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[Resolved]  Your Kids R Our Kids — beware of this play school

these people have cheated more than 15 vendors when I was working for them at Bangalore (Koramangala Branch). They dont give the purchase order to the vendors but they pay only the advance. When vendor comes to get balance payment they refuse to make the payment. They have terminated 25+ employees in 6 months.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020

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[Jan 25, 2018] customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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YKROK is a bunch of Nonsense people. Bharat kapoor has no role in company. All discussions is taken by suman kapoor. Even Bharat cant take leave without the permission of suman. On the other hand suman has her dog named KV (who called himself VP of company). He does nothing in the company except follow suman's like a puppy. No buddy is happy as an employee or a vendor from yk-rock bock...They are not giving proper salary to emp. If you are able to work in ykrok than u can work in any company of the world, because its the top worst company in world. I suggest to everybody please dont associate with ykrok.
Dear Mr. Singh,

We have letters from you and Mrs. Singh highly recommending YKROK. Do you recall these letters? When you enrolled your daughter you could not afford paying the full fees, and we gave you a monthly discount of Rs. 1, 000/- which was the first time the centre ever offered it to any parent. Your daughter was enrolled for over 2 years, with a savings of Rs. 25, 000/- plus. Do you recall this?
When your father in law was ill, and hospitalized, do you recall your brother in law and several times you came very late to pick up your daughter, and we made sure we were there for you at 7pm. We never charged you a late fee, and stood by you in hard times.

When you paid the fees late, we understood. Again, we did not charge you late fees.

We can make a list of positive things we have done for your family. Your family has always thanked us.

YKROK fell in the Lutyens Zone, and with the new law, we cannot operate the centre in this zone. We relocated to another near by location immeaditely and majority of the parents thanked us for this initiative.

We have provided your daughter a wonderful education and the best care. You know that. If you feel, by slandering the centre's name on a site will help you, it makes you look bad only.

I am here to talk to you, and neither asking you to refund the Rs. 25, 000/- and the several late charges you owe us. We are very fond of your daughter and your family, and I urge you again to stop this slander.

Best regards, Bharat Kapoor, Director, YKROK
What rubbish you are writing. Its obvious you were terminated due to non performance, and now due to remorse you are writing this. We know who you are. Neither YKROK or anyone associated with YKROK is interested in your rubbish. So it does not make a difference or any impact on what your personal opinions are. Keep them to your self and good luck in getting a job. Once they see your work ethic you will again be let go. From All o[censored]s Here at YKROK.
I have had very positive experiences with Your Kids R Our Kids. The centres are very professionally managed. The staff are great people, and the management is very hands on. I have not met the leadership management but I hear they are lovely people. What impressed me most is the highest quality centre and well definded operations processes getting implemented. The facilities are the best ever seen. I will give YKROK a 5 STAR RATING. Sonia Gupta, Microsoft India
That Bharat kapoor creates the own testimonials hang it on the walls to create good impression to the walk ins.
This is Bharat Kapoor, i am reachable at [protected]. Please do call me.
This is from all the staff at the YKROK centre, we love our centre, you have no right to cut us down. We are 47 women in total numbers and work very hard to make our precious kids happy, and parents satisfied. We request you, to please have respect for us, we are in a noble profession, and it hurts us to read anything about our centre. From all staff at YKROK
Of course I agree with you, I will love to show everyone the positive comments and feedback we are getting from everyone so its beautifully framed and put up. Why do you have a problem with me putting up the legit letters? Are you jealous? Call me at [protected]
Oh Gosh! is that same bharat kapoor says himself as HBS alumini but a professional cheater.. He cheated Rs 6, 000 to me..
I worked for them from Nov 2007 to Feb 2008. Those people have cheated my final month salary. Its one of the worst child care centre in the industry, Many staff have been cheated. No one work for more than 2 months.
Hi guys, this is sharda. I work at the bannerghatta centre. I have been around for 2 years now. Whats really funny is that the people who are posting these notes (David, Prakash, Roshan) are all MEN I assume telling by their names. First of all we do not employ MEN to work here, so you are not telling the truth. Secondly, what is a professional cheater? What does it mean? Is there a certificate to take a course on this? It all sounds crazy to me what you are writing. Highly uneducated comments and a waste of time reading all of this.

We the women at YKROK all say...All 3 of you guys (David, Prakash, and Roshan) are such LOSERS! Weird and Wacky guys. regards, Sharda
Hello everyone, I LOVE YKROK. I have been around for 3 years now. Never heard of any such problem. All bunch of made up things you guys are writing. Any one wants clarification, send me an email. I assure you YKROK is the BEST centre. I am crazy about this place. We all are here since the very beginning. Bye.
This guy who calls himself as a Harward Business School Alumni, had taken the Flex Banners in March 2008 for Summer Camp promotion campaign through our ex employee who worked for this person. The banner was delivered to his office after the campaign complation he started to say he has not seen the Banner!!! The banner was tied by some vendor and the pictures of the banner were given by that person. Still he is claiming that we have not given the Banner. We waited for an year now we are filing the complaint at the Domlur Police Station, We are having the proof of sending the banner, delivery and will please to meet THIS COWARD at the Court
We never placed an order with your ex employee. Neither as you mention outsourced this campaign to another vendor. In fact we only use credible vendors and suppliers and you are not on our authorized list.
What rubbish you are writing about picture banners we have ordered. Its not true.
This is Bharat. Hi Shads. Hope all is well. I guess this email is addressed to me, so let me respond.
You have already been paid for this, and it was a very small amount.

Secondly, as per my conversation with you today, you mentioned you NEVER (Shads) wrote this email. Its fabricated and a lie.

There is someone playing around. Never mind, not important to me.
Hi everybody, I am working mom. What I love about Your Kids 'R' Our Kids is the FOOD. My two kids love the food at YKROK. No issues here...I luv ykrok food. Love you YKROK.
This is what my child ate today.

Chapatti with Vegetable Curry
Salad: Cucumber

Mix Vegetable Paratha with Curd

Tomato Soup with Bread CRajma with Chapatti
Fruit: Cheeku
Love you, bye.
If any vendor want to know about this pre school kindly contact on [protected]/[protected] / 2437090 - K.K.Naushad - Proprietor Shads Events and Promos before being a victim. Will provide the list of the victims with evidence
Hey Shads, I called this person Naushad, just our of curiousity. They say they have a great relationship with this pre school. They have NO issues. Someone is just playing a joke and also they have NOT posted these messages. Also, I asked them list of victims, Naushad said he is unaware and hung up the phone on me, saying not to waste my time. So I called up the Accounts office at YKROK, just to clarify what is all this about. They also are clueless, but a Lalita who works at YKROK said there was this Raghave employee who got terminated due to coming late to work daily & non performance, and he is angry on job loss & writing this garbage. So that explains why these posts are all BOGUS/FALSE.
Hi, I'm Malti, I was a receptionist of this BHARAT KAPOOR'S BLADE COMPANY. I worked for 4 months. I left this company because this guy was behaving like HE HAS NOT SEEN THE GIRLS/ WOMEN BEFORE. This is the worst company i worked for. The scapgoats of this company including the employees, vendors, even clients.
A law suit has been filed against Bharat Kapoor by me, The dates are for August 17 in Delhi's consumer court. If anybody wants to know more about this . kindly contact me on the above no.

Hey Rekha, can you please leave your contact no. just for curiosity as I've not received call neither from Bharat Kapoor nor u...

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