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CHINTALESSNAGRIK M6, Sargam Shopping Center, Umra, Surat, Gujarat 395007, Surat, Surat District, Gujarat, India
 Soni_adv on Mar 12, 2019
We were harassed for speaking up on this agency we sought help from. History our multiple criminal case is under all higher commissions now with all orders for action.  it is an established case. Multiple criminal case involving multiple people. One associated on case is a woman so we thought to file a complaint on our own. We tried to file a police complaint in gujarat & mumbai since sept 2018. Our complaint and evidence was sent to many departments and it was confusing. We took the help of an agency chintaless nagrik in november 2018. We paid money. We had a ready detailed complaint. We had list of contacts case numbers. We had all evidence in albums. They never sent a complaint till jan 2019. It was a horrible one which showed they don't care. There is evidence as shown us wanting to withdraw case from this agency. Finally in february end we realised they never contacted any of our contacts and it was a mess. March first week we spoke up firmly. Then they started threatening us which is really horrible. After that we never hear from them.  dealing with law enforcement as it is is difficult there but we worked so hard on our case going on 2 years. We reached top offices and this agency damaged our case here which is straightforward easy case. Mr umang agarwal mr karnav shah both were unethical & openly acted in a poor manner. We can't have this agency ruining our case. We waited months and now speaking out. Money is not issue but that money could go to some poor person not some fraud agency. We want to make this known. They said they would take care and they never did furthermore they are harassing one who was patient for 6 months now. They also stated they will call directly to other person who is involved with criminal harassment. This was highly unprofessional. That is for police to do with their help. Thank you i have shared a simple link to brief evidence. We have album of evidence what when on 6 months here.

We will file this on all databases as we are not bound to india & don't trust
Updated by Soni_adv, Mar 12, 2019
We posted a complaint today but don't see it. We waited 6 months & now also no resolution. We can file this anywhere as we are not bound to India
Updated by Soni_adv, Mar 16, 2019
Well we just did some research and are further horrified we even took this agency help. Now it's making sense why Karnav Shah threatens and denies and also states he is not scared of any Law as they "with him" Also makes sense his behavior to woman. There is a huge case he was involved with his EX wife. This makes sense I think it's better we do get Victim(s) protection as we don't know what's truth here. Also he started posting case information online which is a crime. He also stated he knows all police. Which we don't believe and thankfully we are not limited to his Village. Makes sense now but WOW can't believe it but can now. For sure any further Harassement of victims we are getting protection We all ready have Legal Sanctions in place

We gave 2 weeks time on top of 6 mths and now it all makes sense. Seriously sad for all of them
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I am copy & pasting another on our case review update as we see a pattern with this Agency. Below is important to note

*******It is very obvious you your agency runs with some influence you get in your village there. We are not bound to your town. We have informed correct people on your threats and abuse. I have noted also 86 reviews in one day on Google page. You stated police in Surat you know well. You are corrupt. No police will support you. We have updated evidence will never address your false points anymore. Money is no way issue We are blessed. One more time you harass post victims sensitive information online we will take this even higher. Your forgetting victims are protected. It made no sense why a NGO is so corrupt but then researching your history it all made sense. You were involved with a huge case and also it's just you posting "facts" on your own case everywhere. Your not dangerous just corrupt. Also you didn't contact for weeks. We feel sorry for you that you operate like this based on corruption. You can remove this review as you did others but thankfully we have huge resources. Don't you dare talk to victim or try to reach out as it's too late !!! We will take this higher as all you did was abuse but show no actual work. Hilarious !!! **********

There is nothing to say anymore here we get it now unfortunately we came across such an agency. Feel so sorry for you

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    Chintaless Nagrik - cheating & dangerous

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