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[Resolved]  Reliance / NetConnect — Harassment from Reliance


I had submitted complaint some days back for Reliance Harassment, as mentioned below

[protected][protected][protected][protected] Start[protected][protected][protected][protected][protected][protected]------

data card no : [protected]

I am from Goa my name is Supriya and i received following message:

Today I got this sms from reliance
"After repeated follow-up you have failed to pay Rs. 1886 Vide Caf[protected] Hence requesting you to be present at Pune Court on 03/03/2013. Call [protected]"

my data card no for reliance connect + (postpaid) [protected] and i was using it from June 2012. but from starting only i had issue with connection and speed i used to get ZERO speed most of the time even though range was full.
I had complaint reliance about very bad internet connection. when ever there customer used to call me i told him about connection i always got response we are taking ur complaints and will be working on it but situation was never improved. almost everyday 100 times i used to get disconnect from network while using there connection with full range. at last i was fed up of them as there was no improvement at all.
I used to get many calls from reliance local number telling me to pay my bill amount Rs. 842 use to call me regularly this was for October 2012 month. there after in november service got disconnected and when they called me for bill payment i asked them what about my complaints when i used to tell them my problem they never did anything , still i told them please rectify problem i wanted to continue withs service they said ok. but nothing happend. and after nearly 2 month calls again statred comming when money got increase i dont know how. i even got harsh call from panaji branch to which i was so fed up and asked that leady to resolve issue 1st why so much i have to pay. it really affect my work and everything and now this threating SMS when i had already told them to disconnect.

I regularly paid there bill even though connection was very very low and some time no connection only and when i asked them to rectify my problem they disconnected and sending me bill for service which i did not used. i wasted my time my money and have to take there threating messages and calls too.

I really was not knowing what to do with such third class company. is this their business to just threaten people and take out money.

[protected][protected][protected][protected] END[protected][protected][protected][protected][protected][protected]------

I did not received any proper guidelines regarding same however i did received one call from Reliance office from Pune and he said 'Sorry for the Trouble' and he will look in to the matter. how ever i did not received any call from the person however i do received numbers of call from them after certain interval like 20days to 30days and each and every time i had to repeat entire story, every body said they do not know with whom i spoke and who had called me which is very very strange.
1 lady even said why i did not ask their name, (i never new we have to ask Customer care people their name, very strange), so i ask her name only.
she gave me her name as Sollia Shekh No. she called is - [protected].
In Spite of telling every body what is the problem and they said sorry all the time...i do receive similar SMS to pay or to be present in court, i dont know how to deal with them.
now I received Letter from Reliance behalf i do not know how far it is true, as costumer we have to take all the trouble and harassment from them is no body to help....
I have attached Letter Please have a look......and help me

Harassment from Reliance
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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[protected].16PM)-Received Message that CAF incomplete, asked to submit Photo ID& Address proof.& said 20minutes FREE talk time is given
-Visited & Subitted the details as early as18-11-10, verified by the case worker and confirmed it is ok.
[protected].32pm)Visited & enquired about the FREE talk time not been given. They said there is some problem and would takeup with their concerned office and come back.
[protected].17pm) Received message that "No default configured.
On an enquiry from Rel.I sent a message that I am not satisfied with this type of harassment to customer.
[protected].32pm) Received message that Ur SR.No.[protected] has been processed.
[protected].49pm) Message received stating that "Ur details have been changed in our portals based on information provided by U.
[protected]When contacted on land line 3200343, it was said that they would correct it and resume service by 29-12-10, WHICH IS YET TO BE RESUMED AS OF NOW[protected].38PM)


Reliance Netconnect — Not getting bill on time

I had purches Reliance netconnect HSA Data card in the month of july. i had received bill only in firist month sinsce last two month i am not gretting bill and service provider stop there service because of payment and also charge for late payment
my netconnect no is [protected]
Dear sir/madam.. im from madurai, tamilnadu, india.. i want to know the my reliance netconnect + ammount of bill. can do this. i changed my email id.. anwar.[protected] pls 24.12.2011 is last date...
Dear Customer,

We have noted your complaint. The matter has been escalated to our customer service team who will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns.


Dear Customer,

We tried calling you on the given number but we were unable to reach you, as per the confirmation received from the respective team, we wish to inform you that your speed related issue was not highlighted by you to us also there are usage showing in your account. Hence we would like to request you to kindly make the payment


Hi Supriya,

What happened after this letter ? I heard they have hired the recovery agent for bill recovery. Even I am getting the calls like that. For past 4 months I asking RCOM to cancel my data card as I have lost it, but they are not taking my complaint at all. Please let me know how you dealt with it further.

Hello there,

I have been harrased by Reliance RCOM in the same way i have got the same SMS to be present at pune court on the 22nd i called them up and explain my plight and the way reliance had been cheating me since the day i took there broaband connection i used to pay 2000 rs permonth for their high speed connection but the surfering speed was only 40 kbps in the end i got so frustrated i told them take your device and go im not using it. The Reliance person came to my place after a month to take his device and said "Sir u need to pay for this month" i told him i havent being using it still he insisted to pay 2000 bucks this was about 3-4 years back. Now they claiming the same amount from me and threating me to be present in court without a legal notice ? is that even possible can i lodge an FIR against that SMS using it as an evidence. Im really tired of the way they have been harrising me. Any help greatly appreciated.
sir I am mohit, actually some one buy the new post paid connection on my ID whith out my noticed. all the scene came into my noticed when relience genrated the first bill .And when i received the bill i thought they send me by mistake but later on they keep sending me bills and i refused all the time . now they send me a notice that pay your bill in 7 days otherwise a legal action would be taken what sould i do
After 7 months, Reliance continues to play sick game. Today freshly I got an EMAIL from some legal body of RELIANCE asking to pay bill in 7 days or action will be taken.

Kill yourself Reliance or stop such a bad service.

Reliance Netconnect - Harassment (My post 7 months ago - link below)

After writing the concern, reliance only replied this

""" Dear Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you. This is to inform you that your concern has been noted. Please provide us your contact details such as Full name, Subscriber ID, and the type of Inconvenience you are facing, so that we are able reach you. Our team is eager to help you.

RCOMcare """

Actual post below:

I have used Reliance Net-connect internet data-card under scheme name "HSD_Data" till 2011 end.

For periods September to December, there was seriously bad network signal, due to which I was unable to use the service properly. I also did call customer care number [protected] likely more than 10-20 times for service request/ connection issues, I did not get any good service and of no use then. I also requested the customer care people, who called me back to wave-off the bill over that period as I was not able to use the service due to lack of signal. Though Reliance did not do anything to provide me any better service, above it the company billed me during the period where in those months I was probably able to connect only 10% of time.

Now after 2 years, I get a call from some hell-hole lawyer from Delhi saying I have to pay bill in next 30 minutes or there will be police arriving me to arrest me.

Is this a joke. Hell No, if all of a sudden you do not get any contact and suddenly some lawyer calls you and threatens you to be arrested!

I understand lawyers do not do anything unless the company directs them to do whatever. But, never did any person from the company called me for this issue. No local personnel ever tried to contact me over mail or phone (none changed since beginning). And today they make this lawyer call me and threaten my wife (who picked up the call) that I will be arrested if I did not come to court the next day. My question to Reliance - Do you think people are so jobless to do what ever you want them to do. Firstly, you do not provide timely service, leave aside any good service. Later, these kind of stupid things. Do they think that customers are pigs or dogs to play around. We, the customers, ask for service and have right to deny payments on bad service or lack of service.

I want to ask company to show proofs of having contacted me on phone or mail or any written medium, to sort the issue which went through two months. No customer would ever want to keep paying bills though he is not getting service.

This is harassment.

I will not make payment till Reliance gives clear explanation for those many days that I had no signal/network and I faced issues.

What authority does Reliance or its lawyers has to send police to arrest customers from home to pay some 2000 rupees bill.

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