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Housing Society - Mumbai — Water hoarding by society members (Mumbai)

I am a resident of a housing society in Santacruz West Mumbai. Due to the recent water cut by the BMC a lot of our society members have installed huge water tanks in their flats. As a result when water is released in the morning a major portion is consumed by these water tanks leaving very little for the other members.

Is there any regulation from the BMC or housing society to prevent such a thing...
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Housing Society - Mumbai — Different parking fee for owner & LL

 nawneet dalal
Dear all,

Im staying as LL in mumbai, at the time of agreement their was NO parking fees in our society, but after recent AGM, new parking fee structure is implemented, which says

Open parking - Owner Only 100/- PM while LL 400/- PM

Is this is legally permissible??

If not, where and how i can complaint about this..

Already had discussion with society members, they simply told you put up a written request, same can be discussed in next AGM...(which is actually of no use to me)

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