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Ganraj Motor Driving school Pune
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Ganraj Motor Driving school Pune Complaints & Reviews

Dear Consumer Forum board, I had enrolled myself for driving lessons with Ganraj Driving School Pune, Koregoan Park in Feb, 2015.As per agreement, there had to provide 24classes (15min for each class) and I will be paying total 4500Rs(3500 for driving classes + 1000Rs for 2 & 4 wheelers driving license, 500for each) in 3 instalments(each instalment after 8classes).Before joining, I asked them that I will out of station in next week for 15days so should I enrol at this time or I should join after coming from vacations. They confirmed that I should join now and they will continue the classes once I would come back without any issue. Finally classes started and I paid 1500(1st instalment).basics classes went well but they use to take half an hour(as they include other people also at the same car), my class timing was never more than 15min.Then I went for vacations after few classes and joined again. It was the time for 2nd instalment but they did not ask for anything regarding driving license so I asked him when they are planning to file the application for license. Their reply "Ma'am you have not given any document till now so how will we file your application?" .I asked him that you never asked me for anything so how can I know about this? Anyways, I given all required document next day only with 2nd instalments. After that, I started noticing that the driver was not giving classes which were promised for 15min or 5km.So I asked him, he told that he has given me starting classes of more than 6kms(which I never realized) so now he is giving me classes of 4kms.I told that I am not aware of your 6kms so I will take class of 5kms now. I forced him to give and he completed exact 5KMs. After that I always need to take care of that. The driver use to take more than 1.5hrs daily as he use to take 4people at the same time and it was started being difficult for me to give 1.5 hrs daily in between office.Even they prmised that they don't combine the clasess including other people. The drive was not ready to go in traffic area. I always insist him that I am done with basic, now I need classes in main road. He use to insist that he can come to teach me in my car and he will charging 500 per hr for that. Moreover, he was more interested to give classes in my car. Finally due to all these 1.5hrs, i asked him that I will take classes only Saturday and Sunday when my 10 classes were pending. He was ready to give classes on Saturday but I never get any class. I started following up with his manager Mr Sandip and he used to commit that his driver will come to take class but nobody came. Finally the day 28th April, 2015 came for learning license when I met Mr Sandip first time. After this also, I had followed up that how and where I need to come. I never received a single call from them even I paid 1000 for license. As soon as I reached RTO, Mr Sandip asked me for the 3rd instalment which was still pending. I gave that to him. After that he told me to be in queue. I did the same. I was having all documents but RTO people created some difficulties and in this way, I was running behind Mr Sandip but he never came to me with the initiative to help or ask the status. Then he asked for more 400 rs to prepare few papers but I denied to give. Anyhow, he managed somehow and I gave exam and done all the formalities and received learning licence around 5PM. At that time, nobody from ganraj was there. As usual what I was doing since March, 2015, I again started following up for classes with Mr Sandip and he continued given his false promises but I never get a single class till 13th August, 2015.In between, no communication regarding license also. I decided to visit their office and went there many times but never get chance to meet Mr Sandip as he was never there and his mobile was also not reachable at that time. In last week of August, 2015, I get chance to meet Mr Sandip and asked him to provide classes and for further process to get perm license also. He told that I will get classes starting from Monday and I need to renew my temp license now as it was getting expired on 28th Oct, 2015 and they cannot get appointment before that(it was more than 2months at that time). I did not get any classes it was Sept, I again visited the office and asked him to file the application for driving license as it was still 2months but he told that we need to wait to get it expired then he will file the application to renew it. After that I was just following up for the classes but did not get any class. Now it's november, 2015 when my license was expired so i again asked him for further processing, he told me to come on 21st Nov and also told that it will hardly take 15min so accordingly I have taken appointment of doctor for 2hrs later. But when I reached there, he was busy with other things and given the paper to me after 45min and asked me to be in queue now. I have not changed my surname after marriage as I have that name in my all required document(address proof+ identity proof) so he told that if RTO people will say anything for this then he will now do anything and I have to convince them(I was not getting why have I paid him 1000Rs as he just filled form and doing nothing after that).I managed all the thing and RTO gave greenflag. Then again I started finding him and waited around 1hr with calling him 3-5 times. I formalities completed in more than 2hrs and I could not go to doctor also . Then Mr. Sandip asked me to pay 500Rs for this which he never asked before. I denied to give then he told that "you could get it renewed by yourself only". I told that he should tell this before wasting my 2hrs in all these as he did not do anything to get it renewed. He was looking very ill so I decided to visit him later. I visited him on 24th Nov. Then again I asked for the same thing why he was not informed this earlier. He told that I can do it now by myself so i asked him to give me back my expired license but he was not ready to give also .Even he started blaming me that this all is my fault as I have not asked him to file the application on time. I just wanted answer of the question "WHY SHOULD I FOLLOW UP WITH HIM ALWAYS EVEN I WAS NOT AWARE OF THE PROCESS?THEY ARE NOT OWNING THE THING WHICH THEY ARE C HARGING THE PEOPLE FOR". At that time, he started misbehaving also and told that he will not give me any service, neither for license nor for classes. I took the number of owner and decided to call him. I called Mr. Mangesh(owner of Ganraj) on 27th Nov first time and requested that I want to meet him to resolve the issue which I faced with his institute. He asked to call next day to check whether he has time or not. So I called him again next day and he told that I should call him next week. I again called him on 1st December then he told that we can communicate over call only so I explained him all the things. He told that now the RTO fee is increases and I need to pay 500 RS extra to get license and he will come to me later after checking issue which I faced with MR.Sandip. I waited for 10days and as expected, did not get any call so I called him again on 12th December .Then he again asked time to look into the issue. FINALLY, I GOT CALL FROM HIM(1st call from GANRAJ), he told that we need to pay 1500 more to get the license and they cannot compromise in this. I again called him on 28th Dec if he can find any midway but they are not ready to commit their mistake, just throwing all the blame to me. And if I agree with him, I will be paying 2500 for licence that is too much in comparison to other. My husband called him again on 28th Dec and offered to pay him 1000 more, he asked to call next day again.He called on 29th Dec, he asked to SMS mobile no to him and told that he will call. I have waited around 20days also but he nevered call me back. I can prove how many time, I called him(more than 200time between March and Dec) and did not get single call from them. I am really feeling that he has cheated me like this as i wasted money to pay him and following up with him, wasted my time in follow up and the worst case, I need to pay more to get the result. Even if I pay more, there is no guarantee that I will get outcome .I am not able to trust him now as I have wasted my 11months just to follow up them and trusting him that I will get result. I don't want any service from him now as I neither have patience nor able to trust him again as they just need money without giving any service. Even don't want to have miswords from anybody which Mr.Sandip did I need my money back now. Their aim just to give service to 80% people and cheat 20% like this and I became out of those 20%.People leave this type of cases and that's the reason they are able to cheat like this Regards, Neha
no updates on this.I don't think that this site will help me.

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