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 Dipit Sharma on Nov 22, 2014
Recently i booked the andaman tour with and the overall experience has been below average. Booking Reference: S1182774. I would like to highlight the following: 1. The travel itinerary we received before our travel was different from what we actually experienced. Both the cruise (from Port blair to Havelock and return) were changed from morning to evening because of which there was a lot of time wastage. Our itinerary was changed without any prior information. 2. The person in Delhi with whom i booked my travel (Mr. Nikhil Kalra) is totally unprofessional. I called him...
Complaint comments Read comments Complaint category Travel Agents - Not getting confirmation & voucher from yatra team after doing payment

 Helly on Nov 21, 2014
Hello, I have done my payment on 7th November 2014. I have not received my voucher of booking confirmation. when i am calling in yatra helpline no one is giving proper answer. Your consultant from which i have booked this package he is not responding my calls and not giving me any support or answer. This is my last booking with yatra now i will never deal with you or recommend to anyone. this is the way you are working? When you have to take payment at that time you are giving calls & mails twice or thrice in a day and after getting payment you are even not answering customer's call or...
Complaint comments Read comments Complaint category Travel & Vacations - Worst service ever experienced for online booking cancellation

 Nadia Deol on Nov 20, 2014
I had no problems booking online with for domestic flight and hotel. Unfortunately I had to cancel my trip from Canada to India for this december as my father has been diagnosed with cancer. And when I tried to cancell my booking, my God what a nightmare. I have been trying for the last 2 days to cancel my flight and hotel booking and this is still not done. First I couldn't reach the phone number provided from Canada. I got another number to call from yatra US and had to call them 4 times before I got an agent who gave me a number to call in India. I found your agents who...
Complaint comments Read comments Complaint category Travel & Vacations - Rs60000 cheating and no refund till date

 Kam Mag on Nov 18, 2014
We were happy to go to small travel agency to book our Kerala trip and I was contacted multiple times a day by to convince me that they will match up the quote given by the other company. Within a day, quote was not only matched but additional services like extra bed in all 3 rooms were added. I was quite impressed thinking wow has good power being a big company and could provide for the same price good package. I went to other agency and cancelled my booking with them. I was asked to make payment of Rs50000 which I made on 25th oct. I followed up with calls...
Complaint comments Read comments Complaint category Travel Agents - Cnacellation refund

 bikramkr on Nov 8, 2014
This is in regard to the refund of my cancellation ticket, which was booked for Delhi-Varanasi on 21st Oct. 2014. The travelling date was 22nd Oct. 2014. The Cancellation details for Yatra Ref is 21101428141. I have cancelled the ticket just few hrs later after the booking because of some emergencies. After the cancellation I received the confirmation of ticket cancellation through the mail as well through the message. Few days passed after I didn't get my refund back, I contacted yatra customer and the executive refused to process the refund in cash. As per his information the refund was processed...
Complaint comments Read comments Complaint category Airlines - Rescheduling hotel itinerary

 Syed Najmuddin Asif on Nov 8, 2014
Hi, My reference no S1224982 I had a horrible experience with they don't understand customer service once they sold never gives you support. I am traveling my with my family from chandigarh-manali-dharachandigarh-manali-dharamshala-dalhousie-Delhi, Sales team told me because I am traveling with my family with kids this will be best for me but to my surprise this was horrible experience, from chandigarh to manali it took me nearly 9 hours to reach and my kids started vomiting so I called and told them to change my itinerary from Dalhousie to chandigar than delhi on my way to manali...
Complaint comments Read comments [1] Complaint category Travel & Vacations - False commitments and no feedback

 kedar.nandu on Nov 1, 2014
My reference No. - S1169475 I booked my itinerary with Yatra on 7th oct. I am really not happy with your approach towards payment. I confirmed your offer at 8.45 PM on 7th Oct and Mr. Ankit Dumir wanted me to pay immediately irrespective of my multiple requests to him for giving me just a one night time. Even i told him that it was never your company policy to ask customer for payment immediately even if it is night. I told him that last time when i booked my itinerary with Yatra; Yatra people were not so stubborn about this. Even i had to request him 2-3 times to buy 30 minutes time to...
Complaint comments Read comments [4] Complaint category Travel & Vacations - Complaint regarding Money refund

 Sreekanth R on Oct 28, 2014
Dear Sir, I am Sreekanth Ravi. This is regarding our domestic travel from Yatra. Destination : Manali Travel Date : 01.10.14 to 05.10.14 Agent name : Ms. Neeti Tyagi Travels : Myself and my wife Mugdha Complaint : I was committed for hotel “ Apple country resort” and I paid the money considering the same. The paid amount was ~ Rs 26500/- Later before 7 days of travel, I was degraded to hotel Rock Land Inn.(3 star hotel), which was very strange. When we refused, we were said that we can cancel my booking. Unwantedly we have to agree as in the last moment all four star hotels...
Complaint comments Read comments [4] Complaint category Travel & Vacations - Yatra's False Offers

 avindhingra on Oct 17, 2014
I have made a booking on on 25th Sep and they offered that you will get a 10% cashback as an eCash If we will use CASHBACK coupon. I did so. But the cash back that was expected to reach my yatra account by 10th Oct never happened. I called them, query logged is there response every time. Mailed them, no reply from their end. So It's a warning from my end, don't believe their fake offers. Ref No: 13286358...
Complaint comments Read comments [2] Complaint category Airlines - hoax by

 malhotravk12 on Oct 15, 2014
through the booking reference YT 13320807 i had done hotel booking through give me hotel confirmation no. YATA0001641957 and confirmed my hotel reservation at orcha resort ..When i reached orcha resort on the day of my reservation this is 7-10-14..The hotel informed me that there was no such reservation Me and my wife waited for 4 hours at orcha resort hoping that the reservation wil materialise.There by made alternate arrangement at a very shameful hotel(orcha residency)..As the conditions were very deplorable we checked out of the hotel, and made our arrangement at...
Complaint comments Read comments [2] Complaint category Travel & Vacations - YATRA cORPORATE DISSATTISFACTION

 Carpi India on Oct 12, 2014
Dear All Had a terrible experience with Yatra. My company had booked a ticket to Delhi for this Sunday along with a hotel combination for 3 nights at Delhi. The total price of the package was 14970/- but due to certain issue my Directors business program my travel date needs to be rescheduled. The shock came after that when called yatra they bluntly denied no rescheduling possible and also against almost 15K the refund is just meagre 3K. Booking Reference No;01101465743 The terms and conditions in yatra is the worst of all. You can go through it, one point they say they can only cancel full...
Complaint comments Read comments [2] Complaint category Travel Agents - they iust do nothing but cheat customers

 docnash on Oct 11, 2014
I had made booking from hyderabad to delhi for 9th of november 2014 (spice jet for Rs.3000), but due to some issues i had to shift the date to 7th nov. When i checked for the availability on 7th, i was getting the desired air fare (Air india for Rs 3000). So i cancelled my previous ticket (got 2500rs deducted out of 3000rs) and booked the ticket for 7th. Now after i have booked the tickets these guys are telling me that my ticket could not get confirmed as the airlines have raised the airfare (within 7 to 8 hours to almost Rs7000). I talked to one of the executives and he said that he could not...
Complaint comments Read comments [3] Complaint category Airlines - fooling people_Refundable ticket_NOT getting money back

 Ankit_Joshi on Oct 1, 2014
I booked a flight from Kolkata to Delhi on 27 SEP 2014 and its was a refundable flight but after booking the ticket, it showed non-refundable and I suddenly took screen shot of the refundable flight shown and call the yatra people. First of all they were non-cooperative and when they find the mistake- explained by me they transfer to the senior person Pooja Sharma and she told me to get back within 24 hours but now after 4 days they are not even answering my call and no reply via mail too. I called from landline phone Norway and they make me wait number of times and had discussed more than 20minutes...
Complaint comments Read comments [1] Complaint category Airlines - 27091465724

 tanutanu on Oct 1, 2014
Dear Team i booked hotel in manali with booking ref no confirmed by yatra team and send me booking confirmation on mail...n also amount debit from credit card.but day before my traveling.i got call from customr care that my booking is cancelled due to unavailabily of rooms...that is very very concerning thing...pls do some thing regards Tarun Mahajan...
Complaint comments Read comments [3] Complaint category Credit Cards - Cancellation and full refund for a round trip where onward flight was grounded at the airport by the airlines after boarding the plane.

 Mudita M on Sep 30, 2014
I had booked an Air India round trip through on 2nd Sep 2014 (Booking Ref Id:02091418433). However, the flight from BBI to DEL on 25th Sep 2014 was grounded at the Bhubaneswar Airport due to technical fault in the aircraft engine and there was no certainity as to when the passengers will be flown to Delhi the next day. Hence, I requested the Air India officials at the airport for a full refund of the round trip. They informed me that the round trip has been booked on two different PNR numbers by and hence I would have to now approach only yatra officials for a full refund...
Complaint comments Read comments [2] Complaint category Airlines - No response from customer support.

 pausebreathefly on Sep 29, 2014
Hi, I have booked a flight + hotel online to bangkok from chennai (DOJ 30-OCT) and its been three days and yet i haven't got the confirmed tickets. I got a mail saying its partially booked not sure what that means. My money has been deducted from my account blocking to me to book another transaction. I have called customer support many times but they keep on saying to drop a mail to support, but there is no response from them also, Booking Reference Number : 26091475248 Email: Mobile : 7200644410...
Complaint comments Read comments [3] Complaint category Travel Agents - Refund my unused money ( Ref. No. 13273840 )

 sarbjeet khehra on Sep 28, 2014
On dated 22-09-2014 I tried for my booking from Amritsar To Goa and back ( round trip ) through . As the Amount of booking was more than the limit of my SBI Debit card, hence the booking could not be done . I tried twice for booking but failed . In the meantime I received a phone call No. +911244341950 after 7 PM from the executive of naming Ms. KAVITA . She told me that she is from and could help me in booking the flights . As per her direction we started booking online as per her guidance . She told that the Booking Amount is more than the limit of Debit card and...
Complaint comments Read comments [2] Complaint category Travel Agents - Irresponsible behaviour and instead of working on problem solution they are eager to sell their holiday package.

 raisahmed on Sep 28, 2014
Dear Madam/Sir My self Rais Ahmed and my Yatra reference number is S1033778. I have booked a holiday package starting from 27/09/2010 to 02/10/2014 called south india holiday package. And the itinerary is 27/09/2014 and 28/09/2014 in Mysore and rest days in Ooty. My problem is as below:- Today morning (28/09/2014) heard a news there was some big protest is going on in Tamil Nadu due to CM arrest. So the border will be closed and there will be no outside specially Karnataka vehicle is no permitted to enter in the Tamil Nadu.So, there are no chance to enter in the Tamil nadu. For me its a...
Complaint comments Read comments [2] Complaint category Travel & Vacations - Provide compensation for using of my money

 GIRISH NA PATIL on Sep 26, 2014
I booked my tour of Thailand with in Andheri Branch –Mumbai and I got payment slip from that the package was booked for us and I paid Rs.20, 000/-for booking amount on 16th August-14 .I receive a call from your branch on 05th Sep that the booking has now been cancelled from 17th Sep-14 to 21 Sep-14. I have a planned vacation with my wife, going on our honeymoon and they bluntly refuse me the trip and say that we will have to cancel.I was asking about my booking amount they told me it will takes 8 to 10 days . After lot of struggle I got my amount on 9th Sep.14 This is absolutely...
Complaint comments Read comments [14] Complaint category Travel Agents - confirmed booking

 deepesh arora on Sep 25, 2014
Recieved confirmed hotel voucher after hotel booking for dalhousie and made full payment but when enquired from hotel after 48 hours the booking was not there. Made up a complaint to customer care but have no response so far. Booking ref s1137956...
Complaint comments Read comments [2] Complaint category Travel & Vacations

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