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 Himanshu Jamwal on Jul 16, 2020
A women called my cousin and said she is offering job
And for that you need to register ruppes 1600
It was a fraud

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    dont know who they are.was not authorized to charge 1.00 from my acct
    I cannot verify the charge from RN* since I have no idea who they are. The charge is $14.99, and I would like to know who they are.
    I also have been charged14.99.fromRN.Real
    unauthoried charge to my credit card



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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

       vinitius fratila
      10/07/2008 Settled Authorization - RN *REAL.COM ONLINE2601 ELLIOTT AVE., SURN *REAL.COM ONLINE 206-674-2650 WA $-22.10

      never heard of them .. i've never ordered any thing from their site cozz i don't know how and what are they..

      Free Download of Real Player — Credit card charge

      Dt. of Debit: 05/12/07

      Amount: Rs.201.42 (USD 4.94)

      Reason: free Download of Real Player

      Action: Amount should be reversed
      10/20/08 I just got charged $39.99 10 times in the same day. What company is this so that I can sue the out of them?

      dont remember — wrong website use charges-charged to my card.

      I registered and the cancelled the same day. It wa ssupposed to be free for 3 days and if w ecancel within tjhat no charge. Bu i find $34.62 charged. Pl clarify na dgive refund
      I need the details of from supports of the purchase
      I got charged the $34.99 from them Who is this company? I've never heard of them? I don't know what this is.
      I was charge 9.95 by RN* on 10/24/08. I've never purchased anything from them. I went to and there is no way to get in touch with them unless you have an account name and password. That's convenient. Unfortunately this bogus charge has ended up putting my bank account $78 in the hole and I'm arguing with my bank because I never purchased anything or authorized anyone else to purchase anything.
      I paid for two (2) games and I cannot play The Mystery of the crystal portal. I uninstall the game, cannot find it anymore...I would like the cd to be delivered instead of playing on the website.
      I just got charged from this company and i don't know who they are.I very rarely use my card so i know i didn't get anything from them.I have a prepaid card so i only can use whats on my card that i put up there and it is a shame that time you put money on your card a company you never heard of come and take money off of it with out consulting you.I will be just fine if they will just put my money back up there.
      I just got charged $34.99 also. How do we get a hold ofthese people? I'm ready to sart a class action suit against these scammers. Someone answer me.
      I just got a hold of these scammers! Go to Real, log in with your e-mail and password, if you don't know it say you forgot and they'll mail you one, go to my account and you'll be surprised to see that you have signed up for Super Pass $34.99 every 3 months, Games etc when you signed up for Rhapsody. I was never told this, I simply updated my free trial period by pressing Update so that I could have music all the time and was told this would be $12.99 a month. Cancel all accounts except Rhapsody and make sure to get a confirmation number. Problem solved. Telephone numbers to call:[protected],[protected]. Hope you all succeed. Let me know. Go get the!!!
      i am getting pissed because money is being taken out of my card from RN REAL COM ONLINE i have no clue what this is. i am a single mother trying to make ends meet this is killing me
      Has anyone figured out how to stop this...thanks to the victim who posted the phone numbers I will definately contact them! Luckily, my credit card company cancelled my account immediately...but of course that is a hassle - but one I will gladly deal with other than get hit again by these thieves! This is crazy that they can get away with it.
      I have a charge monthly and have no idea. How do we get this stopped???

      rn real com — MY MONEY

      This is going to stop even if i have to do it myself... Money is plenty hard to come by these days without the criminals stealing it!!! Someone needs to do something... I signed up for and instantly our account was charged by r n realcom online... this is criminal fraud... and how in the world are they getting away with it!!!
      I am also one of the person who has been charged by this site as u mentioned above...what is this site...charging money from my credit card ..i dont know about site till now but i got lost my moneyy....siteee
      I contacted both and gamehouse who is owned by and you need to unsubscribe your subscription from them or they will continue to charge your credit card monthly
      I too have been charged twice by rn online and have never subscribed to them before. I think the only way is to close down all standing orders and direct debits and wait for them to come crawling back so that you know who they are.
      Thank you to Ana!! I called[protected] and gave them my email address and they could see an active account. I told them to cancel anything and everything that connected me with their compnay. Random charges are no longer showing up on my credit card.
      Hello Everyone. I. too, received a $39.99 charge on my card, but I just called them @[protected]
      and was able to cancel my account. Apparently, acccording to the rep, a signed up when I downloaded
      RealPlayer--I don't know? Anyway, just call them up, cancell and they'll give you $90 of credit toward using
      their site--movies, games. Actually, it was quick--no problem.

      Hope this helps.
      i too have been a victim of this rn have never heard of this damn company an yet they were able to get my card an my password.this is a damn shame that some company you never heard of much less pruchase from able to get access.their need to a civil law suite against this company.i would be more than happy to help get these people.
      i was charged 9.99 on 4-15-09. i had to google the mechant name to see who they were i contacted them and they refuded my money.
      my account charged 19.95 and i have no idea who this and what this is for
      I submitted a complaint on 04/22 concerning a chg for 5.99. I apologize to I bought a game from Big Fish Games. When I went over my statements for others I bought, they were billed through, guess what,

      Again, I apologize.
      I am also one of the person who has been charged by this site as u mentioned above...what is this site...charging money from my credit card

      Unknown — Credit Card Charge of 4/23/09

      My credit card invoice shows a charge dated 04/23/09 from in the amount of $31.75. I am unable to identify this purchase. Your kind attention in assisting me in its identification would be most appreciated. Thank you for your help.
      I just got a charge of 12.99 and i have never heard of them either...
      06/16/2009 07:18:19 RN *REAL.COM ONLINE[protected] WA $-40.90
      whoever this company is they charged $40.90 to my Mastercard without permission...
      I've never heard of them before!
      I want my money back!
      What is this anyways, anyone can charge to a credit card at random at will at any anything
      safe anymore!!?
      Pretty scary!!!

      How do I get my money back!!!?
      Barbara Monk
      How do i stop these people from taking money out of my account? I wanted to play unlimited games of zuma and never got what i wanted but now they are taking money.
      I really don't care what anyone else thinks and I wonder if any one at Gamehouse even reads these E-mails. WELL READ THIS ONE
      I want to cancel any subscription I have and I want it cancelled at the receipt of this E-mail.
      I have tried to do this on the phone but apparently the operators are told not to co-operate
      with any caller wanting to cancel a subscription. WELL MINE STOPS NOW . UNDERSTAND
      checking account as of now. 12:15 pm 6-20-09. Any further attempt to access my acount will be duly
      reported to the Illinois Attorney General and of course the Better Business Bureau. I will also access
      public sites and tell people about your disregard for request such as this. Yes, if you attempt to access
      my bank account after today you can assume this letter is a threat to do harm to your business.
      I do not know how else to tell you to keep YOUR DAMN HANDS OFF MY MONEY.

      RN* — incorrect charges

      there are 4 incorrect charges on my visa card. 2 charges on 6/21 and 2 charges on 6/22 each for $8.99. I have never ordered anything from this web site nor have I ever visited the site. RN*REAL.COM ONLINE
      I just got a charge from Real Player. It seems that if you use it once, for a specifiic show they continue to charge you forever. You may assume that if it is offered for a show; when that shows ends so does the charges. Not true, you have to call and cancel it. I called and cancelled, but I did not catch it right away and feel that when a network, in my case CBS, offers a product they should make it clear that you are responsible to cancel after the show ends and post the cancellation number. Where is a phone number posted on the web site. Try to find it!!! I found it on this web site. It is an extremely deceiving business practice. I still get dishearten by these kind of get rich gluttony kind of human beings who run these companys. I will not use real player ever, I did the same to Best Buy 12 years ago, neither will ever get my money again. I will try to communicate this to CBS too, if I can find a way to contact them.
      Just happened to me too - that is why I was checking it out. How do they get credit card details?
      Just had to cancel my credit card because of these people - will follow advice above to contact them and complain.
      I was charged $19.99 for for a game plus 8.99 for the fun pass I didn't know about. Then I was charged again for 19.99. I called them and was told too bad. My suggestion is to not buy anything more from them and WATCH what you do for these games. I am now screwed out of 48.97 for 1 game from gamehouse.
      i had a problem with them charging my account i called the number[protected] and they instantly cancelled it for me. on the other hand they do not reimburse for the money in which they have taken so if you do not agree with these charges call now.
      okay, for everyone who is being charged for whatever price from rn, you probably signed up for gamehouse, for a free trial offer. just cancel your subscription so you wont be charged anymore.
      They charged me today 7 times 1$ each and i had no idea who they are till i look this up online and i found this website, do not understand how they can do it!!!1
      I am getting charges on my checking account from RN Gamehouse that are causing numerous insufficient funds fees. I have asked this place to stop charging me but that hasn't happened. I tried to dispute the charges with my bank and they told me to deal directly with the company. What does it take to stop this? Do I have to close my checking account?
      This has been a mess! I called the 1-800 number provided went through and said it wasn't office hours...gave me a recorded message of a site to go is broken!!! Keep calling and can not get a HUMAN! They keep charging me 8.99 every couple of weeks for a gamehouse ticket that I never signed up for and never get to use! This is one heck of a frauded site and Im sorry to see that so many people could have these problems and this company is still able to do it! Guess I should be thankful Im not one of the people being charged 34.99 a pop! What a joke!
      i bought laptop from bestbuy and all these trouble came with that, called[protected] they cancelled my account and writeoff charges. i recommend you call this number and cancel your account and also take confirmation code.
      I, too, don't know anything about this company. I have never given my debit card info to anyone pertaining to this company. There must definitely be some deliberate, fraudulent, activity going on with RN* They debited my VISA card $39.99, of which I know nothing about. I keep my card in a very private place. It is NOT a matter of carelessness on my part. They must be running some type of computer program which is making hits on cards and placing charges on them.
      Someone in high places, please help us. This must come to an end!!!
      I finished going over my banking account online and came across a charge of $19.99 from
      RN * and freaked. I didn't recall ordering anything online from this specific company. Then something clicked and I vaguely recalled purchasing an online game from Real Arcade around the same time so I checked my receipt and this is what it said:

      "Real, RealArcade logo, RealArcade GamePass, and RealNetworks are trademarks or registered trademarks of RealNetworks, Inc."

      Mystery solved.
      i orerdered the conjurer from you and it is charged to my credit card but i cannot play it. what is on my account is RN* online,[protected], WA i would like to have my money back or be able to play the game thank you

      RN* — Want My Money Back

      RN*REAL.COM,,,TOOK MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE IT BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      why is this company debit my account for what reason
      I had money taken off my debit card with an email address i dont even have ?? So how is it that you took my money? Not only that your customer service said the money was in "holding" ???? What is that??

      CreditCard — asses charge

      dear sir,
      i am a membar of abnamro card from last 3 year. but last 6 month i am faching a problem of exessase charges and i am contact to costmercare time to month of july09 .they have exasses charge than costmercare dipartment told me exasses charge is revarse in you next statment and iam geeting confromation sms from bank side.but i am not geeting revarse charge in our aug09 statment.than i have deposid less amount(rs 400)which was extra charge.on 31TH aug09.i recived a call from bank side regarding the short amount they told bank is revarse your only 50% amount .than i have deposid 200 cash on 31 aug..but my problem is not stop and iam recived exasses chaege on our statment. i am also request you to please told to you call center pepole dont hearsment because they hae call 5times with in 5 i request you to please look the matter as soon as possibal.....
      they took money out of my accound too what is it for
      They charged my husbands credit card 19.99 and we called them and told them we had never used their company before and we wanted a refund. So after spending a hour on the phone with them and then gamehouse and our bank twice, they said to call our bank and tell them that it was unauthorized and they will refund the money back to our card. And the account with them ( Then we call the bank and wrong again the bank said they cant do it, we have to call back and get them on 3-way and they have to tell the bank that it is unauthorized. Its a great big pain in the butt to get this done. The bank said if we canceled the account with that it will be refunded automatically at the end of the month we have 3 days left we will see if they are right or not. Some how I dont think this is over yet!!

      RN'REAL.COM — fraudulant charges on my debit card

      $9.99 was deducted from my card for RN' '. I have never applied nor am I interested in this . Please refund my money asap; you are screwing up my life. STOP USING OLD CONFIRMATION CODES , THEY KEEP YOUR TEXT FROM GOING THROUGH.
      I just wanted to say that I just found a charge on my bank statement from rn real com for 39.99. I typed it in online and found this complaint board and found out it was I called the number that Ana Fernandez posted which is[protected] and they told me it was for using Super pass. I signed up fpr super pass in the summer to watch BB live feeds and it said that it was a one time charge. The lady on the phone said that it is in the TOS that you will be charged every 3 months unless you cancle but they tell you its a one time charge. At first they said they do not have a refund policy but after I told her that they illegally took the money from my account and I was going to dispute the charges with the bank and file a complaint online with the other thousands of people thay have scammed she agreed to return my money in 7-10 business days and cancle the account so that no other charges will be incurred. I hope that you all call them and get your money back, and in the future dont use Real, Rhapsody, or Super Pass in the future!!! Good Luck all!

      RN REAL COM ONLINE — Charged my Debit card

      I never ordered or signed up for this and it is charging my debit card $14.99, I want to know how to get a refund from this company can someone help me, or I will sue them.
      I have been billed for a product I do ont own, Olease cancel any subscription I have.
      RN is a secondary company to online music download websites..such as Rhapsody..I signed up for a free 2 week membership to Rhapsody. I cancelled it right away and today, two weeks after cancelling, I noticed a 14.99 charge to my account. I called to find out what the charge was for..when you sign up for Rhapsody, RN is not stated as a secondary's shady and piss poor business tactics. The rep I spoke with was very difficult to understand due to his accent...but he said that when you sign up for Rhapsody you also are signing up for RN the catch is that by accepting the terms and conditions to rhapsody you automatically accept that to RN without knowing...and to cancel with RN you have to know that you've signed up with them..however, no one finds out until there's a charge on your account. He cancelled my membership and refunded my money. Anyone else that has issues..the number is[protected].
      I have got this charge on my account as well. I have subscribed to the Rhapsody Music service and the charge on my card has since been changed to this name. Hope this helps.
      POS Debit - Visa Check Card 1143 - RN *REAL.COM ONLIN[protected] WAUS $15.93-

      I download realplayer trial only and after 2 weeks my credit card have a POS charge about this thing I never order a subscription, this company are a real crooks.

      rn real — unautorizes payment

      I was charger 16.99 on my debit card, I am disabled and on a fixed income, it is christamas, and its is illeagal not to mention unethical. I expect my money to be returned to me in a timely manor or i will go to the attourne general.
      Stacey Macaulay
      The charge is more than likely from Rhapsody. you may have signed up months or years ago and have a quarterly payment plan of $34.99 or somewhere within 10 dollars of that price. I'm finding it extremely hard to cancel. I've wasted time on the phone and online all day trying to cancel my account. Seems they want to hold onto your credit card with every trick they got. 'til you just give up trying. I'll keep trying until I get it canceled though. Good luck! online rn — I never registered for this product

      I just checked my bank statement and was charged 19.95 for Online RN. I never ordered this and need to find out how to get this money back.

      Credit Card — statements

      statements by by courier not being delivered. I have to request for duplicate statements. Duplicate statement also being delaye.
      I would request you to look into the matter.
      Thanks you,
      Ravi Moorjani(BANGALORE)[protected].[protected].[protected].
      I Did not Sign up for Superpass.I Dont know how They got My Card Number.and I Cannot Contact anyone to cancel.

      RN — I didn't order anything from this company.

      I dont know anything about this company !!!!!!!!!! I dont know how they even got my card info. I was charged 6.99 for something and i would like my money back ASAP.
      Excatly what is this charge and why I'm being charge, , never heard of it . Never order anything.
      I am on a fixed budget. Who are you to spend my money, WHEN I CAN'T???
      But of course, you guys being such a GOOD company, will of course, GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!
      Won't you!!!7
      Going through my checking statement, I came across a recurring charge for $12.99 which I didn't recognize. Called my bank, which gave me the[protected] number to call. Upon calling that number, I spoke to a fellow with a heavy Indian accent. Aside from a slight difficulty understanding him due to the accent, he was pleasant and helpful in cancelling the account. He tried to sell me on the benefits of membership first, but didn't insist when I told him I really didn't want it. I specifically asked him to refund the earlier charges as well as just cancelling the membership from here on out. He said the refund would show up in 7-10 days. So, assuming the refund does show up as promised, that's solved. However, I find it interesting that the automated answering message you first get when calling this number identifies itself as "SuperPass support line for cancelling your account"... which tells me they have a *lot* of people calling them about this. Anyway, it was an annoyance but has been taken care of now.
      I have joined the ranks of the suddenly surprised as I'm seeing like 200.00 charge. I really apprecaite the folks that have jumped out here and given the various ways and reasons they have come into this rude awakening.
      Also very valuable the phone numbers and various responses to expect from operators. I appear to be a Rhapsody stooge. I never completed the account but obviously they trapped it.
      I bought a Sony Blu Ray player at Best Buy or I'm getting hit by a fradulant account. Either way I wanted to say thanks for everyone coming out here and the support of community though most o[censored]s are outraged. I'm still wondering, like so many, how did they get my bank info? That I for sure never submitted or permitted no matter what any TOS says or other fine print. I never used any access to this service and appreciate the heads up of other services like Gamehouse and Real Player.
      Definitly getting to be more of a chore than its worth to fight off these clowns. Online heists and Credit Card Sharks... Swim on!
      I went to online chat and they told me the first charge was an attempt to take the money out and the second attempt and so forth so you will see a couple attempt charges it doesn't mean you are being charged again and are only paying for the the game you purchased once. They are just attempts. Once gamehouse/ validates the charge within 48 hours or it could be a month or so then the other charges will be dropped. you are never really paying for the other charges it just turns out to look like it on your bank statement. Validating could be awhile. i hope i made some sense
      I opened my online account and found a debit of 16.04 gainst "VISA - RN *REAL.COM ONLIN". I certainly did not remember making any online transaction towards this site. I called [protected] and provided the representative with my e-mail address and she said i was subscribed for the service in july 15, 2009 which has this monthly charge. But the miracle was that i never got charged July to Dec 2009 and all of a sudden got this new year gift from I got my account canceled and asked for the reference number for cancelation. Regarding the refund, the representative asked me to report this to my bank as an unauthorised payment. Lets see if i get it back.
      They did charge me 6 times for this. I don't know how they got my account information. Bank says it may be a scam but they can't refund the money. Seems there is nothing I can do. I got the account canceled through the contaact number provided in this chain. Hope this doesn't get deducted next month else I am changing my bank.
      its all to do with real player it takes ur info on ur card delete real player

      RN Real .com — charges

      I have 2 charges for 6.99 on my card and have not placed an order for anything. I want this reversed. I have no idea what this is. I will file a formal complaint if not taken care of. Think this may be for games and have not made a purchase. — wrongly charging creditcard

      i have no idea what the hell this is you have 24 hours to return my funds to my card,your company took 19.99 off my card for something that i have no knowledge of.i will take further action in 24 hours please respond so very promptly.very[protected]
      So I came to a deduction from my card from the same company and I do not know it
      I don't know what this company was, I was charged 19.99, but I called[protected], it's a company affiliated with GameHouse. Your account will be charged untill you cancel.
      11/01/10 12/01/10 RN *SUPERPASS FROM USA 0/0 0, 00 34, 99... That´s was registered in my MC credit card!!! Why???? I dont know!!! It was a mistake??? NOOO, because a serius Company, serius people, when they order a debit in MC at the same time they send a mail to You (the CLIENT) notification, confirming, the transaction!!! They never notify to you, THAT IS WHY IT IS A FRAUD!!!
      I've just called after seeing this charge in my account. The 34.99 charge I received was for my 3 month subscription to Rhapsody. Where I was concerned with was the fact that this didn't register in my account as Rhapsody but seemingly as a completely different company I was unfamiliar with. I got through pretty easy, though it's pretty obvious you're dealing with outsourced help. And they explained what it was. I'm keeping my subscription but I told them they should have alerted people to look for a change.
      This company keeps charging my credit card even though the services we used it for are no longer available. It was used for the 3 day free trial for Big Brother and was suppose to be cancelled. I am still being charged every few months $42
      When I order this product online it put a virus in my computor. Thank goodness I have Mcafee spyware, But still cost me $49.99, and still want me pay.
      Try calling this number and they will take care of charges...I had charges on my account as well...It's a scam!!! The number is[protected], or try[protected]. I hope this helps you as much as it did me. Good luck!!!
      I just called the[protected] number and got my fee refunded. I never wanted anything to do with but now I realize how they got my credit card information. When I signed up for Time Warner Cable, through offerwire, they sign you up for all of these trial offers... and then you get charged a bunch of money.
      That website is a complete fraud! I canceled my account (it even shows as canceled) yet they keep charging me monthly. Better yet I go to my billing statement on there website and it keeps showing they aren't charging me anything.

      This is a complete scam! Look at all these comments, you don't need my opinion when you got 1000's of other comments saying the same thing.
      i believe this is I just signed up for a 7 day free trial and checked my balance, and i was deducted $1.00.
      I was trying to get McAfee security protection on my computer and instead I was charged with this mess. Thanks for the phone number, I will call them today.
      A unauthorized charge for $1.00 was posted to my account. They put you on hold and never answer.


      [protected] WA
      Purchase Date: 02/21/10
      Retail Stores Pending -$1.00
      RN* is Rhapsody!
      I got me pre-peid debit card from green dot. I haven't use it for couple months. When I went to check on my status online I noticed that I had declined charge in november for 1$. I didn't have any money on my card and as usual I put just amout I need to purchas the things I need. First time in my life I'm glad that I use my per-paid card to buy stuff online. I did register online on Rhapsody after I got my mp3 player but prices for music were not good for me...but they still tryed to charge my card.
      We wanted a song for a DVD to play at my mom's funeral. We found Rhapsody and downloaded 1 song. My daughter did it with my card, because I had other things to do. Now I realize 5 months later what this charge is on my card. I think they can get away with this because they are from another country! This is ridiculous!! When you call[protected], they have a wait time to speak to a rep of 15 mins.! I called the[protected] and was able to get through immediately. I think 866 is not a toll free # either. I had to speak to a manager before they would refund most of my money! What a scam!!!
      If you are charging my credit card ... please stop now ... I am recieving a charge on my statment every month for $12.99 from a company bering your name...again cancel at ones... you may contact me at[protected]
      I have never ordered a game. Didn't even know what this charge was. Copied and pasted from my bank to the Google search and was sent to this complaint site. Anyone know what I can do now. Apparently these people have pulled this off on more than one.
      This is complete [censored]. I've been charged $12.99 for some company I've never heard of: RN All Access. When I called[protected], I waited about 5 min on hold until finally some guy answered who I could hardly understand. When he told me I had an unlimited membership on, I figured I must not have cancelled correctly, though, I'm absolutely sure I did. So I asked him to refund my money and cancel my account, he said he would do that. This just happened today, so I cancelled my credit card right away because reading all of these anecdotes has had me assuming that they are going to try and steal my money again. I don't even know if he's going to refund the credit or what's going to happen...UGH!

      RN* — Why was I charged

      This company (RN*REAL.COM) showed up on my bank account with a$1.00 charge. What was I charged for ? By whom ? Though it's only a dollar, I want it back.

      rn real com — charged

      I just got charged for what? never heard of this company and now using unauthorized account. Who and how are they doing this!???
      I have real player on my computer and clicked on Super Pass to see what it was about signed up for the 14 day free pass and had two separate charges for 40.31 to my account from 1-[protected] GB and[protected] GB, I immidiately contacted them and they were trying to sell me super pass even though they had already charged my card. They did refund the money, but now when I use real player I have to check my bank account just to make sure they haven't charged me anything like the $1.00 I am about to call them about now.
      got a charge of 12.99, don't know why?
      This place, used my credit card info without my knowledge - I have never even heard of them before and it is NOT anything I would even be interested in - my credit card statement shows a charge of $6.99 - I have not purchased anything from them and am reporting them to fraud abuse. What a scam!
      I was charged $1.00 by RNREAL>COM and I do not know why and I have know idea who they are. How can they do this ? I am willing to help stop these people any way we can.
      Max Haynes [protected]
      i did not even know what this was until i got a reversal in funds. i do not know what rhapsody and this company has in commom but the funds was taken out da same time i signed up for their memebership. be very careful and watch out your account closely.
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