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Shanti Nagar, 206, Thane, Maharashtra, India
 PiousV on Aug 26, 2019
Dear Cinepolis Representative,

On August 19, 2019 (Monday) my nephews wanted to watch 'Dora & The Lost City of Gold' ("Movie"). I tried to book tickets through BookmyShow, however, their phone app showed that none of the top-line seats were available. The above phone app further showed that due to heavy bookings, only limited seats were available for sale. I obviously knew that Bookmyshow was being irrational and fraudulent and so I drove down to Viviana Mall-Thane and approached the Box Office to book tickets for myself and my two nephews. Considering that Cinepolis harps on it being the best in the industry, I expected the people at the Box Office to be honest and ethical and I was confident that atleast they will offer me seats of my choice. However, at the Box Office I was informed that all the top line seats were booked and that out of the other seats only few seats were available, thereby giving me limited options for choosing seats desired by my nephews. Though disappointed, I went ahead and booked three tickets for myself and my two nephews for a 5:55 pm 4DX show. Copy of the ticket is attached to this email.

As always, we were allowed to enter the movie hall only 15 minutes after the scheduled time. Cinepolis never fails to delay their shows thereby causing inconvenience to its customers. When we were eventually allowed to enter the movie hall, the kids were excited to get their 3D glasses (cos thats the way to enjoy a movie with 4DX effects. But to our shock and disappointment we were refused the 3D glasses. Upon inquiry, we were told that (FOR NO VALID REASON) Cinepolis will be playing a normal 2D screen movie with 4DX effects. Im sure Cinepolis will agree and understand that the whole idea and concept of 4DX stands defeated if 3D experience is not provided. From the attachment you can see that I paid a total of INR 1, 350/- (Indian Rupees One Thousand Three Hundred and Fifty Only) for three movie tickets for the Movie. Assuming there was a technical issues, atleast the people at the Box Office ought to have informed us. But no one had the basic ethics or courtesy to inform us. I complained again and again to the representatives of Cinepolis but they all acted dumb and kept running here and there without sorting out the issue. The movie had started and I didn't want to kill kids' excitement any further and so we stayed calm and continued to watch the movie. Despite of fraud and unethical behaviour of Cinepolis, we remained calm only with the intention of avoiding a fight.

Secondly, when we realised that there were only 6 (six) viewers in the movie hall (including us). Which means, all other seats which Cinepolis misrepresented as 'booked' were actually not booked. I could've given my nephews a better movie experience by offering them a seat of their choice. I genuinely want to know what Cinepolis achieved by depriving us of seats of our choice. Not that we ever negotiated the ticket price. So when I paid the full amount, why cant I (or any other viewer) choose a seat of their choice especially when the seats are unbooked?

Thirdly, Cinepolis continues to play its cheap and unethical part by switching off the AC time and again. This has happened almost in every movie that I have watched at Cinepolis. Is Cinepolis so cash crunched that they have to save money by inconveniencing its customers, even if that means that the entire joy and entertainment for its customers get horribly ruined.

Based on the above facts, I hereby call upon Cinepolis to either respond via email or to call me and address the following concerns/ complaints:

(1) When will Cinepolis develop and inculcate the ethical and professional behaviour of screening movies at the scheduled time? Does Cinepolis not respect the time of its valued customers? Is it right on your part to take your customers for granted, time and again?

(2) Why cant your customers choose a seat of their choice (either through phone applications or at the Box Office). We pay whatever charges you'll charge. Is it wrong for your customers (especially children) to hope and expect that Cinepolis will give them a good movie experience by atleast offering seats of their choice (especially when the seats remain unbooked thereby not giving anyone the pleasure of a good view). Is is ethical for Cinepolis to deprive its customers of seats of their choice?

(3) Despite charging me for 4DX experience, Cinepolis fraudulently and without any justifiable reason/ cause screened the Movie with 2D screen. How does Cinepolis plan to remedy or compensate for this fraud? The fact that (i) the 5:55 pm show was scheduled to be a 4DX movie, (ii) the attached ticket reflects that the Movie was to be screened with 4DX, and (iii) the people at the Box Office failed to inform in advance that there will be no 3D effect, goes to prove without doubt that Cinepolis intended this fraud on its customers.

(4) When will Cinepolis focus on generating revenues for increasing profits instead of switching off ACs during movies and saving money at the cost of inconveniencing for its customers?

On one hand Cinepolis claims that it intends to give the best movie experience to its customers, and on the other hand Cinepolis causes many inconveniences for its customers and also commits fraud and misrepresentation. Are these the values and principles of Cinepolis?

I am looking forward to an honest response and approach from Cinepolis. At this stage, I do not intend to initiate legal proceedings against Cinepolis. However, if Cinepolis chooses to ignore this email and behave unethically again, then I shall be constrained to proceed legally against Cinepolis at the costs, charges and expense of Cinepolis. You may please use my below coordinates to verify and check how I have been an honest customer-member of Cinepolis and how I have been frequently spending money in the hope that someday Cinepolis will cater with ethical services for its 'valued' customers.

Awaiting your response.

fraud and unethical behaviour by cinepolis

Complaint Status

[Aug 27, 2019] Cinepolis India customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Verified Support
Cinepolis India Customer Care's response, Aug 28, 2019
Dear Customer (PiousV),

Sorry for the inconvenience. Kindly share your contact details, Email ID at [protected] with your ticket number ( 83732 ) in the subject line so that we can get in touch with you and assist you further.

Team Cinépolis
Updated by PiousV, Aug 29, 2019
Dear Team Cinepolis,

A detailed email along with all my coordinates and a scanned copy of the ticket was already emailed to [protected] on August 26, 2019 at 08:22 pm. However, Cinepolis has neither bothered reply nor acknowledge my aforesaid email.

However, as advised by you, I shall resend the same email along with '83732' mentioned in the subject line. I hope Cinepolis takes prompt steps to resolve the issues without engaging in frivolous correspondence.

Updated by PiousV, Aug 29, 2019
As instructed by Cinepolis Team, I have resent my earlier email dated August 26, 2019 to [protected] along with all information and attachments. Looking forward to a resolution soon.

Verified Support
Cinepolis India Customer Care's response, Aug 30, 2019
Dear Customer (PiousV),

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. We request you to please share your Email ID via direct message. Please click on the given link for the same:-

Team Cinépolis
Updated by PiousV, Sep 01, 2019
What is the point in again and again seeking apologies for the inconvenience caused without actually addressing the issue? Your website clearly states that grievances should be addressed to [protected] I already emailed detailed complaint on August 26, 2019 to the above email id and also posted a complaint on this forum. Cinepolis continues to ignore my emails and after two days responds on this forum with a ticket number and asking me to send the same email on the same email id again. On August 29, 2019 I again sent the same email with Ticket No. 83732 as the Subject Line. The next day Cinepolis now again ignores my email and has now asked me to send a direct message through a link.

What is the point in re-directing me to various channels for filing the same complaint. My detailed complaint along with copy of the ticket has been delivered to you via two separate emails on two different dates. In addition to the emails, the same complaint and copy of the ticket was sent/ uploaded to the first complaint on this forum. So you guys already have the requisite details... they why the delay. Why are you guys acting juvenile?

It shouldn't be so difficult to get Cinepolis to address such issues. For every comment of mine on Consumer Complaints' website, Cinepolis is directing me through different channels without addressing/ resolving the issue to any extent and thereby completely ignoring the complaint and causing further harassment to me.

As instructed in your last chat on this forum, I have sent a direct message through the link shared by you. Will appreciate a detailed response/ resolution, at least now.

Pious Varghese
Verified Support
Cinepolis India Customer Care's response, Sep 04, 2019
Dear Customer ( PiousV),

We are sorry for the experience you had. Please share your registered mobile number and we will put all our efforts in trying to help you out.

Team Cinépolis
Updated by PiousV, Sep 14, 2019
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