — Mismanagement

 S Ch
To the YKROK Management- Bharat Kapoor and Suman kapoor.

I as a parent have always seen a constant change in the staff which has left the children to adjust every other day.
I have heard the woes of some teachers and Y'day a staff almost stormed out yelling at the management that the salary was still not being paid. Mind you its the 23rd July ...and they are still expected to dutiful work.
I have been in awe how the teachers manage to put up with such unprofessional environment and surprisingly the teachers don't even have an offer letter nor a salary slip.
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Your Kids Are Our Kids / India Education Pvt Ltd — To refund the paid fee

I have joined my Kid Master Mithresh in YKROK chennai DLF branch in the year 2012 and paid quarterly fee 23, 900. He used the daycare for 15 days after that he got Pneumonia attack. so we are not able to send my kid to YKROK. so we are asking them to refund the 2 months fee but they are saying it is not in the agreement. if we didn't pay 100 rupee in the daycare fee will they join my kid. no right in the same way they should repay my 2 months fee right it is around 16 thousands. Also why they are collecting quartely fee for day care they should collect only the monthly fee right.Please help...
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YKROK — Worst day Care center

The employees working are very demotivated. There are no GLs, CLs or sick leave. Any leaves taken are directly Loss of Pay. All Teachers work there only for constraints like not having certificates etc. The owners give a false impression to all parents, If any item is damaged or not working it is not repaired for months together. eg if a blender used to soften food for children is spoilt it is not repaired for 2months and the food is belnded directly in hand in unhygienic way....
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Your Kids R Our Kids — Network Tower

 Babu Kumar93
Respected Sir/ Madam,

As this is to inform you that, According to the government rule there should be no "Network Towers" should be installed under the Schools, colleges etc. But whereas in electronic city there are three "Network Towers" has been installed and we have tried informing everyone of the concerned department as we have not received and response from them as the Network radiations are very harmful for the kids growth and development as well as for all the human beings also and you can check the pictures which has been attached, So, We request you to...
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YKROK — Very Rude

Hi Ppl,

I just called on the customer care number given, the women was not ready to give any information, and was soo rude. How can these people make such an first impression. When they are talking so rudely to the parents, how rudely will they be handling kids. Cant ever dare to put my daughter there.

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Your Kids 'R' Our Kids — YKROK a cheating centre

I share your experience! I'm not an employee but a vendor who provided services for Your Kids 'R' Our Kids. They cheated us too, of laks of rupees stating that we have not provided the good quality service

Today though they have a bigger and much better office after not paying all their vendors. We fail to understand how a loss making company like Your Kids R Our Kids (as they claim) can move to a swank new office space when they claim to be in loss.

3 latest blackberry phones, premium phone numbers which he pays a fortune to get, latest cars, massive...
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Your Kids R Our Kids — beware of this play school

these people have cheated more than 15 vendors when I was working for them at Bangalore (Koramangala Branch). They dont give the purchase order to the vendors but they pay only the advance. When vendor comes to get balance payment they refuse to make the payment. They have terminated 25+ employees in 6 months....
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