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TELCO Water Technology Pvt Ltd
Customer satisfaction rating: 75%

TELCO Water Technology Pvt Ltd Complaints & Reviews

Mumbai, Maharashtra
I was contacted by TELCO WATER TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD in 2009 for C&F and Distribution of their product the North Eastern part of the country. I have paid all the deposits as required by the Company, but they are not providing any support to me as committed. All the people that had joined this company in sales/service in the North East have left the company because of non payment of salary and other expenses. As a result there is no one from the company's side for Sales/Service. When I asked the company to refund my deposit amounting to Rs. 9 lacs, they handed over a cheque to me which bounced. Now the MD- MR RISHI YADAV and the Director MR TEZ SINGH YADAV are not answering my calls. I have never seen such a FRAUDULENT COMPANY in my entire life. Please see to it that such companies face the consequences of their misdeeds, otherwise it would be very difficult for people like us to do business in India. If anyone is planning to be associated with this Company in any manner, then please beware. I hope this message reaches you before such an association
Kapil Malhotra
any where about this fraud directors then call [protected]

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    Delhi, Delhi
    Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
    its true i have worket as territory executive in lucknow. this company is totally making fake commitments.
    amit singh [protected]
    Yes, he is totally fraud person.He has taken 5lac from me as SD against business but now he is not refunding for almost two years.He has also cheated to lot of people in MP like Mr. kushwah, Gwalior, Mr. agrawal from indore and everybodys money is blocked.He has collected money as Sec.deposit against dealership in allover india.We all should collectively finish this fraud person together.
    Rajeev jain
    मैंने आपका Telco water technology Pvt. Ltd के संबंध में पढ़ा, मेरे क्लाईंट ने एक केस इस कंपनी पर कर रखा है, इस कंपनी ने आपके साथ साथ कई लोगों को ठगा है, इस कंपनी के खिलाफ कई cases लंबित हैं कई cases में Non bailable warrant भी निकला हुआ है पर ऋषि यादव और उसके लोगों का सही पता नहीं होने के वजह से execute नहीं हो पा रहा है, संभवतः आप इस संदर्भ में हमलोगों की सहायता कर सकतें हैं, अगर आपको ऋषि यादव के निवास या उसके नए ऑफिस के संबंध में कोई जानकारी हो या आपके जानकारी में Telco water technology Pvt. Ltd और इससे संबन्धित किसी मुकदमें की जानकारी है और अगर आपको कोई आपत्ति नहीं हो तो इसे हमलोग आपस में शेयर कर सकतें हैं, निश्चित ही हमलोगों को इससे फायदा होगा और ऋषि यादव जैसे लोग बिहार के जेलों का आनंद उठा सकेंगे । मेरा email ID hai [protected]

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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


      Delhi, Delhi
      Respected Sir/Mam,

      I am Bijendra Kumar aged 29. I joined Telco Water Technology Pvt Ltd on 1 June 2009 as Sales Manager. The above mentioned company has paid me salary for the month of june only. I worked for tenure of 2 months and 17 days. I resigned on 17th august. My concern here is though I worked for the period of 2 months and 17 days but I did not received salary for 1 month 17 days. Company promised to pay me for full and final settlement but now when I am trying to reach them nobody picks my call.

      As mentioned by Abhishek regarding non compliance of PF policy is also my concern.
      I worked with my complete devotion but I have not received my salary for 1 month and 17 days.

      This is very demotivating. I have a family and other financial commitments also.

      So, I kindly request you take appropriate and stringent measure against this company.

      Please let me know if you need any kind of clarification or information.

      Bijendra Kumar
      Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
      Hello to everybody...i just want to know that the above mentioned complains are heading to any solution or just again it is another bureaucracy affected situations...
      DEAR ALL

      Its is very shameful thing that Govt. is not taking any action against this company. I am providing the details name of the candidates along with their fathers name. these are the following candidates that Satvir Singh Stopped their salaries. The details are given below:-.

      Mr. Dalvinder Dhawan RSM Delhi/NCR [protected]
      Mr. Ram Kirat Singh TSM Delhi/NCR [protected]
      Mr. Ajit Swaroop SO North Delhi [protected]
      Mr. Pawan Tiwari TSM Noida [protected]
      Mr. Ajay Gupta ASM Haldwani [protected]
      Mr. Umesh Kumawat TSM Ajmer [protected]
      Mr. Nikhil GL Faridabad [protected]
      Mr. Rahul Verma SO Fimistan [protected]
      Mr. Pankaj Kumar SO Fimistan [protected]
      Mr. Mukesh SO Faridabad [protected]
      Mr. Bijendra Kumar SM Delhi [protected]
      Mr. Atul Pandey SO Lucknow [protected]
      Mr. Gyan Prakash SO Lucknow [protected]
      Mr. Nitin Srivastva SO Lucknow [protected]
      Dear Mr. Bijendra,

      Did you done anything for Company????????? for wt u are demanding salary??????????
      dear sir
      my name is ankit rastogi and i am also attach telco water tecnology and my last tow month salry is unpaid so please send my tow month salty and expance!

      Ankit Rastogi
      Dear sir,
      this company also not provided the MG on Francises only make fool them.

      Thanks Friend for telling that this company is fraude
      They have colled me for interview .
      Thank alot again
      you have saved one person from fraud
      Thanks again
      for more detail about this fraud company call
      amit singh [protected] lucknow
      shiv shanker [protected] gorakhpur
      atul [protected] gwalior
      this company is just playing with our Careers
      be aware of these companies

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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


        Ranchi, Jharkhand
        Dear Sir

        The following company does not adhere to the PF Act.

        In fact, they do not adhere to ESI too and I have already forwarded my complaint for the same to the concerned for ESI.

        Anyways, please take note of the company details:

        Name - TELCO Water Technology Pvt Ltd

        Address - C- 28, Janak Cinema Complex, Janakpuri, Delhi

        I was working here as HR Manager and left the company within a month because of their indifference towards labour laws. Hence, I resigned on moral grounds.

        I trust you will take note of the same and initiate strict action. Feel free to contact me on [protected] for any details
        Best Regards
        Kumar Abhishek
        Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020

        masters management consultants india private limited — pan card received

        i have received pan number through website i.e ATRPM2799J and the pan coupon number is[protected] from utitsl, but till now i can't get my pan card. So please go through it furnish as early as possible

        It is very bad...

        Government have to take some actions regarding it.
        I Completly agree with abhishek statement about the company, i spend four months in this organization, even the government employees are also responsible for it, whether they are from police, ESI & PF department etc.
        I worked in Telco Water Technoloy Pvt Ltd for 3 months and the management was paying me and many more like me a very low salary, we no not have the facility of PF also, we have not received our appointment letter, we do not receive salary slip, we are made to sign on a higher salary and given a low salary we cannot complain . where do we go for our complains we need the job we cannot fight the rich management

        Govt of India should conduct a surprise check.
        I would like to share few things with u.. i kn disclose my name bt i used to work in this organizaton in to HR department. i want to inform you somthing which realted with the present ASSt Mgr Hr.. who is working rite now in telco water tech he does worng commitemet to the employee abt the salary. i just want to say pls dont consider his canditature for any profile in any industry..
        bcz he is also a culprit.

        Pest Control India Ltd — PAN Card not delivered

        Dear Sir,

        As i had applied for PAN Card but not yet delivered.Now it is near about 1yr still not delivered.
        Please look in the matter and do the needful.

        I want to share my all the views related to PUROCOM, that its is a very corrupt company. The owner of this company is RISHI YADAV but there is also a very rubbish person Namely SATVIR SINGH. Both are making fool to all the employees.

        They are not deducting PF & ESI. They dont close their office in Gazzited Holidays.

        But Mr. yadav I also want to share my views that there is no fault of present AM- HR. He is like a servent or employee of the company. He does whatever management wants from him.

        But, I request to Labor Court that please take a legel action against this company.
        i worked in this company for years. and was paid well on time always. they even helped me when had a bike accident. paid my hospital bills, for a person like me who does not belong to Delhi it was a great gesture. i am sure their can be any other problem with you as you have left company in just one month
        Dear Mr. Nitin,

        First of all, I know each & every person in PUROCOM. Everybody is corrupt like "Satvir Singh" a very nonsense, and like a back biting person (Like Women).

        I am request to Labor Commissioner to take a serious action against this company. When commissioner will make a raid in this company they will find that they are not following a single rule, like PF, ESI, Salary payment on time, not giving expenses on time (But they commit to everyone)

        They stopped the salary namely DALWINDER DHAWAN, Bijendra nain, etc. (Both are sales person)
        Vinay Kumar
        MBA(B.V.U.) PUNE

        Address: Flat - 602,
        Bldg No. R-13,
        MMRDA Colony, Andheri (E)

        E-mail- kumar.[protected]
        Contact no. [protected]

        Seeking position in an organization where I can implement my knowledge to deliver profitable results for my organization and become a part of result oriented team in order to enhance my abilities and to achieve efficiency for the organizational and personal goals.

        Academic Credentials:

        Qualification Institution/Board Specialization Duration
        Master of Business Administration
        Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune
        Marketing & International Business Management

        Bachelors of Art Patna University, Patna
        12th (B.I.S.C Board) B.P. College, Patna
        10th (B.S.E. Board) Patna collegiate School, Patna Science 1998

        • Associated with Karvat Group of company as Team Leader its Overseas(Travel) & Mediclaim Insurance. DECEMBER 08 – till date

        • AUGUST 2008 -Till December 08’
        Associated with The Axis bank as Sr. Business Ex.

        • MARCH 08’ to AUGUST 08’ –Last Associated with Country club (I) Limited, as Sr. Sales Executive.

        Job Responsibilities & Duties

        * Looking for Travel agencies recruitment.

        * Looking for Business with Travel agents consultant .

        * Setting Target of sales team as per their average Business.

        Extra Curricular Activities:

        * Active participation in National Cadet Core
        (*A* Certificate).

        • Good interpersonal and communication skills
        • Logical thinker and good at problem solving
        • Managerial & leadership skill
        • Self motivated and hardworking

        • Reading autobiographies, motivational books and magazines.
        • Swimming, cricket and adventure sports

        Permanent Address:
        S/o Rambali Pandit
        Shiv Prasad Nagar, Hanuman Nagar,
        Patna, Bihar 800020

        Contact No. +91 [protected]
        Email id: kumar.[protected]
        DOB: 9th of Oct 1981
        Sex: Male
        Nationality: Indian
        Marital Status: Single

        Date: Signature: Vinay Kumar
        Telco Water Technology Pvt Ltd.
        NISSAN (Pushpanjali Motors Ltd.) is a gud company and the most like persons Mr. Vineet Huria
        Telco Water Technology Pvt Ltd with brand name PUROCOM This company & its owner is totally fraud now they had plan to open another company on the name of J D Home Appliance with brand name Dew Pure. The owner of the company is Mr. Rishi Yadav ([protected]) who is very irresponsible man, He knows only one thing how to take money and cheat with other.

        There is no any person who work hard they get salary. Many times employees (complaint) to Police officers. But he is not changes even then also. There are many employees, he also cheated with several clients as well as companies. Many of the candidates [censored]ed his hole several times then also he is not shamed. Bloody mothre fkcur, eater
        Telco Water Technology Pvt. Ltd. if a fraud company situated in Janakpuri, New Delhi.Rishi Yadav ([protected], [protected]) is the Director of the company Company making fool to Employees as well as Channel Partners. First of all they appoint staff but they don't provide Appointment letter to them. Only a Offer letter with out letter head and Signature (Simply a Logo copy & pest procedure ). They are the top liars in the world, If anybody don't want to be fooled by them then please don't believe on their words. Around 80 people are working in this organization and 90% of them didn't get paid their salary ranging from two to six months.more over they are not following ESI & PF Regulations which is compulsory for a Private Limited company, at the time of appointment they commit 15 days reimbursement on every month but they don't reimburse. So people be alert if you are going to join this notorious company. Secondly they are using their new fool making concept now-a-days. they are in search of less educated innocent rich businessmen who can invest in their company retail outlet concept. they commit to the businessman that he will get 25k per month if he invest 5 lacs rupees with a own shoppe. Once a person invest in their company they don't provide any sales & service support to them, every time they don't deliver the stock on time. The product is a total local assembled product they don't even bothered about the warranty. around 16 persons searching them to get back their money back, every time they changed their contacts. my advice to the businessmen if you are going to tie with a private limited company please check the following details. 1) Authentic Company Resistration Certificate with validity 2) List of Share Holders & Board of Directors 3) Audit Report of current year 4) MOU of the company 5) PAN card of the company 6) Address proof of the Company. ect.
        All in All be alert and don't go further with this company to avoid to be fooled.If you want to know more details you can contact on [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected].
        I was appointed dealer in bhopal and now, i am fighting case against him for cheq. bouncing section138 for getting my 5 lakh.There are 10 other dealers are fighting against him.He is real fraud and cheater.

        Rajeev Jain

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