Fastrack Customer Care

Fastrack Customer Care

Titan Industries Limited

3, Sipcot Industrial Complex
Krishnagiri District
Tamil Nadu
India - 635126

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

1800 266 0123
+91 43 4466 4199
+91 43 4427 6037
Fastrack Corporate Office
Tower A, Golden Enclave, Airport Road, Bangalore – 560017, Karnataka
Tel: +91 80 6660 9000, +91 80 6660 9027, +91 80 6660 9028
Fax : +91 80 2526 9923, +91 80 2526 3001

Fastrack Regional Offices

213 A, Okhla Industrial Estate Phase – 3, New Delhi-110 020
Tel: +91 11 6662 8680, +91 11 6613 6000
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Fastrack — Chain

 ravikumarvenkatap on Feb 8, 2016
This is Ravikumar from Visakhapatnam, AP India.

6years back purchased this watch(model model 4052pm02), recently i have visited your store in jagadamba center

I don't know either the service guy know how to replace it or not. When i got my watch back, it was broken(which connects the body and chain). That was around 7 PM, so luckly I have seen the moment how he was doing. that service engineer was arguing with me that he has not done in that way. Now I am not able to use that watch, he has taken back telling the he will get it ready. earlier he asked for one day time...
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Fastrack — Ana digital watch

 Kaushik Raman on Feb 4, 2016
I've bought a fastrack watch on 14/2/15 from the showroom named World Of Titan. Its said in the manual that the watches have 1 year guarantee and i have already once changed the inner parts thrice changed the battery and lastly was said that it was some connector problem. I request you to check and please rectify the error.
Thank You...
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Fastrack — Fastrack steel strap watch

 ashokjp on Jan 26, 2016
This watch was purchased less than a year ago. The watch case started corroding within first few months itself.

Please understand that this is when i havent used it in rainy season, as soon as it rains i would get it off my hands clean and keep it inside vehicle.

Recently when i wore it, the crown came off, when i went to fix it, they took 3-4 days just to fix it.

For corroding / rust, they said company has to fix it and it would take 1 MONTH or more.

I have used sonata watches of much lesser cost than this Fastrack, ever since i wore...
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Fastrack — Faulty watch & hopeless service

 Prajwal90 on Jan 21, 2016
Not even a month, the watch strap comes off from the watch.
Outlet people are unprofessional as expected when faulty product was presented.
A complaint was raised with CC .
Complaint ID : 1060338.

4 reminders in mail
4 tweets to official account of fastrack
2 calls to CC .

No response till date on the complaint in any of the forms.
No reply on mail / twitter.
Callback is too much to expect.
Terrible experience ....
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Fastrack — Bag

 Tushar Shandilya on Jan 19, 2016
I had brought a bag from Metropolitan mall, M.G. Road, Gurgaon. The product code is AC034NGY01 on 24th December 2015. The internal clothing got damaged only in few days. When I had visited the store to register a complain regarding the same, the behaviour of the Manager - Retail Sales Operations Mr. Dhruv Adhikari was so annoying. So i want the Detail of SPOC to talk about this....
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Fastrack — Broke within two hours of purchase

 Di Kin on Jan 16, 2016
Model no 9462AP01 date of purchase :- 14/1/16 showroom:- ANAND WATCH CENTRE description of incident:- i was wearing the watch and it automatically broke it in two pieces we request a refund cost price of the watch after 10% discount :-1900...
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Fastrack — Fastrack watch sharp edge which cuts my shirt & my hand also.

 dipakghag on Jan 14, 2016
Dear, I was facing a big problem with your fastrack watch. its bottom side corners are getting very very sharp. It cuts my lots of shirts. Its also give sharp cut on my hand, some time its bleeding. I cant wear that watch sometimes. even by necked hand we cant touch that sharp edge. I am sending some picture to you to see how sharp it is! you can see the model number in picture. Please change that design. Do needful for me....
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Fastrack — Very poor service and product

 rizwan0708 on Jan 10, 2016
I have purchased a fast track watch model 3123SM02. within a week it stop working return to store they send the watch to company for repair it came after 15days again within a week it stop it was repeated for 3rd time. still my watch is in company no calls or no response from the store and company. I called made a complaint through the call center complaint number : 1041175. after a week I again called the customer care they said to call Mr. Gopinath I spoke to him he collect my complaint number and said he will call back but no return call. I called him again and again for 4times from last week. No...
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Jewelry & Watches

Fastrack — Negligent driving by fast track driver

 MJay1234 on Jan 10, 2016
Vehicle No: TN-85-8058, Driver Name: Gopal (Ph No: 8144831016, 9003093716). The driver was driving while on mobile and hit my car. (Sunday - 10-Jan-2016). Ran away saying that he has to pick someone for airport. Not able to reach his cell anymore....
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Fastrack — Watch complaints

 Deepak Ranjan Singh on Dec 31, 2015
This year I was purchase fastrack bikers collection watch but after 4months it's stop working. ...I was repair my watch 2 to 3 times but there is same problem again after 2 to 3 days. Watch is in warranty. I was fastrack costumer care servicer center but he was to me that they hav to check again.It was already take 15 day 1st and 15day second time take for repair. Deepak Ranjan contact no 09560864983...
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Fastrack — Watch returned without repair

 avulavamsi on Dec 28, 2015
I have given my watch for repair as its stopped working. Showroom people sent this product twice to company for repair but they have sent it back saying 'MOVT' not available. Where can I get this repaired? It's not an old watch, just 4 years product. Company should maintain spares at least for 10 years. Without spares how can you sell this type of products to customers. I request you to take this forward and do the needful. Variant Num-3054SL01, Date of purchase-19/10/2011, Doc No-100005369 First JO No-JO00000315020822, Date-26/10/2015, Complaint-Stoppage Second JO No-JO00000315026240, Date-12/12/2015,...
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Fastrack — 4052pm01

 Anagha Shinde on Dec 28, 2015
Hi, I have same watch and I had purchased it around 2.5 to 3 yrs ago and i loved the watch but a week ago the metal strap broke, I searched all the service centres of Nasik and every one told the strap is not available and the watch is now pretty much useless, buy a new watch! Some even told me the company discontinued the item so its not possible to raise a order for new strap and some told that strap is not even available with company too. Now i feel humiliated how come a brand like titan & fastrack could not even provide the spares for the items only after 2-3 years of selling. I request someone...
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Fastrack — Fastrack watch strap repair

 murali786 on Dec 28, 2015
I bought a wacth at AV SATTVA PVT LTD, 178 MISSION ST PONDICHERRY The strap was dis located i gave it for service on 13.11.2015 but still today i dint get any response from your side. i have lodged a complaint on online the ref # 1029676 i went to the shop 5 times and phoned 10 times i am fedup with this service i have all telephone talks and the complaint number, so i hope this is enough for me to go the the court of law, and you are forcing me to go to the court if i did not get any response within today i will go to the court of law and this issue will be taken to the all newspapers...
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Fastrack — Fastrack sm upgrades analog grey dial men's watch - 3006sm03

 Anu Shinde on Dec 21, 2015
Worst product i have ever purchased. I have purchased Fastrack SM Upgrades Analog Grey Dial Men's Watch - 3006SM03 watch for my husband on 30th sept. 2015 within 1 months the watch slows down and many a times it even stops working at all & automatically key fells. I have visited services center they repair it and told me it wont happen again but again in 3 days it was giving me the same issue and again its key fells. u guys make fool of customer. I am very much frustrated with the product. I want a solution for it...
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Fastrack — Excess charged for trip from tnagar to chromepet

 pkspks on Dec 21, 2015
We used fast track vehicle no tn 22 cq8132d drivr cell no 9840554371 for a trip from t nagar to chromepet via sanitorium fly over and we have been charged rs 469 for a 21 km trip rates being rs 100 for first 4 km and rs 16 per km therfater, unfortunately not even anle to lodge a complaint on the telephone since no one picking up.. Something seriously wrong please investigate regards p.K.Subramanian 9840293321 t nagar chennai 21/12/2015...
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Fastrack — Watch stops then and there.

 Visakh V Nair on Dec 9, 2015
I bought the watch exactly 358 days before. (ie, on 16.12.2014) from Pothys Life Style from Thiruvananthapuram city. I was really exited to wear Fastrack at first. But a few months later, things changed. It stops all of a sudden. Thank God, I got 1 year warranty for the battery. Immediately, I approached an authorized service center in the same city(Titan Service Centre - Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram -Ed Heights, Pattom) and got the battery changed.You can check my credentials with the service centre. But unfortunately, to add to my agony, it took only a week's time for it to stop again. I can't believe...
Complaint comments  Read comments [2]Complaint category Jewelry & Watches

Fastrack — Watch repair/replacement

 ttkm on Dec 7, 2015
I purchased a watch at your showroom in Kakinada, A.P on 14/4/2015 by its invoice no/DOC no 100000234, variant no NE3089SL03 and description is DB852. And I paid Rs. 2795/- for this purchase. On 2/12/2015 I noticed that the watch is not working. I went to the showroom there they referred to TITAN service center adjacent to their showroom. There the service center people said that the battery of the watch was expired and some parts of the watch should be replaced and this will take nearly one month for repair and did not say about the charges. I asked them I would not surrender the watch for repair/servicing...
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Fastrack — Fastrack watch complaint

 tolu agrawal on Dec 4, 2015
I had purchase a fastrack watch model no-9463al08 dt-06/08/2015 from kolkotta diamond dimenisions pvt ltd. watch warany period is 1year after 2 month the watch suddenly fell down from my hand the belt is broken.that is only for company pesting problem there is no fault from our side. i had gone to titan showroom in raipur they told me you have pay full amount for new belt guarantee is only in more than rs.40000 watch. when my freind want to purchase a watch they are telling there is full guarantee of watch for 1 year in belt also. delear cheat to every customer please change my belt immedietly...
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Fastrack — Bag - worst quality of bag material

 Anjali Dulwani on Nov 23, 2015
I am a fan of fastrack products, be it watches, sunglasses, bags. but this recent incident has really disappointed me. I bought a fasttrack bag in october from a life style store and that bag got torn only in few days, the material os the bag started peeling off and now it is not even in condition to flaunt anymore. I have spent 2100 rs. for that bag. Please suggest the needful....
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Fast Track Call Taxi — I am complaining about they charged too much money for me

 Bernat on Nov 21, 2015
Incident 1: 21th Nov 2015 @ 21:30 hrs Booking Number : 60325 Booked at 18:00 Hrs Pickup from Redhills to vallur (Near Minjur) Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I have booked cab (Tata indica -mini) Redhills to vallur (Near Minjur) .the cab drive has charged 680 rs. i called fast track customer care and enquired approximate charge for this distacce. they told 380 rs. but driver received 680 rs from me. i asked to fast track customer care please register a complaint. but they given some number. but that number is not working. again i called them, they told that you will receive call from customer care....
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