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Yatra.com Complaints & Reviews

Yatra.com - Regarding bad experences

 rama_chandran on Mar 3, 2015
1) Delaying in issuing the bus ticket.
2) Received a call after starting the Bus started from Delhi stating that Bus will not reach Manila you have to arrange you own transportation and reach Hotel.
3) As said the bus stopped and we spend 2000 Rs to reach the Hotel.
4) Bed size was very small.
5) We did not get the hot water properly (we required to beg)
6) No heater in the rooms extra charges ( you are aware it is the cold place and snow is falling how can you charge extra).
7) Sightseeing was not done as per the committed.
8) Drives when he was...
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Yatra.com - Amount Deducted - Hotel Not booked - Refund Not initiated

 Viñòdh Kumar on Feb 28, 2015
I tried to book a hotel using Yatra App. The amount was debited twice but the hotel was not booked. Upon raising a complaint I received Refund for one of the transactions. I am chasing the Yatra customer care since 21st Saturday, but they don't bother to respond. [Ref No 014-856-289] I did mail them with Credit card bill snapshot....
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Yatra.com - No follow-up and response regarding the travel

 Anirudha. Koujalgi on Feb 25, 2015
Hello Team
I am Anirudha M Koujalgi, writing this complaint for my Booking ref: S1444134.
I had booked Langakawi and Kulalumpur for a package of Rs- 75106 on Jan 28 2015 .
I had paid 20000 on Jan 28, 2015 .
I had paid 10000 on Jan 29, 2015.
As per advice of your Travel Consultant Avinash Mishra.
On Feb 19 2015 I have paid the remaining amount quoted for the package and informed Avinash about the same.
From 19 Feb to 24 Feb I have not recieved any follow up.
All of sudden on 24 Feb at 10 .00 pm Vinod from Postal Dept calls and ask for my Passports,...
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Yatra.com - Money refund issue

 Anaraj pedde on Feb 25, 2015
Hello, I booked an Holiday package from Yatra.com to Andaman. Initially I paid 25% around (Rs.17000) of the package cost. Due to some family reason wanted to postpone my travel. But Yatra people are telling that, they cannot postpone nor they will not return money. They are not giving any other option and telling that you have to travel or money will be forfeited (penalty). There were still 20 days when i requested for postpone/refund of my travel date. These people are simply LOOTING money from customers. Is there anyone can me help to get my money back. I have shared my yatra booking...
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Yatra.com - Worst customer service - refund is not initiated

 vsselvaraj on Feb 25, 2015
We had a bad experience with yatra. ( SERVICE NUMBER S1252418)

I will point it one by one.. ( after reading all these - u will surely dont choose yatra)

1. While reaching havelock.. the symphony palm beach resort told that we dint get any reservation for us. We got soo much tensed and helpless. Their customer service is very very very worst. They were not at all picking up the call.. then y the hell they have given 'emergency number(utter waste)' ???? .. After 1 and half hours the hotel pple saw us waiting for a long time in reception and called us back and...
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Yatra.com - Compensation for Rs.12222.00/- Payment Dispute.

 rahul.kumbhare@gmail.com on Feb 24, 2015
My Qurey is not yet resolved because you guys have been used my money in past eight months. After eight months you guys finally agree upon that there was problem in your end and you have been charged the amt on both the credit cards. Unnecessarily you were keep on sending me false transition details of ICICI bank which was wrong. I need complete ratification on it why you guys sent me an wrong transaction details multiple times and raised a request to talk to bank and go for grievance readdressal. As i said, i need compensation on it because you guys have been used my 12222.00/- in past...
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Yatra.com - Money Debited from my account

 Pilot Suraj Negi on Feb 24, 2015
I have booked a flight on 13th Jan 2015 from Delhi to Dehradun for 22nd Jan 2015 through my Yatra App.
That time I get a confirmation flash message that your flight has been booked but yatra.com is waiting for confirmation from jet airways, while later yatra.com confirmed that the booking is not done.
I have checked my bank account and seen that the amount of 7392 Rs. was debited to the account of yatra.com Gurgaon.
I have send a mail to yatra.com regarding this, as per them the case is with their risk assessment team.
it is more than one month now, I did not get any...
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Yatra.com - money refund regd.

 dilipverma on Feb 20, 2015
Dear sir It is for your information that my flight was cancelled on 24th Dec 2014 and I spoke to spice jet customer care to cancel my ticket. They cancelled my ticket on 20th Dec 2014 but till now I don't get my money back so please take necessary action and I am waiting for your early and positive reply. My details are as follows booking reference no.is 2508149017 and flight number is SG894/SG447. PNR NO.J3EFXI...
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Yatra.com - refund related

 sangitajsr on Feb 20, 2015
I had booked 2 flight tickets from Yatra.com for traveling from Bagdogra to Kolkata for 17th of December 2014 by Spicejet flight number SG896, confirmation number PNR ZF75GE. The flight was canceled by the Spicejet and was informed on SMS. I called up Yatra and updated my status and I was assured that I will be getting full refund of Rs. 5298/-. I reminded Yatra many times and I was informed that refund will be credited with in 7 working days in my account. My last call was on 9th Feb 2015. I have still not received the refund as yet. Kindly do the needful. Sangita...
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Yatra.com - Cheating on Flight Date Change/Cancellation.. Booking Reference No YT13865656

 asghar hossain on Feb 19, 2015
Dear Sir, I has booked international flight with yatra.com executive pawan.kumar3@yatra.com who had communicated to me that incase if flight timming has to be rescheduled at returning I have to pay airlines cancellation charges and new booking price. When i called yatra.com on 14-Feb-15 to change my flight date, i was told by an executive that I will not get any amount if i go for date change additionally I will have to pay Rs 40, 000 for my returning Ticket from Dubai to Kolkata.. I am shocked to see this kind of cheating.. I bought ticket from outside at only Rs 12, 000/- My return...
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Yatra.com - Payment Dispute

 rahul.kumbhare@gmail.com on Feb 18, 2015
Yatra is very worst company which i have seen in my life ever. i can't express my frustration in words
past from 8 months i am continuously doing follow up for my payment dispute some time they are saying we are unable to fetch the data from system some time they said we have not received the payment from ICICI gateway
some time they are suddenly changes their statement no have received the money from ICICI but not from HDFC
this is very unprofessional and irritating.

i don't know whether i'll get my money back or not but i'll suggests all...
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Yatra.com - Money not refunded by yatra since 2 months

 nikita2510 on Feb 18, 2015

My tickets were cancelled via the airlines and I had booked that ticket through Yatra. On 26th Dec 2014 Yatra sent an email stating my refund is processed and i will get in my account within 5-7days .
Its been close to 2 months and i haven't got the money . My bank doest has any transaction from Yatra, I am asking Yatra to give me the transaction copy which they are not giving me on repetitive complaints.

Its a mental harassment to track this along with your job and other work in life. I have made number of calls everyday and same reply that...
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Yatra.com - My booking for AI flight AI 660 didn't have my name

 ArchanaSingal on Feb 16, 2015
Dear Yatra guys, This was my first experience with you and you made it my last last experience. I was booked on AI flight from Mangalore to Delhi. Details are as under. Yatra booking no: 25101452555 Booking Date: 25 Oct 2014 18:51Hrs Mangalore-Mumbai Airindia: AI-680 Departure: Mangalore: 15 Feb 2015 12:50 Hrs Arrival:Mumbai 15 Feb 2015 14:20 Hrs Airline PNR YFXMS S.No. Type Passenger Name Ticket No 1. Adult MRS ARCHANA SINGAL - 5854095205 Mumbai-New Delhi Airindia AI-633 Departure: Mumbai: 15 Feb 2015 16:00 Hrs Arrival: New Delhi 15 Feb 2015 19:15 Hrs Airline PNR YFXMS S.No. Type Passenger...
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Yatra.com - Airport Taxes Not Refuned For a Missed Flight

 Vamssi Krishna Kammula on Feb 15, 2015
Hello all, I have booked a Air India flight from Hyderabad to Bangalore on 14th February 2015 in yatra .com.But i have missed the flight due to late reporting.I have claimed for the refund for Airport taxes as the airport taxes imposed by governments and local authorities are ALWAYS refundable.Probably ONLY the FARE is non-refundable.I have asked for the refund of Rs.2465 i.e Taxes, Surcharges and fees and not the fare cost which is Rs.3579 whose total cost is 6035.I will give you the invoice for proof.They told that they can only refund 47 rupees as part of refund.I need justice in this regard....
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Yatra.com - wrong reference number and no ticket confirmation message

 jenenthong on Feb 14, 2015
Dear yatra my ticket booking on 14 feb. For 16 and 17 feb. Has been confirmed but the reference number provided to me is wrong 14021528006 my money has been deducted its a round trip ticket through indigo so please I request you to kindly look into this problem and take the action of sending me my right reference number and confirmation message immediately as I have my flight on monday waiting for your feedback ....
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Yatra.com - reg: Cheating Website, speculate money from people money !!!!

 Sfs Vishu on Feb 13, 2015
I don’t say “ Hi “ or “ Dear “ to you cheater’s !. Worst Experience, My ticket was cancelled without intimation and jet airways from chennai to bangalore on 11th feb 2015 (21:55), people denied giving ticket, don't know why ? I have informed by jet airways that " Yatra.com" cancelled my reservation !. Is this is the kind of speculation you do with our money. I will share my experience in review's for sure and make at least some people hold booking in your cheating " Website ". My reference id is : 11021526054 ( jet airways – Chennai to Bangalore 21:55 ). And your customer support...
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Yatra.com - Hotel Problem faced

 Arpit Kubba on Feb 13, 2015
We booked hotels from yatra.com the hotels were booked, money was charged but no voucher was given to us byYatra.com.The voucher they gave it says that with in 3 hours you will get the confirmation but 3 days no call or no message was given to us from Yatra.com.And now they are saying that your booking is cancelled after 3 days and from past 3 days I am calling them instantly but no revert from their side.Please take strick action against Yatra.com as requested. Attaching some of the proofs they sent. Thanks Arpit 9999396477...
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Yatra.com - Pathetic response from customer care and fraudulent service

 sruthimphilip on Feb 12, 2015
Hi, This is the 2nd time i am complaining in conumer forum regarding yatra. 1. Dont care attitude of the travel agents : Firstly, the travel agents in yatra dont bother respond or call their customers. I have been trying to reach them at their call centre, but nobody picks up. And when i mail them, nobody responds. I have had issues with yatra from the day 1 of my booking. I had been given 3 set of hotels for Srlanka trip and i confirmed them and then paid an initial booking amount of Rs20000. Before paying the booking amount, i had confirmed with them regarding the final amount including hotel,...
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Yatra.com - refund due to flight cancellation

 vinishnarang on Feb 9, 2015
sir I am shocked to have reply from yatra when I asked for refund.the flight was cancelled by the airlines and it was not me who cancelled.Immediately we approached yatra helpline where we were told that you can apply for refund after the journey is complete.now i am being told that there is no refund applicable.I must say that I had to travel from chandigarh to delhi by taxi.it caused me inconvenience especially to my kids.Now If I am asking for my due refund politely I am being treated this way.Instead I should be asking for a taxi fare from chandigarh to delhi plus a compensation for harassment...
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Yatra.com - reschedule/refund of ticket

 sujeetmodi on Feb 4, 2015
Hello Yatra Team, I have booked a round trip from Kolkata to Port Blair from 1 April to 7 April on 31 Jan and my booking reference number is 31011558149. As it was showing on your website while booking that both tickets are refundable and it is also showing now in Yatra that both of my tickets are refundable (Please find the attachment for your reference). I wanted reschedule ticket from 1 May to 7 May and when I contacted you customer care, he refused to cancel my on-ward ticket and said only return ticket I can cancel. Thereafter, your customer care agent put me in conference with Spicejet...
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